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Game NameThe Dreaming Heralds
Game SystemDnD 5e
ThemeTemple/dungeon crawl with plenty room for RP
FlavourOne-shot Module, Spaghetti Western
Plot Summary
left-aligned image
For as long as anyone can remember, the ancient and eroded cliffs of Merthington Canyon have stood on the eastern edge of the Cattle Baronís Road. Desolate and lonely, the Canyons are shunned by the insular ranching communities that live along the road, who tell stories of lost travellers being ripped apart by rabid coyotes, and worse. Few brave souls enter the narrow passageways to test the truthfulness of these tales.

110 years ago, however, a group of worshippers of the sun god Huitzilopochtli found a use for these rumors. Calling themselves the Heralds of the Morning, the sect cleaved to a mostly forgotten prophecy of rebirth, in which an avatar of Huitzilopochtli was destined to enter the world and rout the forces of darkness.

Using divinatory tools, the sectís astrologer-mathematicians precisely calculated the date of this miracle, called the New Morning, to be some 116 years in the future (i.e. 6 years from the current time). This posed a problem for the human members of the sect, who would be dead by the time of the New Morning, and thus unable to rejoice in the arrival of their deity. The sectís leaders came up with a plan. They would entomb themselves in a remote temple, and enter a magical sleep from which they would awaken at the correct moment to welcome Huitzilopochtliís avatar to the world.

The Heralds built a temple for themselves deep in Merthington Canyon, hoping that the reputation of the canyon would prevent passers-by disturbing their slumber. After making preparations for the New Morning, they surrounded their resting place with a series of traps to deter intruders. Then during a complex ritual, the faithful drank a concoction brewed by the sectís herbalist, plunging them into deep sleep.

Unfortunately, one of the Heralds was a traitor. Eztli, a junior priest in the hierarchy with the rank of Initiate, was secretly an agent of evil. Long sworn to the gods of darkness and betrayal, he mimed drinking the sleeping draught and waited. Once the faithful had fallen unconscious, he proceeded to callously murder them, dedicating his slayings to the dark powers. And yet fate saw to it that his evil deeds did not go unrewarded. In a revel of unholy triumph, he stumbled into one of the traps that the Heralds had laid, and, impaled on iron spikes, he bled to death.

Such foul behavior and misadventure did not go unnoticed by the powers of evil. As a reward for his treachery, Eztli was raised as a fell undead creature to haunt the temple for eternity. He retains some memory of his former life, and spends his time in endless supplication to his dark gods. During the preceding century, he has raised many of the strangely preserved corpses of the other Heralds as his undead minions. Bound by magic to the temple, Eztli despairs at his eternal imprisonment and longs for release into the world outside.

The temple has remained undiscovered in the woods since then, collecting red clay dust, until recently chanced upon by a teenager from one of the local homesteads.

What's your part in all this?
right-aligned image
Whilst travelling down a lonely stretch of worn path called the Cattle Baronís Road, the characters meet Abel Yarl, a homesteader. He pleads with them to help him find out what has happened to his son, Devek, who has fallen into a death-like slumber. After some investigation at the Yarl homestead, the characters proceed into the canyon to find a mysterious temple of Huitzilopochtli. Once there, they will need to brave the traps and defenses of the temple to find an antidote that can save Devek.

The GM:Hello everyone! You probably know me but if you don't, you can probably guess the kind of things I get into. I am taking the Fantasy-geared level 1 module, 'The Dreaming Heralds' which I just recently found and I am going to homebrew it a little so that it has a wild west, spaghetti western feel to it! Crazy, right? I have only read a little ways into the guide book as of right now and will only go far enough to describe each successive post since I want it to be a surprise to me as much as it is to you. Mainly, because I want to play alongside you and enjoy solving the mystery without knowing the ending.

Personality trait:
Personality: Articulate more on your traits, ideals, bonds, flaws.
Description: Words and a picture, make sure the picture has a small-ish version to add to your in-game posts
RP sample: Something fresh or a link to actual game post.

Questions and Answers:
-What level, stat assignment, equipment/gear?
Level 1 module, 27 point buy, non-standard class and background + a horse

-Will there be magic?
Yes, there will be magic.

-What kind of group am I looking for?
I chose a module so that I could play along with my players so I am looking for three players to make a group of four

-When you say spaghetti western, does that mean people are walking around in Stetsons and such?
Yes. But it can vary, I am willing to tailor it to the players. I might have misquoted 'Spahgetti Westerns' but I am good with a character concept resembling any ideas between 'Gunsmoke'/'Bonanza' and 'Godless'/'The Quick and the Dead'. Literally, any character concept is welcome, I am even incorporating all the fantasy races. If you have an idea on how to make it fit into a semi-western environment, go for it!

-Oath of Sangus ||
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