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Old Jun 28th, 2010, 12:07 PM
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Dramatis Personae (Character Thread)

Post your characters and links to character sheets here.

Current List
Casino JackMezio Kran
IeiunitasEdi Essum
MoridainSakura Mistborn
11cclarkElana Mittlebridth
Rise of the Runelords - GM | Black Match - Casey Lyons

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Name: Mezio Kran
Race: Human
Class: Druid
Alignment: True Neutral
Mezio Kran appeared in Threefrogs three harvest seasons ago, on the eve of the month of planting. He was an oddity; the most famous of the druidic practitioners to the people of Threefrogs was the old and quite batty Anol Dustaine, who they treated as the communal grandfather. Compared to Anol’s quiet senility, Mezio’s brash youth was bewildering to the small hamlet. He spent his days in the companies of young maidens and the wilder men in pubs, and his nights hosting several prayers to those that followed the Way of the Stag. He seemed to have no purpose, retorting to those that asked that he was “having some fun while he still could” and “the trees are up to something”. Most considered this deer worshipper’s nonsense, but four nights after he had arrived, Anol went missing. A search was organized, despite Mezio’s protest that they would not find the old man, that he had gone “feral”. He was right, they never found the old man, and Mezio took residence in a massive hollow tree, on the farthest outskirts of the village.

Mezio Kran is at least twenty summers old, probably older. He’s lanky, his torso blocky, and his limbs skinny and long. His black hair is unkempt, long locks that fall behind his head in messy, jumbled tangles. His face is sharp and almost pixyish, not wise to compare him to those flying pests though. His nose and lips are small, and his eyes are a dark woody brown under two light eyebrows. He dresses himself in mountains of voluminous furs, tied together with plant fibers. One of these furs is not like the others, it is alive, and it is very very mean. It is a three foot long badger named Scios, it has teeth as sharp as daggers and claws that are very fond of biting hands that aren’t Mezio’s. Scios enjoys clinging to the cloak of furs Mezio wears, camouflaging in while occasionally letting out the odd snarl
“Fairies! Bloody little imps with wings! Always stripping my tree and hiding my things! They bite too, I’m sure they’re eating something noxious, because their nasty little teeth marks always get infected. How am I supposed to keep the swamp and the forest ecology balanced with them around? I’m supposed to be the new guardian of the damn forest border, but does Swamp Queen tell her subjects to listen to my authority, nooo! She hasn’t even given me the time of day since Elder Anol lost his damn mind, spends his days as a church mouse now. Probably eaten by an owl.”
-Argument heard by Threefrogs sentinels between the druid Mezio Kran and a badger

Mezio has a temper. He didn’t use to be quick to anger, but the annoying chattering and pranks of the wee folks has begun to fray his patience. He is brash; possess no subtlety and calls things as he sees them. He creates a plan and follows it, allowing for little deviation. He enjoys the company of beautiful woman and of men who can hold their own. He has a taste for ale and meat seared over a hickory fire. He has developed a seething hatred for all fey smaller then a breadbox, and has on numerous occasions threatened to feed them to Scios.

What do you do well at?
“We of the Stag tend to lose ties with those who don’t see nature the same as us. That’s not a good thing to be doing, they’re still a part of the forces as a whole, and we’re still sapient, no matter how many airs you put on. I like to think of myself as more open minded then most.
Poorly at?
“Except with Fairies, those blighted little hellions! Damn that harmonious oath, I’d be swatting them out of the air with a torch if I had my way. And don’t even get me started on that one moronic farmer that couldn’t understand what a protected grove meant! I was ready to strangle him with the vines he cut up! It’s my forest, why can’t I get any authority, DAMMIT!”

OOCWhat do you, as a player, like and dislike in roleplaying games? (I can't make everyone happy all the time, but I'll take this under advisement. You can ignore this if you are new to RPGs.)
As long as the plot keeps moving, anything is really okay with me. The one thing I cannot stand is when the DM keeps the players in the same spot, not advancing anything. There’s only so many times a man can give his name and description before it gets boring.
How much experience do you have with gaming? (This won't affect your chances of acceptance, but it would be nice to know how much help you'll need.)
I started on this site, about two years ago. Never played Pathfinder, but I think I’ll be fine. I learnt GURPS, so this should be a cakewalk
The life of PnP games are fickle, violent, and most often short-lived.
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Name: Drubner (Silas)
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Alchemist
Age: 22
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Backstory: Twenty two years ago, in a bordello called the Maiden‘s Altar, a half-orc that came to be know as Silas was born. Small and malnourished, it seemed that Silas only survived off the pity of those around him. His mother, a young bronze-skinned woman who was a stranger to the city, left her shameful infant son behind and sailed away at the first chance she got.

As Silas began to learn how to walk and talk he was put to work in order to earn his keep. While there he took care of washing the clothes, cleaning the rooms, and keeping an eye out for johns that tried to skip their bills. Strangely enough, Silas got his first taste of alchemy via the various curatives the girls from getting sick.

In his time there, the girls grew to love Silas and started to playfully call him their little “tusked shadow.” The Madame of the bordello, Verda Oleander, often took note of how Silas would spend much of his free time at a desk trying to figure out how to get their in house remedies just right. Taking Silas’ predestined obscurity in her hands, she contacted some of her ties in Devonsport’s underworld to find Silas a teacher in the art and science of alchemy.

Without any warning, Silas found himself taken from the only home he’d ever known and was deposited in the laboratory and home of Grant Faerdain. Although Silas desperately wanted to go back or to at least say goodbye, his new tutor would have none of it. While he maintained a cover of anonymity as a small time apothecary, Grant was actually a member of the Crimson Wraiths and was responsible for concocting many of the poisons and opiates they used. By virtue of his duplicity and unspoken position as Grant’s successor, Silas had just unwittingly become a member too.

From age ten to eighteen, Silas spent many grueling hours mixing and studying various regents, suffering a dose of his mistakes with each failure. While he longed for the simple life he had before, success under Grant’s watchful eyes left him more fulfilled than he had ever felt before. Eventually Silas and Grant worked as a team to meet the Wraiths’ needs.

As time went on, Grant afforded Silas more freedom with his time. Silas took the opportunity to explore Devonsport and learn about the city. It was on these journeys that Silas encountered another like himself. On the docks Silas met an old half-orc sailor named Drubner. Finding something intriguing about the young half-blood’s inquisitiveness, Drubner taught Silas about who he was, what their people were like, and how to “fight like a real man!” In return Silas managed to make some ointments for Drubner’s joints and kept an eye out for him when Drubner was too drunk to do it himself.

It was a good life and it would have continued on this way for many years, but then Silas learned the true price of his lifestyle. In a rush to produce a debilitating potion for some mysterious purpose, Silas added too much hemlock. A rash of five deaths swept minor officials in key positions within Devonsport. Questions were asked and the grip of the Wraiths was momentarily shaken.

After another outing with Drubner, Silas came home to find Grant shaking on the ground, a victim of the same botched concoction. It didn’t take Silas long to realize he was only alive because he had been absent when his faceless benefactors took their revenge. Grabbing what money and supplies he could, Silas fled out into the streets. He stayed away from the docks, assuming they’d be watched for any fleeing half-orcs. Instead Silas fled north as far as he could, all the way to Threefrogs, and simply tried to blend in. He took Drubner’s name as an alias and has been doing minor alchemical work to keep himself fed and housed. Still, Silas waits for the day when the Crimson Wraiths come knocking at his door.

Appearance: Silas is a half-orc with gray skin, golden eyes, and a frizzy mess of short, red hair. His hands, in contrast to the rest of his skin, have been bleached to a stark white for the chemicals he’s often exposed to. He makes little effort to hide them, but can easily get annoyed if he’s pestered about them once too often.

Silas’s attire consist of brown leather pants, boots, a yellow cloth shirt and a belt with over a dozen vials and bottles hanging from it. If he has some business outside of Threefrogs then he’ll usually add some brown leather armor with a matching duster coat, a backpack stuffed with even more concoctions than his belt, a plaid wool scarf, and a black cap. All of his clothes have stains from various regents and a stark chemical smell often follows Silas around.

Personality: Silas is an emerging free spirit. All his life he’s been under the thumb of others, obeying their whims. Now that he’s made his escape from Devonsport, Silas is finally feeling his own power and doing the things he wants to do. This usually involves pursuing his love of alchemy or getting drunk at the local bar.

Unlike his green skinned cousins, Silas is a very vocal and personable half-orc. He speaks his mind and generally accepts the opinions of others so long as they aren’t based on ignorance. But despite his amicable nature, Silas still has a temper and gets frustrated when he finds himself in an unfair situation. Thankfully he’s learned to channel that energy away from breaking things and into what he calls “poetic justice.”

What does your character do well at? Poorly at?
Silas has a keen mind and sharp eyes. He’s always looking for new ways to use his alchemy or for opprotunities in the world around him. Unfortunately, Silas thinks he’s as witty and personable as any bard when in actuality he can come off as insulting or annoying. Also, some people will find offence with Silas’s loose sense of morals.


What do you, as a player, like and dislike in roleplaying games?
I love games that are engaging and told as a story rather than a game, that the interaction between characters and NPCs is present and meaningful. I also love games that let the characters take chances to try something new or different.

How much experience do you have with gaming?
Roughly seven years of off and on again gaming in person. Two years for play by post, but that was at least two years ago. Generally I’m familiar with the rules of Pathfinder, but because of my background with 3.5 I can sometimes swap which rules pertain to which game. If I make a mistake be sure to point it out to me so I don’t make it again.

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Name: Edi Essum
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Neutral Good

Backstory: "Well, if it'll make you leave me, you don't have to buy me a drink, I'd rather tell it sober. *A-hem* I was born in Devensport. You know, the big city up the way, just a few days ride. The way I was raised was in most ways average. I was the only son in my family, though eventually my parents managed to have a daughter as well. There was very little excitement around the city, except for the occasional scuffle between the more fanatical followers of The Sovereign One and those few poor Druids who follow the Way of the Stag. When I was sixteen, and my parents decided I was old enough for paid labor, so they sent me to the local temple, where I would spend my time sweeping floors and cleaning the stained glass windows; general manual labor. One day, one of the temple's caretakers - people who care for the sick and injured who come to the temple for help - didn't show up. They asked me to fill in, applying herbal remedies and changing bandages, and it seemed I was a natural. Helping in the infirmary became a regular duty for me after that. I was happy, my family was grateful for the increase in wages, and everything was going well. Of course, good things can only last so long.

One night, me and my sister Sasha - a tiny little thing, she was only eight years old at the time - went out to play in the woods. I can hardly remember any of the details, except for those few moments...she had bet me that I couldn't find her if I gave her a thirty second head start, so I counted to thirty and went after her. After 5 minutes I was worried; after 15 I was frantic. I heard nothing; not even the birds in the trees. Only my own heartbeat, getting faster and faster.

I finally found her after an hour.

Sasha's tiny body was pinned to a tree, her skin shredded. The only reason I knew it was her was the bracelet I had given her. I rushed to her body to pull her down, but when I got there, I realized there were dozens of skeletons surrounding the tree. If I hadn't just come from the temple, and still had my holy symbols on me, I doubt I would have made it out alive. As it was, I had to leave Sasha's body there for those...those BEASTS to defile! You can see the permanent mementos they were kind enough to leave on my face as I fled, and the scratches in the holy symbol I wear around my neck.

After that...well...I became a different man. I decided that the only way to right this wrong was to devote my life to studying the undead, finding their weaknesses, ways to not only defeat them, but destroy them, remove their blight from the earth! I learned all I could from the priests, and then came to your humble town, which fortunately isn't far, to learn what I could from the clergy here as well. you know. Now can you leave me in peace? I have some reading to do." *Stands, gathers his belongings and rushes out of the tavern*

Appearance: You see a young man hurrying out of the bar, as though trying to get away from someone. He doesn't really look familiar, which is odd; you know almost everyone in the town. He must be one of those city folks. At first glance all you see is a typical human male, a bit under six feet tall, maybe 20 years old; possibly less. He has very short hair, so short it almost looks shaven, and the color is hard to see; all you can tell is that it's dark. Then you see his face. There are thick scars running across it, in a mostly horizontal pattern, as though it was torn open by large claws. If you look even closer, you can see his eyes - brown, a dark brown, some would be tempted to call it black, but with silver flecks in them; which is a most unusual trait for a human to have. His eyes suddenly lock with yours, and you sense that he's seen things no man his age should have seen. Then he turns away, puts up his hood, and leaves in the direction of the inn. You make a mental shrug, decide it's none of your business, and walk off.

Personality: "No, I really DON'T want to talk about them. Can you please just tell me how much it'll cost to spend the night? I'll stay in a fish storage as long as I'll be able to get some peace and quiet! (I hate having to be rude, but there's just no time for social niceties. Someday I'll come back and ask forgiveness. Maybe I should leave a little extra money for the room; it's not like anyone wants someone who looks as terrible as me around...)"

Weaknesses: *Pacing in his room, thinking how to go about his self-imposed quest* "I am not very agile, nor very strong. All the time spent reading scrolls and poring over ancient texts has left my muscles in bad shape. It's a good thing I can take a lot of hits, or my journey would be almost impossible. Typically, I need to rely on my God's power to fight, simply because I don't have the ability myself. I also sometimes get carried away when fighting against the undead, as hatred overwhelms me."

Strengths: "But I will never give up my fight. The image of Sasha's corpse is burned into my mind; I see it every time I close my eyes. It's a reminder of what has to be done, and why I have to be the one to do it. I also tend to be somewhat more perceptive than others, but maybe it's just because I'm always looking over my shoulder."

OOC: As a player, I like combat and roleplaying more than anything else. Puzzles and things of that nature tend to get me a little confused, since I've never been very good at that kind of thing, but the satisfaction of solving them is undeniable. Overall, I'm fairly easy to please; as long as it's not like the "You find yourself in a clearing" experience I've had before (i.e. you solved the puzzle to get out of the clearing, you walk through a mysterious hallway, find yourself in a clearing.)

I have played D&D a couple times, always 3.5e tabletop, so if the rules are similar it shouldn't be that hard for me. This would be my first online PbP campaign. I looked at the cleric on the online SRD for Pathfinder, and I'm actually really excited about the change from Turning to Channeling Energy, since it can function as a mass healing ability, which is something that I've always wanted at the low levels. For your own reference, the domains I am planning on using are Sun and Glory and my traits will be Hunter's Blood and Caretaker, if that's acceptable. As a parting note, much like my character, I won't simply abandon a campaign; at least not without a VERY good reason and due notice. I hope I get the chance to build this story with you.

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Sakura Mistborn

Race: Half-Elf
Class: Sorcerer (Verdant) {Advanced Player Guide}
Alignment: CG (Not crazy, just a wildchild)

Backstory: About twenty years ago, an elven adventurer passed through town. Being very charisatic, even for that race, he managed to woo almost all of the elegable daughters, and some of the ineligable wives, into his bed. He stayed in town for a month, recuperating from a past adventure, but was forced to leave in a hurry as several of the local maidens got pregnant at the same time. The maidens, nicknamed Sylvens Harem for a good time afterwards, were given blessing to abort, something usually restricted, the older woman though were less lucky. Two of them were divorced, and Sakura's mother would have been one of them. A hefty woman, her husband suspected what she had done, but couldn't prove it. She managed to conceal her pregnancy till she reached term, and after a private birthing she abandoned teh child in the swamps.
The child did not die, however. Taken in by an elderly swamp drake, she was protected and fed through her childhood years, and taught the rudiments of survival in the wild.
Her years in teh wild weren't in vain though, as they awakened a long forgotten power in her elven side, the Verdent power of the plants. Her drake parent taught her some of how to use her gifts, her many years having taught her a great deal.
Eventually though, the elderly drake passed away, and without her protection the swamp has become a very scary and dangerous place. Following her former guardians advice, she is heading in to find the others of her kind, the humans and elves of Threefrogs.

Appearance: Quite short, she makes up for it with almost shocking beuty, marred slightly by her fey looking strawlike blond hair, which is incurably messy and dredded. Her eyes, when you can see them through her mop of hair, are the startling green of fresh grass, and her skin is a well aged ivory. She tends to wear rags she has found in the swamps, but will happily wear anything else comfortable she can find. She wears no shoes at present, and will disdain them when she finds them. Why seperate yourself from the earth so unnaturally? She has a crude reed sling around her waist and tends to carry a stoud staff to defend herself.

Personality: Overwealmingly curious and quite warm when she feels safe, at the first sign of danger, or being trapped, she turns all claws. An incurable wild child, she is far more comfortable outside than in. She has never really encountered people before and is endlessly curious what they do. Having never encountered any prejudice against magic before she has no hesitation about using it freely, and will be very surprised when people disapprove.
What does your character do well at? Poorly at? Very good at surviving by herself, and self defense. Terrible at diplomacy and tact due to having met zero humans before. She is also petrified of fire, and is completely unwilling to cast such spells, and stays well clear of it even contained in firepits.

What do you, as a player, like and dislike in roleplaying games? I love seeming 'powerful' compared to others, and the dynamic that creates among the 'weaker' populous. I dislike long pointless fight scenes. I also dislike situations with no good course of action, or situations where everything we do simply makes us lose more and more.
"Live each day as if it were your last, 'cause I'm gonna kill you but I'm not super-good w/ schedules."
- Joss Whedon

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Name: Elana Mittlebridth

Race: Human

Classs: Paladin

Alignment: Lawful Good

Background: Elana spent the first twelve years of her life as an orphan on the streets. She survived by digging scraps of food out from the piles of garbage in the backalleys of Devonsport. While the other orphans resorted to more devious forms of surviving, such as pick-pocketing and other forms of petty theft, she resorted to her scavenging as well as doing menial tasks for people, especially the church.

At night, she was often the target of ridicule, which she took passively. However, whenever she noticed the orphans picking on other children, especially those younger or smaller than her, she was quick to defend them.

One day, she was noticed by General Gallius Nevrind, a fine and upstanding paladin, brilliant tactician, and lethal fighter, when he saw her returning a coin purse to an elderly woman. He felt she had an unnatural sense of right and wrong, especially given her circumstances. That's when he swept her up from the streets and took her in as his apprentice.

Gallius trained her and taught her everything he knew. He taught her battle tactics, the inner workings of politics, and, most importantly, proper combat techniques. He never had to teach her what was right or what was wrong. She already understood it, even in situations she had never been in.

One day, war broke out with a neighboring kingdom, and Gallius' troops were sent in to protect the border. he was aided by Verial Prestis, a young and upcoming elven commander. When battle final erupted along the border, however, Verial betrayed Gallius. As Gallius and Elana looked over the battle, an arrow soared through the arrow and struck Gallius in the throat. Blood gushed from his neck and stained his armor and soaked the ground around him. Elana looked about desperately for his assailant, and spotted Verial retracting his bow.

Just then, Verial's troops turned and fought against Gallius' troops, slaughtering every last one of them. Elana fled, fearing for her own life. She was seventeen at the time. Now, ten years later, she resided in Threefrogs, keeping watch over the citizens and helping them in anyway she can. Although she never sought revenge, as she felt that was not the paladin way, she often has difficulty trusting elves.

Appearance: Elana is comely, with shoulder length auburn hair and hazel eyes. her features are soft and her skin is fair. She is 5'6" and weighs 130 pounds. She is lean, but strong. She typically wears peasant's clothes, to remind her of her past. But she keeps a set of armor ready for when adventure calls.

Personality: Elana is quiet and reserved, but not afraid of voicing her opinion. As in the paladin way, she is quick to defend others and what she feels is right. She is generally easy to get along with, though she doesn't enjoy being manipulated or seeing others be manipulated. Due to the events surrounding Gallius and Verial, she has difficulty trusting elves, especially if she has to work with them, however, she does not hate or resent them.

What does your character do well at? Poorly at? Elana is an excellent fighter, however she excels in tactics. She is calm and calculating, and can form plans quickly. She has difficulty working with elves, but she is capable of getting over it. Her poorest quality is doing anything that even seems wrong, even if it is for the greater good.

What do you, as a player, like and dislike in roleplaying games? I, as an RPG fan, love a good story. It doesn't have to be amazing or totally original. It just has to keep me entertained. I don't exactly like lots of action. Fighting is fun, but if its all we do, I feel it becomes redundant and monotonous. I like to feel like I'm actually in a role, and actually have an impact on the story.

How much experience do you have with gaming? I've played RPGs for a long time, though I'm kind of new to D&D, and I've never played Pathfinder.
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