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Old Jul 22nd, 2015, 07:55 PM
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Random Stuff

To be used for random links.
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Old Jul 22nd, 2015, 07:55 PM
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Introduction, Name/Race/Class/Minor Exploits In QuatrainThe Ballad of Gareth Trikanaw, Aspiring Grand Bard

A Yes, Halfling Racehalfling was born in the village at dawn
His face bore a mark, the shape of a fawn
The parents in awe of the portent they saw
Gave him the name Gareth Trikanaw

Gareth’s evenings were spent in the square
Learning to talk like the Street Performer Archetypeperformers there
Bending the will with a well-crafted saying
He practiced at home and kept up his praying

The young Yep, Bard, like everyone was harassing me (by the way, he's now 42 years old, equivalent to like 26-27)bard’s skill grew, he had quite a knack
He gathered belongings all into a sack
He set out to find his fortune and fame
But ridicule found him quite soon all the same

The young man lacked time spent out in the wild
Stories of monsters and villains reviled`
Tales of honor, and virtue, and love
Visions of kingdoms laid out from above

The boy needed hair on his chest, so to speak
The touch of a woman caressing his cheek
Inspired, the halfling set out once again
To find stories of joy, of heartache, and pain

To learn of adventure, Gareth followed some men
Deep into a dungeon, some foul creature's den
He saw steel flash, and dark red blood flow
Heard curses fly fast, like arrows from a bow

He watched and he wrote, and he fought by their side
Giving them courage after one fellow died
The minions of darkness swarming in their demesne
Pinned down the companions until all were slain

But appearances fool the sharpest of eyes
And Gareth arose with a chorus of sighs
His crew all deceased, the corruption unchecked
He looted their corpses, with much blood flecked

The men would not mind, he knew at first thought
He took up their weapons, and then he fought
Deep into the cavern, down a long winding stair
And slew the dark wizard who resided there

Gareth learned on that day that a hero is made
When others depend on one man not to fade
Back into the shadows, but thrust onward and fight
To right the world's wrongs, to set things to right

From that day forth, Gareth rode with the best
Many times was his sword buried in an orc's chest
He fought and he watched, and he listened and sang
As the sun shined above and the bright sharp steel rang

For ten years he journeyed and wrote of the deeds
Their exploits he witnessed, they planted the seeds
Of epics and ballads and plots to relate
The minions of darkness succumbing to fate

So this intrepid wanderer returned to his home
With all his adventures contained in one tome
He studied it hard, practiced and composed
Until he emerged it was time he supposed

To try his hand in the streets once more
He stood in the square and called out with a roar
"Come out and hear of adventurers bold
And the lairs of dragons and of treasures untold"

He stalked up and down the square all day long
Relating his tales, both in prose and in song
And when the sun set, at his feet he had found
His tip box was full, with gold did it abound

Gareth Trikanaw, the bard for this age
With wit like a jester, advice like a sage
His name you must know, his fame spreads like fire
Has come to this town, so come and admire!

Description and Personality. In Sonnet.
Gareth wears clothing of myriad hues
A bright cape of green, and boots like the sun
He twirls all about as he sings and coos
The only thing dull is his belt of dun
He dances and tells of the battles fought
The places he’s been and brothers of war
The tales of fierce battle, blood burning hot
Sparks fly from his fingers and up they soar
His powerful speech is hard to resist
He’ll draw you so close until you are kiss’d
Look deep in his eyes, and they will insist
That now is the time for a torrid tryst

His charm will take you around the known world
And when he departs, your toes will be curled.

Anything Else. In Haiku.Sword flashing brightly
Against a backdrop of sun
The hero awaits

Dancing all about
Evading his foe’s attack
Gareth laughs out loud

Brilliant eyes of green
Shine upon a comely face
Framed by ebon locks

The height of a child
Disarming smile emerges
Unexpected slash

Capricious and fun
Jokes told around a campfire
Gareth provides cheer

In Danger’s own face
Laughter calms the shaking nerves
How can they fail now?

To the North he goes
To write songs of their exploits
He must see Giants.

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Old Feb 3rd, 2016, 01:06 PM
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Old Feb 9th, 2016, 08:56 AM
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Old Aug 3rd, 2016, 01:20 AM
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Game NameHard Time: A Daenex Sector Adventure
Game SystemPathfinder
ThemeSurvival in a hostile region of space, inequality, systemic racism, relativistic morals
FlavourThick cut bacon, massive, barely cooked steaks, aromatic cigars, tall grass stems
A Parting ShotWatching the leading curve of Crucibar's orb rise in the already sun-brightened sky over the penal colony moon of Kkardun was the last stimulus that threw the switch in Devran Thiorush’s psyche. He had endured a half dozen revolutions about his birth planet’s sun with stoicism, but seeing his former home so close he felt he could almost touch it put all peril aside and urged the young tiefling to enact his escape. From his vantage point at the breakfast table, a small bowl of thin, highly nutritious gruel slowly congealing in front of him, Devran could easily make out the details of the moon’s excuse for a spaceport. Two of the three landing pads were clear, but a small supply freighter sat venting heat and waste gases on the far slab. The nearby command bunker was devoid of activity save for a pair of uniformed figures pacing the roof, heavy lever-action rifles slung over their shoulders jauntily as they kept a watchful eye for any threats to the nerve center of the facility.

The planet continued to rise, cutting off more and more of the light the prison received from the star at the center of the Crucibar system. The new Daenex Sector Authority government’s policy of establishing disciplinary facilities on the planetward sides of moons was specifically tailored to bring about this phenomenon. Irregular day cycles kept the populace on edge, never able to form a comfortable rhythm. The whistle blew to signal the conclusion of mealtime, and Devran made his way into the yard in lockstep with his fellow inmates. While there were quite a few violent criminals among the thousands of beings housed in this portion of the compound, the vast majority were here because they opposed policies set in place by the central government on Daenex Prime. The Crucibar system had been conquered a decade before the final ceasefire at Resh’ala, and Kkardun had served as a prisoner of war facility during that transitional period and a handful of years beyond as the victorious human forces sorted through their captives, determining how to deal with the tens of millions of captives they had taken over the course of their long war.

As Crucibar began to blot out more light and heat, Devran was thankful for the lack of a set uniform among the prisoners. The guards had their gleaming white jumpsuits and plastiform helmets with protective visors, but the inmates’ clothing was a varying as could be. Devran’s long trenchcoat and wide-brimmed leather hat helped him keep a bit warmer when the days got cold. Looking once more toward the bunker, the wheels in Devran’s head finally clicked into place, a plan was hatched. If only I can get the words right after all these years, he reminded himself, fully aware that he had refused to practice his art these last three cycles after one of the other prisoners threatened to out him to the guards as a practitioner. Disposing of the man’s body without leaving evidence had been necessary if undesired. Three full years without so much as a murmured spell to help clean up a spill left the man’s hands and lips unused to the intricacies of forming the proper rituals.

Copper. Yes. That’s right, Devran reminded himself, finally remembering why he had insisted on threading a piece of wire into his bootlace when he’d arrived. The boots had worn and he’d bartered protection for an older human who had somehow come to the find the camp home in exchange for a new pair, but the laces were transferred. Pretending to have found something in the dirt, bringing his slightly clawed fingers up to press a tiny fang into a small stone as if testing its composition while his left hand untangled the bit of copper wire from his boot and secreted the contraband between the third and fourth fingers. Concentrating hard, he murmured, "Fiuros. Candiast. Belarask," gesturing ever so surreptitiously with the hand holding the wire towards a knot of individuals a hundred yards away across the yard. It was fortuitous that they had chosen to gather this morning, making his incantation a bit easier. Head toward the east gate. Be prepared to overpower the guard on my signal. I’ll look like one of them, though, he whispered, low enough that those around him might notice that he was making a sound, but not loud enough that they could make out his words. His compatriots would receive the message easily enough. Now to put his plan into action.

Heading over to the latrines on the east fence, Devran actually made use of the facilities, emptying his bladder before readying himself for one last spell. He thanked the gods that he had been born with only the slightest of “demonic” features. The lack of horns was a true boon as he traced an intricate shape in front of himself with his index fingers, chanting a few words in a language lost to time. A wave of heat, like the appearance of the sun after Crucibar’s passing washed over him and where he had stood was now the polished uniform and appearance of a DaeSec Security guard. Smiling beneath the visor of his “helmet”, Devran calmly produced a few pieces of steel from the sleeves of his coat and deftly picked the lock on the back door of the restroom. Striding straight for the command bunker, Devran waved at the snipers atop the roof. Signaling them would put them at ease long enough to allow his approach.

As he made his way toward the pair of guards, Devran dropped a square of cloth from the edge of a pocket, signalling his companions to act. They instantly overpowered the guard at the gate, driving him down beneath their boots. The wet sounds of their efficient murder echoed about in the otherwise still air. The troopers atop the building were quick to react, firing a pair of warning shots over the heads of the prisoners. As they did, Devran began to dash towards them, shouting "Lemme grab my rifle!" It worked. He was able to close the rest of the distance unchallenged, close enough to come alongside the nearer guard, draw his sidearm from his hip holster, pull back the revolver’s hammer, and calmly place a bullet in his skull. Sighting down the barrel of the smoking weapon, he drew a bead on the dying man’s fellow and repeated the process, unerringly sinking hot lead into the human’s cranium. Blood and brain matter pooling atop the bunker’s roof, Devran retrieved the other guard’s revolver and rifle before jogging to the nearby landing pad. Taking the boarding ramp in a pair of strides, he quickly made it to the cockpit and began firing up the vessel’s power plant, rushing through the abbreviated startup procedure posted on the wall.

As the engines began venting superheated gases Devran’s face broke into a toothy, feral grin. Freedom was at hand. Pulling back on the stick, he sent the freighter into a wallowing slide perhaps ten feet off the ground, careening straight into the fence around the compound. Lowering enough for his closest mates to clamber aboard, he pressed a series of switches and angled the thrusters for space. Crucibar was too close of a destination, but somewhere out in the Outer Reaches might be good as a first stop. Remembering newcomers' tales of good jobs shipping cattle and running contrabandat someplace called “Vardu V”, he consulted the astro charts and entered a course into the computer. Throwing back the translight lever, the freighter ceased to exist in the world of three dimensions and entered the multicolored grasp of the Void. Perhaps someone at their destination could help shelter them from the inevitable pursuit of the long arm of the law.
CharactersI will allow any first-party Paizo content, but keep in mind the setting. I'll be reading over the characters in-depth to hopefully assemble a party that meshes well with one another.

Races Allowed: all Core, Featured, and Uncommon races are acceptable (except Drow Noble, of course). Humans are the most numerous species, followed by the other Core Races. Aasimar, Catfolk, Delinor, Grippli, Ifrit, Oread, Ratfolk, Sylph, Tengu, Tiefling, Undine, and Vishkanya are featured more heavily in this setting. Orcs, Goblins, and Hobgoblins are foreigners, but have sizeable populations. Anything else is fringe, but allowable.
Classes Allowed: Core, Base, Hybrid, Unchained, Occult. All of them. I'll admit a distaste for the Occult classes, but feel free to try to convince me.
  • Starting level will be FOUR.
  • TWO Traits.
  • Background Skills will be used.
  • Give yourselves a Bonus Feat at level one.
  • Assume the Guns Everywhere technology level and all that entails. Details are in Ultimate Combat under Mastering Combat.
  • There will be no starting equipment. The party will have a few odds and ends, but assume nothing but a set of clothes. Don't worry. I'll make sure that equipment is available shortly. As such, exact values of items don't matter much.
  • Stats will be generated with a Point Buy value of 25.
  • If you intend your character to be religious (public evidence of worship of higher entities is illegal), let me know. I have a few deities designed, but I'd rather craft something to fit the player/character than force your square peg into the round hole of an existing deity.

Lore and mechanical resources specific to this setting are available in the appropriate folders in this forum. Contact me if you are interested in expanding the lore side of things. That aspect will likely be common, as I'm leaving a lot of room for player/character-centric developments.

DO NOT GIVE ME A CHARACTER SHEET PRIOR TO OFFICIAL ACCEPTANCE. LINKS TO CHARACTER SHEETS OR OTHER MECHANICAL CONSIDERATIONS OUTSIDE THE REQUESTED RACE/CLASS/ARCHETYPES ARE GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION. Mechanics have their place, but it isn't here. It may sound harsh, but this isn't my first rodeo around these parts. A little stiffness helps in the long run. I'm here to have fun, but the best fun is with people who mesh with my needs.
Application GuidelinesThe following is shamelessly stolen and lightly adapted from Humble Athena. I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

Please give me the following, secret as much as you desire-
Class/Archetypes: Please limit your character to no more than two classes (before any Prestige Classes eventually). If you have a convincing reason for a third class, bring it up with me. I'll consider it, but I really don't want to see dips for simple mechanics (i.e. Gun Training from Gunslinger 1).
Planet/Moon of Origin:
Age Category: just for reference
Gender/Gender Expression: how do they present themselves?
Alignment: don't give me a traditional two letter code passed down over the decades. Give a very brief (2-3 words) snippet of their tendencies.

Role: What value do you bring to the adventuring party?
Motive: What is the core truth of your character?
Flaw: What is your character's biggest weakness?
Secret: What does your character hide from the world?
Greatest Fear: What keeps your character awake at night?
Physical Description:
Personality Description:
Wish List: as you will not be starting with player-chosen gear, I'd like to know what types of items you'd like to see made available shortly after the beginning. Some may be aboard ship. Some may be available at the first port. Some may never show up.

(Optional)RP Sample: Use this prompt or provide your own: You come across a wrecked wagon on the side of the road. A woman comes up to you, claiming that bandits have grievously wounded her husband and stolen all they owned. What do you do?
(Optional) Impressions: What does your character think of the other characters?
About the GMHello, I’m Ziether, as the little indicator at the top of every post I make happens to remind you. I’m an aspiring worldbuilder and storyteller, lover of organic character interaction, and niche game aficionado. I tend to like to play and run games in common systems with twists that keep them close to the original flavor while introducing unusual elements. I currently GM a Pathfinder game called Kelvias’ Ire which has been active since January 1st, a classic tale of characters ripped from one world and placed in another, but in the opposite direction from the one most take. Earthlings on Golarion has been quite a bit of fun.

I value communication and honesty. I’d love you to be blunt with me. Your opinions are valid. I don’t have to agree with them, but that doesn’t make them any less worthwhile to listen to. If I’m doing something you think is stupid, tell me. Privately, please. If I am the GM, I am the GM. I know the rules well, and when I have doubts, I am effective at finding answers. If I deviate from the rules, it’s likely intentional and for the purpose of making the game better. Send me a PM or Secret Text if you’re concerned.

This particular setting is one I wish to have grow over time. I have run it over a Virtual Tabletop service and also a previous iteration here on RPGCrossing, but want to evolve it into a setting for multiple GMs and eventually for my own tabletop use. Contributions and collaborations are welcome. I won’t guarantee your content will make the cut, but I’m officially soliciting your assistance with histories, geographies, racial backstories, minor factions, and religious experiences. Help me make this setting a better experience for everyone!

That’s enough about me. I look forward to seeing where this universe takes your minds and the characters they produce!
Questions and Answers Because let's be honest, none of the questions are "frequently asked". I have a series of questions from previous iterations of these games that will preceed any new questions. Feel free to ask away. My answers are never meant to be hostile, word choice aside. Text is a horrible way to convey precise tone.

So what, precisely, is this? The Daenex Sector is a Soft Sci-Fi Fantasy setting with a moderate Wild West theme. Inspiration is drawn from sources such as Firefly, Dune, and Star Wars.

Okay, so what *isn't* it? Well, the primary things I get asked about are steampunk and magitek. Steampunk is not the flavor I'm going for. Technology works just the same as it does in reality, with tweaks for simplicity/everyday people. Magitek is technically a thing in this setting, but the people with the know-how to create such items are few and far between, possibly the subject of grand quests. A gun that shoots magic, for example, could be constructed given the right contacts.

What is the technology level? Guns everywhere! Spaceships aren't cheap, but they're accessible to many people. Passage aboard a transport is expensive, but comparable to a modern person booking a transcontinental flight. The poor can't afford it, and the well-to-do can do it frequently. Think frontier worlds with generally late 19th to early 20th century weapons. On spaceships.
Player NameCharacter NameRaceClass/ArchetypeCompletion Status
PlaceholderPlaceholderDelinorDruid (Basic)Incomplete
Image CreditsOriginal images were gathered from https://cdn.rpgcrossing.com/cache.ph..._Good%2529.JPG,http://orig04.deviantart.net/bc1b/f/...on-d5x5390.jpg, and http://orig03.deviantart.net/07ee/f/...et-d9ewon4.jpg. I do not own these images.

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Here is something I use for my players that allows me to get a good background outline from my players to break the ice with. It gets people thinking, which is good, without overwhelming them with questions. It's based off of the Minimus RPG engine, copyright 2008 Ad Astra Games, used with permission. Minimus is donation-ware, so if you like the TMB, please consider donating for a copy of Minimus, as per the instructions in the file.

The Ten-Minute Background

In an attempt to get all the information I need to create stuff from character backgrounds without having to continually push for information, I am asking that you create backgrounds the following way:

Step 1: Write 5 background and concept elements that you feel are important to your image of the character. These can be a concept overview, a list of important life events, a physical description, a personality profile...whatever you need to get an image in your mind. 5 is just a minimum...more elements are encouraged!

[Example: Martin Tenbones]

1) He is a former pirate and retired adventurer and now owns a tavern in the city of St. Clarice.

2) He is outgoing and charismatic, and attempts to keep abreast of all the local gossip and juicy secrets that pass his way, because he believes that knowledge is power.

3) He and his former adventuring band fought against the forces of the pirate captain Craven, who was a major lieutenant for the current Dread Pirate Hellbeard. He used the wealth that he acquired to build his tavern, but he sometimes worries that the pirates may one day decide to find him and extract revenge.

4) Though he is still friends with most of his former adventuring mates, some of them parted the group on bad terms. His girlfriend went back to the sea to fight pirates once more, but he received word that her vessel was taken by Hellbeard and believes she was killed. He mourns her death.

5) Although he is retired, he can be convinced to adventure again if he hears that Sasha (his lost love) may still be alive, or if he is contacted by the White Foxes during a crisis (see secrets).

Step 2: List at least two goals for the character. At least one of these goals should be one that the character has, while another should be one that you, as a player, want to see developed over the course of the game.


1) I would like to see Martin reunited with his lost love and perhaps able to mend fences with some of his former adventuring buddies over the course of this campaign.

2) It would be cool to have Martin face and possibly defeat the Dread Pirate Hellbeard once and for all.

Step 3: List at least two secrets about your character. One is a secret the character knows, one is a secret that involves him but that he is not actually aware of yet. This will help me in creating plots that center around your character. I will also be creating a third secret which you as a player will not be aware of, so expect some surprises!


1) Martin is a member of the White Fox Society, a secret society dedicated to keeping Coralton free of tyranny and evil, as well as keeping local governments honest. He provides information and rumors to them, but can be convinced to take a more active roll if pressed.

2) Sasha LeBell, Marin's lost love, is still alive. She was captured by the Dread Pirate Hellbeard and has been kept as his captive for all these years.

3) (Example of a secret I might make up about your character): Not only is Sasha alive, but also she has escaped captivity and killed Hellbeard. She has taken over his ship and crew, and has turned to piracy out of bitterness. She now IS the new Dread Pirate Hellbeard!

Step 4: Describe at least three people that are tied to the character. Two of them are friendly to the character, one is hostile. If you like, you can include an enemy of yours here as well, so I have an instant NPC nemesis to throw at you.


1) Martin's friend Audric Cwellen was one of his adventuring mate. Audric, a holy warrior in the service of the Goddess of Love, is the leader of the local cell of the White Fox society, and provides Martin with information and adventure hooks.

2) Another of Martin's old traveling companions, Aubrey LeVaine, is not as helpful as Audric, because they quarreled over the love of Sasha, and Aubrey is still bitter about losing her to Martin. Still, he can provide some magical support if Martin can convince him to let go of his hate.

3) Yebin Thistledown is a strange little creature from the Feywild called a gnome. Martin met the gnome in the Shroudmist Forest and saved him from a pack of Howlers. The Gnome makes all sorts of alchemical items and gadgets, and loves collecting odd souvenirs and items, as well as "recreational herbs." He operates a bizarre patchwork shop in the Rue Angélique district.

Step 5: Describe three memories, mannerisms, or quirks that your character has. They don't have to be elaborate, but they should provide some context and flavor.


1) Martin remembers growing up in a tavern as a young boy, helping his mother with the cooking. This started his own interest in the culinary arts.

2) Martin remembers the panic he felt when he discovered that the ship he signed on to was a pirate ship after a brutal attack on a merchantman. He vividly recalls the smell of blood and burning timbers.

3) Martin often recalls the goodbye kiss he gave Sasha when she left him. No kiss he's had since ever compares to that memory.

[design notes for the example character] Martin began life as an atypical barkeep. He was a retired adventurer, but still young and vigorous enough to accompany the party on their adventures. His tavern became the party's base for a while, until the BBEG of the game let off a necromantic bomb that killed most of the townsfolk and turned the town into a Zombie Apocalypse nightmare. Martin survived, and he turned into a secondary character for one of the players as he became more important to the ongoing storyline. Most of his background came from this transition from NPC to part-time PC. After the campaign reboot, Martin returned to his role as the barkeep of the party's favorite hang-out, but the players like him enough that he might return to adventuring status in the future.

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