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Old Jul 23rd, 2014, 10:53 PM
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General Information

The Story So Far“The Bees started the war, with their dark machines and hearts of steel. The birds fought bravely, but they could not hold them back. The forest was under attack. The birds called their friends, the beasts with their dirty paws and the creatures of snow, to push back the flow.”

The lands of the bees are dark and covered in the corpses of once great trees, toppled and harvested for fuel to power their machines of war. Great stone monuments cover the land, homes for the cold drones. The appetite of the bees is insatiable, as they continue to spread, their “progress” across the forest.

The trees and the birds (Tengu, but with blue jays, woodpeckers and robins as their influence, rather than ravens) cried out for help. They searched out the beast with the dirty paws, Ratfolk, Catfolk and Kitsune answered the call. Even with their additional forces they were still no match for the bees. They all cried out again and an answer came from the creatures of snow, also known as the Undine (Snow based).

The Dragonflies served as envoys between the birds and the bees, trying to establish peace. During negotiation the dragonflies were captured by the bees, and have been hunted down by the black smoking machines, only a few remain.

The tree Ents have called a meeting of the leaders, there is only one course of action left to take. A small group must, cross the burning fields and pass the black machines and kill the queen and bring an end to the bees. You are one of the chosen.
The World
The world as you know it is a large valley surrounded by mountains and with a river and lakes dotting the valley floor. The Bees have taken the majority of the valley, starting on the east side and moving west.

The races once lived separate in large towns and in the forest surrounding them, but they now have begun to combine into more diverse towns as some of the towns were destroyed. The town of the Birds, Roost has fallen as well as Cat Town and Island of Dragonflies is little more than a ghost town.

As far as the timeline is concerned, the races don't really care about numbering the years, so something happened x number of years ago rather than in the year x.

15 years ago - The Bees appeared and the Queen founded the Hive.
10 years ago - The Bees began their conquest, spreading quickly out from the hive.
5 years ago - The Bees took the first town, Roost, home to the Birds
1 year ago - The Bees spread South and took Cat Town.
Current - The Bees are swarming near The Nest, home to the Ratfolk.

Bees are Half Constructs, so they "breed" quickly, reaching maturity in just 1 year.
The Opening SceneThe clearing was bustling with movement and the language of those gathered. The creak and slow groans of the Ents, the chatter of the Ratfolk, the sharp yips of the Kitsune, and the chirps and whistles of the Birds. The Ents formed a circle around the outer edge of the clearing while the others assembled in the center, facing Oaken Brownseed, a large and gnarled oak ent that served as the leader of the resistance.

In a booming voice in the language of the trees and stones, spoken by all, "Order!"

The assembly slowly came to order and the clearing was only filled with the sound of the wind rustling the leaves, "They have left us no choice, the Bees have spread their progress across the valley, and left only death and darkness in their path. They work mindlessly, following the orders of that corrupted leader that they call Queen.

We have all lost brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, and the end of the killing is not in sight. Their persistent march threatens all of us, towns have fallen and the Dragonflies have nearly been eradicated. We must take into our own hands, paws and wings, the future of our home lands.

We must kill the Queen!"

There is a roar from the crowd as the assembly cheers and softly at first, then building into a thunderous chant, "Kill the Queen! Kill the Queen! Kill the Queen!"
The Pantheon is only the Earth Mother and the Creator (more info to come, but they are about as you expect).
Kitsune do not have a human form, the Undine are the closest thing to humans and a Kitsune wouldn't have a reason to change into one. Instead they appear in a Hybrid Form.
Each race has it's own language and Bee is a selectable language for PCs. Common is the language of the Trees and Stones.
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