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Old Feb 7th, 2007, 01:55 AM
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Game Information

All information regarding development of the game and discusions may be found at the wiki
CO Transdimensional Gestalt Fun

I intend to continue using the wiki as our main source of refeence material that would be dificult to update and categorize here o the game directly.
The game will be divided into chapters. Each chapter will have it's own thread. Previous chapters will be archived.

I have opened an Out Of Character discusion thread here for off hand comments, and general questions. Anyone player or otherwise, should feel welcome to comment here. Only game players will have access to the wiki.

I have posted a separate thread for dice rolling.

I have posted a separate thread for xp awards.

I have opened a separate thread for open invitation to anyone that wants to pay. No openings exist at this time, but feel free to poke yer head in, and chat it up in the OOC. I'm overly generous by nature.. so make a name for yourself here and work yer way in.

I have opened a separate folder where all closed chapters and tangents shall go.

I have opened a few threads for cohorts and followers... THese are becoming main game threads in their own rights.

1. the grove-- already an active region with 1st generation PC's and 2nd generation cohorts.
2. turquoise sonia-- under developent, and will become a mobile game location starting likely, next chapter.

Everyone is welcome to post in the OOC threads, and the open invitation thread.

Due to RL influences, I am implementing much simpler "mechanics" to how the game will play.
Be welcome to ask any questions you may have.
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I'm also looking for some folks for a Darksun E6 skype game...
I paint sometimes too. My most recent work is on the cover of Explosive Runes #18.

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