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Old Jun 11th, 2010, 05:58 PM
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Ceromar, the god of death:
The only god that has but one appearance, that of a gigantic skeleton with a devil's horns. He was the one that decided to rebell against Arasha, and though his portfolio comes a bit short on Armala, he's the one that enjoys the mortals struggling without their guidance the most.

Meira, goddess of life and nature:
The only female god appears in many different forms, from plants to animals, but mostly in the form of a beautifull middle aged woman - a mother figure, so to say. She was the only one that objected to rebelling against Arasha till the last moment, but gave in as the other gods threatened her with destroying the world. Nowadays she bears with the other gods as the life of the world she loves as much as her creator are protected and well, even though she still bears a grudge against the other three gods.

Loramor, god of the elements:
This god appears in four different forms - the aspects of fire, earth, wind and water. He is neutral and didn't really care about the rebellion against the great lord. Neither does he care now, just as if he had his hands full with dealing with his own aspects. Never the less, he enjoys watching mortals struggle just like the other three male gods.

Earanoll, god of the beasts:
The spec. personification of wilderness, he was the first one to back Ceromar. Even though his is not that pleased as the beasts have been tamed by the men of this world, the strict dictatorship of Poramor seems to be enough to keep him in line.

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