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Old 08-10-2018, 09:11 PM
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Here's where you will be posting your official applications! For those of you who voiced interest and will voice interest, place them here. What I'd like to see is:

Picture (Optional): post picture
Name:Jimmy Boy Man
Class: Ranger
Alignment: Neutral Good
Background: Soldier
Background (Ideals/Bonds/Flaws): Am good, like good, am too good
Character Sheet: post character sheet or link to character sheet
Role Play Example (Optional): was small boy, now big man, good sword stuff, kill things for king


Dewleaf Rivers | Dwarven Barbarian Morrinn Waraxe | TEAM 1
Solitaire64 | Human Rogue Apat (Dalfin) | TEAM 1
InstantD | Half-Elf Sorcerer Farrah Al'Habsyi | TEAM 1
MadDokMike | Human Cleric Caius Gallianus | TEAM 1

ColorsOfTheHeart | Human Bard Rowan Rainfell | TEAM 2
Krow Nest | Tiefling Barbarian Zarakos | TEAM 2
AmonBlackwood | Human Fighter Seaghan Durnin | TEAM 2

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right-aligned image

Name: Doctavian Velesares“Doc”
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Wizard
Alignment: CN
Age: 25

Background: Hermit
Personality trait: i am oblivious to etiquette and social expectations.
Ideals: free thinking
Bonds:should my discover come to light, it could bring ruin to the world.
Flaws:i let my need to win arguments overshadow friendships and harmony

History: Like most socially awkward intellectuals, he always wanted to get revenge of the popular jocks who tormented him. Unlike most nerds however, he actually devoted all the time others spend getting dates to study magic and gained actual power. Inspired by the secrets of sorcery, Doc applied to a magic school where he got incredibly high grades, though he suffered many behavioral problems which eventually led to his expulsion. Now he seeks to attain knowledge so that he might realize his dream: creating an army of exploding suicide squirrels to rule the world.

Professor Doctavian Velesares, or Doc to most, seeks to unravel the science of sorcery. He has no patience for those who view magic as a form of mysticism. It has laws and rules, just like anything else, and he wishes to document those rules. He studies magic, just as one studies any scientific field, and once he has finished his research, he’ll make those who mocked him pay. PAY!

Doc sees the world as his petri dish, people as his guinea pigs, and adventures as experiments. Prone to excitable fits of giggling to the point of being hyperactive, Doc often loses focus and throws caution to the wind in the heat of the moment. Sadly this often ends in disaster.

Personality: Socially, Doc is a timid, insecure introvert with low self-esteem. He suffers constant feelings of loneliness and rejection. Having been severely bullied, Doc is quick to back down when confronted with hostility from his peers, but when unchallenged is all too happy to point out the shortcomings of others. Now is his chance to shine and show how great and smart he really is…or die horribly.

Description: Doc has long scraggly black hair, wears white robes, often has a maniacal grin on his face, and is very scrawny. He has a habit of wringing his hands together and pacing when he is deep in thought, and has bad poster, often hunching over or slouching. He speaks in a high-pitched, nasal tone, and is prone to fits of manic giggling and laughter.

Quote: Normal people look at an owl bear and ask, why? A wizard looks at one and asks, how?

RP Sample:
I'm not intellectually arrogant, I'm just right all the time

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Picture (Optional):
Name:Morinn Waraxe
Class: Barbarian
Alignment: Lawful Good
Background: Barbarian

He is from any area in your would where the foothills meet the mountains on one side and the hills descend into a forest and grassy plains on the other side. His Clan home Village is right near the center of this land, one of five such cities in the Clans lands. The clan is known for worshiping the Great Cat Spirit, specifically, in his clan, in the form of a beautiful Bengal Tiger. The Bengal Tiger is a guardian of the Dwarven Hills, the hunting grasslands, and the forests. It is an embodiment of Nature itself.

Having grown up in such extreme hostile lands where nature can tear your city apart with floods and winds without warning, where Hobgoblins sometimes attack out of the nearby forests, and where magical beasts roam among the game and great cats of the hunting grasslands, Morrin has learned that you must depend on one another to survive. He does not understand selfish behavior for the sake of gain and power. It is foreign to him, and he sees it only as being destructive to any society.

Morinn hunts and tracks for food as well as cooks as a normal part of being in the clan. He has athletics and an understanding for how nature works being able to sense weather and when animals are natural to an area. He is good with animals such as large cats and Pack dogs like wolves, but has no skill with horses. Morinn also knows how to identify plans that are hazardous to the clan such as poison Ivy and even deadlier natural plants. He doesn't have herbalism though, and therefore has no idea of what plants can heal you. Only what you can safely eat and get water from.

Morinn doesn't trust magic outside of what the Shaman of the Tiger does, and before he will ever trust the magic done by any other, he must develop a trust for the one offering it. That would mean, in order to heal him, the only way he will fail his save, is if he is too injured to fight it, hovering at around 0 hit points or less.

He doesn't trust people that act selfishly, especially in respect to the clan he is traveling with, and so until he knows what a person is made of, he will not likely put himself in a situation where he has to trust them until he has seen them work for the good of others like a village clan member should.

Morrin, coming from a Great Cat Clan Tribe, tends to Growl and grunt his Rs and Ws, spit his Ts and Ps, and hiss his Fs and so on. Even when he isn't pronouncing words that have those sounds, he still sound a little bit like a big cat growling when he talks. Another of his mannerisms, is that he can often be found rubbing a globe of jade about the size of half his palm, something known as the Cat's eye that Shaman in his clan use to power their spells and their sway over the beasts of the land.

Morrin hates being suspended in high places such as on rope bridges across a large ravine or having the fly spell cast on him. He is at serious penalties to act when facing a situation where he does not have his feet on terra ferma. Now, being on a mountain top looking down, or climbing a mountain is no problem as he is well connected to the Earth, but being on a horse, where his feet are not on the Earth, yeah, that makes him uncomfortable. The only exception to that, would be if he were bonded to a beast that he would trust, a large cat given to him by his shaman and the Tiger Spirit, and not something that will happen very soon, though he hopes one day....

Character Sheet: https://www.rpgcrossing.com/profiler/view.php?id=76794

Morinne looked up at the larger man in the group who was clearly one of those civilized types, but who seemed to live by steel. He was rolling his Tiger Eye, a ball of nicely crafted jade between both his hands, careful to keep the blades of his "Tiger Claws," straight out away from himself as he did so. The "Tiger Claws" were gauntlet weapons that covered up to his elbows on his arms, and had a long shaft of metal that protruded out and stretched out six inches away from his knuckles on each hand where they became a blade. It was his favorite weapon that he had trained in for years in hopes of pleasing one of two people among his clan.

"What? Do I think the hobgoblin is telling the truth? You show me one honest Hobgoblin that can tell one story without at least one twist to the truth in it, and I will show you a Dwarf that will fight with it at his side. If such a creature exists, I haven not seen it yet. So, no, I don't think it is telling the truth, however, what it is lying about, precisely, I cannot say."

Morinn spat his t's and his p's. He roared his Rs and his vowels that sounded more like ohs or u's. He hissed his s's and his f's. It was almost as if his language was foreign, even to other dwarves with their guttural sounds. Never, had a civilized Dwarf heard another dwarf hiss and spit his sounds unless he had experience with the Hill Riders that worshiped the Tiger Spirit.

Morrin thought nothing of it, though, and he did try to be polite about the spitting by directing his head towards the ground when he spoke.

"The Hobgoblins would not cause such a panic, however," he looked up at he fighter. "As to need the attention of several city states across the human empire, and also gain such infamy among so many. Do you even know Red Fur? No? That's my point. Red Fur is a local problem among the Cat Riders only. He is not a world famous problem. He has no such means, so while I believe this Hob-thing to be a liar, I do not believe he is the problem we are looking for."

Morrin then looked right at the Hobgoblin in the eye as he stored his prize Jaded "Cat's Eye."

"You. You may or you may not know the problems of the travelers, but that doesn't matter. We demand an audience with Red Fur, and you will take us. If you try to signal your pals to attack us, be sure to know, you will be the first to die. We know exactly where you are, and our expert bowman, our spell casters, and I have my sights right on you, first. No other. They will not take us all out before one of us gets you mortally, understand, Hob-monster?"
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Name: Rowan Rainfell
Age: 19
Race: Human
Class: Bard
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Background: Noble
Traits: Despite my noble birth, I do not place myself above other folk. We all have the same blood.
My eloquent flattery makes everyone I talk to feel like the most wonderful and important person in the world.
Ideals: Independence. I must prove that I can handle myself without the coddling of my family.
Bonds: I am in love with another man, something my family despises.
Flaws: I hide a truly scandalous secret that could ruin my family forever.

History: Rowan is the youngest child of the Rainfell family. With three brothers and a sister ahead of him, there wasn't much expected of him. His only path in the future would be to eventually marry some noblewoman for the sake of the family. In fact, his future bride was chosen for him when they were both just toddlers. Rowan was a bit of a spoiled brat growning up, causing havoc and headache for the servants who were in charge of him. The only one of his many tutors he didn't cause trouble for was his music teacher. There was something about the man that waas able to tame the wild brat.

Rowan was okay with marrying Lanna Ravensworth in his early years. She was pretty and nice, after all. They became fast friends, going on many adventures and causing much stress for their families with all the trouble they got into. But as Rowan got into his teenage years, things starting to change. He saw Lanna as only a friend, a best friend, but still just a friend. Those feelings of love that his mother had always told him about weren't there with her. But they were there for someone else. Gilbert Whisperwind, the music teacher. Rowan was sixteen when he finally worked up the courage to kiss him. Despite the ten year difference between them, and despite the fact that Rowan wasn't of age yet, they hide their relationship in secret. For a time, life went on like normal. The only other one knowing was Lanna herself, who was the one of had convinced Rowan to go for it in the first place.

Everything was great, Rowan was happier than he had ever been before. Until his oldest brother caught him and Gilbert making out in the music room. His parents were told, Gilbert was promptly fired, and the wedding between Rowan and Lanna moved up to just a few weeks away. Rowan fell into the throws of heartbreak and depression. He barely ate, he hardly slept, he locked himself in his room and refused to talk to anyone. His family only made things worse by yelling at him through his door to get over his little crush and do what was expected of him.

Lanna arrived a week before the wedding. She was able to convince Rowan to leave his room and at least eat something, though he still refused to talk to anyone but her. Both were miserable with the wedding date creeping up on them. For Rowan loved Gilbert, and Lanna loved another nobleman. Together they schemed and planned. The night before the wedding, they took a walk in the gardens, were Rowan grabbed the pack that they had been secretly preparing all week and left. Rowan was off to find Gilbert. Though it would be difficult, as his family would be doubt be trying to hunt him down, and the only clue he had to find Gilbert was that the man had once told him that he was from the north. So north he went.

Character Sheet: https://www.rpgcrossing.com/profiler/view.php?id=76896

RP Example: The cool, night air washed over Rowan causing him and his companion to shiver slightly. The nobleman felt better than he had in weeks knowing that tonight was the night that they sprung their plan. For the past week him and Lanna had been planning their escape down to the letter. Rowan's freedom would grant Lanna's as well. Together they would choose their paths and not let their families control their lives any longer. The two best friends would have been miserable spending their lives together, knowing that each had someone else they loved.

They took the same path they had several nights in a row, to a corner of the garden. There were two guards about twenty feet behind them, assigned to keep an eye on them, but not get too close as to give the would-be couple some privacy. Rowan casually spread out the blanket he had been carrying, as he had the other nights before this. The two of them made to sit down on the blanket, hiding themselves from the view of their guard. As soon as they were out of sight, the plan began. Rowan reached underneath one of the nearby bushes and pulled out the pack they had been preparing over the course of the week. Slowing bringing supplies out piece by piece, hidden in baskets or underneath clothing. Rowan looked back at Lanna, who was settling onto the blanket, ready to buy Rowan as much time as possible. "Are you sure you don't want to go with me? Rowan asked, casting the Message spell he had learned from Gilbert over a year ago.

Lanna shook her head, responding like he had taught her to do. "I'm sure. If I go with you, I can't marry Henry. I wish you luck in finding him."

With one last nod to Lanna, Rowan got down on the ground, and crawled under the bush to his exit. There was a gap in the wall of the manor which was large enough to fit a person. It was hidden on either side of the wall by bushes. Working his way through to the other side, Rowan waiting for the perfect opportunity, then bolted into the woods just beyond his home, heading north to find Gilbert.

Lanna enacted her part of the plan, which was the easy part. All she had to do was sit there waiting for an hour or so, to give Rowan some time to flee. When she did finally start heading back inside the manor, she would never forget the look of horror on the guard's faces when they realized she was alone. One bolted back to the manor, while the other stayed with her. But they were too late, Rowan was gone.

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right-aligned image
"Once my power is regained... I will reclaim my land."

Name: Zarakos
Gender: Male
Race: Tiefling
Class: Barbarian
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Background: Outlander
  • Trait I love a good insult, even one directed at me. I can stare down a hellhound without flinching.
  • ideal When you knock down a tower, expect the oncoming rubble.
  • Bond I will face any challenge to win the approval of my people
  • Flaw I will cannot easily trust anyone other than myself.

Personality: Zarakos could be described as very forward and upfront about most of his words. He doesn't hold back with people and shows his dominance. Looking down to weak warriors, he only praises anything as strong or stronger than him. Though he is like this, he has been seen helping others, though it's usually to advance his own goals.

Backstory: Zarakos was once the ruler of a group of Tiefling warriors, having claimed a land as their hunting grounds. Being a powerful leader, he was respected by his people... though not all. He was eventually betrayed and his power was sapped from him, causing him to become easily overpowered. To the people, this was just their leader simply being overpowered, but it was a de-throning. Being ridiculed by his people, Zarakos left and seeked out to regain his power, though the only way to do so... would be naturally; training. Zarakos seeked work in guilds and the like, trying to hunt stronger creatures to regain his power and someday... reclaim the land that he once ruled.

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Name: Apat (Real name is Dalfin)
Class: Thief
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Background: Urchin

Background summary:

Ideals: A deal is a deal; so keep your word when hired for a scam. Don’t steal more than the mark could afford to lose.
Bonds: I know what it is like to be a homeless child on the streets of a city. I have empathy for urchins and anyone helping them.
Flaws: There is a bounty on my head; my deceased mentor ripped off a dangerous noble. I’m the last rogue left alive from that job.


Role Play Example: WIP

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Farrah Al'Habsyi

right-aligned image

Name: Farrah Al'Habsyi
Class: Sorcerer
Alignment: Lawful Good
Background: Noble

Personality Traits: No one could doubt by looking at my regal bearing that I am a cut above the unwashed masses. I take great pains to always look my best and follow the latest fashions.
Ideal: Noble Obligation. It is my duty to protect and care for the people beneath me.
Bond: The common folk must see me as a hero of the people.
Flaw: I have an insatiable desire for carnal pleasures.

Character Sheet: https://www.rpgcrossing.com/profiler/view.php?id=76902

The city of Marate, located in the province of the same name in eastern Nejaris, is the home of the Al’habsyi family, the long-standing ruling family of Marate and the lesser cities of the province. It was to this family that Farrah was brought into the world.

As the firstborn, the heiress destined to one day inherit the throne of Marate, Farrah’s path was set out for her the moment she drew her first breath. At an early age, while other kids her were playing with dolls and pretenses, she attended various tutors and instructors of various arts and statecraft befitting a monarch. Through it, a strong sense of duty was engraved into the young’s heiress mind. She knew that her life does not belong to her alone, that she must one day lead and protect her people.

With precious little free time, Farrah did not have many friends, though the few she did have shared a strong bond and enjoyed a close relationship with her. Early on, the many daughters of nobles who simpered and uttered empty flattery around her, in hopes of befriending a future queen, lost Farrah’s favour instantly. Instead, she had a variety of confidants from all strata, from a lowly kitchen maid, to a particularly candid daughter of a high-ranking noble. When the princess reached her teen years, suitors from the ranks in nobility came in droves, attracted like bees to honey to her status and famed beauty. Farrah was happy enough to fool around with those she fancied, but any talk of a long-term arrangement was met with a cold glare and a curt rejection.

As a young adult, it was clear to everyone that their princess possessed a strong character, regal bearing, and a natural flair towards leadership. At the age where most young women in Marate looked to be wed, Farrah had already begun to participate in the matters of state, gaining a seat in the council and influencing the discussion on the governance of Marate. The people knew her as strict but fair, equally comfortable in handing out harsh punishments to wrongdoers and welcoming the plights of the needy. The princess was the pride of her family, and for a long time it seemed that Farrah's path towards Queendom was as straight as a arrow's flight.

Then one day, as the Queen-to-be was walking through the upper district of Marate, she fell out cold without warning. When she opened her eyes, Farrah found herself inside a cavern, if caverns were the size of whole mountains, covered with strange crystals and runes, and the air a golden hue. In the cavern was a majestic being that the princess of Marate could not quite make out. It spoke into her mind of a pact long before recorded history, of a promise made and now called to honor, of a dark and terrible future that she must prevent. For a moment, the cavern lit up as fire shot out before Farrah and enveloped her in a warm and comforting embrace. Then she woke up. The princess was in her bedchamber, her body enveloped by a harmless, incorporeal purple fire. Her loyal handmaiden had been the only one present, frozen with fear and confusion at what was happening before her. She turned to leave and call the others, but Farrah's hand shot out to catch hers and in doing so, noticed something odd about her forearm. The flames died down and the heiress calmed her handmaiden, instructing her to stay. Farrah stood in front of the room's mirror to confirm what she had seen. The princess' once purple eyes have turned golden and some of her body is now covered with a thin, almost invisible, golden sheen of something akin to scales.

Calmer than she felt, Farrah had her handmaiden explain what happened after she fainted. The servant nervously explained that the princess had been unconscious for almost a week. She claimed that her body has been burning up with a fever so hot that it almost burned to the touch. Doctors of the highest caliber were summoned, administering state of the art treatment and medicine to seemingly no avail. After hearing the girl, Farrah then made her handmaiden promise not to tell anyone of what she had seen that day.

The event was soon swept away and forgotten. The doctors were more than happy to claim credit for the queen-to-be's miraculous recovery, even attempting to explain the sudden change of eye color to a side effect of the disease and treatment, a lie which everyone seemed to heartily accept. Farrah knew better. Whatever happened had changed her to to the core of her being. Or perhaps it was more appropriate to say that it had awakened something that was hidden inside the princess. She felt power such as she never felt before. From the moment she had woken up, she has become aware of countless of strands everywhere around her flowing like a river. She would just need to pluck these strands and weave them in such a way to bend the rules of nature. She instinctively knew these strands for what they were, and what she has become. And with this knowledge, came fear and excitement.

Magic. In Marate, even uttering the word would be a quick way to earn a scowl from those that heard it. Virtually the whole province shunned and detested magic and its users, both arcane and divine. Some claim that all magic comes from dealings with demons, devils, or other evil beings, and others tell that the rules of nature are not meant to be tampered with. The real reason on why magic is banned in Marate is lost to all but maybe the select few. As the woman that would one day sit on the throne of Marate, Farrah's distaste of magic took on a different shape. She saw in magic, a powerful resource that is available to everyone else but them, a threat that they have to deal with and mitigate. A royal member, the heiress herself at that, being a practitioner of magic would be a blow to the Al'habsyi family that they may never recover from. Still, Farrah found herself spending hours locked up in the palace library, consuming any literature they had regarding the nature of magic. In time, she even dared to practice her arcane skills in private. Feeling the strands of magic flow through her body felt right and familiar, as if she was now whole like she'd never been before. Farrah decided then to not reject the wonderful gift given to her. When she is queen, she will slowly and skillfully change the noble's and people's mind regarding magic, all the while increasing her mastery of her newfound power to reveal when Marate's ready. After all, for the sake of her kingdom and people, she would use any tools in her available to her disposal.

Fate, or otherworldly machinations, decided differently. Almost a year after she fell ill, they received information that a group of tundra kobolds maybe threatening the southern border of Marate. Farrah made her younger brother, the Grand Commandant, take her among a small group of scouts he was leading to the tundra to assess the threat. However, amidst the snow, the group was ambushed by small imp-like resembling icicles. In the heat of battle, she saw her brother pinned on the ground by a few of the fiends, fighting for his life, sharp ice claws reaching for his throat. At the sight, Farrah shouted and raised her hand. From it a bright purple fire shot out and hit one of the creature's and scaring the others away from her brother. Then, seeing what she had done, one of the creatures leaped at her with a powerful swipe. The last thing Farrah remembered was a painful burning across her chest, and she passed out.

The princess woke up to the sight of her father's conflicted face, one of anger and relief mixed in a strange manner. Farrah then knew that her secret was out. The punishment for practicing magic in Marate ranged from exile to death. For a royal member to do so was unheard of. Farrah's mother and brother's pleaded for mercy from the king, who struggled between his royal duty and his fondness of the princess. So in one still night, Farrah was smuggled out of the city, and soon out of the province, princess no more. She has been disowned, disinherited, and forbidden to use the Al'habsyi name ever again. To do so, or to step inside Marate, would bring down upon her the punishment of death. To the nobles and people of Marate, it was announced that the princess had died from her wounds, and the few that knew the truth, of what she was, were sworn to secrecy.

In the span of a few days, Farrah had turned from one of the most powerful and respected figure in a kingdom to a vagabond without a family. However, she swore to not let her story end there. She vowed to gather more power, more knowledge, to one day return to Marate and claim her rightful throne.
Oath of Sangus

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Application: Caius Gallianus

Picture (Optional):

Name: Caius Gallianus
Class: Cleric
Alignment: True Neutral
Background: Custom (based sage and hermit)
Background (Ideals/Bonds/Flaws):
Deep down, he yearns for a better, fairer world but first seeks revenge/resolution surrounding death of his soul mate.
Bonded to the soul of his departed partner. Holds no other current loyalty, he is adrift from society with the sole purpose of getting revenge for her and hopefully reuniting with her spirit.
The loss of his soul mate has made him narrowly focused, impatient and sometimes indifferent to others plights if they conflicts with his goal. He walks a fine line between dark paths in the pursuit of his goal.

Character Sheet: https://www.rpgcrossing.com/profiler/view.php?id=76900
Role Play Example (Optional):

Cauis grew up poor in the city of [DM choice], always aspiring to be a mage, but he soon learnt that poor people don't get into the schools of magic. As an adolescent, keen to be surrounded by the mysteries of magic, he took a job as a scribe in the arcane quarter, here he learnt much of ancient history and the lore of races as he transcribed ancient texts into common.

He worked here for many years until his path crossed with a young bright and intelligent woman, Sofia Elisea, an initiate in the nearby colleges. They quickly fell in love and formed a very strong bond together. Never had he felt so close to someone. They spent a few years together whilst she was at the colleges. She was smart and rose quickly within the college, it wasn't long before she was involved in academic research and field projects for the colleges. She would go out to ancient ruins and come back to tell Caius tales of her adventures. However one mission to an ancient ruin ended in tragedy. The whole field team never returned and when the college sent out a party to look for them, they were all found slain in the ruins.

This ripped Caius' world apart. The college were keen to cover up the event and offered no answers to him regarding what had transpired or tell him the location of the ruins. He sought again to join the colleges, hoping to gain powers so he could go out into the world and investigate, but the college refused and threatened him. He needed answers, so left the city. He traveled far and ended up at a remote clerics temple where he stayed for a while offering his service and trained. He hoped to find peace in his mind at the temple. He thought the clerical order could offer a way to communicate with her dead spirit. He grew frustrated and could not clear his mind. A new initiate told him of a local mage who lived in a nearby tower secretly, who could offer him all the powers he needed to contact her. Desperate, he left. This mage truly did have great powers, dark powers, shunned upon powers, Caius was weak and was drawn in.

Caius spent years in the service of this dark mage, hanging off his every word. He did not realise he was being manipulated, used as a thrall. He was strung along on the promise of great powers, but only drip fed knowledge. Other people, with their own stories lived and served this master. He had become part of a cult. One night following a terrifying dream, he awoke sharply with new gained clarity. He had strayed from his path and goal. He knew his dark master would never divulge his secrets, but he needed them. He took an opportunity and stole into the night with his masters spell book in the hope it would hold the secrets for reuniting with his loved one...

Caius is a tempest cleric, focusing more on fighting. He fights with two swords, mixed with close range lightening and thunder attacks.

Character Direction
I am thinking of taking the character into wizard multi class at 2nd level, following the path of the knowledge learnt from the stolen masters book

Story hooks
- maybe we could explore finding the ancient ruin where his partner died
- or the cult leader mage, coming back for his book

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Name: Seaghan (pronounced Shawn) Durnin
Class: Fighter
Race: Human (Variant)
Background: Folk Hero

Description: A large man by human standards, Seaghan towers over most and is a solid wall of muscle. Chopping wood for his prolific family's hearth and defending his hometown of Crooked Bank from orcs has made Seaghan a physically imposing individual. He wears messy blonde hair about his shoulders and his deep brown eyes project confidence.

Personality: Seaghan is outwardly positive and caring. He does his best to improve the world around him and projects a sense of calmness wherever he goes. Community, family, and friends are all extremely important to Seaghan. He sees it as his duty in life to leave the world just a little better than he found it. He is not naive to the violence and hate that exists, and often interposes himself where he feels he can make a difference.

History: Seaghan hails from Crooked Bank, a sizable river town on the edge of one of the major human kingdoms. For generations, Crooked Bank has provided a meagre export of timber and wheat, but a powerful export of mercenaries. Her sons and daughters train from an early age to defend themselves from encroaching orcs on the far side of the river Meander. Seaghan is one of those sons, a local legend wielding a huge wooden club.

Seaghan's weapon is a massive, two-handed Shillelagh fashioned from a 150 year-old oak tree and heat-treated for 5 days in the Crooked Bank forges. It was passed to him by his father, Nial, and Seaghan would sooner lose an eye than part with this heirloom. He spent the better part of his twenties using it to clear out orcs along the Meander, but hopes to find a permanent solution for Crooked Bank. Seaghan has struck out to make his way in the world, intending to one day return to his home with treasure enough to ensure Crooked Bank will never have to worry about orcs again. Perhaps a nice stone curtain wall.. and a keep to replace the town hall?

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