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Old 06-29-2017, 09:58 AM
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Group 1 Roster

Group 1 Players:




Games I Formerly DM'd:Doors & Another Day
Games I CURRENTLY DM: Iaiyh: The Gatehouse

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DemographicsName: Ninzixahra VorDresdena
Race: Goliath with Feral Template
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height: 6 foot, 11 inches
Weight: 283 pounds

Who is she?Build at Start: Barbarian 1/Fighter 2/Barbarian 5/Frenzied Berserker 4/Swordsage 1

Appearance: Duchess Ninzixahra VorDresdena, Warlady and Mistress of the Night has spent hefty sums of money to have cleric and druid, necromancer and mage weave into her body, enhancing it, fixing it, so that she could appear in a manner she desired. Her hair will never go grey nor her skin wrinkle, should she live to be a thousand years old.

For many the skin could feel rough, like snake scales, but not for her. The once mottled grey skin had been made a more uniform shade similar to the color of the moon, her skin softened and pampered to feel as soft as a silk pillow. Her scars healed so as to leave her blemish free. Ears slightly elongated to make it appear she had some elven blood in her - she was very jealous of the elves and lusted for their appearance. Her hair darkened and enchanted to have a natural luster and bounce in it. Horns grew from her head and bat-like wings were grafted to her back allowing her to fly. Her feral nature caused her hands and feat to become more animalistic causing her to refer to them as paws, but even these were well maintained.

She preferred to flaunt her physical beauty. It usually worked in her advantage and thus, she tended to armors and outfits that accentuated that the beauty she had paid so much to attain.


Personality (in her first life): Ninzixahra believes in heroes and villains, not good and evil. In the play she is watching, she is the hero. Saving the people from mismanagement, giving them direction, protecting them from incompetence. She understands that others do not necessarily see the same play she is watching.

Generally speaking, Ninzixahra would rather ignore the rest of society and let the minions do their thing - as long as they do what she says. That does not mean she is reluctant to hurt or kill them if it reinforces her dominance and reminds the general populace who is in charge. She just does not want to waste life if she does not have too. She is, of course, not a sadist, she just realizes that the people have a utility in her schemes of personal power and order.

Character HistoryBackstory:
Childhood and Young Adulthood

Post childhood into adulthood

As death approaches

The death of a tyrant

Player NotesMisc. Notes:
I have never played a swordsage, hence only the one level of it. Let's me dip my toe into it without being thrown in the deep end immediately.

I generally have a "vision" for the character I want to play and play to that. It's rarely optimized or min/maxed. I don't really enjoy doing that anyway, requires me to keep too many rules in my head at once and I just want to play and have fun. This character's vision is one of a woman who eventually became a tyrant without ever intending to do so. With a new lease on life, she wants to improve herself for a happier ever-after, though the habits of her previous life will most likely take years of effort to reverse.

Her combat role is going to be more of a "hulk smash" build revolving around hard hits and intimidation. Her out of combat role is going to be more physical in nature and less social in nature.

Posting Rate:
Currently I post lightning fast. I can do multiple posts in a day as the flow of the game dictates (i.e. during a conversation I can and do reply pretty quickly.) There are, of course, times when I get bogged down like anyone else - writers block (more an issue when I DM), new raid in Warcraft (which was last week, so shouldn't have another for a few months earliest), work gets hectic sometimes. Just finished a master's degree, so I have all those hours back now, helps increase the posting rate.

I am Eastern Time Zone (GMT -5). My most active time is prime time of course (7-9pm) but I also tend to post from work often enough as well (8am to 5pm).

My first born, born male @ 1:43am 11 Jan, 2020 - 7lbs 3oz Luke Egnatius (surname)
Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist.
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Name: Cyrus Xeph
Race: Xeph
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft (150 cm)
Weight: 120 lbs (54.54 kg)

Build at Start: Soul Knife 5 / Soul Bow 8

Appearance: Slim yet toned, he has dark brown skin from being out in the sun for so long and he's bald for the most part except he has a black pony tail coming from the upper back of his head, a collection of dreadlocks tied together. His clothing is simple but versatile, an alabaster white jerkin with sleeves loose enough to roll up along with a heavy dark blue vest he could put on if he's cold. His shoes are leather but worn so they aren't so stiff and roll, gaining good purchase on terrain. He wears long dark blue pants that are loose, secured by a belt but they can be stuffed inside his socks as to become airtight but otherwise don't cling to his skin in the heat.

Personality: In the simplest of terms, can be called a wayward soul. Never one to stay in one place, but likes to fill his life with travel and exploring the unknown. His last name is his race and not his home city because the wilderness is his home in his heart. He lives a nomadic life style, simply enjoying nature which he turns into art, whether that be song, poem, or painting. This artistic but minimalism lifestyle comes out in his mind weapons as they are very simplistic in design, but elegant. They look to have been etched out of ivory. He has an open mentality, just as happy to travel with companions as he is traveling by himself.

Backstory: He was born in the city of Val, living in the luscious forests that the Xeph populate. However he quickly grew bored of the same sight and wanted to see more. So he began traveling with trading caravans, going on long journeys across different lands or in boats. However, none of this sated his thirst so he soon set off on his own, deciding the nomadic life style was the style for him.




Posting Rate: Lightning Fast= 1/day

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Nikolai Lobachevsky/Professor/Nick
Name: Nikolai (Nick) Lobachevsky
Race: Human
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Height: 76 inches
Weight: 245 pounds
Build at Start: Wizard 7/Loremaster 6 (78620 xp)
Character Sheet





Misc. Notes:
Nick is a powerful wizard and has created several miscellaneous magical items.

Tam of Intellect +4 (8000 gp + 640 xp)
Gloves of Dexterity +4 (8000 gp + 640 xp)
Amulet of Heath +4 (8000 gp + 640 xp)
Blessed book (6250 gp + 500 xp)
Handy Haversack (1000 gp + 80 xp)
Robes of Displacement (12,000 gp + 960 xp)
Bracers of Armor +6 (18,000 gp + 1440 xp )
Cloak of Resistance +3 (4,500 gp + 360xp)
Bag of Holding Type I (1,250 gp + 100xp)

ioun stones
Pale blue Rhomboid +2 enhancement bonus to Strength (4000 gp + 320 xp)
Dusty rose Prism +1 insight bonus to AC (2500 gp + 200 xp)

Posting Rate: 3-4/week

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Name: Tobias Windleaf
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 165
Race: Human

Build: Dragonfire Adept/?





Misc. Notes:
The potential is here for craft wondrous item feat, but it's not a dealbreaker.
As stated, the early class is not yet fully formed, and is variable based on the team needs. My first level could be almost anything, and will be chosen to best help the party survive.
Posting Rate:
1/day (ie, lightning fast).
Halfway point is reached: Can Dirk stay nice to Squeak?
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DM Edit: This is considered Void until otherwise stated

right-aligned image

"GLITCH" Xaxfare
Spellwarped Human
Super SENTINAL, 1st Class
27 yr Male, 6' 0" - 170 lbs.
Factotum 4 / Chameleon 8

The first thing people take note of is his huge ('yuge) freaking sword he touts around using noodle-y arms like there was no tomorrow. The sword design is bizarre, needlessly oversized, mastercrafted with love and intent, and weighs more than most children.

The next thing of note is his glowing cobalt eyes that radiate residual magic. Average in height and features, his quickness to smile is his only differentiating feature compared to the rest of his clones. He is far stronger and capable than his mere exterior lets on; everything about him is in flux, and even his aura gently sparks erratically with magical anomaly.

PERSONALITY: More human than humanCheerful, athletic, and with an extremely affectionate nature, Xaxfare is always doing his best to lighten the mood and keep people at ease. He's inquisitive and eager in all he does, and often pries into people's affairs with the tactfulness of an inquisitive child. He never means no ill toward anyone, and though he is a bit rough around the edges personality-wise, he has dedicated enough study to diplomacy to make a passable socialite for no other reason than he just loves people.

Within battle he seem reckless and passionate, ignoring all pain and taking high risks to keep the ones under his protection from harm. Do not mistake his emotionality for lack of control however; he is possessed of a keen intellect that is off most mortal charts, and he works in tangent with a guiding A.I system that reads and conveys information at phenomenal speeds. What appears to be rage to most is actually a series of lightning fast calculations and execution on a mirco-second scale.

They built him stronger. Faster. Smarter. But they didn't mean to make him more compassionate.


DEATH: The High Cost of FreedomThe Unseelie nation was getting a foothold. It was bad enough that they had to go around the continent chasing down others like himself and taking down the SENTINAL Elite, each with their own separate skills and programming directives, forcing him to adapt to unusual tactics and endure massive showdowns, often with critical losses. It hadn't been a year since his own reprogramming, but even in that time he has lost many friends along the way, often making the ultimate sacrifices in order to endure their lands would remain free for just one more day.

But they were up against insurmountable odds and a nearly endless supply of manufactured soldiers. Friends and rivals alike were thrown by the wayside, united in cause to stop the invasions. The moment one SENTINAL was put down, news of another popping up along the coast sent them headlong into danger. His own LUCI calculated the odds of making leeway againsts the hoards as insurmountable, but he kept that data to himself, willing himself not to be disheartened. Every time he saw the look of hope and determination in his teams eyes, he knew he could not tell them the truth. Partially in hopes that LUCI was wrong; already they defied all statistical probability. If there was a .00345% chance of actual success as LUCI predicts, then perhaps that was enough.

The latest mission was on the southern tip of Aegis Isles; an old elven city long since extinct by now, detroyed as the land itself became sick with the smogs of industry. Apparently now it had been turned into a manufactury, the minerals of the islands being converted into raw war machinery. Their intel of the ongoings of the land had been stretched for resources and they had learned about this operation far too late. Already the factories were in the late stages. LUCI predicts that this was the beginning of the end now that the Unseelie nation had their foothold. She was once again ignored.

"Looks like 10 guard in each tower," the dwarf Sid gruffed as he chewed on his cigar as he spied the complex through a pair of binoculars. "An' a small standin' army on the ground." He lowers them, and stares on toward nothing, lost in thought. "And seems to be a lot of machinery I don't recognize."

The human white mage among them went silent, but their little black mage looked on with eagerness. It was the same gnomish boy that led to Xax's own capture, proving size and bravery were not mutually exclusive. Little Vovo remained headstrong and determine, even with the loss of their dragoon and knight.

"Ah, don't worry kid," Xaxfare clasps the boy reassuringly as he lies. "I don't think I'm even gonna break a sweat."

Cid held seniority of the group and was the highest ranking officer, but Xax had taken over the reigns of leadership once the engineer began to buckle under the pressure. After all they had seen all the close friends he had lost throughout the years of sustained war, one could not blame him. And of the many people Aria had held in her arms as the died she bore witness to her own husbands final moments. It was no wonder she was all but mute now. The boy's hope was all they had.

"Look, we stick to what we all do best, a'ight?" Xax smiled at each as he hid his despair, knowing full well they might not all return. But he knew he would do his best they would. "I will soak up aggro and lead them away. You three stick together to ensure that Sid can set up the explosives to bring this down. Vovo, you keep hidden and scout ahead, and disable all that get in your way. Aria, just..." he looks at teh deeply damaged woman and sees the fear in her eyes. "Keep my boys safe, 'kay?"

"YOU GOT IT BOSS!" the young mage chips in, excited for the chance to play hero. Both Cid and Aria stare on, knowing their fates.

Xaxfare looks on at the last surviving three and stands solemnly, electrical currents and sparks of magic creating static in his magical aura, causing his head to flinch briefly to the side as he recovers swiftly.

"Not that I need to say this out loud," the magiborg's fake grin flickers slightly, "But I want you all to know that I love you very much."

This causes the dwarf to scoff. "Alright. Ye've said quite enough. Git outta here before I punch you in the face."

Glitch chuckles as he speeds off under cover of forest toward the complex...

The siege lasted nearly an hour as Glitch one-man-armied the entire industrial complex. In that time he had managed to slay about 500 soldiers, 2 SENTINALS, an array of machinery, 4 giant robots and a tank for good measure. In that time it had begun to rain and the courtyard was completely red from the blood of their enemy. He also must have taken a metric tonne of bullets and scrap metal from explosions, recovering enough to let LUCI mend him push out the bullets, only for then to be immediately replaced by another. And still, the bullets kept coming.

"--WARNING: Recovery Resources Expended; Recommend Retreat!--"

"You know I can't do that, LUCI," he says as he ducks behind a metal crate to escape the onslaught. But even as he tries to catch a breather, he is immediately stuck by a hail of bullets from the upper rafters. His health indicator begins to flash on his HUD screen, showing he was entering critical condition. Instinctively, he releases the final salvo of magi-missiles, taking out the unlucky guard.

It was war everywhere. He begins to glitch all over, his energy crackling all over his body as


InspirationsFinal Fantasy 7, Terminator, Bladerunner

Posting Rate: Fairly prompt, 1-2/day
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Character InfoName: Kara De'Malin
Race: Half-Giant (goliath or rock she really doesn't know)
Age: 31 years
Gender: Female
Height: 7' 2"
Weight: 276 lbs for us regular folksJust shy of twenty stones

Build at Start: Psion 8/ Slayer 5
Starting XP/Lvl: 81,500 xp (+1 LA buy off)


Description: Kara is tall lean and muscular, quite the intimidating presence. Her bright red hair olive skin and emerald green eyes are very distinctive. She carries a large over-sized halberd and an over-sized bow. Both somehow fit into her enchanted quiver. She had a cover for the halberd special made so as not to damage the inside of the enchanted quiver. She wears the clothing of someone ready for just about anything. There are lots of pockets on her vest and she wears sturdy britches with supple doeskin boots. Kara also wears a warm fur lined cloak and hat with a wide brim. A stone adorns the center of her forehead in a spot that looks like a third eye. Two tiny stones float above her head, one an ioun stone grants her insight to react to an attack quicker and the other is a splinter of her own personality. Also known as a psicrystal. She is also adorned with other jewelry, two rings and a necklace, all enchanted for protection and other various needs. The woman is rather large but she is quick thanks to her boots that also help her jump better.

Personality: Often stoic but friendly when she relaxes around others. The problem is that it takes her time to relax around others after they first meet. She tries not to judge others but it is simply in her Lawful Neutralnature to do this. She believes that society needs rules and laws to avoid anarchy. She has learned that not all laws are just and sometimes the unjust laws are to be ignored and changed whenever such a change is possible. More than anything Kara believes in justice for all peoples no matter what race they might be. As long as they were not greedy thieves or murderers they deserve a fair shake at this life. Murderers deserve no more than a swift death, the most vile of them not even that. Some folks steal to survive other only for personal greed, the greedy deserve their fate the desperate and hungry not so much.


Status: Ready and willing! Too funny! Don't click here!
#oneracehuman #onlylovedefeatshate

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This is a WIP and this line will be removed once complete and DM Approved.

PC Sheet Link

left-aligned image

Name: Oriolison Yeims Triad Eozoir Taaroa (Call me Ori)
Race: Aasimar
Class: Ranger (6), Bard (6)
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 185 #


Born in Espy City, it is the only place that Oriolison has ever known. Sure, Ori wanted to travel, and the universe was at his doorstep, but with school and then work it had yet to happen. He especially wanted to take a trip back in time, but that was a risk he could not afford – at least not now. Ori was a History buff and spent most of his off time crafting anything he could find to research.

From the middle ages and up through the 20th century. If it was old or ancient, Ori wanted to know more about it. He had made weapons, armor and many mundane items out of wood and metal. Not true reproductions; Ori enjoyed putting his own spin on things. A combination of historical relics and modern technology. It was just his thing.

After school, Ori was fortunate enough to know a guy that knew a guy. He got in as an Intern with Special Incident Forensics (SIF) as a Field Researcher. It was a great fit for the Historical hobbyist and before the year was up he had a job offer. That was six years ago. In that time he was only promoted once, but it was a step towards management. While not naive, Ori was also not a genius. But he was learning how things worked with the RHG. Another promotion would only happen when he had the opportunity to help the right person above him.

Three years ago, Ori bought a small, two-bedroom home in the South side. That move, from his cramped apartment on the East side, was great. Now he had room for more of his creations; if only he had more time.

But Espy City had secrets. Lot's of them, and Ori was becoming more and more curious about them. Some of his work involved making up some reasonable story when it was clear that something very wrong had happened. There was no way he could ask questions; that would get you fired, killed or worse. But, he could do what he did best and, after all, he was an investigator.

Single handle with two blades. Only one may be extended at a time.
Dagger d4 Damage
Sword d6 damage (It's bigger on the inside.)

Dice Height Mod:
2d8 6, 8 Total = 14

New Here? Try a New Player Solo Game Systems available are 3.5e, PF, 4e, 5e & 13th age.
Will you swear it? Take the Oath Here.
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