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Old Nov 28th, 2011, 11:59 AM
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Character Sheets

Please post your character sheets here, along with any item wishlists you'd like to draw up.
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Old Dec 8th, 2011, 10:35 PM
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Character Name: Rashele D'Avion

Race: Half-Elf

Class: Cunning Bard/Rogue

Level: 1

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good




Getting over the flu and busy with university work--sorry for the slow posting as of late!
All of civilisation waits unknowing on the shore, blissfully ignorant of what the Savage Tide is about to bring in...

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Old Dec 9th, 2011, 08:59 AM
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Race / Class: Kobold / Battlemind (MC Bard)

Appearance: A stout little lizardling, broad for his race, but as lean as ever. He comes clad in thick hides, with a grimmace set on his face that suggests a determination not typically found in his people. Or anywhere near them, really. His scaled face has a few missing, suggesting either a molt or some sort of hardship. Since no one knows that much about kobolds, it's anyone's guess. His armor and weapons are all emblazoned with a shield with a stylized fang within it.

Personality: Fang is determined, hyperfocused (in the ADHD meaning of the phrase), and deadset on his goals. He will do anything to get his name and personally-designed crest out there, recognized, and remembered. He wishes to become someone *important*, and doesn't care that he's a kobold in a warm-blooded world. He writes his own ballads, and seeks to have them published.

Background: Fang was just another kobold, sitting in just another warren, being assaulted by just another band of heroes trying to eliminate the "kobold threat". He was bored by the whole thing, and wondering why the heck his people lived like this. They were constantly beset, and all they ever did to earn the perpetual slaughter was what, raid a few caravans? It seemed so... barely heroic.

He decided to change all that. He didn't want to be a nobody, a random "kobold warrior" that some shmo with a chip on his shoulder because his village was wiped out in a daring raid by Lord Horrible and his last-of-the-line-of-kings elven companion beat on because they wanted to try out their new magic toys before taking on a "real" challenge. He was going to take the fight to the rest of the world, and make a name of himself in the process.

It was about when he made this decision that he discovered his odd set of abilities, channeling his own focus and determination to make what he wanted, happen. He struck out from his warren on his own, managed to secure passage on a ship without getting himself gutted by any mistrusting town guards, and has arrived in Raven's Rock to make the (new) name Fang one that every person in the city knows.

RP Sample:
"To be clear, ah, what is it you're looking for again?" The clerk glanced down at the scaled petitioner, a bushy eyebrow arched steeper than a northerner's roof.

"Do I really need to explain this again? This symbol. I want it in your leaflet. With this text." Fang stretched up on his tip-toes, pointing a taloned finger at his advertisement on the counter. His crested eyeridges barely poked over the edge of the oak.

"Ah, yes. 'Fang's Company, ready-to-hire, trained bodyguards.'" The dusty-palored human held the sheet at arm's length, adjusting his glasses to interpret the crude scratchings. "Is that a hand, or something?"

"A fang! A Bahamut-damned FANG! And don't forget the last part." He jumped, catching his armpit on the counter to point at the very bottom of the sheet. "'The BEST bodyguards money can buy!'"

The human stroked at his mustache that matched his eyebrows, staring in disbelief at Fang. "Well, I suppose we don't really care what we print, as long as you pay. By the by, you DO have the money for this, right? I can't run a tab with a first-time printing."

Fang stared back, furrowing his eyeridge in disdain. "Look, I need to get hired to make money. I need the ad to get hired. You saying I need money to get the ad?"

The clerk got an extra shade paler, before clearing his throat and looking to the guard at the door with wide, beseaching eyes. Fang could see this was not going to end in his favor.

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Old Dec 9th, 2011, 11:00 AM
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Character Name: Mai-lana
Race / Class: Windsoul Genasi / Psion (telekenetic build)
Appearance: Mai-lana is young, pretty, and demure. She is physically weak for a Genasi - small and skinny, skinny, skinny.

Character sheet here.

Personality: Unlike most Genasi, Mai-lana lacks self confidence. She is naturally demure, shy, and humble. She does not think of herself as a hero or even an adventurer. Her heart is filled with compassion and kindness, however, leading her to want to help others when possible.

Background: Mai-lana grew up in a Genasi community of a larger Dwarven settlement, nestled in a large valley in the northern mountains. The Dwarves tended to their own business and shunned outsiders but realized the value of trade and used the Genasi as intermediaries in relating to the outside world. Her parents owned an operated a prosperous trading company, and held a position of high regard amongst their peers. It was only natural that in time rivals would grow resentful and envious of their success. One of merchant houses, House Rodlinen came up with a devious plan to hit them where it would really hurt. Since they could not compete with them in business, they decided that to ruin them that they would strike where it would hurt them personally.

Their youngest daughter was cute, demure, and utterly precious to them - despite not showing much ambition or promise in helping with the family business. So, the merchant house hired some less-than-savory mercenaries named ironically The Radiant Sword to kidnap Mai-lana. They took her away from her home, to a hide-out in a small coastal community. Her parents and most of the rest of the family spared no expense and effort in trying to find and retrieve their daughter - which is exactly what House Rodlinen wanted. In the family's absense, they and some of their allied houses craftily usurped their position.

Meanwhile, Mai-lana's family finally tracked down their daughter and assaulted the mercenary stronghold in an attempt to rescue her. The attack failed and her parents were captured. The mercenaries then demanded a much higher ransom for the girl and her parents than the merchant house was capable of paying. They figured they were owned because of the losses they incurred from the Genasi attack. Their goal accomplished, House Rodlinen saw no reason to pay the ransom. In an effort to gain some kind of monetary compensation from their prisoners, the mercenaries sold the Genasi, including Mai-lana, into slavery.

Mai-lana arrives in Raven's Rock as a slave to a ship's captain. She has been sold and resold a few times - her value growing as she has come of age. She has clung to faith as her only source of consolation and peace, given the indiginity of her existence. Captain Jon-Drew (Human) is, of course, no fool and knows that he needed to keep a close eye on her and her developing psionic power. However, Mai-lana's submissive nature and lack of ambition allay most of his fears. Secretly, Mai-lana wishes to be free... She also hopes to eventually find whoever survives of her family.

Item Wishlist:
Orb of Nimble Thought +1 (Lvl 3, PH3, p. 207)
Cloth armor of necrotic resistance +1 (Lvl 2, AV, p. 41)
Collar of Recovery +1 (Lvl 4, AV, p. 151)
Barbed Baldric (Lvl 5, AV, p. 164)
Obsidian Steed (Lvl 5, AV, P. 182)

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Old Dec 9th, 2011, 05:31 PM
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Garr character sheet

Hopefully that link works. That's roughly what I had in mind for Garr, but of course I'm willing to make changes to work more in tune/have more interesting party dynamic. In particular I'm curious to see what Larrent's got in mind for Maivern.
For my starting lvl 2 magic item I went with a vicious dagger for that extra oomph. Also goes well with the fact that gnolls are built for charging. And for my theme I went with outlaw, because that's super obvious. Now Garr's got 2 encounter powers that daze.
I'll come up with my magic item wishlist in a little while, and I'll also transfer the character info to one of DDOG's own character sheets.


Character Name: Garr
Race / Class: Gnoll rogue



Roleplay Sample:

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Old Dec 9th, 2011, 06:26 PM
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Philbin of Brackenberry

Race / Class: Halfling Harrier Battlemind.
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good




Magic item wishlist to come.

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Old Dec 11th, 2011, 09:31 PM
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Maivern Seven Toes Klossinger Character Sheet

Character Name: Maivern "Seven Toes" Klossinger (Male)

Race / Class: Dwarf / Rogue

Appearance: Typically dwarven body - short, stocky, and burly. Smoky dark black hair, and a peachy skinned complexion. A plethora of scars litter his face, which date the dwarf's years well beyond his current youth - though the dwarf will never share his exact age.

Personality: A rough and gruff demeanor mask a quiet soul that is tormented by both shame and guilt. Though Maivern means good, misfortune and circumstance has left him with the mindset that the ends always justify the means. But his actions are never this blunt - experience has taught Maivern this on more than one occasion and he has leart it best to hide one's true motives. Maivern, appropriately finds it difficult to trust people - but is still always welcome to a good laugh and a good ale, and would prefer to be with others than to be alone.

Background: Even the gentlest of men can harbor the darkest of secrets. Maivern knows this well. Moreso, he knows it foolish to place loyalty into the company of other men, even dwarves, and even family. As the sixth born of a large dwarven family, Maivern thought his destiny would be like most of the family before him - hours of mining, endless toil and sweat - but it all seemed peaceful and right in the young dwarf's eyes. As a young laborer, he was prone to mischief and would often escape his work duties in the mine's to enjoy the finer pleasantries in life - comradery, ale, and dwarven women. Among his family, he was often ridiculed as having "seven toes" due to his unusually large feet. Maivern enjoyed it though - large feet allowed him to step softly, ideal for sneaking out of the mine.

Unfortunate for Maivern, he lived at a dark time in his family's history. Born among his siblings was a treacherous brother - one whom he, and all others, once loved. This brother would come to end his family's lineage, as he quite literally traded their lives for financial gain. The exact events that had transpired may never be known to the outside world - Maivern, to his knowledge is one of the last remaining Klossinger's and has deeply repressed his family's dire past. Maivern to this day is still haunted by vivid nightmares of the last days among his family. The incident is the cause for much of the dwarf's current demeanor. Maivern began to favor the life of a an "adventurer", as there was no true honor or reward to being a hard working honest laborer.

Seeking to escape it all, Maivern sought a new environment in life. The mines and the country would no longer do... they reminded him of his past. The large cities of men seemed appealing - there would be much action, much excitement... and many opportunities both legal or otherwise. After acquiring enough wealth to comfortably travel, Maivern sought out the nearest port for passage to Raven's Rock. Though he had never been there, the tails he heard indicated that the town was sizable, and robust with activity. Surely it would employ and entertain the dwarf enough to make the nightmares stop.

Magic Item Wishlist:To Come

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