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Old Feb 14th, 2013, 01:36 PM
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Ley Lines

So, the Pharast yard first. The map says Restlands, but that's not necessary. Grave yard will do, Pharast yard shows a little more reverence, boneyard for the cynics. But Restlands? In Ustalav? You know better.

The yard grows up along a flattish hill - town is not so much in a valley as a trough, and the old ruined prison on the crest south of that. You can see the shape of it from the yard when it isn't all mist-shrouded.

The one local road cuts around the bottom of the hill, to the west, while the river cuts to the east, both flowing from the northern woods, crossing in town before continuing along their own ways.


Then the town. I say town - it used to be a town. Now it's a village living in a town. Also, I elected not to call it Ravengro, hence the sloppy crop. If it has a name at all, I'd call it Harrowstone - the name of the old prison which caused the town to crop up in the first place.



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