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Old Feb 13th, 2009, 07:03 PM
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Laexsanna tried not to look irked. In the, rather unlikely, event that she were honest with herself, she would have to admit that she had honed very few skills over the centuries. But concealing her emotions was one at which she had become really quite brilliant. So despite her habitual and quickly increasing impatience, Lady Abosteil, with whom Laexsanna was having tea, continued to blather on about the misadventures of long dead princes.

But then it occurred to Laexsanna that the taller, and by appearance older, woman was usually quite direct. And wasn't there a hint of tension emanating from her? It was time to cut the nonsense short. "Wait a sec. There's a moral to this story. Spill hon."

Abosteil flashed a guilty, yet nevertheless charming, smile. "Yes. Your offer to conduct an aerial survey of the Mounlands is already quite generous. When you made the offer, you hinted that a means of fast transport."

Laexsanna grinned back and nodded. Her own smile was impish, almost devilishly mischievous.

Abosteil continued, "I've received word that the public relations head for the MEP has been a... detained by Thrannish authorities. I believe it is a simple misunderstanding, in the wake of some sort of airship tragedy. All that is really necessary is confirmation of Madame Crineth's identity to their government . But, given Thrane's reputation, the matter needs to be handled as expeditiously as possible. I would hate for them to change their minds. I don't suppose..."

"Don't even get your undergarments in a twist, Marineth. It's not a thing."

Lady Marineth Abosteil wrinkled her nose at Laexsanna's turn of phrase, but seemed to relax considerably and amusement danced in her eyes. "Well thank you and on behalf of the MEP thanks as well. I'll have some supporting documentation brought up immediately."
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