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Old Nov 16th, 2010, 05:16 PM
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Character Sheets and Backgrounds

Post links to character sheets and your backgrounds here. Don't forget to make your sheets public.
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Old Nov 20th, 2010, 07:36 AM
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Name: Phineus Grabblegrax and Harold
Class(es): Druid
Race: Gnome
Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality:As usual for a gnome, Phineus is always cheerful and good for a laugh. However, he prefers the company of animals to other humanoids. He loves the outdoors and enjoys watching the grass grow and the clouds roll by. He talks overwhelmingly too fast, which others seem to feel is annoying. He is fiercely loyal to his friends.

Description: His skin is nut brown, like the bark of a tree. His hair is long and unruly. It may never have been washed, much less cut or combed. He carried an exquisitely crafted staff and wears a green cloak. His animal companion is a large gorilla named Harold. Phineus had taught him to smile and beg on command. His favorite food is pomegranate.

Background: It had to be one of the greatest pranks ever. How Filtzwaddler accomplished it, Phineus never found out. But, he woke up one morning with a monkey sleeping next to him in his bed. Not only that, but he was shackled to it by the leg. The monkey wasn't happy to be attached to Phineus and went nuts. It ripped up his house and dragged Phiineus around the place. Phineus finally fed it some fruit to calm it down. With great effort, he coaxed the thing to the nearest blacksmith to have the shackles removed. This took quite some time, first, to get the monkey to calm down again and second, to get the blacksmith to stop laughing.

Next was the problem of what to do with the monkey. The blacksmith suggested he take it to the druids, because they knew about animals. As recompense for laughing so long, the blacksmith made him a leash for his new pet. With much finger pointing and guffawing by the locals, Phin managed to get the monkey to a druid by the name of Bleetwiss. The druid refused to take the monkey, but agreed to teach Pineus how to take care of it. This wasn't what Phineus had bargained for, but he saw no other way. Bleetwiss trained the young gnome and they became friends in the process. He later taught him the druid secrets and Phineus eventually became a druid in his own right.

Since the town was no place for a monkey, who the gnome named Hairy, he moved to a small shack in the forest. Phineus planted a garden and lived in peace and harmony with nature. He soon became bored with the lifestyle. He took Hairy on long walks through the forest, examining the flora and fauna. One day he came across a band of adventurers who were being attacked by owlbears. Phineus and Hairy joined the battle and were able to defeat the monsters and heal the injured. They stayed with the group since that day. Years later, Hairy was killed in battle and the devastated Phineus decided to leave the adventurer’s lifestyle behind him.

Contact: Nebble Filtzwaddler, gnome Level 8 bard - Phineus long-time friend, who always happens to show up from time to time in an inn or tavern where the group was staying. He was collecting stories of the band to make into an epic tale. He is partially responsible for the party's notoriety. Most of the group find him quite annoying and each have threatened his life at least once.

Party Role: Buffs animal companion, Healer, Wild shape shenanigans

Last 25 years: Phineus went back to his little hut in the forest and started a small garden. He gradually enlarged it and took an unnatural interest in one particular plant: hops. He constructed a small brewery and made his own special brand of beer, which he calls Monkey Brew. He sells it to a nearby tavern, where his friend Filtzwaddler is the entertainment. He also raises exotic animals, specializing in griffon and hippogriff. He lives with a halfling servant woman named Tulip, who is an excellent cook. As a result, Phineus has gotten quite fat. He is nearly as round as he is tall. His hair has receded quite a bit, but what remains is as unruly as ever, despite Tulip's best efforts to tame it. He became a member of The Wardens of the Wood.

Past Adventure: "The Monkey and the Princess" from the journal of Phineus Grabblegrax

We were up in the Shadow Marches and ran into a band of barbarians. Negotiations weren't going well. Their leader howled with rage and made for the party, intending on killing us all single handed. Hairy stepped in front and with a lucky swipe, ripped the big orc's throat out. He spun around, fell down, twitches twice and was still. It got real quiet for a second, then the rest of the band turned tail and ran away. All except one.

This tribe had some strange traditions. Apparently, if you kill someone in fair combat, the winner gets the loser's kin as slaves. At least, that was how "Princess" Uhwondra explained it. She was the leader's concubine. Now she belonged to Hairy. And she was okay with that.

Well, we took her with us and soon found out why she was called princess. She refused to help out with anything. She said she would only do what her master told her. Hairy, being the strong silent type, gave her no orders. Uhwondra complained constantly about everything. All she really ever did was comb Hairy's fur. The monkey loved it.The rest of us did not. After three days, we decided to ditch her.

The mage hit her with an extended sleep spell and we made a run for it. Some barbarians were good trackers, so to be safe we took a circuitous course back to town. We figured she would get the message and go back to her tribe. But when we got to town, a fellow told us about an orc female who was looking for a group of travelers with a monkey. He sent her up north. Needless to say, we went south...

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Name: Kelvin Goodhill
Class: Alchemist
Race: Halfling
Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Somewhat reserved, Kelvin prefers the company of only a select few people. Most others a merely aquaintances in the form of colleagues and students. Kelvin's former students tend to call him "crabby", but Kelvin himself just sees himself as too busy to waste time on pleasantries. As a result, he tends to speak plainly and to the point.

Description: Standing at 3'1", Kelvin is fairly ordinary looking for a halfling if not a little pale. His hands are rough from working in his lab and he smells faintly of chemicals and soap. He dresses neatly but in plain colors when not wearing his professor robes, and he keeps his hair short in order to avoid any unnecessary singeing while in the lab. In his adventuring days, Kelvin would often wear a utilitarian suit of leather armor, several pouches, and a bandolier full of various flasks, vials, and potion bottles.

Background: The son of a successful magewright in Fairhaven, Aundair, Kelvin entered an arcane school in Arcanix as a youth with the intent of following the same career as his father. While in school though, he found alchemy to be his prefered subject; while in the lab, his skill in potionmaking put him on more equal terms with the taller races and he quickly reached the top of his class.

The Aventure years: Upon graduating, Kelvin turned to adventuring as a means of saving up money and collecting ingredients for an alchemical lab. During this time he also learned a new skill not taught in school: poison use. Through the use of poison, he was able to help his party learn vital secrets (always with an antidote nearby) and to take down formidable foes.

Retirement years: After the party bisbanded, Kelvin took a teaching position at one of Korranberg's colleges. In his spare time, he experiments in his basement hoping to one day perfect his techniques and create a philosopher's stone.

Contact: Nolan Cantar- N (Half-elf Magewright/wizard) owns a magic shop in the Everbright district (Sharn:City of Towers pg.73) of the Middle Menthis Plateau in Sharn. A fellow student with Kelvin in Arcanix, Nolan periodically obtains hard to find alchemical materials for Kelvin and shares gossip from Morgrave University.

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Andreal DennesonCharacter Sheet:
Class(es): Sorcerer (Shadow Bloodline)
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral, leaning Good
Party Role: Scout, Summoner, Illusionist, Scholar
PersonalityAndreal has never felt entirely human; something of Mabar has always been a part of his very being. He does not experience strong emotion, or barely any for that matter, feeling a sense of detachment from everyone around him. When he does feel something, he has trouble expressing it. He was raised to be a follower of the Silver Flame, but to him the doctrine is simply something to give direction in his life.
DescriptionAndreal has very pale skin and thinning black hair, which he keeps short and neat. His eyes are entirely black, which most find quite unsettling. He has a small frame, and has become a little overweight in recent years. He dresses in simple clothing most of the time - boots, woolen trousers, a light cotton shirt, perhaps a cloak. He favors dark colors, not out of a sense of style but simply because they are less likely to stand out if he doesn't want to be noticed. He wears no jewelry or decorations except for functional magic items - he doesn't see the point in adornment.
BackgroundAndreal's mother and father were, respectively, a wizard and a paladin. They were in the same adventuring company, and had great adventures together, and with their other companions. Over time they fell in love and eventually married. Ordinarily, this would be fine. However, one adventure took them to Mabar, the plane of Endless Night, for a prolonged time. It was here that Andreal was conceived, and as a result he was doomed to live an abnormal life. It was almost inevitable that he would become an adventurer himself, one day.

Andreal has been part of three adventuring groups. The first didn't last through a single expedition, the second was together for several months before internal strain broke it apart, and the third lasted a long time before they all retired.
(Further background largely reliant on group collaboration)
ContactBetween the time he left his first adventuring company, and the time he joined the party, Andreal spent some time with a different group. While that company didn't stay together long, Andreal had a brief romance with another member, a changeling woman named Derissa. It ended, primarily due to Andreal's distance and feelings of disconnect, but they parted as friends and kept in touch. Derissa is a "passer" who masquerades as a half-elf woman, and Andreal only found out by accident that she was a changeling - his willingness to keep her secret, and lack of persecution, is part of what lead to Derissa's initial attraction to him. (Derissa is was 2nd level when Andreal met her, grew to 3rd level while they adventured together, and rose to 8th level during her own adventuring career away from Andreal. She is a rogue of the scout archetype).
Last 25 YearsAfter the adventuring company broke up, Andreal went home to Thrane, becoming a teacher in Sigilstar's arcane universities. He teaches courses in practical magic, planar cosmology, and basic reconnaissance. While some among the wizard staff found the idea of a sorcerer as a teacher laughable, Andreas proved that he had more practical experience than most of them; magical theory was all well and good, but the students would be well served by knowing when and where to cast, not just how.

Andreal has also taken the opportunity to spend more time with his family - his mother is now dead, but his father still lives, and the family line will continue through Andreal's younger brother and "baby" sister, both of whom have families of their own now. (In fact, Andreal recently became a great-uncle, and his oldest niece has just begun courses at the university.)
(Location of university may need to change.)
Past Adventure"I was young, just 16 years old when I joined my first adventuring company. Our leader, a human by the name of Mergan d'Deneith, had procured a map showing the location of some old Dhakaani ruins in southern Cyre... which had just been taken by the Valenar elves. Mergan had also hired an artificer, Druben d'Cannith - who tended to be an arrogant ass about having a dragonmark, but Mergan kept him in line - and a cleric of the Host, a half-elf named Jasper Korge. I have my father to thank for introducing me to Mergan; he seemed to think it would do me good to have to rely on others as a team for a change.

"Well, we managed to penetrate fairly deep into Valenar before we ran into any elves, almost at the spot on the map. Of course, luck wasn't going to hold forever. A group of young Valenar decided to earn some glory by attacking the four of us. Mergan and Jasper were injured in the fight, and I'm sorry to say I did not aquit myself well in my first battle. Still, we won in the end, Jasper patched everyone up, and we continued on. When we got to the spot on the map, we were a little disappointed at first - seemed like there was nothing but a stone pillar to mark the spot. Druben studied the thing, though, and found a trigger - which opened a trap door in the ground and led to the ruins proper. There were some undead down there, but nothing we couldn't handle - well, maybe we'd have had some trouble on our own (except maybe Mergan), but together it was practically a cake walk. We got some moldering old coins, a few trinkets, and headed home with our spoils. Well, we weren't nearly as lucky on the way back. Seems like every patrol we missed coming in we got hit with coming out, and by the time we left Valenar we had lost Jasper, and Mergan and I were injured.

"That's when Druben showed his true colors. Ironically, he'd been saying from the beginning that I would betray the group, a Thrane in a group of of people from Cyre. Well, politics didn't interest me or Mergan, and we got along fine, but apparently Druben was very political - he'd been working for Karrnath. During his watch one night, he stabbed Mergan and would have killed him had I not woken up from the noise of a struggle. Together, Mergan and I fought off Druben, and the artificer ran off. We didn't realize until later he had gotten some of the more valuable items we had looted.

After this, Mergan decided he had had enough, and retired from adventuring to try to open a tavern. I suppose he died on the Day of Mourning. I went on to find another adventuring company, which also didn't hold together, and finally joined the one I spent the most time with. Which, together, we did greater deeds than Mergan had ever done, possibly greater than my parents.
(Most elements flexible enough to be changed.)
Special NoteI have been given permission to take the Tomb Tainted Soul feat from Libris Mortis for free. This isn't really an advantage, but rather a drawback added as part of character flavor. Specifically, Andreal is healed by negative energy, but harmed by positive energy. (I intend to by a wand, or perhaps schema, of inflict magic because of this.) Paladins, please keep your lay on hands to yourself.
Rise of the Runelords - GM | Black Match - Casey Lyons

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Name: Dawn Davidson-Antairus
Class(es): Fighter (nimble, two-weapon style)
Race: Human

Personality: When Dawn joined the party all those years ago, she was a bit of a pip. She was a fresh-faced 16 year old bundle of energy. She was wild and cheerful, full of mischief and adventure. She never had much use for the money she earned in her travels: she joined the party for the fun and thrill. She's all about the simple pleasures of life and rarely cares to spend money on luxuries (except of course for a good seamstress, because she has no patience whatsoever for sewing). Though her energy level has slowed from pinging-off-the-walls to merely-above-average, and she's lost a bit of her carefree attitude, she's still loves a good joke, a fine ale, and an adventure with friends.

Description: Dawn's bright ginger hair has started to show some greys. Her youthful pixie face is now lined around the eyes and mouth. Her once carefree baby blues are somehow softer and harder—world-weary, but kind. She's gained a tad of weight around the middle and lost a smidge of her once well-defined musculature. But the pert freckled nose, the quick smirk and mischievous wink, those haven't changed a bit.






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KaiRace: Changeling
Class: Rogue / Master Spy
Alignment: Neutral Good (Tendency towards Chaotic)
Party Role: Spy, Rogue, Disguise Master, Smooth Talker
Character Sheet: Lady Kai (Still Tweaking)

PersonalityBecause Kai is a changeling with a wide collection of personas, each with their own personalities, she can be almost anything. Kai is not contained to just one personality, and although the different personas have areas where they overlap, there are very few personality traits that stay the same. Since, each of these personalities live their own lives and they are all separate “people”.

The persona Kai wears the most often would be “Lady Kaithrine d’Svoi”, an outlandish noble living in the midst of Aundair with a bit of an adventurer history. The Lady enjoys her books and is at times most informed and nosey. She is polite, but only as far as she must be. She lets others talk, so she can gather her own information, but in her conversations she usually reveals little about herself.

DescriptionLady Kai stands at 5’2” tall and has a royal demeanor. She has waist length black hair that falls in slow waves that rarely show the lines of silver moving through them. She has light blue eyes and sharply angled features to accent the partial-elven heritage that Kai has fabricated into this particular persona. She is athletically built, and has a hidden power about her that awakens ideas of a runner in her youth, as well as the skin tone to match. She tends to dress in skirts and bodices to keep her figure noticed.

On the occasion that Kai is in her natural body, she stands 4'2" high and has a lithe body. She has no particular favored clothing, although when she was younger she favored tight leathers that revealed her figure.

BackgroundShe spent pieces of her career working for Aundair, including her own time amongst the street-cleaners and after being recruited by the Royal Eyes of Aundair she worked her ways steadily through the ranks before becoming an Elite Agent and retiring to the Aundairan country side to live for the most part in piece. Although she never dropped her personas, she did take the time off and hasn’t been adventuring since her last mission into Thrane. Since then she hasn’t had to, and instead has been perfectly content with using her many faces to wander the world for her own sense of amusement.

Jenna Arvi (Bard 7), a Half-elf that actually knew Kai as her “partner in crime” when she was a street performer. Kai, at that time was in the persona of Cole Genisis, a male human who wooed the young Jenna into becoming his lover for a period of time before they mutually decided to split it off. However they were both working the streets at the time and made a particularly good team, with Jenna working distraction and Kai (Cole) working pickpocketing, they had amassed quite a fortune. That was when Cole decided to leave for a time to find better pickings than the simple towns and villages they stayed in on their circuits. And since Kai still takes the form of Cole (or one similar to him)whenever he feels like being in a slightly roguish state to woo the ladies, he isn’t so hard to find.

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Name: Fern Daega (or "Daega Blackwand", as he was known long ago)
Race: Elf
Class: Wizard (Necromancer)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Physical Description: Daega Blackwand, many years ago, might have been the quintessential dark wizard, with his flowing black robes and amulets and rings of power, wielding the strange Blackwand between his fingers like a conductor's baton. There was a bright darkness in his eyes then, and it made him fearsome to behold.

Personality: While the party was not fighting, however, he doffed his magical implements to become the friendly, even impetuous young nobleman from House Valenar. He dressed richly, he smiled often, and (when no one was looking) he convinced most of the party's beneficiaries to increase their pay by a strong percentage. He was not an attractive man, but he spoke exceedingly well, and whether it was the darkness in his eyes or his strange eloquence, it was often hard to say no to him. He studied rigorously, as could only be expected of a powerful necromancer; but he also enjoyed flirting with tavern wenches, and he seldom slept alone.

Background: Fern Daega, as he was named at birth, was an unmarked member of House Valenar, born to two parents who were both talented Healers. It was, then, only a matter of time before he joined the Healer's Guild himself; but when his family encouraged him to take vows and join the priesthood, "the better to understand the magic that binds our wounds", he found himself with a crisis of interests. He wanted to help people, yes, he wanted to ease their pain and remove their suffering; but he did not want to rely on the magic of the gods to do it. "I will not allow myself to become dependent on something that might someday cease to be," he wrote in one journal entry. He deferred entry into the priesthood, and became a wizard.

He began his studies by examining the magic of positive energy; it seemed to be a powerful analog to the kind of magical energies being tossed about by clerics. But the energy of the gods would not reveal itself to him through study; indeed, it seemed that there were no methods of instantly healing one's wounds if one tried to use logic. As his time at the College of Wizardry was nearing its end, Fern grew desperate, and turned to darker arts; necromancy, it seemed to him, was the only form of arcane magic that manipulated life in any way, and so it must be the best place to look for clues that might follow his intentions.

At last, he presented his thesis of Arcane Study to the College, theorizing that a necromancer could animate corpses as vile, undead creatures - why, therefore, could a well-intentioned necromancer not bring back a person's soul in the process?

The College rejected his thesis, and denied him his robes. His family, as well, rejected his motives, and - although they did not outright banish him from their house - they ceased to provide him with financial support. It was shortly thereafter that he turned to adventuring as a source of income; and then it was only a matter of time before he became involved with Barrett's gang of misfits.

Party Role: Daega and Roc were often at odds, each of them having their own ideas about how to negotiate (whereas Roc would be more inclined to brandish his sword than talk, Daega enjoyed polite discourse almost to a fault), and even on the battlefield their strategies were so similar that, occasionally, Daega would provoke Roc's ire simply by targeting the same group of foes. Whereas Roc's magic was fairly limited in scope, however - being almost exclusively of the "burn them to the ground" variety - Daega's magic found most of its usefulness in the creative ways Daega put it to use. On one occasion, for example, he used a cantrip to douse a roc's wings, causing the enormous bird to lose its flight and fall to the ground.

The Last 25 Years: There were no last twenty-five years for Daega, unfortunately. And perhaps this is the real reason why the group split apart in the first place. When the group faced off against the Nalfeshnee and the succubi, it was Roc who struck Daega Blackwand down, sending him to his final destination. But the terror didn't stop there; for once Roc's mind had been recovered, the group sought to raise their fallen comrade from the dead; they paid good money for the strongest resurrection available, even - but Daega Blackwand's soul would not return. He had been taken, it seemed, into Hell.

The Blackwand: With Daega dead, his strange wand became the inheritance of his apprentice, Mull. Mull was a spirited, but not very bright, young wizard who thought that the Blackwand might give him the power he needed to really shine as a wizard; but the Blackwand did not function, indeed, at all. Its magic, it seemed, was lost with Daega.

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