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Dungeon of the Mad Mage

Game NameDungeon of the Mad Mage
Game SystemDnD 5e
ThemeMega-dungeon, Guts, Glory, and Riches!
FlavourSurvival, Exploration, Dungeon Crawl
Plot Summary

No adventurer comes to Waterdeep without seeking out the Yawning Portal, a tavern built atop the crumbling remains of Halastar Blackcloak’s tower. When the tavern’s proprietor, Durnan, destroyed the mage’s tower he never expected to find the gaping maw and labyrinth of tunnels the stretch deep into Undermountain, or so he claims. Now the old dwarf does brisk business in the tavern, selling drinks, stories, promises of riches and of course controlling access to one of the most lucrative holes in the ground ever found. The reward doesn’t come without considerable risk of course. Most who go down into the tunnels beneath the tavern never return, and those who do are usually scarred physically and mentally. There’s even a betting pool each time some poor new soul or group of adventurers descends into the inky depths. It’s kind of grim, but the payout is good if you happen to pick someone who will return.

By word or deed, you have attracted the attention of a wealthy benefactor and the job offer promises to make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, assuming you have what it takes to survive.


Game Information
Deadline: March 23rd, 2019 7 PM PST
Party Size: 4-6
Posting Rate: Roughly once every 48 hours
Sources: All officially published WotC materials (does not include UA, homebrew, or critical role, etc). Exceptions can be discussed on a case by case basis, but you'll need a compelling reason or fantastic idea that wont work within the existing materials.
Starting Level: 5
Starting Equipment: As directed by your class and background plus 750 gold pieces worth of non-magical equipment.
Ability Scores: Standard or see house rules
Reminder - Please do not make any rolls in this thread

ApplicationName: The name of your character.
Race: The race (and sub race as appropriate) of your character.
Alignment: Non-evil alignments only please.
Patron Deity: The patron deity of your character.
Class: Please include the class option you like to take (e.g., Nature Domain, Eldritch Knight, or College of Lore). Multiclassing is allowed.

Background: Either a published background or a custom one.
Personality Traits: Two traits, chosen among those published or your own.
Ideal: Either a published ideal or your own creation.
Bond: Either a published bond or your own creation.
Flaw: Either a published flaw or your own creation.

Appearance: Describe the appearance of your character. Including a picture is not required but appreciated.
Personality: Describe the personality of your character.
Motivation: Describe what motivates your character. Why respond to this job offer at all?
History: Describe the character's back-story.
Role-Playing Sample: Can be something from an existing game or original for this post.

House Rules

What I expect from players in my games
First things first. Be kind! To yourself, to your fellow players, and hopefully to me as well. Second to that, try to have fun! I will do everything in my power to facilitate that, but ultimately, it is up to you. In the vein of having fun -- I don't have a desire to have characters actively acting against the group interest or being complete loners who aren't willing to integrate into the group. A bit of witty banter (if reciprocated by the other player) is fine, but don't be a jerk.

Please read this game advertisement thoroughly before applying. I know there's a lot in it, but I want you to go in eyes open. Feel free to ask questions. I will add a FAQ section and update the ad regularly to help provide these clarifications.

Finally, this is a huge module, and as such a big commitment. It takes characters from level 5 to level 20. I fully expect it will take a minimum of two years to complete at PbP speeds, and perhaps longer. If you're not willing to invest the time and long term commitment, this isn't the game for you.

What you should expect from meI am running this game so my players can have fun. So ultimately, you can expect that my actions will try to help promote fun where possible. If you're not having fun, for whatever reason, talk to me about it. The sooner I know, the sooner I can work to make sure that the game we are playing is interesting to everyone participating.

I have been playing D&D for over twenty years, and I have spent most of that time as a DM in one fashion or another. I am familiar with the rules, but I will be the first to admit there are always new and interesting intricacies that I have never encountered. If I rule on something in a way that you disagree with, please talk to me about it privately, and I will address the concern one way or the other.

I will do my best to be fair, and accessible to the group. I am committing this to myself long haul (like I said before, this will probably take at least two years to finish at PbP speeds -- maybe longer) and I would love to see this game flourish and reach it's conclusion.

The module does have a gritty old school feel to it, and character death is possible. If this happens, and you wish to continue on we will work to find a solution to ensure you can keep having fun with the group. I am not out to get anyone, nor do I have a desire to see anyone one shot. Barring a few limited exceptions, you will either receive ample warning before getting yourself into more trouble than you can handle, or at least one post and/or save to get yourself out of the designed 'gotchas' that are in the module.

Applications are now closed. Invites will be sent out by 7pm PDT Sunday March 24th.

Player NameCharacter NameRaceClassStatus
VokubZetszala ZsukulYuan-Ti PurebloodWarlock 3, Sorcerer 2Complete
Arthilian01Jaina IronflowHuman (Variant)Barbarian 5Complete
RylusLeoris MenathielHigh ElfRanger 3, Fighter 2Complete
TyealThe Morning StarHalf-OrcCleric 5Complete
MurderInParadiseConumo RosfiraHalflingWizard 5WIP
DelpinatorAzureWater GenasiRanger 4, Monk 1WIP
IrishViking25Falkryn HendrixHalf-DrowRogue 4, Bard 1Complete
DialPforPicklesDragomir Tin-ShivsHalf-OrcFighter 5Complete
ZwingliGarm ShadowskinHalf-OrcRogue 3, Barbarian 2Complete
NikolasHauberakGithyankiWizard 5Complete
MrjoeganglesGalen KendrickHuman (Variant?)Fighter 2, Wizard 3Complete
RainyDayNinjaEinrich ElenwydssonHalf-ElfBard 5Complete
penbeast0Druzilla JavotteHuman (Variant)Warlock 5Complete
Ucha NekomeMeeka Meadow WindTabaxiRanger 3, Rogue 2Complete
KhamLucRystael GwyzorWood-ElfBard, DruidComplete
Treble83Black Mountain 'Smoke'TabaxiRogue 5Complete
TrmmilwwiAlexandra "Ali" MissadHalf-elfMonk 5Complete
BoomyKainDrowRogue 5Complete
GualdarramaHans HawkwinterHuman (variant)Rogue 5Complete
I have taken the Oath

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-Oath of Sangus || Currently recruiting for a one-shot, Escape from Kessel
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You had me at "Mega-dungeon levels 5 to 20". I'm a sucker for long term engagements.

right-aligned image

Name: Zetszala Zsukul
Race: Yuan-Ti Pureblood (Volo's Guide to Monsters)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Patron Deity: Larloch the Shadow King
Class: Warlock 3, Sorcerer 2

Background: Haunted One
Personality Traits:
I spend money freely and live life to the fullest, knowing that tomorrow I might die.
I don’t talk about the thing that torments me. I’d rather not burden others with my curse.
Ideal: I kill monsters to make the world a safer place, and to exorcise my own demons.
Bond: A terrible guilt consumes me. I hope that I can find redemption through my actions.
Flaw: I feel no compassion for the dead. They’re the lucky ones.

Due to her mixed origins, Zetszala's features are less serpentine and more humanoid. She carries herself with a confident gait, head held high, with a faint smile on her face. She prefers simple clothing with no accessories, her dark-brown utilitarian leather armor featuring no unnecessary embellishments or markings. The only piece of jewelry she wears is a very simple, iron-looking ring on her left hand index finger. Upon closer inspection, the ring has a peculiar indentation on its surface, resembling a dagger on a waxing crescent moon.

Zetszala derives little pleasure from engaging in small talk or gossip, and tries to keep social interactions as utilitarian as possible. It's not uncommon for her to lose interest in a conversation around a subject of no relevance to her and just wander off in search of something more exciting to do. Her mind craves engagement of any kind, cerebral or physical, and loathes inaction or passivity.

Finding her brother who went into the Yawning Portal but failed to return. Funding her quest by selling any artifacts she might uncover during this expedition.

During stormy nights like this one, with little else to do other than staying indoors and letting one's mind wander over a pint of ale, Zetszala often contemplated the strange fate that brought her to Waterdeep.

Her mother Notzia, a Yuan-ti spy embedded in Neverwinter, had allowed herself, in a moment of weakness, to fall in love with a human, a local baron named Benjamin Barrington. Not long after, Zetszala was born - a child loved by both parents but shunned by society and bullied by other kids. When Zetszala was only 8 years old, her mother received devastating news. Her mission has changed. She was no longer to have a passive intelligence gathering role, instead her orders was to carry out an assassination of the top ranking officials during the Midsummer Fest. Fate had it that Benjamin was on the targets list as well. She was to return to her Yuan-Ti temple once the mission has been carried out.

With a heavy heart but true to her cause, Notzia carried out her instructions to the letter, then smuggled a confused and scared Zetszala out of the city that same night. During the long travel to her temple and after relentless questioning from her daughter, Notzia revealed their destination. Being an outcast in Neverwinter was bad, but being an outcast in the Yuan-Ti society was unspeakable worse. Horrified by the prospect of being a pariah, Zetszala begged her mother not to return, but to no avail. Her mother's dedication and loyalty was unwavering. Desperate and missing her father, Zetszala slipped away during a night's rest, taking along one of her mother's backpacks, several gold coins and a few rations of food. Remarkably, she made her way back to Neverwinter, where she learned of her father's demise. Devastated and confused, the child wandered in a daze to a nearby village, where a kind Alchemist Witch took pity on her and offered shelter and food. After several days, when she was unpacking, Zetszala found a secret compartment in the false bottom of the backpack, holding only an iron ring and a single sheet of paper - the orders her mother received and the targets list. The truth came crashing down on Zetszala and in her grief and despair, she vowed to avenge his father's death no matter what the cost.

As she grew up, she became an apprentice for the Witch, and used her spare time to find out more about her father. Apparently, she had a step brother that nobody mentioned to her. It became her obsession to find him and reunite with the only family she had left.

After coming of age, she begun tracking down her brother in earnest. She found out his name is Garreth, a sellsword and adventurer, so she took any jobs that allowed her to travel wherever her brother's lead took her. The latest rumor placed him in Waterdeep, in the company of a group of adventurers who entered the Yawning Portal but have yet to emerge.

Role-Playing Sample:
- Are you sure this is what you want, child? Asked the witch with a concerned voice. Once you go down this path, there is nothing I could do to bring you back.
Zetszala eyed the altar with a determined look. She was sure. If offering herself to a Patron would allow her to better pursue her goals, then there was no turning back. The skills her mentor taught her were handy, sure, but she was lacking proper means of defending herself. The search for her brother put Zetszala into several tight spots from which she barely made it out alive.
- Yes. I need to find my brother and confront my mother. I cannot do that with only the skill you have taught me - for which I am thankful! I cannot follow my brother's steps from the safety of our little hut. You took me in when I was scared, afraid and confused. I am now determined, unafraid and clear in my goal.
- Yes. Yes, I can sense that, sighed the witch with a sad look in her eyes. If this is what you want, I will not stop or try to convince you otherwise. The ritual is a deeply personal experience. I will not be welcomed here.
- But...
- By the time you emerge from this cave, I will be gone. Our paths may never cross again, but know that my hut will always welcome you, should you need shelter or advice.
- I understand, replied Zetszala after a long pause, looking down. For the briefest of moments, she looked afraid, but then rallied and turned to the ominous altar. She took out the ceremonial dagger, stepped forward and begun chanting the words for the ritual that will forever transform her.
“When you break rules, break 'em good and hard.”
― Terry Pratchett,

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An old-fashioned Undermountain dungeon-crawl? I'm interested for sure. Just need to think what character proposal to put forward.
People say I'm evil and twisted, but I really have the heart of a young boy. In a jar, on my desk.

I have taken the Oath of Sangus.
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Warrior, Blacksmith, Proud Dwarf
left-aligned image

Name: Jaina Ironflow
Race: Human (Variant)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: Moradin
Class: Barbarian (Berserker)
Background: Guild Artisan (Blacksmith)

Personality Traits:
--I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. I can’t help it— I’m a perfectionist.
--I don’t part with my money easily and will haggle tirelessly to get the best deal possible.

--Freedom. Everyone should be free to pursue his or her own livelihood. (Chaotic)
--Aspiration. I work hard to be the best there is at my craft. (She considers adventuring just as much a craft as Smithing.)

--The workshop where I learned my trade is the most important place in the world to me.
--I owe my guild (Father) a great debt for forging me into the person I am today.

--I’m horribly jealous of anyone who can outshine my handiwork. (Smithing and Combat Prowess) Everywhere I go, I’m surrounded by rivals.
--I’m quick to assume that someone is trying to cheat me.

Appearance: Jaina is taller than your average woman, Nearly 6' 2". The daughter and apprentice of the local blacksmith of a small village has made her strong and hardy of frame. Her red hair is usually tied back or in a braid to keep it from her face while she works. The fires of the forge may not have been kind to her skin but she doesn't dwell on it. Being the adopted daughter of a dwarf has made her less dependent on her feminine qualities and more reliant on strength of arm and willpower. Jaina's preferred attire is simple, leather trousers, calf-high leather boots and a white sleeveless, pullover shirt. At a moment's notice she can throw on her leather apron and set hammer to forge. When out and about she often wears a tattered-at-the-edges, bright red woolen cloak that reaches her thighs, clasped by an ornate buckle adorned with the Hammer and Anvil of Or Main Dwarven GodMoradin.
right-aligned image
Jaina's maul is a work of art in itself, a beautiful masterpiece of her father's doing. A gift to her at her first return home.

Personality: Jaina strives to do the best she can at pretty much everything she does and if she isn't good at something she is doing, she strives to learn how to be better. She is a shrewd business woman and will haggle to get the best deals, she is usually quick to think someone is trying to cheat her. She deems her workshop as her home and place of worship, She owes such a lifestyle choice to her father who was and still is a reputable artisan among the Kragspire Dwarves Artisan Guild, As such, Her mood can get pretty sour if she sees someone trying to outdo her work. Through it all, Jaina believes each person should have a right to choose their own direction in life.

Motivation: Jaina's focus on being the best at what she does, Adventuring and Smithing, drives her to take the risk of many jobs similar to this one. Although, a dark shadow hangs about her lately since her recent return from Chult. Whereas, nothing she forges seems to be good enough despite how hard she tries. Scrapping too many 'failed' projects has put her a little tight as far as coin goes. That is the aside fact that she also seeks to prove herself once more, since she was the only survivor of a adventuring party that traveled to Chult, She couldn't save her companions.

History: Jaina was an infant when her adoptive father found her alone, swaddled in a wool blanket aside the road. If not for the bright red of the blanket, Dag Ironflow might never have spotted her. The old dwarf was headed towards a small village to set up a blacksmith's shop and enjoy the peaceful life after living among the hardy dwarves. When he saw Jaina's little face his heart melted and he decided he was going to keep her.

Despite the peaceful life that he raised Jaina in, he still had the background of a soldier, as did most dwarves. His bedtime stories were about adventure and wars that he had fought in. Little did he know, this didn't only make little Jaina brave and proud of her father but it fostered a want for adventure.

Despite Jaina being a girl, Dag raised her the only way he knew how, As she started to become a teenager he took her as an apprentice and taught her the ways of forging metal. She lacks any formal combat training, as Dag wouldn't teach her, He wanted her to be strong but she didn't need to be a warrior like him. Jaina favors a maul that mimics her working tools and had taught herself somewhat how to use it in a fighting situation even if her anger gets the best of her more often than not, overriding what little self-training she had.

But what Jaina's heart truly sought was adventure, She wanted to see the world and fight monstrous beasts, like the heroes in her father's stories. She didn't necessarily want to be famous but she wouldn't mind having a tale or two sung about her, the mighty champion of some faraway kingdom or city. Living the peaceful life of a blacksmith's daughter had left her with a desire to prove herself to be as brave and steadfast as her father..To make him proud of the woman she had become.

Dag didn't like the news that his daughter was going off to do just what he hadn't wanted and tried to prevent her from doing but being a dwarf that had left his home among dwarves in order to change his place in life, he wasn't going to hold her back from doing the same and finding her own lot in life. As a farewell gift he gave her the bright red wool baby blanket, made into a cloak, that had been the changer of fate in his life so that it may be the change in his daughter's fate someday. That cloak had saved her life once before and perhaps it could do so again.

After two years of going about the land and seeing some high adventure, she returned to her father. Upon her arrival she had two missions in mind, She immediately requested that her father school her in the ways of the warrior. Dag, having little reason not to teach her everything she needed to survive, he acquiesced. Jaina's second request was much simpler and even more demanding, She wanted to continue her training as a blacksmith so that she could earn her stripes as a journeyman among 'Dwarvenkind, since she very easily mistakes herself for one quite often.her' people. After two long years of hard work and practice with her maul, Her father wrote up certified documentation of Jaina's skill as a journeyman blacksmith and artisan, signed with the Seal of Kragspire to make it official.

With proper documentation from a renown member of the Kragspire Dwarves, finding work in Silverymoon was easy for Jaina. She took a job under the supervision of a Master artisan of the Kragspire, Gamling Kragspire, who owned a forge and workshop within the city. Daily she strove to improve her skills and within two years of working under a fresh teacher and with her shrewd way of doing business, she was trusted with purchasing materials and ended up rubbing elbows with some very interesting people. In time she managed to meet a human after her own heart, A merchant and retired adventurer by the name of Syndra Sylvane. Jaina very much wanted to give Syndra the better deal and actually softened her haggling only slightly when dealing with Syndra, out of respect and admiration.

When Syndra told Jaina the tales of the trouble in the Chult, Jaina's eyes lit up with anticipation. She immediately begged the woman to let her assist in this endeavor. Despite the fact that she was leaving her ticket to being a better artisan behind by informing Gamling of her decision to leave for a time, Him being a Dwarf, was more than understanding. Unfortunately, Once in Chult, the task proved far more dangerous than Jaina and her group had anticipated. After a very good start to what looked like a successful mission, things turned far worse overnight, literally. The party had bedded down in a military camp called Camp Vengeance but in the middle of the night, the fort came under attack by a horde of undead. Although Jaina and her companions rose to the occasion, once the dust had settled, the camp was razed and Jaina was the only survivor. She had grown close to her companions and the shadow of that loss casts darkness over everything she does, but that does not stop her from throwing in with all she has, if for no other reason than to prove herself.

Role-Playing Sample: The sun was beginning to set upon the city of Silverymoon when the dark-haired human entered the Smithy owned by Gamling Kragspire, greeting the stout dwarf blacksmith and his much taller and female 'Apprentice' both banging away at their own anvils. Gamling raised his eyes and shoved his work back in the forge to keep it hot before letting his hammer rest and slid off his work gloves. He approached the counter that he had set up and hailed the customer, "What say ya, Sir, shoes fur your horse?" the dwarf offered.

The dark-haired human smirked a bit at the Dwarf's candor, "No, I need a blade made by a first-rate Dwarven master of the forge." he laid both hands down on the counter after having perused the swords that were displayed.

Gamling jabbed a thumb over his shoulder, "Then ye'll be wanting to talk to Jaina. I'll fetch 'er." He turned to shout back over the din in Dwarven, "You have a customer that wants a blade." and the young woman raised her head before shoving her work into her own forge and stripping her gloves.

The human held out a hand as the tall, strapping redhead approached the counter, "Wait a moment, You misunderstand, I want Dwarven work, not something I can get anywhere else." By the end of the statement, Jaina had reached the counter.

Hearing only the middle to end portion of the statement was enough for her and her scowl had grown to full, "Listen here, I dunnae where ye get yer nerve but I made ev'ry one of them blades afore ya. I'll give ye Dwarven work." her closed fist set knuckles down on the counter was enough to show she wasn't about to argue much longer, especially with this 'privileged know-it-all'.

A thick, calloused hand from Gamling wrapped somewhat around Jaina's bicep as he spoke in Dwarven to the woman, "You don't have to scare the lad into buying a blade, Prove to him that you got what it takes in your product." The dwarf pleaded a little, he didn't want to raise her ire ever since she had returned from her last adventure.

Jaina turned to the aged Dwarf, ever her elder and deserving of her respect, commanding the Dwarven tongue as if she had been speaking it since she could speak at all, because she had, "It's a trifle, Master Gamling, He thinks he can cheat me, I'm showing him otherwise." Her tone proves that she has cooled a little at Gamling's urging but the harsh dialect makes it seem otherwise to the non-dwarven-speaker.

The dark-haired man speaks up, hoping to assuage the situation, "Fine, I'll pay premium for a sword, the best you can make, Ma'am." Through the misunderstanding he was ready to give in to any demands.

Jaina's scowl turned to the customer with a smile and stuck out her hand, "Ye won't be dissapointed, Come back in a few days an' I'll have it fur ye." The two shook on the deal and parted, the dark-haired man scrambling out of the shop with what he thought was within a hair of his life, he didn't fancy a beating from the redheaded woman.

-Oath of Sangus || Currently recruiting for a one-shot, Escape from Kessel

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Dragomir Tin-Shivs

Finished and welcoming feedback!

Name: Dragomir Tin-Shivs
Race: Half Orc
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Never met one
Class: Fighter (Eldritch Knight)

Background: Apprentice
Personality: No matter how old or powerful I become, when someone shows me kindness, my first instinct is to cower like a kicked dog.
I believe in speaking plainly; I never picked up the habit of flattery or deceit.
Ideal: I want to become more powerful so that I can defeat more powerful evils in the world.
Bond: I owe a great debt to the wizard who brought me in from the streets and made me his bodyguard; I cannot decide if I love him or hate him for it.
Flaw: It is very difficult to become my friend, and very easy to become my enemy.

Appearance: Dragomir’s appearance leaves little to the imagination as to the races of his parents. His greenish skin, overlarge (and quite sharp) canines, and heavily muscled limbs speak to his half-orc father (whom he knew only briefly). The pronounced shape of his ears, thick wavy hair, and high cheekbones came by way of his half-elf mother (whom he knew even more briefly). His eyes are mismatched in color: one is shale green, and the other is dark blue. Due to the occasionally violent nature of his work, he favors sensible, well-made clothing in earthen tones that is easy to clean.
Personality: He smiles rarely, and when he speaks, he uses as few words as he can. As such, people often mistake him for being slow-witted or standoffish, which he doesn’t mind at all. The former allows him to get the drop on his enemies, and the latter keeps him from having to make small talk, which he detests.
Motivation: He has spent the last several years of his life as a professional problem solver and information broker in the seedier parts of the city. He maintains this position by caring for a rotating cast of around 20 young orphans, cut-purses, and otherwise hard luck cases, all of whom serve as eyes and ears for him anywhere he needs them. In order to continue caring for them, however, he needs to find a way to access the higher towers of his former master’s tower, which necessitates him gaining much more powerful magicks in a rather short amount of time.

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Complete. Thank you for consideration.
-Oath of Sangus || Currently recruiting for a one-shot, Escape from Kessel
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Posting interest to roll a rogue or a bard
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I have always wanted to play in the undermountain but never had the chance so i have to throw my hat in.

Leoris Menathiel

High Elf
Chaotic Good
Patron Deity:
Gloom stalkerRanger 3/Going champion most likelyFighter 2

Bounty Hunter

Personality Traits:
It needn't be hunting down a mark - I'll chop firewood for an old woman if there's pay involved.
I frequently move from town to town, eager to pursue new marks and seek new contacts.

Wealth- The only path to true freedom is having gold enough to do as you will.

Mindless thuggery stole the life of one I cherished, and the price they must pay is one I will collect.

Contract or not, I never bring murder bounties back alive. They showed no mercy, and so neither will I.

Appearance: Leoris is an outsider even in his looks, his height is around five ten and he weights around a hundred and twenty pounds. His Brown hair is oft unkempt and is hidden by a wolf-head cloak. his skin is tanned and leather like from years under the sun giving most the impression that he was a farmer that decided to one day pick up a weapon. His muscular build is hidden under the cloak and a loose fitting tunic over the grey cotton shirt and held in place with a simple looking black belt. His Breeches are a simple brown but well made. People don't see the armor under the cloths, the finely made set of blackened studded leather armor. At his side hangs a pair of short swords, and a dagger. The swords look like opposite twins, one is blackened with a dark purple strip down the center of the blade and a wolves head clutching a small black gem in its jaws as the pommel and the other is a silver blade with a gold strip down the center and a lions head clutching a sky blue gem in its mouth as the pommel.

Personality: Intense is a one word description for Leoris, he gives off this 'danger' vibe to those who see him for the first time. Those who stick around to chat find him to be a mostly relaxed kind of person unless he has his mind set on something or someone brings up his past which he does not bring up or talk about unless forced. Until he fulfills his goal of bringing justice to those who killed his family he is unwilling to sacrifice himself for anyone but also wont sacrifice someone else willingly. He takes pride in his abilities and is willing to work with just about anyone to show off his skills.

Motivation: His one goal at the moment is to get justice, or revenge pending on who you ask, on the person or persons responsible for the death of his mother, father, and younger siblings. Whispers have placed the culprits in Skullport and he had no idea how to get there until Durnan gave him an accidental lead.

History: Leoris was born into a very happy and content family, being the eldest of three children he was expected to take over his fathers job as a hunter which he accepted and even wanted. He began his training as a ranger with his father when he was around the human age of fifteen, he quickly got the basics and even some of the more advance things came easily to him. But he felt he was missing something and so would stay out for long hours training. One evening just as the sun was about to vanish Leoris came home to find his family murdered, he opened the front door just as a masked man plunged a blade into his fathers chest with the word "I have it now and you failed to stop me." when the masked man saw Leoris he jumped through the window, crashing through the glass and disappearing into the night. Leoris fell to his knees awash with feelings of guilt, sadness, confusion, and anger. Several hours past before someone noticed him on his knees in the front door with a blank look on his face and tears streaking down his cheeks. When it was discovered what had happened Leoris was questioned and an investigation was launched but it ended within a week, Leoris heard the excuse "We don't have to resources to continue." but all he saw was the people giving up on him.

The next ten years Leoris stalked the nights, from city to city in the region looking for information that would lead him to his families murderer and along the way he made a name for himself as a collector of bounties and a man that the corrupt and evil could not buy. Whispers began in Silverymoon that reached his ears, whispers that he would not ignore, whispers that told him the murderer he was seeking could be found in Skullport. Those whispers brought him to the city where he has been searching for weeks trying to find a way to Skullport but his name prevented the types he needed to talk to from talking to him. He found that Skullport could be accessed through the mad mages dungeon and that's when he received the job offer.

Role-Playing Sample:
2 year game
A year game
Game started a bit ago
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I'm excited to see all the interest so far. If you'd like any feedback, or have any questions please feel free to ask. I'll try to check this thread often through the deadline, though I will have a blip of not being free nearly as much next week as I'll be attending Emerald City Comic Con.
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No one wants to get very far in said mega-dungeon. Not a Cleric one!

Character App
Application Complete!

left-aligned image
Morg the Morning Star

Name: Morg 'The Morning Star' Coaldis
Race: Half-Orc
Alignment: CG
Patron Deity: Ignai
Class: Cleric 5 (Forge)

Background: Far Traveler
Personality Traits: Determined, Empathetic, Proud, Argumentative
Ideal: "I will forge a new era of prosperity for my Orcish brothers and sisters!"
Bond: "Iron can only do so much. A steady hand and keen mind must know when to call for it."
Flaw: "I'm trying to save thousands from a cycle of murder and plunder and pointless death! Teach me!!"

Personality: Despite his mixed heritage Morg is proud of his Orcish nature. He accepts any challenge for a fight or contest of some kind. Brawling, drinking, eating, archery, cards, riddles, you name it Morg leaps at the chance to prove himself in some new way. As a result he's pretty smart for such a brutish-looking figure and has the the muscle to go with the bad looks. He's determined to the point of being blind at times when pursuing his goals, constantly seeking new methods of crafting or smithing that he can pass on to his Clan wandering the world. He has a deep loathing of just about all things Arcane and will happily wipe out one more mage placed on this Earth that stands in his way. Morg is proud, brash, bull-headed, and has his sights set on his ultimate goal. And he'll get there. One hammer blow at a time.
Motivation: He plans to plunder the Mad Mage's tower to secure coin that can be used to pay new teachers to learn their craft or artifacts he had study and attempt to replicate with his own technique. Along the way hoping beyond hope he can find some stash of knowledge in this place that he can absorb and be able to pass on.

Role-Playing Sample: The Yawning Portal tavern. Morg had found it. Folks were rather eager to give up the location upon seeing a platinum coin dangle before their eyes, completely forgetting about the Half-Orc that held it or wanting to know how he had that much coin at all. Even outside he could hear the hustle and bustle within. With a place so infamous he wasn't surprised it sounded so busy. Adjusting his armor, weapons, and equipment, he stepped inside. He was immediately hit with the din of voices and music. People talking, laughing, cursing, telling stories, all under a wave of upbeat and energetic music. He caught a few looks as he entered, which was to be expected for Morg. Sporting a simple shirt over his green hide, his left arm covered in layered plating all the way down to his knuckles with a large pauldron covering his shoulder. His legs protected by the same layered plating, all of it battered and well-worn. A mace at one hip, a sword at the other, and a shield of iron on his back behind a traveling pack.
He stood there long enough for the music to stop and many more eyes to look upon him. He called out in his rumbling baritone to the room, "I'm lookin' for folks brave enough to travel with me to the Mad Mage's ruins!" He hold up a coin purse, jingling it loudly. "I've got th' coin to hire ya! I'll provide whatever supplies you need. Try an' backstab me for everything an' I'll happily cut your venture short!" He stuffed the purse into his belt, waiting to see if he had any takers.
I am never without protection. Forever am I armed with razor wit and a sharp mind. - Anonymous
The RNG gods favor those that roleplay well. - Something I say very often

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Name: Conumo Rosfira.
Race: Halfling (lightfoot)
Alignment: LN.
Patron Deity: Ptah.
Class: Wizard (5) School of Transmutation

Background: Haunted One.
Personality Traits: I spend money freely and live life to the fullest, knowing that tomorrow I might die. I like to read and memorize poetry. It keeps me calm and brings me fleeting moments of happiness.
Ideal: I like to know my enemy’s capabilities and weaknesses before rushing into battle. (Lawful)
Bond: I have to make Mr. Money happy again.
Flaw: I have certain rituals that I must follow every day. I can never break them.

Appearance: Conumo has messy brown hair and a beard, his green eyes always seeking a new treasure. He dresses in opulent clothing, some of it obviously altered to fit his size.

Personality: Conumo's sole motivation in life is wealth. He is quite a greedy man, and is willing to do many different things for money. Everything is secondary to wealth, because with wealth he believes you can get everything secondary. He is generally polite, if demeaning to people, unless of course they give him a reason to be hostile. He gets suspiciously excited to go to bed each night, as if he is looking forward to something.
Motivation: Wealth. Conumo would dream of piles of coins and treasure, if his dreams were not occupied by someone else.
History: Describe the character's back-story.
Role-Playing Sample: Can be something from an existing game or original for this post.

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Name: azure
Race: water genasi
Alignment: cg
Patron Deity: finder wyvernspear
Class: ranger (Hunter) 4 monk(open hand) 1
Background: folk hero
Personality Traits: I judge people by their actions, not their words.
When I set my mind to something, I follow through no matter what gets in my way.
Ideal: strength leads to power. Power leads to control. Through control of our selves and others we find peace.
Bond: I protect those who cannot protect themselves.
Flaw: I'm blind to the shortcomings as I pursue my destiny.
Appearance: dressed is white robes the blue genasi seems to shimmer like clouds on the surface of the water. He carries a pack with gear. A bandolier of alchemist positions is on his chest and two shortswords adorn his sides. A few pelts stick up from his pack looking well cared for.
Personality: He will think before he acts but act before he talks. He will help those he sees as week but ignore those who have shown strength. He is often looking around avoiding eye contact but seems to have a deep understanding of those he's around and often looking through them.
Motivation: power
History: Describe the character's back-story.
Role-Playing Sample: Can be something from an existing game or original for this post.
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For consideration.
PC Application

Name: Falkryn Hendrix
Race: Half-Drow
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: N/A
Class: 4 Rogue / 1 Bard
Background: Outlander
Personality Traits: The best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can't do it. I would rather make a new friend than a new enemy.
Ideal: I'm loyal to my friends, not to any ideals, and everyone else can kick rocks.
Bond: I pursue wealth and fame to secure my estranged father's acknowledgement.
Flaw: I speak without really thinking through my words, invariably insulting others.

Appearance: At first glance, he looks like your typical Drow with white hair which he keep messy and at a shorter-than Drow average length. His skin is a Blue-grey color with random tattoos. However, in enough light there is a tan tinge to the skin tone. The only other noticeable difference would be his eyes. Instead of the usual red color you would expect, Falkryn has blue. At 5’10”, 130 lbs., Falkryn has a slight but fit build; skinny but not weak.

Personality: Friendly and open, Falkryn is always looking to meet new people though few know him well. The problem lies in his lack of tact when speaking his mind. However, those that do know him know that his loyalty is fierce and true as he treasures the few friends he has.

Motivation: When not meeting new people, his focus is on meeting his father by any means.

History: One fateful night, his human mother had a chance encounter with a Drow merchant. They spent a week together and he was the result. Myriam raised him as best she could, but he longed to know his father and Drow heritage. As Falkryn reached adulthood, his mother took ill and while on her death bed she provided a letter from a one Alton Omriwin, his father.
I will never forget those long nights we spent together, and I've longed to hold you again. But alas, it cannot be.

The truth is I merely passing through your village on my way to be wed to a powerful Drow Heiress of the Tanor’thal family. The Tanor'thals are a powerful trade family in Waterdeep and Nathrae is their oldest daughter and my new wife.

I do not regret our time together and I wish you well. Perhaps one day when I can return to the road I will make my way back to your village and we can catch up.

Alton Omriwin"

With letter in hand and hope in his heart, his set off to Waterdeep.

Role-Playing Sample: Waterdeep; finally, Falkryn had reached his destination and, with a bit of luck, his new home.

Exhausted from the road and sick with anticipation, he trudged up to the nearest standing guards for info about the town, one of which appeared to be nursing a particularly bad hangover.

"Pardon my intrusion to your obviously busy day, could you direct me to the closest watering hole? I am a tad parched, you see, and you look like the type to tie one, or four, on at the end of your shift."

"You cheeky, knife-eared bastard. You watch your tongue or I'll feed it to you!" The guard slurred a bit as he took an aggressive step towards Falkryn, which he immediately regretted. RETCH! The guard double over with one hand on his partner for balance.

Chuckling at the other's misfortune, the second guard turned to Falkryn. "You can find street vendors a few ways up that you can buy a bit of food and drink. But the real action happens at the Yawning Portal. Now best you scat before he regains his composure."

Realizing his mouth had got him in trouble again, with a member of the guard no less, Falkryn scurried off in the direction the other guard indicated. Purchasing a bit of libations from a street vendor and getting more directions and eventually making it to the Yawning Portal.

Walking inside this busy tavern two things stand out to him. The old dwarf behind the bar and the Death Pool board. Intrigued by the later, Falkryn saddles up the bar and orders a drink. "What kind of an owner bets on the death of someone else?"

The old dwarf cocks his eyebrow at Falkryn. "Me! Durnan's the name. And this tavern mine. You seem new so I'll give you a brief run down. Adventures from all over come here seeking fame, fortune, and glory in the Labyrinth of the Mad Mage that lies below. Most only meet their demise. So, to keep other patrons coming in, as dead people can't pay me, I created a bit of a spectator sport for those not willing to go themselves but still wanting to know what happens below, hence the pool. Are you here for the maze or the pool?"

"Neither, sadly. I'm here to rest a bit and gather info on where I can me a certain man, the I am interested in the Maze. Maybe after my business is settled, I might try my hand. I am looking for the Tanor'thal manor would you know where I can find it?" Falkryn asked hopefully. He also made sure his question was loud enough to be heard over the noise of the tavern.

Durnan once again cocked his eyebrow towards the half-elf. "Everyone knows of the Tanor'thals. Powerfully family of merchants with many political ties. You can find their manor in richer side of town. Just ask around and you'll find your way. Good day, to you.

Falkryn debated further probing but left the tavern instead. Gathering brief directions here and there, he eventually made his way to the Manor of the Tanor'thals. Knowing full well he would not be able to get inside, he bribed the gate guard to deliver the letter and a hastily scribbled note asking to speak with the head of the manor regarding blood relation.

Waiting for what seemed like hours, the guard returned and led Falkryn inside. Awestruck by the extravagance of the halls and rooms that he could seem, Falkryn ponder as to whether or not this was a good idea. The guard stopped outside and from within he heard a silvery, sultry yet commanding voice state to enter.

There, behind a sturdy elegant desk, sat a gorgeous drow. Long white hair. Dark purple skin that seemed smooth and almost shiny, as if she was a well-crafted statue. But the most striking feature were her eyes. Bright and piercing, they were and never before had Falkryn seen such a shade of ruby. They seemed to stare right through him as she quickly analyzed every inch of him.

"Well you certainly have a number of similar features to Alton. And I don't sense any means of magical disguise." The woman slowly walked around Falkryn, silently critiquing everything the she saw. "The letter you have lends credit to your claim especially considering Alton had told me of his little tryst prior to our marriage."

Falkryn quickly spoke up, "Then you must be Lady Nathrae. And if you are as powerful and commanding as you are beautiful, then I can see why my father chose to leave my mother."

Chuckling at the compliment Nathrae continued. "While your flattery is not unwelcome, your presence will cause an uproar. The guard you bribed probably read your note and will have to be dealt with. Your note and letter have been burned and I can't have you running around talking of bloodlines and such. So, what to do with you is the real question. Killing you would be easy enough and I have plenty of favor and pull to avoid investigation. However, you do look capable and if Alton found out I had you murdered he'd raise a fuss. I just happened to receive a letter looking for adventurers to head into the Maze of the Mad Mage. I'll send you. It will gain me favor with the followers of Waukeen and spare me the loss of one of my skilled hunters. If you succeed, we can discuss possible acceptance into my household, a position of much lower status of course. And if you fail, the Maze will rid me of you and life will go on."

She walked back to her desk, picked up the priest's letter and a sack which sounded full of gold. She placed both in Falkryn's hands. "Hear is 750 pieces of gold and the letter. Purchase what gear you'll need and head to the Yawning Portal for fame and glory. Speak not of your heritage to anyone or fame and glory won't save you from my wrath." She then pull off a ring and slipped into Falkryn's pocket. "This will show that you carry my favor. Favor that can easily be removed. So clean up, and carry yourself better. And may fate be on your side."

With a flick of her wrist she was done with him. A lot to ponder, a lot to be wary of. Falkryn backtracked his steps and geared up as best as possible before heading back to have his name put on the pool board.
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Character Application
right-aligned image

Name: Garm Shadowskin
Race: Half-orc
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: Ilneval
Class: Rogue 3 (Swashbuckler) / Barbarian 2

Background: Urchin
Personality Traits: I sleep with my back to the wall and a sword in my hand. The nicest ones have the most to hide.
Ideal: Adventure. Life in the streets makes you either despair or dream. I choose to dream, of a better life; of one lived to the fullest.
Bond: My sister Farga took care of me when I was too weak to take care of myself. Now that she's in danger, it's my turn to return the favor.
Flaw: While glory and riches have their appeal, it's the rare beauty that really gets me into trouble.

Appearance: Long, unkempt hair, rough but sharp fangs and a square jaw are what most draws the eyes in Garm's appearance. That, and his coal-colored skin makes the half-orc quite a deplorable sight indeed, as one of the many urchins who have taken to call the streets of Waterdeep their home. Still, learning to make the most of what he had and aspiring for greater things, Garm has grown into a well-built and violence-hardened warrior, capable of fending for himself, yet choosing to use his strength to protect those that he loved. On his full height, he reached a few inches more than six feet. He wasn't the biggest, nor the quickest, or by far the smartest urchin that ever lived, but he was strong enough and quick enough.

Personality: Garm is tenacious, stubborn, and fiercely loyal. Those qualities endeared him to his sister Farga growing up alone and impoverished in the streets of Waterdeep, and had enabled them to survive this long. Quick of wits and furious in battle, none have yet bested Garm when it came to violence, though it was often won with no satisfaction on his part; only necessity. Farga was the real brain between the two of them, but Garm had a charm all his own that had attracted the friendship of a few of his fellow street-dwellers. Many a time, this bond has been proven by Garm's own blood, drawing the ire of a tyrannical guardsman or a sharp-eyed merchant in order for his friends to escape and get away from tough scrapes.

Motivation: Gorm has traced his sister's kidnapper back to the Yawning Portal, and has come to the conclusion that whoever had her resided deep in the Undermountain. Aside from that, the possibility of adventure and improving his own station in life were strong motivations for the half-orc venture down into the unknown.

History: The sewers, sidestreets, and alleyways of Waterdeep served as home to Garm, his sister Farga, and a number of other urchins and outcasts throughout his childhood. Through the hardships and meager beginnings they learned to survive. Garm learned to be quick to avoid the roving eye of the fruit-stand seller and escape the whistling siren of the guard when they arrive to drive them away. Garm learned to be strong when a bigger, meaner urchin would deprive him or Farga of a hard-fought meal; and he usually learned to take blows as well as give them. Garm learned cunning and survival with his sister, as they took odd jobs and did errands for questionable individuals, who wouldn't spare a second thought for their welfare; for all they cared about were results. Garm learned camaraderie and unity together with his ragtag band of urchin friends, sharing information and working as one in order for all to flourish in the city. And finally, Garm learned what it meant to love; to give oneself for a cause or person bigger and more important than his own life, that of his sister. All this Garm had learned in the city of Waterdeep, but a deep desire and longing pulled him to strive for more, despite Farga's warnings about venturing outside the city walls.

So when the prospect of a job arrived that would take him to Neverwinter, Garm took it without hesitation. It seemed like easy money, to deliver goods from one inn to another, serving as security detail. Farga was not to come with him, for she had found more stable employment serving tables at a local tavern, while dealing in fenced goods on the side. The half-orc found the caravan to be easy money indeed, as they arrived to the city of Neverwinter without a scratch. It was there in that city that he plied his trade, working for this caravan or another, or joining mercenary bands to hunt down some rare and exotic monster for a wizard. He grew stronger and smarter, and a little bit richer as time went by.

By the time he returned to Waterdeep, Garm had build himself a reputation of an able warrior, a veteran of war and decent tactician, loyal to his mates and fiery in his fury. But he did not forget how his sister Farga had taken care of him. He had returned in order to bring some of his wealth to her that she too might elevate her station in life, only to find that she had recently been missing. Conducting his own investigation, Garm had eventually traced Farga's steps to the Yawning Portal, a tavern known for its history of being built over the ruins of a wizard's tower. It is there that he reads the letter of invitation in his hands again, one that could change his life - more importatntly, his future - forever.

Role-Playing Sample: The half-orc fingers the letter of invitation in his hands, tracing the words with a dirty-crusted finger as he read its contents. Grey lines smudged the eloquent and artfully written calligraphy as Garm's nail continued its downward trajectory. This was the third time he had read this letter, as the drunk noble from whose pocket he had "requisitioned" it from would be better served without it. The other, additional slip of paper was a surprise to the rogue, however, and proved to be interesting in its own right. As Garm sat in one of the Yawning Portal's bar stools, eyeing its patrons and more importantly, it's proprietor, he contemplated the possibility of being as rich and successful as this dwarf called Durnan. Custom was picking up, but the musicians inside were playing soothing tunes, saving their energy for a bigger audience. The dwarf was busy wiping newly-cleaned tankards on the counter, but it was obvious to Garm that barkeeping was not his first profession. If a warrior like him had survived whatever horrors were hidden under that imposing-looking Undermountain, he must have been incredibly smart and resourceful, or incredibly lucky. Either way, it warranted Garm's respect.

"You look parched, traveler. Care for a pint?"

The male half-orc looked up into a doe-eyed wench of a woman; young, and pretty. She seemed like she worked here, with a tray of drinks on one hand, while the other she used to trace a line from his shoulder to his jaw. The way her eyes moved and scanned Garm, it seemed to him that she was the one who was thirsty; such was the predatory curiosity she possessed.

"Ehrm. You work for the dwarf, Durnan?"

"My, my, what deep tones you have... A strapping orc like you... Too bad your interests lie... elsewhere... Fair. Pays alright. Been 'ere since forever. I'm surprised you don't know him. Where'd you say you were from?"

"I'm looking for someone. One of your girls. Farga. Know her?"

"Farg- that wench? Stick to yer kin, that it? Owed me money, that cheat. Last I heard she went off to look for her brother somewhere. Lies, I say. Probably left to make off with all the coin she's swindled off honest folk."

Garm remained unfazed and stoic as he continued his inquiry. He flicked a thumb at the gaping hole in the center of the tavern. The noise had started to pick up again, as the bards play more vigorous, upbeat music.

"So she didn't stay? Didn't go down there?"

"Down there? Hah! Only fools and chumps and braggarts go down the Undermountain. None of 'em worth their salt'd even attempt it, 'less yer crazy like old Durnan. Say, you gonna buy some beer, or keep lookin'? There are others that need servin'."

Garm grinned at the woman then, and produced two silver coins and placed them on the woman's tray in exchange for a drink.

"Guess I'll have a word with the crazy one, then."

The half-orc left the serving girl scowling at his back as he made his way towards Durnan.

corvus oculum corvi non eruit.

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