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Old 08-11-2018, 06:55 AM
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Kornen The City of Gold

Name of the world: Bestijgen
Capital City: Kronen (but you knew it as Kroon)
Imperial Colours: Wine Red, Orange, Green and gold:

Rising out of the Vast primordial cannon of Kroon, likes the great and holy city you once called Bitron. A thousand plateaus vaulting out of Or’ Ye’or, the Primordial River of Light to break past the Canyon rim. On the face of the pale lavender stone of each rock face, widows and door cast an elegant erithal dwellings, almost as old as the world itself. All the great and long forgotten heroes and villains of faith and myth once dwelt here, living out their melodrama for eon’s unconted, In those day no one counted time. For those who inhabited the city were immortal as long as they dwelt within the canyon walls.

Who built the holy city none can say, though you recall ancient (if heretical) texts that say it predated the birth of the Custodians, maybe even the Two Mother themselves. Even today those who manage to survive the long journeys down the narrow winding staircase that wrap around each plateau, will find after 25,000 feet, will reach the softly flowing river itself, each drop of liquid the nebulous of the golden sun, the silver moon, and the soft starlight. (The Mother of all noble metals) from there it flowed out into the sky and made the universe.

Just the slights sip from the river's water can revive the dying, a drop can end a famine, make a humble hero a king of men, or drive the unworthy mad. You were here once- long ago you remember the decent- but not much else.

The city was not inhabited then, and had been for long eternity's. But is not empty now. 40,000 people now live here, And it is the seat of power of Queen Maut Rotee.

No longer can the light of the river be seen from the top of the canyon, for the sky is covered in a soft grey misted the blocks obscures the light river, but from each of the endless rows of windows comes the soft comforting glow of hearth and home in the city below. So that the now defamed city below, is gifted in a new holy blessing of hope and love.

Running across the canyon for thousands of feet below are intricate roadway of lanes, bridges, markets, and temples are suspended from the tinny web-like threads woven of what might be adamantium, each causeway enameled in spans of wine red, orange, and green with golden depictions of nettle, and of all the gods working their miracles and dispensing their rath, Rotee at their right hand dispensing their will on earth.

In the higher elevations these paths and byways are broad extend well past the edge of the rim, and are covered with travelers, leading mules, or llama’s into the city filled with goods. In the chasms birds, dragons, and a whole hosts of wind creatures fly, some for fun, some at work and some for darker purposes.

Hovering above them are the ships of the air, bringing what the beasts of burdens cannot carry.

The Dark mists that cover the upper elevations only deepen downward, so that those who dwell feet below have only the lights of cookfires and the lamps of the city streets to guide them in their journeys. Though who dwell that far down, however, receive a special blessing- for the air their is pure and sweet.

Down further still who can say what is below, for the feines of the dark and creatures of pure light have both been known to emerge from it, few dare venture there- for the roads to not extend that far.

High, high, high above the city- atop the centermost plateau spans a single golden thread, wide at the base and narrowing- as if the canyon floor was the sun and this a single golden ray gifted to the world. And Yet it appears tarnished somehow, perhaps from the lack of light. They say that at its pinical the sun self can be seen. It is the Known as the Ray of the Cosmos. Its roots reaching into the primordial waters it faces aborbsroning light of the heavens. It is the Queen’s palace. And it was certainly not here when you died.

Some say it is the source of her immortality, for it is known that those who dwell within it never age. Some say the it radiates light and warmth to the world keeping true evil at bay.

All you know for sure is that you live in it now, and though you feel great power with it. There is not a trace about it that is holy.
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