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Old Oct 25th, 2013, 04:10 AM
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Fabled Heroes

Characters go here! The Sheet Code is (SPOILERBUTTON="Character Sheet"](INDENT](NSHEET]12345(/NSHEET](/INDENT](/SPOILERBUTTON], with brackets instead of parentheses, and the number of your sheet in that 5 digit slot.

Stats: There are specific arrays you can use. the EASY MODE array of 16/14/14/12/12/7 or the HEROIC ARRAY of 18/14/14/10/10/7. If you're really ballsy, you can take the BRUTAL ARRAY of 18/12/12/12/8/7. Either way, you'll end up with a dump stat of some sort, so keep that in mind.

Level 1 for starting out., Max HP for the first three levels. 2,000 starting Gp + x10 your CHARISMA score (Visit the epic custom starter store!). You must also visit "Your Story!" to get some story/campaign traits. If you want, you can try to abuse me with delicious flaws for your character, that'd be nice; but do it in the OOC thread.

No PF traits, use the traits in "Your Story!". Enjoy!
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