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Old 09-25-2012, 10:20 AM
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Class of 4712

White Mountains 4712 Yearbook

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Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Sorcerer (Dual Blood: Silver Dragon/Fey)
Age: 22
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male

Social background: Prestigeous. The dragon-blooded tend to have it lucky in love and finance, and so his family was raised into a semi-nobility clan of diplomats. He shows the same wonton joie de-livre as the rest of his ancestors, feeling entitled to all the good things in life.

What where you like in adventuring college: An underachiever and a bit of a showoff, he spent all his time during classes skipping out on the practical lessons and then nailing the tests. Took up smoking and drinking at an early age, and always tries to get others in trouble. Often in competition with Edward for the spotlight, their rivalry is a friendly one. They've even formed a band together. By far the prettiest, yet his vocals are greatly outclassed by Eddie's guitar solos. (Damn Him).

Still, voted valedictorian for the graduation speech until THAT got interrupted. Pretty miffed HIS moment got taken away.

Favorite teacher in adventuring College (and why): Professor Axel Rose. The man played some pretty mean riffs, and music seems to be the only art worth persuing by someone who's magical talents merely come naturally, and therefore no challenge.

Personality: Laid back and pretty cocky, he's an easy man to love and hate. He's has a reputation for having dated most of the girls in his class, and as such has made some enemies along the way. His sense of entitlement can easily get him into great amounts of trouble, if it wasn't for his smooth and honeyed words washing over and intoxicating people like a rich cognac. Women are a conquest, and as such he has been openly hitting on Lenna since day one, one of the few women immune to his charms.
On Vacation until the 15th. Internet spotty, and a lot of events planned.

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Old 09-25-2012, 04:44 PM
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Name: Edward Van Halen
Age: 18
Class: Bard
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Social Background: Son of a B.... that is Barmaid and Tavern owner
What were you like in adventuring college: Gothic, drama guy
Favorite teacher in adventuring college: Professor Axel Rose. The professor took pity on Eddie. He saw that he wasn't the most athletic of kids and taught him the use of fighting with a real man's weapon, yes, the Axe. That's right, Battle Axe!
Personality: Eddie is a very moody guy, looks at the darker side of things. Always the first to state the aren't going to be able to survive, but yet somehow always does. Very much the ladies man, his bad boy attitude always attracts those good looking women who want to save him. Behind all the attitude is the heart of a poet. His music reflects that, but hidden in the very upbeat rhythms and his showmanship onstage.
Appearance: 5'11" in height with a slim wiry build. Long Black hair, usually up in a ponytail, with deep blue eyes. Black spectacles, not for seeing, just to look cool. Normally dressed in black leathers with studs and spikes. Constant smoker. Prefers a good shot of spirits instead of ale or mead.
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Old 09-25-2012, 09:37 PM
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Name: Bosby Rannek
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Wizard (conjurer)
Age: 22
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Social background:
There are tricks, and then there are tricks. Granted, one might tar the family cat and let it run through the house. One might even hang a bucket of frogs inside the outhouse, in a precarious perch off the top of its door. But some tricks are so big, so perfect, they make the whole world laugh so hard that it cries. The pursuit of this dream has fueled Bosby's life from a young age.

He was born the son of a bookbinder and quickly learned the power of knowledge. A curious lad, Bosby read voraciously to learn every tidbit of lore available. Some people went about their lives ignorant of the majesty of the cosmos, but not Bosby. Most certainly not. To him was imparted the great learning of the ages, blessing him with superior intellect and judgment! Oh, how the common peasants of his town laughed at Bosby's scrawny frame and ink-stained fingers. But he bade his time. He let them laugh. They were all as ignorant as the mud that filled their flaccid brains!

As the young man grew of age, his family began to tire of his pranks. Bosby considered his initial tricks to be trial runs...mere experiments in cause and effect, and in the psychological response to horrific stimuli. Alas, there came a time when he exceeded the innate mental flexibility of his parents and sisters, especially once he found the spell book and put its knowledge to use. Oh, how they screamed. It was hilarious.

Shortly thereafter, Bosby was dumped at the gates of the White Mountains College.
What where you like in adventuring college:
Bosby's classmates were a step up from the dirt-clod fools of his hamlet. A little step, but one must play with the cards one is dealt in life. Still, the students around him were sadly deficient in book learning. It was no fault of their own. Some men are born with a vast capacity for cogitation, whereas others are born with a talent for swinging clubs at people. Who was he to judge? Who, indeed? At any rate, they put up with Bosby's psychological research much better than his sisters ever had. All things considered it was an enjoyable learning experience.
Favorite teacher in adventuring College (and why):
Professor Feltha Vazriel was the school's resident historian and arcanist. Bosby believed she might even be as intelligent as himself, causing him to admire her greatly. She was a bit too stern for his taste but she was a professor after all. Proper decorum to be maintained, and all that.
Megalomaniacal, hyperbolic, eccentric...and warm-hearted. Bosby's normal behavior might seem callous. When his friends' lives are in danger, however, he is more loyal and courageous than most would expect.
Bosby tries to keep up an appearance that is suitably impressive. It is much easier if people realize how exceptional he is just by looking at him. Otherwise, he must inform everyone individually and that can be such a bother. Still, Bosby's grooming takes lower priority than his studies. His hair is more often frazzled than not. His robes are likewise rumpled and stained with ink or alchemical fixatives.

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Name: Alderic Mahov
Alignment: LN
Age: 27
Race: Human
Class: Monk
Gender: Male

Social background: Orphaned son of a drunk and a lady of the night.

What where you like in adventuring college: Near the top of the class, hardest worker in the college, lived for nothing besides completing the lessons before him. Only friend was the other smartest boy in class Bosby Rannek.

Favorite teacher in adventuring College (and why): Master Kun Le, the Master of Monks. He taught me to believe in my inner strength. That the material things in life are not worth worrying when we can have the power to direct change. That our words have the strength to save lives, and cut deeper than any sword.

Personality: Very quiet and astute. Watches his surroundings carefully, and is the first person to step in when someone is in trouble. He refuses to lie even to soften a truth, because he believes even the smallest of lies can condemn a man to seven levels of hell. Rarely trusts people being as his parents instilled fear from a young age. He seems like a poor, weak and small minded individual to those around him, but inside, beats the heart of a Dragon.

Appearance: Cleanly shaved head, except the ponytail braid on the back. It runs down to below his waist, and in such, is a symbol of his power and determination. He has piercing Blue eyes, you would be nervous to meet him.
He wears rags but you can tell they did not always look that way. Mostly worn down due to wear from use.
Davoren - Ranger - level 3 - AC 18 (T 15 F 13) HP 25
Elzira - Ranger - level 1 - AC 17 (T 14 F 13) HP 9
Kasumak - Rogue - level 2 - AC 15 (T 14 F 12) HP 23
Alderic - Monk - level 1 - AC 13 (T 13 F 11) HP 12

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Old 09-27-2012, 10:43 AM
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Name: Zanril Lawbearer

Alignment: Lawful Good... though that might be a bit of a stretch, haha.

Age: 24

Race: Half-Elf

Class: Paladin

Gender: Male

Social Background: Being born of what was basically an affair by his human mother with an elven father who left her two minutes after he was conceived, he had trouble finding his place in the world, similarly to most half-breeds. Since he kept fighting with the other children in his childhood years, and so he finally decided that mercenary work was just the thing for him - after all he'd been fighting other children for years! His first job involved intimidating an order of paladins. Needless to say, he was taken in custody, forcibly converted and after years of indoctrination, became a fanatic zealot for the order. He attended the school on their behalf too, trying to find out whether they could use the school to get more followers... he wasn't very successful. ADDED: His name was also given by the order, as a constant reminder to him that his life now belongs to the faith, and that his only task on this world is to bring law and justice on behalf of it.

What where you like in adventuring college: The overly religious, to some insane guy, trying to convert students, teachers, and everyone who would listen to him to the right faith. Besides that, a top student, also influenced by his values and mission at the school.

Favorite teacher in adventuring College (and why): Mr. Isaac, who was always a bit of a loony-bin, and a big conspiracy theorist - and the first teacher he actually converted to his own faith by peaceful methods! Soon after, Mr. Isaac got fired and was never heard from again - two events that, (characternamehere) swears to it, are completely unrelated.

Personality: Fanatic and very serious about his faith, and so most of what he does is stuff that would be considered good for the order. Sometimes curses it for not allowing him to use violence to convert anyone yet, though.

Appearance: As typical for half-elves, he's quite tall, standing at around 6'2", with a toned but still slender build - he fought and trained a lot, but it didn't change his elven physique much. Black, rather short hair, with very bright blue eyes. He likes to wear white and red, as those are the colours of the religious group he belongs to.


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Name: Lanna
Gender: Female
Race: Human (might change...still thinking about this)
Class: Barbarian
Appearance: Towering over most humans, Lenna is a fearsome sight. She stands a full 6'3" and looks like she could snap most humans in half. She's quite the beauty for the barbarian type, but her personality leaves much to be desired...and her opinion of human men isn't that much, either (probably due to their typical responses to her)

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Social background: Barbarian attitude. Barbarian personality. She is an orphan that was the sole survivor of a Orc raiding party on her tribe years ago. She was found by a Ranger who guided her growth into adolescence, and who got her into the school.
Personality: Abrasive. She doesn't like men much....they look at her funny. Could be her height, could be her demeanor, could be her body. Usually, its the big sword though.
What where you like in adventuring college: Bully to the boys. Dedicated study.
Favorite teacher in adventuring College (and why): Sword-master Jordan. He taught her how to use the greatsword she loves. He didn't treat her differently than the typical man, which made her more comfortable around him than most men. (She might have a thing for him)


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Name: Vale Schwordwaldtz
Age: 19
Class: Fighter
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Align: Lawful Neutral (Good tendencies)
Social Background: Son of one of Leatherboot's old adventuring companions
What were you like in adventuring college: Competitive, Serious about adventuring as a greater good for the world, enjoyed others' pranks but wouldn't let himself show it (it wasn't 'serious' enough)
Favorite teacher in adventuring college: Professor Deacon Peak. Deacon was the toughest, meanest teacher before Ironhelm showed up, and he didn't give anyone slack. If you couldn't run a mile in under 6 minutes, there was no way you'd outrun an orc horde. If you didn't get it right the first time, he made sure you did the second time by having the rest of the class run you down. Vale appreciated him pushing him to the extreme everyday, so he knew what he could handle.
Personality: Vale lives in the shadow of his father Sky Schwordwaldtz, who was quite the adventurer in his day before being eaten by a blue dragon. As such, Vale hates dragons with a passion, and can't wait till the first chance he gets to sink his sword into one. Also, he feels that he must be just as good as his father, if not better, and so he pushes himself to the extreme. Underneath it all, the kid in him still wants to have a normal, fun life. But he keeps a tight lid on that side of his personality.
Appearance: 6'2" with an Athletic build. Blonde hair with green eyes. Likes to wear blues and silvers.

Vale was glad to learn he would have Alderic on his team. That boy was a hard worker! Vale knew he could trust him in battle. Lanna too, whom Vale respected for her skill with the blade, although he never had understood her paranoia with men looking at her. True, she was beautiful, but her personality was so cold, you might as well go make a rock your girlfriend. Not that Vale could say much for personality either. He just didn't have time to worry about romance or friendship, unlike some other good-for-nothing that sadly was along for the ride. Him, Vale could do without, as well as that gloomy Edward guy. He just hoped they would stay out of the way and not get the rest of them killed. The rest of the group was alright, Vale guessed. Zanril would be a fair fighter in combat as long as he used his sword more than his mouth. Vale was even glad that Bosby was on the team. He was a good caster, which made up for his feeble body somewhat. Secretly, Vale also enjoyed Bosby's jokes, just like he had at college, though he would never admit to it.
OOCFor future note, no offense will ever be intended to anyone, just rping here. Just think of Vale as a drill sergeant type and you'll get the angle I try to portray him as. He respects strength and discipline, and has very little tolerance for slackers.

Characters: Julia, Saru

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Name: Gorm Ironhands
Age: 53
Class: Rogue
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Alignment: CG
Social Background:
At 4'6", 53 year old Gorm Ironhands is not the biggest dwarf around. But that suits him fine. Gorm likes to be left somewhat to his own devices, as he is very inquisitive by nature. Though when it comes to people, a little shy and gruff. Gorm is interested in alchemy and research into metals. He is serious in getting things done, but he never fit in well with the rigid structure of dwarf society. A sturdy creature fond of drink and industry.


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