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Old Dec 13th, 2013, 09:19 PM
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Please post your applications (and nothing else) here.
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Old Dec 13th, 2013, 09:26 PM
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Character Concept: Dan and Gan, a highly unorthodox Summoner-Eidolon pair, with a combat style anti-typical from a usual summoner, and a Eidolon that tends to be the dominant one in conversation over the Summoner.

"I'm cold, I'm forced into fights with foes I don't even know, with powers I don't even understand, and with hands that move in ways I didn't know were possible. Just...Damn it, when am I getting an answer?"
Name: Dan Artwaltz
Race: Human
Class: Summoner (Persistent Eidolon archetype) "They call me a 'summoner.' I don't even know what the hell one of those are."
Alignment: True Neutral "Just leave me out of it."
Personality: "...What?"
Dan tends to be a very quiet individual. A rather self-centered one at that - not out of greed or malice, but because he'd rather not choose a side. He doesn't even know the first thing about himself, after-all - how can he go around picking a side? Whenever you can get a word or two out of him, usually at least a hundred and fifty percent of it is sarcasm. Due to this, and the incessant nagging that his Eidolon provides, he tends to allow her to decide their affairs for him - the Dullahan serving as something of a morality pet. In addition, perhaps in acknowledgement of how bitter he can sound, he usually allows his Eidolon to voice his thoughts for him, speaking up only when he feels it is truly important for him to do so. Or when someone directly bugs him.

Description:"What, do I look like a freak? Stop staring."

The first thing that one notices about Dan, before they even look at him, is the unnatural stench that comes with him. Beyond simply the smell of the unclean (he insists that he constantly bathes), it is a deathly stench, a scent of decay and death that follows him anywhere he goes. While subdued and easy to tolerate, it is none-the-less rather off-putting.

Next, one notices his height. Though he's not particularly tall to begin with (only five foot exactly), his rather awful posture leads one to see him as even shorter then he truly is. Not that's hard to guess - the human usually stays rather still, and never seems to be in a hurry of any sort to be moving unless it's important. Then, the unkempt nature of his blue hair. Clearly, not a person who's primary concern is his appearance.

Finally, when looking at his pale, rather slim body, one will notice quite a few nasty looking scars running over his chest and back, an especially large one prominent upon near the center of both - straight over the heart.

Background (as far as he can remember):

Theme Song: Muse - Unnatural Selection
Build Plan: Critical Hit! A very anti-typical Summoner build, the plan is to use teamwork feats, utilizing Twin Eidolon, Broken Wing Gambit, Improved Critical, Attack of Opportunity, and Paired Opportunists for a whirling self-buffing dervish duo of death that spams Attacks of Opportunity. Outside of combat, utilize Eidolon's perception, talking skills, and UMD to BS out solutions to problems. Also use Summons as convenient meat shields/trap detectors.

Pros: Enormous single target burst, high levels of battle field control (summons, walls, maze, black tentacles etc you get the idea.), fairly tanky, absurd perception, unorthodox build (enemies won't expect it!), buffs.
Cons: Incredibly lacking AoE options, relatively limited resources (though not quite as bad as the regular summoner), not quite as good once Twin Eidolon runs out of time for the day, forced to rely on Summon Monster spells, awful mobility options.

The build in a video.

Eidolon info:
Gan Ceann "Err...I can't actually remember it. Let's just go with Gan Ceann, alright?"
Race: Dullahan "Hahaha, check out what I can do with my head!"
Class: Eidolon
Alignment: Neutral Good "C'mon Dan! We can't just leave em' there!"
Personality: "I might be a Dullahan, but I'm certainly not a Dull-a-han. Ey? Eeeyyyy?"
Being something of a light-hearted spirit, Gan (Or Ceann as she prefers to go by) tries to live life with a open heart, doing as much good as she can. Sure,there's the little issue that her appearance has a tendency to horrify, and people tend to call her a 'monster', but she can look past that! Just gotta be tolerant of how other people feel! In contrast to Dan, Ceann seems pretty much incapable of keeping her mouth, a bubbly blather-box who always has a thing to say, relevant or not.
Description: A rather tall Dullahan, Ceann has what one can only describe as an 'imposing figure.' Not due to her figure itself, but more so due to a nearly supernatural presence. Rather hard to explain, but whatever the reason, she certainly has more of a presence then looks alone would suggest. With red hair and eyes, and a fairly stand-out outfit (complete with a mantle with a raised collar to hide her -lack of- neck), the Dullahan would be rather easy to see, even in a crowd, if it were not for the fact that she seems to blend into the shadows. It's a rather ethereal, spooky quality - fitting for a Dullahan.


Background: "Err...I can't remember a single thing, other then that guy, Dan, is my master. Oh, and I'm loyal to him for some reason. And we know all these flashy cool combo moves! But other then that, not a thing's in the noggin. Feels like there's lots of important stuff i'm forgetting, but nothing comes to mind, sorry!"
Theme Song: No More Kings - Michael (Jump In)

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Name: Gagik (the Terrorbringer)
Race: Blue (but a green blueIf you're absolutely against this, it's easy enough to write around. Just let me know.*)
Class: Cryptic

Gagik was born to an unusually vicious, cunning, and well-organized goblin tribe; the tribe's name for itself in the goblin tongue translated to Terrorbringer, and it lived up to its name. The tribe, while only about 100 strong, managed to make a fairly comfortable living raiding neighboring civilizations, then retreating to the wilderness before anyone could retailate. As the first grandson of the chieftain, Gagik's birth was celebrated by his tribe for the entire second it took to realize the baby's skin was an odd shade of blue and they had been duped. The chieftain's daughter hadn't been widowed; she (along with everyone else) had been tricked by one of those wretched blue goblins, who had definitelyprobably faked his own death before moving along to the next tribe. Debate raged on how best to kill baby Gagik, when a wise old goblin crone, the tribe's shaman, spoke up. "If the boy is allowed to develop on his own, he could be a danger to us all. With the right steering and a bit of magic I think I can brew, he will instead become a valuable asset." It was thus agreed through an exceptional bit of goblin cunning that Gagik's life would be carefully planned and shaped to the tribe's advantage. The start of this was a nasty potion brewed by the goblin crone and poured Gagik's throat when he was a month old. It nearly killed the boy, and he spent a week vomiting, but the brew had its desired effect, as it turned Gagik's skin green – no quite goblin green, but close enough.

Young Gagik's upbringing was filled with messages designed to warp his mind and keep him from asserting any superiority over the tribe. His mother, his grandfather (the chieftain), and the shaman crone were always telling him things like "You'll never be the warrior the other goblins are, but you could be a scout," and "You'll always be good at stealth, and that's almost as important as what everybody else does." Gagik grew up believing what he was told. When he had a flash of brilliance, he dismissed it; surely if it had been a good thought one of the other goblins would have had it first. Gagik, being the naturally psionic being he actually was, made an outstanding scout, burglar, and trapsmith, and the parenting "techniques" of those near him made sure he was never anything more – that is until the day he was sent out for a few days to spy on a band of adventurers journeying through the wilderness lands the Terrorbringers considered their own. He returned to find his entire tribe slaughtered; an alliance of humans, elves, and gnomes had wiped out every last goblin, and the last of them was just leaving. Unsure of what to do, Gagik hid for a few days and then began to wander. Although he would eventually become an exceptionally powerful thief and psychic, his memories end about after the death of his tribe, just after he had left the area.

The Gagik who advanced to the top tier of If it wasn't already, this is a word now. Crypticism was cool, calm, and collected, able to solve most problems through clever combinations of stealth, inflicting massive amounts of pain on anyone who got in his way, and running away when it seemed the most expedient choice. He also had a fondness for young gnomes, usually with baked potatoes and plenty of butter, although he had learned very quickly not to let anyone see him partaking of (or catching, killing, or cooking) said young gnomes. It was thus that he developed a quirk about only eating when alone and otherwise choosing to exist on psionic energy.

The Gagik whose mind is only about a week removed from the slaughter of his tribe is a bit on the timid side. He has a fair bit of confidence in his abilities as a scout and thief, but much less confidence in himself or his ideas. Being psychologically warped into someone eager to please those who would wish to keep power over him, for all the damage it did, instilled in him one great boon to his survival: the willingness to try. Having seen over and over what the standard Terrorbringer punishment for failure was, Gagik always – thanks to his natural intellect – found a way to do what needed to be done. My tribe was slaughtered less than a week ago, and now I'm captured and helpless, but I must find a way to escape and to survive. And if I get the chance, I must have that gnome for dinner someday. When he put his hand in my mouth, mmm...

Gagik looks like a taller-than-average goblin, but for anyone familiar with goblinkind, it's apparent he's a little off. His skin is an odd green, and the shock of thick black hair on his head is definitely non-standard. Fortunately, the markings all over Gagik's body (face, torso, arms, legs – everywhere) – a seemingly unending mesh of lines and swirls that seem like maybe they make some sort of sense mixed with tattoos that don't look all that much different. His leathery goblin skin is rough, and were someone brave (or foolish) enough to rub his hands all over it, it is how they would best be able to distinguish between actual tattoos, which are a bit bumpier and the other markings on him, which are seamlessly integrated into his skin. Gagik is fairly clean and well dressed for a goblin (bathing and civilized clothes being habits he picked up during his now-forgotten adventuring years), although his hair remains perpetually untamed, and upon inspection one might notice old blood stains on the loose-fitting black outfit he wears. When he eats, he does so as a wild animal – quickly and messily – so he will occasionally reek of the blood of whatever unsuspecting thing he last caught and devoured. Gagik is, like many sneaky types, typically soft spoken, but when he gets angry or in an argument, his already rather high-pitched and nasal voice quickly becomes incredibly shrill. He has no idea how old he is and never has. (For gaming purposes, he's not quite middle-aged.)

Build Direction
"Um, I can steal things, and I can break things. I can also steal and break people, if you wanna be technical about it." The plan is to focus more on the stealth, transportation (disabling traps and locks, teleportation), and destructive aspects of the cryptic class rather than put too much into the trapmaking stuff. I have the character build completely plotted out on paper and am taking a few of the trapsmithing aspects of the class (that +20 class bonus to Craft: Traps is hard to ignore), but he's much more focused on the other aspects. The traps were mostly an easy way to catch tasty gnomes for dinner.
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AppName: Glenn

Race: Aasimar (Angelkin, Deathless Spirit, Heavenborn, Scion of Humanity variants)

Class: Paladin (Empyreal Knight, Shining Knight archetypes)


Battle cry: "Have at thee!" (Which will still come naturally to him, despite his amnesia)

Theme: For the knight he is
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Mira Frosthelm
"The cold harsh reality of the world is nothing compared to chill of my heart."
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Class: Eldritch Godling 20




Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is 100%

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left-aligned image
"The gods cry for us. They cry actual tears; Tears of laughter; Tears of mirth; Tears of indifference. If they don't care about me, why should I care about them?"

Name: Opherous of Lyrec (LĪ-rĕk)

Race: Human

Class: Clever Godling

Description: Opherous of Lyrec looks physically fit, but don’t let his muscles deceive you. His real strength lies in his intelligence. While he isn’t the most imposing of warriors, his tactics and quick thinking have gotten him out of more situations than he can remember (and now that he has amnesia, he doesn’t remember most of them). Like most Goatians, he has an olive completion, and and dark hair the runs in curls if not worn short.

Background: History is rife with the offspring of gods. Their deeds are seen as feats of strength. Their contributions are looked upon as great inventions or resounding theorems of discovery. Even occasionally the extremely beautiful are found useful to the mechanisms of the gods. Monsters are set in their path. Leagues of impassible terrain surround them. Even the gods themselves find sport in in their trials and tribulations. A Godling’s life is anything but dull. For Opherous, the greatest test to him was in finding out who his actual father was, and what lie ahead of him in his life.

A lot of different Goatian (gō-Ā-shĕn) and Lyren (LĪ-rĕn) stories talk of those born to the gods. They are tasked by the gods with some great trial. Even though some of these beings try to not do what the gods want of them they actually end up accomplishing what the gods want regardless of not wanting to do the gods will. Usually these quests end with the individuals being offered immortality, or godhood. The response is usually yes, with the occasional polite no.

Opherous was a Goatian (Greek) slave born in Lyrec (Rome), making him both slave and citizen by their laws. This is the reason that he was able to go from slave to legion leader. He was never one for the gods though. Spiteful of the lot they placed before him in life. Throughout the questing process he became more and more bitter against them.

Born to concubine mother, he was sold by one master to another. His slavery being a commodity, he found a suitable place assisting the different crafters his master had under his employ. With every story, there is a turning point, and for Opherous, it was invasion, and subsequently war. His first true master died, and his second became the army.

Opherous quickly rose in the ranks, finally being assigned to a legion command. The night before his transfer, he was given a vision. From the gods, the fates, or from the void, he didn't know from where, but it gave him something. What exactly it gave is where things get a bit blurry. He remembers seeing the Goatian gods… No Lyren… A mix of both? Everything after the vision is gone. He couldn’t even remember who the members of his legion where.

Build Idea: Intelligence and Dexterity based, with the leadership feat, but with no knowledge of who his cohort or followers are. Not only will he be trying to figure out what he knows how to do, but also what he has been doing these last few years. I'll probably try to take some of the shield bashing feats.

RP Sample: Ophereus looked at the items in front of him. The creature said to select one. One item he would use to make his mark on the world for all eternity. Select correctly and the creature would let him. ’Why where these sphinxes always so melodramatic?!’

There were all manner of items in front of him. Swords and spathas, nets and spears, toys and cookware. But one item stood out to Ophereus. He picked it up, and looked at it, turning it around. Then he looked to the Sphinx. ”This. It makes words eternal. It makes thoughts eternal. It makes me eternal.” The Sphinx sat back down, and closed its eyes, now asleep. Awaiting its next victim.

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left-aligned image
Name: "I don't believe we've met. You are?"
Race: "Goodness. Never realized *chomp* teeth could be so *gnash* sharp."
Class: "I just used the wall as an assistant! I didn't expect it to be so flimsy!
Prior Bio: 'Let the record show that Verin Devonmoor is present as court recorder, like every other day.'
Verin, by all accounts, was a man who did not amount to much. He was friendly, generally sophisticated, and knowledgeable about the world around him, but he lacked that sort of... passion that most do-gooders wore in their adventures. This is probably why he never took up the craft at all! He was content to let his magical talents waste on levitating the kettle to the stove, or lighting a few rooms at night. At work, the elder human could be seen shuffling papers for the local courts; an important job, but not one that really spoke of greatness.

And yet, as with all of his kind, old age crept upon him. The wrinkles sagged a little harder, the womenfolk stopped glancing his way with looks other than obligation, and in general life seemed to have... missed its purpose. He knew, of course, that at one point he might have taken up the greater magical arts, and he had heard a tale or two of a wizard who defied the passage of time by sheer will and meticulous research, but really now. It was far too late to start such a pursuit, wasn't it?

Current Bio: 'Astoundingly sturdy. If you hadn't told me, I wouldn't have noticed the spine in my arm. It is a nice touch. The tolerance, not the spine. Whose is this, anyway? Do they want it back?'
By all accounts, Verin appears to have succeeded at his pipe dream, even if he doesn't actually remember doing any more than dreaming about it! She's a lot smaller now, and generally fluffy around the edges. Power is here, Unlimited Power! That's certainly new, and yet it doesn't seem to take any 'getting used to'. Very odd. The womenfolk certainly won't be staring with eyes of romance anytime soon, and she can't, for the life of her, imagine what prompted her to partake of this sort of body in particular, if she were to use it to defy her old age. Peculiar, is the word. And all of it seems rather... monstrous in parts, at least as far as the sharp things are concerned. Demonic? Oh goodness, is someone coming for her soul in exchange for this? That would be terrible awkward. Bureaucrats don't even have souls, or at least that was always the joke around the courthouse. Some demon would be miffed to be missing their quota on account of... young Verin.

General Premise: 'And... I'm supposed to punch them? In the face, you say. My goodness, that is very violent, can we not just talk this out?'
The joys of a polite, well-meaning bureaucrat behind the controls of a rambunctious, overly powerful melee fighter. She's very confused about this whole hero business, even if she likes it in practice. Oh goodness, did he just punch people through a wall? Woo! Wait... what if they file for damages? Uh oh. That wall looks expensive. Mage? Can we get a Stone Wall spell over here? A fabricate? Hmm... this doesn't bode well.
Either way, expect a far more reasoned approach to being a hero than a standard adventurer, even despite the madness that is bureaucratic expectations. She does things because they make sense, and when they don't... well, her head hurts, but at least she knows what to punch into reasonableness.

Class Build: 'Don't mind me! I'm just on a little power trip. Wheeeeeee!'
Keeping with the idea of someone setting out to make the Best Little Shell, she's a nigh unkillable monster. Constitution, Dexterity, and Intelligence as her Monster stats, using Mind Powers to punch people with odd mental bits of force(or just slap them from across the room). Time powers, general punching antics, and survivability all in a little flexible package. Low on the damage, but if she can survive longer than they can, who's to care?
EDIT: My brain is fight. Awkward MRIs don't help. Expect delays.
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left-aligned image

Name: Captain Laura Redmist
Race: Human
Class: Buccaneer 20

Theme Song (Pirate)
Theme Song (Early Life)

Description: Boasting short red hair and fair skin, Laura hides several scars under her clothing, including a sharkbite on her thigh and a bullet buried in between her first and second ribs, all of which she now as no memory of getting. As a pirate, she bears an interesting aroma, a mix of grog, pitch, blood, salt and sweat, even though she regularly wore perfume in her last memories. Her voice has a soft tone with a distinctive accent, but when she is angry it turns sharp and loud like thunder in a storm.

Background: Laura was born to a fairly well off family in a coastal city, and as such she spent much of her younger years on her families elaborately decked out sloop, the Rose Dawn. As she grew older, Laura grew a love of the sea and of ships, but this was tempered by the societal pressures of her families status, spending more and more time in her teen years going to balls and talking to potential suitors. It was her 15th birthday when her life took a turn. Going out with her family for a two day jaunt on the ocean, tragedy struck and the ship was caught in a storm, separating young Laura from her family.

Although she currently does not remember anything that happened after this event, the true story is one of many twists and turns that could keep a scribe busy for a lifetime. Saved after several days adrift by pirates, Laura was brought in as the captain's cabin-girl. Intent on surviving, she learned the tasks needed to work on a pirate ship and skipped around on several vessels, seeing her fair share of action and having to learn as she went. Through the years she worked her way up until finally, 10 years after her disappearance, Laura Redmist became captain of the Song of the Pearl, a sleek raiding schooner which proved the bane of many a trade fleet. After 5 long years commanding a fearsome crew, an unexpected hurricane blew caught the Song of the Pearl, sending Laura overboard, where she would later somehow find herself in this strange place, with no memory of the passing 15 years.

Mechanics: Taking Heart of the Sea and Eye for Talent alternative racial traits, Taking Leadership feat (with previous cohort and followers being first mate and crew respectively), Taking Sea-Souled and Charming traits.

Happened to break my ankle/leg, so posting rates may get a touch erratic over the next couple weeks.
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Who is he: Yes that's one of the sample names. If there is one thing I lack in RP stuff it's coming up with a name that doesn't sound stupid. Also I'm open to any suggestions you might have (I'm not exactly attached to the name).Baru, yes the DM is letting me do this in combo with paladinChaotic although he's very close to neutral right nowGood Male Tiefling (Div spawn); well more orangeRed hair, mouth full of fangs, something more akin to claws than finger/toe-nails, and an oddly well at first glance anyway. closer inspection reveals that it's slightly transparent and gives off a very fine, sparse iridescent powderpale and shiny skin.

What is he: A Vitalist (Life Leech) 3/Paladin (Hospitaler) 17Vitadin Oh and he's an archer. Basic idea is to "smite evil" the baddies while keeping the party up and running.


Why does he: Basically he's at a or rather thinks he's at that point in his's where he is from all his memories that he does havepoint in his life where he's trying to i.e. does he embrace it, shun it, something in-between?reconcile his fiendish heritage with his very human upbringing and a society that is very much against beings like him. He is very distrusting of others, and in particular those in places of authority. He views everything that happened to and others like himhim as generally being their fault for not having better laws/enforcing said laws better. He is also quick to come to the which you know sometimes requires a bit of offensedefense/aid of someone that or appears to be. it's also worth noting that he sees this kind of a lot. in any interaction between people there is generally someone in a "superior" position and someone in an "inferior" position and he's looking to make sure the "superior" doesn't "abuse" his place. it's kinda a fuzzy grey area...especially when he's the one in the "superior" being oppressed, usually without a lot of it's not that he's naive of the consequences, rather he cares very little for what might happen to him/the oppressorconcern for the repercussions. Generally, he values life and freedom, although he probably couldn't put those thoughts/feelings into good thing he's not writing this bio then eh?words.

Other stuff: Nothing really at the moment. My google fu is weak when it comes to finding pictures and there isn't anything else I can really think of at the moment.
Legend: All the cool kids do it. Why aren't you?

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Who is he: unless I think of a better oneZak, Chaotic Neutral Male Blue; Generally hairless, long-pointy ears/nose, short, blue-skin, goblin...

What is he: Egoist (Dual-Discipline: Shaper) 10/Psion Uncarnate 10. Incorporeal: check. Telekinesis: check. Invisible astral constructs: check. Stealthy: check(ish). Buffing himself, his construct(s), and the party into combat beasts (literally and figuratively): check. Egocentric, prankster personality: check.

When/Where did he: Zak grew up as a only mentioned because his race is changed.human street urchin in the big city. Most of his time was spent working for one of the underworld gangs. Gathering intel, picking pockets, generally getting into trouble with the law/shopkeepers/travelers/pretty much everyone. As he got older he started moving up so to speak. Getting more responsibility, doing dirtier jobs, making a name for himself on the streets (or so he thought). Also getting paid more money.

Then comes the day he gets offered a think a few hundred gplot of coin to go help out a friend of the boss. He figured it'd be a pretty sweet deal. All he had to do was take some stupid tests...

And that's basically the last thing he remembers.

Why does he: Generally it can be said that Zak didn't really enjoy the underworld life. Always being someone else's lackey. Work, work and more work. Never a chance for lots of fun. So now he wakes up with a body that is smaller, and bluer, and than he had before. Oh and he's incorporeal. And can freaking move things with his mind. Hijinks are sure to follow.

Quick note: he may be chaotic neutral but he's not chaotic stupid. Sure he might test the party's patience from time to time, but he won't intentionally put them into a or make a bad one worsebad situation. At least not if it has potential long-lasting consequences...

The rest: Nothing at the moment really.

Legend: All the cool kids do it. Why aren't you?

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Durral Sanctus
left-aligned image

Durral Sanctus
Or, "Dur the Tinkerer"
Race: Ratfolk
Gender: Male
Class: Mechanically, 20 levels of Witch. Read more details below.Hermit
Age: Around 35 in human years, or Middle Aged (if Mystic allows)21

The Catch: What is so dangerous that you would leave all your memories behind just to forget it?
Character DescriptionHis Looks: Eyes that shine with intelligence...

His Personality: An inventor with a loving heart and curious spirit...
Character Themes, Goals, and SecretsHis Goals: To remember what was so important that he chose to forget it...

Themes: What Durral doesn't know...
Character MechanicsParty Role: Hexes and Constructs...
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Name: Simon
Race: Vishkanya
Class: Ranger 10/Red Mantis Assassin 10

Prior Bio:The only things known of Simon is the legend of a man with spectacles and the eyes of a snake. Not many consider the legend of his introduction to you meaning imminent demise; being especially coercive often his targets were females of which he poisoned in order to prevent coups or kill spies for another kingdom. It wasn't common that people found the entry of each poison placed into his targets, and they never even considered his bludgeonings or stranglings remotely related. It bothered him not. Eventually he was sent to kill a silver dragon in human form, the likes of the gods mingling with inner city folk. That's the last hit he took before he resoundingly disappeared, most think for naught.

Current Bio:A human currently having no recollection of his colorful past, Simon lives on a farm working the fields for a woman with glowing silver locks and a radiant smile. Often he goes into town and enjoys a nice drink, returning to the often taxing need of assisting the lady once more. Chreiya understood quite well his need to kill, and would often have him do the butchering, and in kind would take out her anger towards his callous ways in form of verbal interrogation. It made for an interesting feud, but it often sent Simon back to the tavern not often asking or caring about why he got there, just glad to have a drink in hand.

The Bar: Simon strode into the bar his spectacles of revered legend rested on a desk at home now used for studying in his spare time to learn more about the anatomy of animals. His large cat remained walking along the hallways of the small hamlet he owned. Muttered with malcontents and stale stench of ale, he scurried to the bar. An man sat awaiting his untimely arrival. It had been a long night, and Chreiya had just lost her $*%@ about something as simple as an overly prepared chicken. "Why don't you take me on in darts? Let's see if you've still the technique of a master." to which Simon scoffs. He waves the bartender in turn receiving his usual: an old fashioned. Two more arrive in expectancy. Baring a smile he says,"You're on!"

The man stands aiming in full belief he'll hit his target, and FWOOSH, it clicks against the double 20. FWOOSH FWOOSH. One hits near the bull's eye and the other again double 20. The man looks callously towards him as if he's done what no other man could. "Let us see what you can do then huh farmboy?" scoffs the man in a painfully detectable accent. Simon's eyes spark as he hits the middle on each throw and puts back another drink. The bar is loud enough as it is making bets against them both. Eventually having been unable to accept defeat, the man makes a dive for Simon with a bottle. Quickly Simon directs the man to the floor. After being broken up Simon shrugs off the other guys and starts heading back to the house. Little did he know that his friend would follow. He could tell as he listened in the distance, footsteps taunting him; they caused paranoia. "Hey *******, come over here and fight me like a man goddammit. I lost it all because of you, **** you.",the man stumbled clearly in a drunken haze. He charges Simon, and quickly is answered with a butcher knife in his chest and himself planted on the floor. In a panic the removal of a butcher knife can be difficult, however this was resounded with care. Simon knew just what to do and drug the man next to a butcher's shop. Casing the joint and discovering its emptiness he retrieved the butcher's own knife and planted it into his chest with his hand soon after. Murder!? **** **** ****. This I keep to myself.

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