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Description of Boury

Whether by Air, by Land or by River, the first thing you notice about Boury are the twenty foot stone walls that encapsulate the private lands within. Rich in fertile soil, farmed and logged from remnants of the North Rain forest, the ground is prime for exotic fruit trees and plants, staple grains and heavily water dependent vegetables. From the riverside, a small dock is situated just under the bridge that connects the estate to the road that leads up to Merchant's Rest and beyond that, Leigh to the East and Hence to the Northwest.

From above, the air traffic is routed between two colossal, celestial type statues that face outwards from the city, a seemingly welcome offering from marble cups that extend out and that overflow with the river's clear waters.

Crossing the bridge from the concrete road, the private gates are generally closed though are well guarded and maintained by the City Watch. Though Boury isn't technically a city, this private region of ScarlaNoa, boasts massive exports of produce, fresh water pearls and marble. Their libraries hold mostly ancient history in relation to ScarlanNoa, legislation and Waevera world events.
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