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Old Jan 1st, 2013, 12:30 PM
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The Rules We Live By

A few rules which I feel people should be aware of.

DM rule 0: If something happens, it happens. I don't fudge dice. I'm just as sad about killing a player with a random crit from a CR 1 encounter as you are happy to crit and kill the recurring villain in round 1.

HP rule: When below 1/2 HP you takes a -1 penalty on all D20 rolls. Endurance feat reduces it to 1/4. Diehard ignores it completely.

DM points: All throughout the game I'll be making references to a certain band and their songs (The Killers for those who didn't know). These will vary from minor points to overarching plot factors. If you think you see such a hint, secret it to me at the bottom of your post (name of song, quote from song, relevance). If you get it right then you get a DM point. These can be converted into what I like to call "convenience factors"
- Tavern is conveniently around the corner
- Tavern conveniently serves your local brew of beer
- There is a convenient coil of rope next to the building you're trying to scale

These are hardly game / plot altering, but helpful. I consider this training to spot plot hooks and the finer details of a game. I'll give a bonus 2 points to the person who best works in the current name of the chapter at some point.

Paror points: Also known as "I can't believe you just did that" points. Whenever you do something completely cool, awe inspiring and just generally top tier RP wise (tends to be equal parts luck and RP co-ordination) you get a Paror point, these can be traded in when you do such stunts for a +1d3 bonus, this counts as part of the die roll (i.e: 15 on a D20, plus the 3 from the D3, gets converted to a roll of 18 on a D20). - At DM discretion. Don't take this as an excuse to go gung ho and suicidal.

-More may follow
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