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Old Nov 8th, 2023, 01:45 PM
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𝐀𝐟𝐟𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧: Where Monsters Fear to Tread

Game NameAffliction: Where Monsters Fear to Tread...
Game SystemDungeons & Dragons 5e
ThemesEldritch Horror, Monsters, Disease, Gritty
"They hated us...
Hunted us...
Vilified us...
And now we are their only hope."

A mutagenic scourge known as the Monstrum Virus has swept the continent. Those who fell victim either died messily, or were twisted into highly aggressive Type: Aberration (Generally)Flesh Horrors. Those who survived the first few months began to band together in fortified quarantine zones for safety. It still isn't known how the plague started, but it has been discovered that those who have already been afflicted by certain conditions carry a level of immunity to the scourge. Lycans and vampyrs, once seen as an irredeemable menace now stand as the best interface between civilization, and something much, much worse. In exchange for reluctant acceptance by the terrified populace, and special dispensation from their leaders, bands of these corrupted souls have agreed to venture beyond the high walls to secure trade routes and hold the encroaching Flesh Horrors at bay.
Three years after the initial outbreak, you find yourself in the employ of New Evereska Sanctuary, escorting a windowless, steel caravan to a distant research facility. Hopeful murmurs suggest that a cure may have been found, but this is far from the first time that such rumors have made their way to your ears. You are more concerned about another rumor: The plague is evolving, and your immunity may not last...
Game Details
Character Building World Building
⠀Starting Level:⠀⠀1

⠀Ability Scores:⠀⠀ 27 Point Buy

⠀Races:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀See Below*

⠀Classes:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀  Any Published

⠀Alignment:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Your characters don't need to like each other, but they will need to be able to work together.Any
⠀Setting:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀  Alternate Faerun

⠀Progression:⠀⠀ Milestone

⠀Posting Rate:⠀⠀Aiming for 1~2 posts per week, but we may take breaks to accommodate real life.Relaxed

Sources:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I reserve the right to make adjustments as we go along. If you have concerns, ask first.Any Published

LGBTQIA+ welcome and appreciated.New player friendly
⠀Allowed Races: Basic Rules (preferred), E.g. Goliath, Goblin, Aasimar, etc...Alternative (allowed), E.g. Spelljammer, Warforged, Kobold, etc... (Since this game already includes monstrous templates, I would like to avoid too many complicating layers. However, I'm open to being convinced.)Exotic (discouraged)

⠀Creature Templates: Players Being infected is the only known way to survive beyond the quarantine zone for an extended period of time.must choose one of the following templates:
Creature Templates
right-aligned image
LycanClaimed by the beast within.
As Base Creature, but...
Gain: Immunity to non-silvered bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing weapon attacks.Sterling Defense - Bring it on...
Gain: (Choose one beast) While in Hybrid Form: Increase a corresponding Physical Attribute by +2, and gain a Beast Trait.

Note: The beast trait you gain will depend on the type of werebeast you choose.
Lycan Forms - The beast cometh...
Gain: Under a Full Moon, or moments of heightened stress, your character may be taken over by "The Beast Within". You will retain control of the character, but will be provided secret objectives to fulfill that may be counterproductive.Curse of the Moon - You are not fully in control of yourself.

right-aligned image
VampyrBlood thick with undeath, yet you walk among the living.
As Dhampir, but...
Gain: When in Dim Light or Darkness: regenerate 1hp per round.Night's Embrace - Fueled by darkness.
Gain: Once Per Dusk: Summon a Familiar (Swarm of Bats) or (Swarm of Rats).
{Initial Summoning takes 10 minutes in an appropriate environment, after which, they can be called from any shadow as a bonus action while they are still alive.}
Children of the Night - Vile Companions.
Gain: You have Sunlight Sensitivity and must regularly consume humanoid blood to slake your insatiable thirst.Curse of Eternal Hunger - The natural world rebukes you.

right-aligned image
HarrowedYou are among the "privileged" few to retain your humanity beyond the walls.
As Base Creature, but...
Gain: Immunity to Fear/Charm EffectsResolve of the Damned - You're already dying, what else can they do?
Gain: Exceed your natural limits at the cost of harming yourself.
{Up to twice per attempt: Reroll a failed d20 check. If the new roll is successful, take the new result and gain (# of attempts) level(s) of exhaustion in 1d4+1 rounds.}

Note: 6 Levels of Exhaustion is instant death.
Final Push - Ignore the pain...
Gain: Whether inherited or contracted, you are afflicted with an incurable, unpleasant, and fatal illness. You are vulnerable to exhaustion and strenuous activity may cause a flare-up of your condition.Curse of Blood - You are your own worst enemy.
What I want from you:


What you should know about me:



🙡 Applicant List 🙣

Enlisting 4~6 players total. 2 have been pre-selected for early access.
Player Character Species Affliction Class Application Status
Gaijin Narrator Chocobo Hungry Dungeon Master Complete/Withdrawn
Strangemund Marquess Kasper Madsen Human Harrowed Cleric ✔✔
Squeak Xopingthhppth Kobold Harrowed Monk
Touketsu Faust Tiefling Harrowed Artificer
Yoshimi Topha Half-Orc Harrowed Paladin
Arkanis Cain Human Harrowed Ranger
ihinka Divna Siren Harrowed Bard(Creation)
Boss Nadar Sarah Kent Human Harrowed Warlock(Hexblade)
ElderOblex Malaric Wunderfoot Halfling Harrowed Rogue(Soulknife)
Mirasiah Devlyn High Elf Vampyr Rogue ✔✔
Humble Athena Jasmillae Elf Vampyr Sorceress
Azathool Soren Bloodshadow Human Vampyr Cleric(Twilight)
leftyyy88 Thanadon Ashvein Dwarf(Mountain) Vampyr Wizard
Onward Sera Wigglehorn Halfling(Stout) Vampyr Barbarian(Skypony)
TheMagnificentGuy Puck Faerie Vampyr Rogue
Lazer Rance Blonkriss Human Vampyr Barbarian
Stadiumite Sallin Thistlerock Gnome Lycan(Rat) Cleric
Nyx89 Liadan Silverbow Wood Elf Lycan(Black Bear) Ranger(Swarmkeeper)
Togot Togot Fury Human Lycan(Wolf) Fighter
BlackDragon0 Wolfgar(?) Elf(Shadar-Kai) Lycan(Wolf) Fighter
Drifter One Maximillion of Evervale Elf Lycan(Tiger) Ranger
Greatsw0rd Cyril Harwin Fallen Aasimar Lycan(Wolf) Paladin(Oathbreaker)
ProjectLazarus Heilan "Hoof" Taursus Haf-Elf Lycan(Bull) Barbarian
Nomad240 Ravianka Leocopus Human Lycan(Rat) Rogue
Talissen70 Tuskvar Half-Orc Lycan(Boar) Fighter WIP
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What will the Hit Point progression be after 1st level?
Max at 1st, and then you can either roll or take the average, rounded up.
How will Dhampir interact with Variant Human? (+Substitutions)
Dhampir has a strong set of racial traits, so we will stick with the Ancestral Legacy rules.
However, if there is a particular base racial trait that you want to carry over for uniqueness, I am open to substituting it in place for one or both Dhampir Skill proficiencies. (The purpose of this is to improve flavor, not make the character stronger.)

Lycan Infection Lore
The official lore for Lycans is pretty flexible. The afflictions themselves are quasi-magical viruses, so Lycans can either inherit their mother's condition (Guaranteed), be bitten by an unrelated lycan of the same type (Moderate risk), or have been infected by a corresponding beast that happened to be a carrier of the virus at the time (Low risk).

To actually be Afflicted, a victim must both be infected and satisfy some mystical condition that depends on the beast type before the virus can be cleared by the victim's immune system. (E.g. Werewolves being infected during a Full Moon.) Not all beast conditions are known, and not all beasts are confirmed to be eligible. However, predators (and pest) tend to be most common due the higher risk of injury and blood exposure.

Edit: Players with unconventional variants are welcome to propose their own mystical condition, or leave it ambiguous. They wouldn't necessarily have put 2 and 2 together, especially if they have had multiple exposures over an extended period of time.
[Your Question Here]
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Ready! ☄️

Character application
right-aligned image

Character Name: Devlyn

Class: Rogue
Species: High Elf
Affliction: Vampyr

Background: Criminal (smuggler)
Alignment: True Neutral (started Neutral Good, then fell to Neutral Evil during her rampage, before going True Neutral in the recent years)

  • Trait 1: I don't pay attention to the risks in a situation. Never tell me the odds.
  • Trait 2: I always expect the plan to go awry.
  • Ideal: Ideals kill people, I prefer to stay alive. When in doubt, I shoot first.
  • Bond: Money talks. Pay me and I'll follow you.
  • Flaw: The rules don't apply to me. I'm too smart and special.

Knowing the importance of making a good first impression, Devlyn’s appearance is sharpened as much as her other weapons. Her dark, long hair is left free, attaching it would only make it rebel that much more. Her eyes, of a deep blue hue, give the feeling she could stare right into one’s soul if she wanted to. Her dashing smile, capable of disarming the most stubborn of targets. Even her modest height is used as a ploy to make everyone feel safe around her.

Beneath that façade resides a cunning individual, eager to show anyone underestimating her the price for such a mistake. The moment you see her fangs, it’s already too late.


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That's right. I made a human amongst monsters. I like to live dangerously~!☄️

right-aligned image

Character Name: Marquess Kasper Madsen

Class: Cleric (Life Domain)
Species: Human
Affliction: Harrowed

Background: Noble
Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality Traits:
  • Trait 1: I feel tremendous empathy for all who suffer.
  • Trait 2: The best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can't do it.
  • Ideal: Community. It is the duty of all civilized people to strengthen the bonds of community and the security of civilization.
  • Bond: No one else is going to have to endure the hardships I have lived through.
  • Flaw: I am weak to a kind touch.

Description: Marquess Kasper Madsen is the last of the Madsen bloodline, the sole heir to Dark Slough and Castle Mirekeep. A noble soul who struggles with his duty as a man of god and a servant to his king, and the morality in which makes him sympathize with the suffering of the beasts he has always been told to slay. Heart heavy with guilt and grief, he yearns to repent for his past monstrous actions, even if it means he'll never earn forgiveness from those he's burned upon the pyre.

Even with his home in ruin, the Marquess is foolishly bound to old habits. How could he forget the mannerisms of a gentleman when it was all he knew, beyond blade and prayer? He is brave for those who cannot be brave themselves. Gracious in word and gait, even when his body aches. And is easily flustered by bawdier personalities, not used to unfiltered voices. His noble nature is the hardest part of him to forsake-- despite the gnawing desire to be close to the blood brothers and sisters he’s made in these dark times.

But his want for companionship is no match for his fear towards his own plague. Marquess Kasper fears attachment because his illness is beyond his control. Beyond his understanding. It eats away at his flesh, disfiguring him to such a degree that he now forever hides behind his helmet. Terrified to let a single inch of skin be seen by others, terrified they'd become stricken, too. Distance is the price he must pay for everyone's safety-- to condemn himself to starvation from a kind touch and a warm embrace so they'd never suffer as he suffers. A self-affliction he’s endured for many lonesome years, and he suspects, many more to come.



Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	The Marquess Avatar.jpg
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ID:	101097   Click image for larger version

Name:	The Marquess.png
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ID:	101098   Click image for larger version

Name:	Torn Portrait WIP.jpg
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ID:	101116  
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right-aligned image

Character Name: Tuskvar
Class: Fighter
Species: Half Orc
Affliction: Lycan(Boar variant)

Description: Affliction aside, Tuskvar is a hulking figure, standing six and a half feet tall. He wears heavy armour and carries a savage looking glaive.

Backstory: Tuskvar was the bodyguard of Sirus Webb, adventurer and Cartographer until his untimely death at the hands of a wereboar he had been tracking.

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Man, gotta stick my name on for this. Small details changed a bit. ☄️

right-aligned image

Character Name:Maxxine of Evervale

Affliction: Lycan(WereTiger)

  • Trait 1: When I have "changed" to my Were form, I lose control of my conscious mind
  • Trait 2: I will always put others before myself
  • Trait 3: I am a vegetarian (in human form)
  • Bond: I will do anything to gain acceptance back into my family
  • Ideal: Freedom. Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who would forge them.
  • Flaw: Although hired to help the people, I am still considered a monster, and those in power of my home town will not stop to see me destroyed (Mother)

Maxxine is a kind hearted individual, or at least, she was. She spent her life rubbing shoulders amongst the Nobles of the town of Evervale, for her parents were deeply embroiled in the politics of the community. Brought up to adhere to good manners and be eloquent and hospitable to both her peers and those deemed beneath her, it was embedded in her from an early age that her family must do everything for the good of the people. She had the charm inherited from her silver tongued mother and the hunters' prowess from her father, Forest-Master of the Swifts-of-the-Vale; protectors of Evervale. She soon became enrolled in the Swifts-of-the-Vale herself, showing a keen eye for hunting and shooting, often winning local competitions held on a seasonal basis. Upon graduation, each Swift is invited to "The Pens" where they can choose their companions, but for Maxxine, her companion chose her; a tiny tiger-cub came and sat on her foot, creating a bond that could never be broken. Samoku became her best friend and never left her side, accompanying Maxxine on hundreds of expeditions with the Swifts in the name of Evervale. This of course, was before the plague.

Maxxine, long before the plague had really taken hold, was accidentally bitten by Samoku as they played in a Moon Pool together. It was unintentional, but Samoku became a little over excited. Maxxine had been nipped and scratch many times by her beloved companion, but this time was different. It was a new moon in the sky and unbeknownst to Maxxine, a New Moon altered the magical properties of a Moon pool. Normally, this would not have any unusual affects, but as the saliva of Semoku mixed with the moonwater and her blood, her cells mutated and she had contracted Lycanthropy. It took several months for any affect to take hold; starting first with a fever, hot and cold sweats. Then an insatiable thirst that could not be quenched by conventional means. Her parents could see the disease taking hold of their daughter and, for the good of the people of Evervale, banished her from the town to live her days in the Forest.

Her Father would visit her often and helped her by bringing animal carcasses to her cave where she now resided. Her father stayed true to his word until the very day nature took him and Maxxine was left all alone with her Semoku. Her mother took a radically different approach to her father, and after she became established as Evervales Mayor, she began to send regular hunting parties to Maxxines cave to try and "remove the threat".

Today, Maxxine, although still good hearted, has become more Feral and struggles to control her beast within, sometimes when the moon is new, she takes form of a large Tiger and goes on the hunt, even taking children when fully grown townsmen are scarce. Samoku is old and dying and the hunting parties are becoming more and more frequent.

Dressed in tattered leathers and mangy, old furs, Maxxine looks like she has been lost from civilisation for several years. Beneath the dirt and scraggy hair is a once healthy woman who was quite pleasant to admire and even more so to engage in conversation with. With a good bath and some good clothes, Maxxine could return to the elegant woman with deep red hair she once was.

Backstory: The cool wind blew and howled around the cavemouth, echoing down the hill, the rain developing from a light sprinkle to more heavy, sustained droplets. The sky darkened and Maggios found it difficult to traverse the steep slopes with his men as the dirt became more muddy underfoot. As the light began to fade, he struggled to ignite his oil-drenched torch against the wind and rain, yet light it he did. He took a deep breath as he approached the yawning maw of the cave.

"Maxxine! Maxxine!" he called out, his voice struggling to carry as the wind picked up. "Maxxine!" There was no answer.

"Men, encircle the cavemouth!" he called, waving his free arm in a circular motion. The six or so men that had followed him did as instructed. "MAXXINE!" he called again.

The voice reverberated around the cave, drowning out the constant drip, drip of the rain. Maxxine sat on her haunches upon a rock, surveying the scattering of bones around the cave floor, many animal bones, some human. In contrast, next to the bones sat a cold cooking pot suspended over a long doused fire. The half-elf sighed and looked down at her hands which trembled in the evening chill. She had not "changed" for some time now, yet she knew it would come soon. Samoku lay next to the rock upon which she was perched, his breathing rapid and shallow. Her heart sank, for she knew she had to expect he would depart anytime soon. Her only friend. Maxxine was not sure she could cope without him.

"MAXXINE!" bellowed the voice again.

"Once more, old friend?" Maxxine whispered with a sigh and she slid from the rock, slowly and silently moving towards the cavemouth. Samoku stirred from his slumber and looked up at Maxxine and growled briefly before resting his head back upon his paws.

"I know why you've come!" Called Maxxine in reply. "I have no quarrel with you nor the townsfolk! You must stay away!"

"And nor I with you!" came a husky retort. "I..." there was a pause. "We have come to parle."

Maxxine raised an eyebrow, her form still hidden in the darkness. She looked back at the sleeping Semoku and smiled empathically. She turned back to the caves maw, the darkness of the evening rapidly descending. She could see the flicker of several torches.

"How many?"

"Six, seven including me!"

"You bring six?" she hissed.

"For protection, you surely understand? The New Moon is due soon." Maggios said.


"Of course."

Maxxine felt the deep pang of sadness in her heart. She once moved freely about Evervale, and often engaged in merriment with Maggios and many others. Her mother once loved her dearly and she had a good life. And now? And now she was reduced to this. Hunting parties coming every week t end her suffering. That's what they told her anyway.

"Maxxine, we are just here to talk. "Maggios called. That was most unexpected.

"Talk? You want to talk? Three years, by my reckoning, you have tried to end me. I have taken many lives - not by my own choice, and you have come to...talk?"

Maggios felt uneasy himself at such a peculiar notion, for Maxxine was right of course. "Times have changed Maxxine. Evervale is in peril. We are all in Peril. We need your help!"

Maxxine nearly choked. They wanted her help? The beast they hunted? What help could she possibly give them...

"The plague. It has ravaged the land and the people suffer. They turn. Turn Maxxine! Turn into unspeakable horrors! We cannot combat this evil. But you? You can!"

She detected a tone of desperation in the mans' voice, a wobble that was uncharacteristic. Maxxine swallowed hard, how could she help?

"Why me?" she said simply.

Maggios was not at all comfortable with the situation, but the orders came from the top. "You are Lycan." The word itself made Maggios feel physically sick. "You remain resilient to the plague. Word is to gather those who are resistant to aid combating this curse. A special mission."

"Special mission?"

"Need bodies to escort a caravan. The townsfolk cannot for they a too vulnerable. Not sure what the caravan holds, but it is destined for a research facility. Maybe a cure? Nevertheless, we need you to help protect this caravan."

"Who is sending such word?"

"New Evereska Sanctuary..."

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Gaaahhh, this is another one. I want to apply, but my schedule is pretty full right now. Argh….
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Can't wait to learn more about these characters I'm seeing! Keep it up! (I'll get you all added to the chart once they are more fleshed out.)

@Arkanis, If you're feeling inspired, go ahead and give your idea some life with an application and make a note of being "Game Saturated". That way, you'll have a foot in the door if things change over the next 22 days. I'm also expecting to add or replace a player or two down the road, so the application pool will give me a list of players to tag in later.
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right-aligned image

Character Name: Sallin Thistlerock
Class: Cleric
Species: Gnome
Affliction: Lycan (Wererat)
Description: (Physical and Personality)
Sallin has the haggard look of a man who has lead a hard life.

Despite his small stature, he is quite muscular. Many years have been spent in isolated religious contemplation. Part of this study included training his body for strength, though his agility is quite poor.

His years have study have made him wise and he can be charming when he needs to be.

Trait: I see omens in every event and action. The gods try to speak to us, we just need to listen.
Trait: I trust in the gods. If I work hard and follow their guidance, things will go well
Trait: I own my life to the church that took me in despite my afflicition
Trait: I judge others harshly, and myself even more severely.
Secret: In times of despair, I feel that I am but a plaything for the gods, and I resent their remoteness

My temple was a peaceful but very remote place. Far from civilization, and populated by druids.


Sallin was raised by his parents to follow the goddess Mielikki. As he reached adulthood he became afflicted with a lycan curse, causing him to exhibit rat-like features and sometimes lose control of his own actions. He confessed his condition to a priest in the Mielikki temple.

The source of Sallin's lycan curse is a bit uncertain. He had, in fact, been bitten by a rat as a small child. But the rat was small, and the wound not severe. When he first began to exhibit symptoms, he overheard a conversation between his mother and grandmother about a curse long ago in the family bloodline. He only heard part of this hushed conversation, and it was never spoken of again.

The priest saw to it that Sallin's condition was kept a secret. The temple found refuge for him among a circle of druids deep in the woods. There he could do little harm if his affliction got out of control.

He spent the next several years there in contemplation, learning the teachings of his religion, and pondering his fate.

Why had the gods allowed this affliction to take over his life? There must be a reason. The emergence of the virus felt like an answer to this question. He has been afflicted, and called to the temple for a reason. And now the reason has presented itself. He did not hesitate to volunteer for the special dispensation when it was announced.

D&D Beyond Sheet☄️

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Azathool's Application - Complete
Character Name: Soren Bloodshadow
Class: Cleric (Twilight)
Species: Human (base)
Affliction: Vampyr (Dhampir lineages overrides human.v racials)

(Physical and Personality)

right-aligned image
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Soren is short, scrawny and pale, with a rather unremarkable and completely forgettable face. At five and a half feet tall and a hundred pounds in weight, he looks like a "completely normal, if short human", until the tell-tale sharp incisors show when he smiles, and his pale skin shows as an indicator of his sensitivity to the light of day.

Wearing reinforced leather armour with a deeply hooded robe to shade his face, it is rare to ever see a weapon of any kind in his hand. In combat he usually likes to keep a distance, using magic summoned from the gods to harm his opponents.

Soren is direct and pointed in almost everything he says, not holding back when something needs saying. Whilst not cruel or biased, when something goes wrong, he will say so, and when something needs doing, he will do it. Always calm to the point of annoyance he will explain carefully yet succinctly his position.

He rarely lies, as when he does, he cannot help fidgeting to the point of distraction, something he only does when lying.

(Who was your character before the pandemic?)

Personality, Hooks & Stuff

Additional Notes

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Character Name:Togot Fury, the lone wolf☄️

Species:V human
Affliction: Lycan(werewolf)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality Traits: I can stare down a hell hound without flinching.
If someone is in trouble, I’m always ready to help
Bond: My friends and family mean everything to me. there is nothing I won’t do for them
Ideal: My lot is to lay down my life in defense of others.
Flaw: I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. Every life I fail to save haunts me
Background: Folk hero.
Description: Togot is a fit man of average height with ear-length sandy brown hair. He has a vertical scar over his right eye along with many others on his body. He has fierce brown eyes brimming with confidence.

Togot is confident to a fault. The words “I can’t” are not in his vocabulary and it has gotten him in over his head more than once. The bigger the challenge, the more driven he is to meet it. He pursues his goals regardless of how much pain and suffering he must endure, and every obstacle he overcomes he takes as proof that he was right.

Due to the loss he suffered in childhood, Togot has a very black and white view of right and wrong and devoted his life to protecting the innocent and punishing the wicked. The rigid mindset causes him to suffer crushing guilt every time he fails to save someone regardless of whether it is his fault or not. He is a man who has put the weight of the world on his own shoulders, and it’s crushing him.

Backstory: Togot’s early life was very typical. Born and raised a farmboy, his world ended at the walls of his small village. He had a strong and reliable father, a loving mother, and a baby sister. Life was hard but peaceful. That all ended when the raiders came. Waving a flag bearing a black trident, they slaughtered the villagers and put the town to the torch. Togot was only eight years old, but he tried to defend his mother only to be swatted away like a fly. When he awoke, he found the village raised and he the only survivor.

Driven mad with grief and having no goal other than revenge, Togot picked up a sword left by the raiders, and began following their tracks. Rather than find the raiders, he found a woman warrior who was impressed by his fierce unyielding fighting spirit in his eyes, and so she adopted him. she was Mourns Her Kill, the chief of a small tribe of werwolves who lived in the woods not too far away. Among them, Togot dedicated his life to training in the hopes of hunting down the raiders and avenging his family.

Full of pain and loss, Togot was very abrasive. He had no patience for caution and never held back. He threw his all against any who stood in his way and pushed his body to its breaking point on a regular basis. His uncooperative attitude earned him the nickname Lone wolf, which he accepted with pride. This earned him several enemies, but he welcomed them all as practice that would only make him stronger, and they did.

Fortunately, his unyielding spirit also earned the respect of others, and in time he grew to appreciate these bonds and learned to let people in, making friends and learning the value of teamwork. His closest companion was a woman named Parmock. The two spent a lot of time together. one day while out patrolling the pack’s territory, they were attacked by a dangerous beast. Togot was mortally wounded. To save him, Parmock gave him the bite, and turned him into a werewolf.

Now stronger than ever, togot began going out to hunt down the raiders. He has yet to find them, but what he has found are plenty of people in need of help. He offered aid to all he met, and it wasn’t long before the plague spread through the land. Taking advantage of his immunity, togot was one of the first to offer his protection to the survivors.

I'm not intellectually arrogant, I'm just right all the time

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  • I've updated and sorted the applicant list by Affliction type.
This is only to make it easier to read, not to encourage Affliction diversity. A surplus of one type or another changes the party dynamic in equally interesting ways.
  • I've updated the F.A.Q. with a new question about building Vampyr.
The dhampir species is strong, and racial features such as the Variant Human's feat don't carry over. However, for the sake of the character's integrity, I am open to allowing the dhampir's skill proficiencies to be substituted out as though they are each worth ~1/3rd of a feat. (The purpose of this is to make the character more flavorful, not stronger.)
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i see i'm listed as wip, is there something i'm missing?
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Originally Posted by Togot View Post
i see i'm listed as wip, is there something i'm missing?
I believe at the time your Fieldset said WIP, so I listed it as such. However yes, there is one important detail you've missed that I'm going to ask you to reread the advertisement to discover on your own.

It isn't hidden, but it is easily overlooked.
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