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Old Jul 5th, 2010, 04:48 PM
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Graveyard (Dropped Players)

Name: Thomas LaCroixe
Race: Human
Class: Bard
Alignment: Neutral Good

The LaCroxie are an old and respected family in the area of Threefrogs, unfortunately the same couldn't be said across the rest the world. They are a family of historians who would travel out in their 20s to explore the world and record their findings. When they are ready to settle down and being the history of the events they had witness and participated in.

Thomas turned out to be a quick study and quickly devoured the histories of his family, he always liked a good story and even more when he found out it was true, and long for the road. Several times in his teens years he attempted to sneak out only to be caught by his grandfather and dragged back to the family home. While he was not punished for his wanting of wandering, he was actually praised for it, he was told to wait till he was done with his lessons and then he would be let loose to explore the world. The day finally came on his 20th birthday when his parents and grandparents deemed him ready. Today was the first day in the rest of his life.

While he may have a charming personality Thomas isn't really all that handsome. His brown hair is relatively short and curls at the ends. His brown eyes rest in the middle of a rather bored looking face. He tends to wear brown over any other color, learning long ago it was the bets color to hide stains and thus didn't need to be washed as often. A brown pair of shoes covered his high socked feet.

Thomas is a highly intelligent youngster who loves to share his knowledge with others. He is a bit of a bookworm, taking most opportunities to scribble down some notes, but will keep up in the share of conversation. He loves stories, but living them not so much, he rather be an observer than participant, though will aid his allies if they are attacked. He has a good temperament but does have a few things that will set him off, destruction of books being the main.

What do you do well at? Poorly at?
A child of study Thomas is well versed a multitude of areas of expertise, his favorite being history & languages. He has a good head on him and has had luck in the past bartering down items or up-selling others. He is a musical genius but favors the violin.

Fighting tends to be a problem for poor Thomas as his body was never really built for it, and he tends to be rather poor at sneaking around.

What do you, as a player, like and dislike in roleplaying games?

I like the freedom of movement and dislike being railroaded or not given the ability to pursue different options.

How much experience do you have with gaming? Being playing for roughly 8 years now, and been playing PF for about a 1/2 year now and loving it.
From the ashes of a crappy year I return stronger and slightly crazier than before!

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Graveyard (Dropped Players)

Name: Alessandra
Age: 27
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Backstory: Alessandra was the child of an elven mother she barely remembers and a human father she once adored. Her parents met on her father's sole youthful adventure, and her mother left her as a child, unable to cope with the responsibility of having a child and being away from her family in Threefrogs (though she appeared physically older than Alessandra's father, she was in reality only 50 years of age and not very mature for an elf). Alessandra was raised by her father, who settled back into homelife easily, though he made a successful living as a tailor by re-creating the many fashions he had seen on his adventure and bringing some excitement to the village. Lately though, she and her father have drifted in their views. He trained Alessandra in rudimentary self-defense and basic swordsmanship, but has stopped his teaching, being unsettled by her increasing desire to get out and see the world. For now she works as a bartender at the local tavern, saving up her money for an adventure.

Appearance: Alessandra stands at about 5'7 barefoot, and has a medium build of 135 pounds. She has dark-grey eyes and blonde hair, both gifts from her elven mother. She has good posture due to her father's insistence on it, and holds herself with a slight air of confidence; at the very least, she looks like someone who doesn't take any ********.

Personality: Alessandra is aware of how both humans and elves mostly perceive her, and though she tries not to let the sadness of always being an alien race and never truly at home, it can sometimes make her already short-temper even shorter. Because of this isolation she tends to prize herself over other people, although someone who wins her trust and loyalty has it for life. She can appear brash and arrogant on first impression, but extended time with her reveals a girl still seeking her place in the world; she may put up a tough front, but she's a fairly gentle soul beneath that.

What do you do well at? Poorly at? I like to think I'm a pretty good fighter, but that's obvious, eh? Give me a sword and an enemy, then sit back and watch the show. Besides that; I can drink most people under the table and when I lose my temper, I'm pretty scary. Some people may not think that's a plus. I do. And I make friends easy. Most of the time. Sometimes. Look, I make friends with people I like, good enough? Better be. Weaknesses? Well, I'll admit I'm not the best at persuasion and diplomacy, and put me anywhere near an elaborate ceremony and get a disaster. Plus I'm scared of dire rats, but tell anyone and you'll have been dead yesterday.


What do you, as a player, like and dislike in roleplaying games? I like GMs with vision and control, friendly players, and to have fun. I don't like whiners, quitters and godmodders.

How much experience do you have with gaming? I've played about four Pathfinder games before, all online except for one. But all my knowledge comes from, not the official rule book.

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Kinnon Lauzer

Class: Monk
Alignment: LG
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 21

Physical Description
Height: 6'1
Weight: 195 lbs.
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Light Brown
Kinnon is not quite the monk physique; in the sense that he is rather bulky in appearance rather than lithe, which would be more typical from those from his order. His particular order also allowed hair growth, unlike most would assume all monasteries would enforce and he has long dark brown hair reaching down to about his shoulder blades. His eyes are reflective and pure in outlook, his body is also carved in pure muscle; not overflowing with it mind you but in definition, you can see every ripple when he isn't donning his honest outwear. But there is a look of genuine sincerity in his appearance, despite his size and look.

Kinnon, like most of those from the monastery in Devonsport, was adopted at an early age from an orphanage in early childhood; the belief to get them while their young and malleable was best understood by his teachers. He spent his whole life in the monastery learning the ways of his order he was entered into; the ways of being calm, suppressed, yet free and released from the inner workings of the mind. As a child he was the most successful student, able to recite their codes of conduct, laws, rules, and marital prowess with ease and was one of the earliest in his age group to ascend to the next rank of Monk-hood by the time he was in his early teens.

However, as the years went on by Kinnon found it to be harder to tolerate those of his fellow brothers actions were against the teachings they have been taught for so long and began to build hate and prejudice in his heart, as well as shying away from socializing from others for his trust being tarnished even by a sole few of his teachers indulging in the same sins as his brothers. He confronted the teachers and students alike but to no avail as they said he does not yet understand why they would be allowed this since it was against everything he learned up to this point in his life.

After many years of trying to repress these feelings of insignificance to enlightenment, being a grown adult now, he sought after the highest authority in the monastery, the elder priest. He spoke with him for quite some time, asking how those higher and equal to him are not disciplined in their use of vices against their teachings. The priest however, saw the real reason behind his worries and was not willing to do as he asked; instead he put Kinnon into a pilgrimage to see the world in all it's glories and sins to understand why one must seek to understand all forms of beliefs be it good, neural, or evil as long as it was just in his eyes. Kinnon was surprised as well as hurt by his father's order but knew that the elder was the wisest of the lot and went on his journey for enlightenment. And his first stop was the small town of Threefrogs, a dainty town of no real significance but no one must be overlooked for even the lowliest of peasant may be wiser than the highest vizier.

Personality Description
Kinnon is what your typical Monk would act like; kind, gentle, caring for the life of others in a self-less way and trying hard to teach and learn wisdom from others. He is also loyal to those who earn his trust in either by deed or attitude, though it is just as easy to get on his bad side if you are not of similar likeliness in mind. He is a zealot, though not to an outlandish extreme but more than enough to be scolded for his short temper and staggering ways in the thought of Law and Good as the highest path of enlightenment an none other. He is also not the greatest speaker, for he is more critical than discriminating and straight to the point without the eloquence of words to be a good negotiator lest it be a discussion of Law, Religion, and Good.

Character/Player Information
What does your character do well at?
Kinnon is quite good in close quarters-combat, though that would be a given since him being a Monk and all. He understands nature more than he does people as well, being taught that all life has meaning and a purpose. He is also quite skilled in his hobbies which consist of the following; Painting, playing the Mandolin, and being a Herbalist. His reserved and kind nature helped him nurture patience with these fine arts, which have proven to be good assets in his travels.

What does your character do poorly at?:
However, he being a zealot in his endeavors do not grant him much favor in the ways of negotiation in any spectrum; his temperament for those of other ideas on Law or Good are either quite short or in disfavor with him. One of the reasons he was sent out on his pilgrimage of enlightenment; to seek wisdom in the things that his masters couldn't teach him, undersatnding.

What do you, as a player, like and dislike in roleplaying games?
I really like in-depth story lines; the kind that you can't predict from beginning to end even. Also, challenging or even hard games I enjoy in either Role-Playing my character to a 'T' or hard adventures that take time and effort to accomplish. I dislike too much randomness in a game amongst players; in the sense of either not staying in character or being too off topic to get the story off the ground and running. I am usually up for any kind of game, though one without a good footing in a plot or just not well-understood I may be hesitant to try and put effort into something I don't think is worth it(though, your game is an obvious exception since I am, indeed, applying to it. )
How much experience do you have with gaming?
Been playing D&D from 2005 onward, and have been playing PbP on this site since early January of 2009.
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Amanes the Seeker
Name: Amanes Lundin
Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Alignment: Lawful Good

In my younger years, when I was just a babe myself, I played mother to my younger sister, Runae. Our parents were busy with the dye shop they owned.. Always their fingers were dyed, and dry, and our clothes were always lovely. I would take the then-toddler Runae down to a grove – our grove – and we'd spend all day there. I would do little magic tricks for her, and she would gasp and giggle at all the right times; she was a delightful audience. As we grew older, it became evident that Runae wasn't normal. My family tried to hide this, fearing that people would label Runae as a changeling, or maybe even one possessed by demons. Runae would have horrible fits at times, and scream that there were evil beings near here. I don't know what she saw that plagued her. I wished that I could shield her away from the horrors she imagined in her own mind, but the most I could do was shield her from the scrutiny of those around us.

When I was eight years old my parents decided to send me to Devonsport for schooling. I had exhibited enough magical ability to catch their eyes, and they were thrilled. I was torn between being heart-broken and excited. I couldn't imagine leaving Runae behind now that my chance had arrived. Who would watch over her constantly if not me? What if she had a fit in public and I was not there to pull her away to somewhere more private? Yet, studying at the nearby Wizarding Academy was something I'd often wished for, and I begged my parents on many occasions to let me attend. Now that my chance had come, I hesitated. After my parents had convinced me that they would let no harm fall upon Runae, (which was a difficult and exhausting task on their part, I believe,) I relented to my desire.

School was all I imagined. I loved the grand library most, and would spend my free time poring over old volumes of lore and history. I quickly became close with another student, Kataen, and he went on to become my childhood friend and sweetheart. How often did we have those talks about our dreams and goals of acquiring more knowledge? It felt as if he was me, and I were him; I know no other way of explaining this. Our mentor was one of our teacher's, Uthruil, an elderly elf who took a keen interest in both Kataen and I. We received his special attention, and benefited well from his scholarly ways. Yet by the time we reached adulthood things were different. The change happened so slowly it was hard to believe it had happened truly and it was impossible to place where it had begun on the time-line in my mind. Over the years, Kataen had become more and more interested in dark magic, a breed of magic looked down upon - necromancy. When I'd confront him, and ask about changes in his personality or ambitions he'd become angry. It was no longer a thirst for knowledge; I saw him as one thirsting for power. I expressed my concern to our mentor, Uthruil, and Kataen and him got into a bitter argument, which resulted in Kataen leaving the school.

Not too long after Kataen left, Uthruil passed away from mysterious circumstances. The situation was never looked into; the local government seemed to believe if a wizard had died it was likely his own fault for dabbling with magic. After another year at school, (which felt considerably cold without Kataen and Uthruil), I've returned home, my training as complete as it would be from that school. Yet now home seems too quiet. With all that I've learned in school, how is it possible for me to remain here forever, helping my parents create dyes? I have my old job of watching Runae, but I am embarrassed to admit I wish I wasn't tied here, as awful and selfish as that is. With all I have learned, there has come the need to learn more, and see more.
“I am determined, to a point people think me stubborn. I'm not stubborn, I realize what I want and how to go about getting it. I'm happiest when learning, or reading from some old dusty tome. I'm a wizard-in-training, finished with school and ready to take on the world, but not quite knowledgeable enough to brag just yet.”
“Though my mind is sharp, I pay for this in my lack of physical strength. My body is frail, and I am weak. After casting much magic, I am physically exhausted. I'm not made to run from or towards enemies, or climb rocks. Sometimes I have difficulty taking advice from others, both because I like to solve problems myself, and I trust my own thoughts better."
Physical Description
Amanes stands little over five feet tall, and has a frail, narrow build, which appears to be both underdeveloped and underweight. She wears a warm robe, dyed richly green by her own parents, of a soft cloth material. A bright yellow belt is wrapped tightly around her waist. Her soft shoes, and long cloak are both of the same color as her robe. Her brown-umber hair is allowed to be free, and falls down to her chest. Amanes' dark eyes have a slight almond shape, and her face is a thin oval.
Amanes may come across as rash, although she is very much deliberate and steady in her actions. She is cautious and vigilant, but has enough confidence in herself to take openings when she sees them. Amanes tends to be stubborn and narrow-minded – she is caught up in traditional and orthodox ways. Although Amanes is always willing to be an empathic listener, she is not quick to disclose personal information about her own life, preferring to be evasive towards questions asked, and she likes to be left alone to her own thoughts.

Amanes is a great student, but possibly too much so. Of course I praise her for her diligence, but I worry she does not have enough time focusing on other aspects. For instance, I believe she is completely unaware of her friend, Young Kataen's feelings. How many times have I seen him watching her as she is reading some book? Completely unaware! Mind you, this is only one example of many.
- From the journal of Uthruil
OoC Likes and Dislikes
I'm not altogether sure what my dislikes and likes are at this point – I'm quite new. I would enjoy opportunities for character development, rather than just hacking and slashing. I love to imagine plots in my mind between characters. Maybe my ideal DM is one who looks into character's backstories as well, and comes up with plots related to their pasts.

In regards to D&D I am new. Both of my parent's were gamers, so I was raised on games. My parents played D&D, and I've always wanted to learn how to play as well, I've just never had the opportunity before finding this site. Since I am new, there is a lot (everything?) that I don't know still, but if you're willing to teach me I'll be an eager student.

"Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement. For even the very wise cannot see all ends."
- Tolkien
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Name: Mardigan "The Mongrel"
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Fighter
Alignment: neurtral
Backstory: Mardigan, The Mongrel as locals call him Had relocated to Threefrogs with his father shortly after his mothers disappearance while he was at a young age. Although not much about his mother and of her disappearance is known to him, His father seemed to know a fair deal but refused to speak much of her even when on his death bed.

Mardigans Father had taught him the basics of fighting as it was felt his Half Breeding would surely get him into situations, and Has, a lot more then anticipated. But was really all his father did for him as he was a drunkard and not around much for Mardigan's up bringing, while Mardigan was left to generally fend for himself in the town of Threefrogs, In which his nickname was made.

Through out the years in Threefrogs, Mardigan generally acquired odd jobs here and there, Generally some kind of Guard or Watchmen duty for the local trade community, but has never really been accepted by the community due to unknown reasons. Although many know him and tolerate him. They have affectionately dubbed him the town mongrel. A name he will never be able to wash off.

With the murder of the stranger, Mardigan is compelled to assist in finding out the details in hopes for a more social acceptance in the community, and the riddance of "The Mongrel" nickname.

Appearance: Mardigan is not a clean person in general but is far from disgusting, his hair is lengthening and is generally in a tattered form of a pony tail, his face is almost always showing the growth of a few days. unless he happens to find a local wench to pamper him after payday. his height and weight is average to that of most of the locals so he tends to blend in rather well to the local area.

Personality: Generally he is a good natured person but is quick to temper upon subjects relating to his parents. (mostly for teasing he endured as a child because of the lack of knowledge of his maternal mother and the ridicule of his drunken father.), Although he has grown tolerant to the towns nickname for him, he despises it deep within.

What does your character do well at? Poorly at? Generally his duties involved light Guard Duties around different areas in the local community. although not stupid, is far from a genius. Mardigan has kept a quiet eye on the development if his town. and enjoys watching new structures as they rise along the sprouting seaside.
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Mardigan: Swamp Queen's Gambit
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