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Old 08-11-2018, 06:16 PM
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Game groups for Doomsday Dawn

These are the groups I have selected to play the various chapters of Doomsday Dawn. From my experience of PbP, I would be very surprised if the groups all finished with the original members, but I would be delighted to be wrong. That said, I aim to take the Lost Star group on to 2 more chapters in the adventure, so will replace any MIA players with survivors from the other adventures...

Lost Star (level 1):
Moridain: Dwarf Wizard
Jarl11: Elf Rogue
ExhibitA: Elf Druid
Insacrum: Goblin Paladin

In Pale Mountain's Shadow (4th level)
Phenyx: Half-elf bard
Onophrios: Human monk
JasonWFD: Half-elf Cleric
ExhibitA: Dwarf Rogue

Affair at Sombrefell Hall (7th level)
LittleBlueNA Human Druid
Onophrios Gnome Paladin
zebedee: Half-orc monk
Jarl11: H-Orc Cleric

Heroes of Undarin (12th level)
fromthe1980s Halfling Wizard
RainyDayNinja: Dwarf Monk
zebedee: Halfling Cleric
Insacrum: Dwarf Rogue

Red Flags (14th level).
Jarl11: Gnome Bard
Iron DM 2008 (Runner-up)

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