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Old 08-11-2018, 04:02 AM
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Character Thread

Repost your application from the advert thread here

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Old 08-11-2018, 04:31 AM
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The Actual Application
right-aligned image

  • Name: Martyn FitzAlthares
  • Race: Half-Orc
  • Class: Fighter
  • Background: Marine on a warship for 10 yearsSailor
  • Alignment: Obey just authority/Defeat worthy opponent.LN
  • Bonds:
  • Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • Sheet Link

More Detailed Stuff
right-aligned image
  • Why are you an Adventurer?
  • Background Writeup:
  • What you'd like to get from this game:
  • Take these questions as being asked by either a Bar-keep/shop-keep/or whatever general NPC you wish (for your immersion purposes).



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Old 08-11-2018, 05:07 AM
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Name: Omen, or Chanter
Race: Kenku
Class: Death Cleric
Background: Acolyte
Potential Bonds: Martyn is strong-willed and dependable - something I wish to be.
Mim is a shady individual that reminds Omen of the people that raised and instructed her, but she truly believes anyone can become good with work and effort.
Alignment: Bring about changes deemed fit by my gods, and proselytize for the Beast Gods. CN


Sheet: http://www.rpgcrossing.com/profiler/view.php?id=76791








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Old 08-11-2018, 05:53 AM
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right-aligned image
Name: Tammin Brightspot

Race: Tabaxi

Class: Bard

Background: Entertainer

Alignment: Chaotic-Good.

Alignment Goals: Spur others to do heroic things even when it’s not in their nature to do so (Chaotic). Help others discover hidden reserves they never thought they had to overcome a seemingly unsurmountable obstacle (Good).

Bonds: Will add those if accepted into the game.

Appearance: Casual observers might be forgiven for thinking Tammin Brightspot is merely of about average height for a human, but when the Tabaxi straightens his back and stretches to his full height he stands out in a crowd at well over six feet in height. He is of slight build so there is little mass to accompany the rather impressive height. He is covered with golden fur with black spots over most of his body, but around his mouth the hair turns almost white. He has carefully styled this part of his fur to look similar to what a foppish man might look like with a fancy mustache, and he finds it rather fetching.

He is dressed in a leather jerkin and pants with a west that matches his outfit splendidly over the jerkin. The ensemble is completed by a stiff black leather hat with a purple feather sticking out of it. When travelling he wears a thick dark-blue cloak, leaving the hood off so as not to crumple his fancy hat. He seems to be lightly armed, but is rarely seen without his narrow fencing blade in a sheath on his left hip and at least a pair of daggers in easy-to-reach places.

Personality: Tammin is an easy-going creature of comfort who loves nothing more than a good story. He loves telling stories as well as listening to stories he hasn’t heard before. He isn’t overburdened by the need to tell the truth, which can land him in trouble. As can his insatiable curiosity and his total lack of interest in calmly coming up with cunning plans of action. Tammin prefers action to overly complicated plans and trusts in his innate quickness and natural cleverness to get through whatever may happen.

Character Sheet: See here.

More Detailed Stuff





People say I'm evil and twisted, but I really have the heart of a young boy. In a jar, on my desk.

I have taken the Oath of Sangus.

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Old 08-11-2018, 09:01 AM
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right-aligned image

Race: Half-Elf

Class: Rogue (eventually a Swashbuckler)

Background: Courtier

Alignment: Chaotic good
  1. steal on behalf of, or give a stolen item to, someone who needs it more
  2. refute social conventions or the authority of others

Bond: I am in search of a place, or a group of people, I can call home and feel like I belong.

Appearance: 17-year-old Malea is lithe and nimble, standing at around 5'4". She often wears fine clothing, having grown accustomed to its feel living in a noble's court, yet it is usually covered by her dark brown leather armor that keeps her protected without restricting her movements. Malea's rosy brown skin and bright golden eyes mark her as elven, yet her dully pointed ears often lie hidden beneath the wavy jet black hair she inherited from her human father, such that in dim light she can occasionally pass as human. Malea's noble upbringing is clear in her perfectly erect posture and the grace of her movements, yet she is stained with dirt and her hair is unkempt. Malea often keeps her left forearm somewhat hidden, preferring not to have to explain the horrible scarring from the fire iron that seared her flesh and the infection that took hold in the following weeks. At her side hang two shortswords and two daggers, blades she is perfectly willing to draw when needed, and she wears a backpack filled with adventuring equipment. Around her neck she wears a necklace she inherited from her mother, from which hangs a pendant with an unknown elven design upon it.

Personality: Malea has always been the outcast, forever placed last even within her own family. Perhaps her heritage is held in esteem by society, but noble courts demand more. More purity; more humanity. She has never found anywhere she feels at home and has never felt like she wasn't out of place, pulled (or pushed) simultaneously in two different directions. Nonetheless, Malea has learned the ins and outs of how society works, especially within a noble court, and knows precisely how to comport herself as society dictates. She has a silver tongue that can often get her into, or out of, most situations. At the same time, she does not fear bucking society's expectations, and in fact relishes it. The more she must play the part assigned her, the more she rebels.

Malea feels compelled to help those worse off than her, and is willing to go out of her way to help someone, even risking her own life when necessary. She is angered by the inaction of those with power or wealth to help those without, and she is unafraid to let her thoughts be known.

Nonetheless, if she feels a connection with someone, she is eager to please them and strengthen that bond, constantly striving for a place or a group of people where she can feel welcome and at-home.

More Detailed Stuff
Why are you an adventurer? Malea has always felt out of place, even in her own home. She has never really had companions, even her own siblings. When she was cast out from her home, she realized she had nothing left for her in Antigo. Despite her noble upbringing, no matter where she went she'd always be a little out of place. Visarala, on the other hand, represents a world of possibilities and opportunity. Perhaps there she can finally find a home.

Background Write-Up:

What you'd like to get from this game: I love the idea of an open, sandbox-type world where we as the characters can actually have an effect on the world itself (and yet I appreciate having some structure so it's not just an overwhelming number of options, leaving us all unable to choose what to do). I'm also just really intrigued by the setting you've built, and I'll be interested to explore the dichotomy between the "old" and "new" worlds, as well as the interactions between all the different races, especially if we find some of the racial (and/or religious) hierarchies and relationships being subverted in this new land.



Bigger Photo

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Old 08-11-2018, 11:31 AM
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Original Application
Name: Willholm Plainfield
Race: Human
Class: Ranger
Background: Outlander
Alignment: 1) Endanger yourself to combat an unnatural threat, 2) Help an animal or spirit of the wild
Bonds: Will has created a bond with someone who was also travelling to Visarala via ship from Antigo. They found out early on that they could help each other as they arrive in the new world.
Appearance: Will is a tall thin human with bright blue eyes and blond shoulder length hair. He has a full beard and a mustache that is a but shaggy and unkept. His features are very common and nondescript. Around his shoulders he wears a brown cloak fastened by a pin that bears the symbol of Althares (a book within a circle). He carries a staff to improve his footing on rough terrain and has a light crossbow slung over his back. A quiver of 20 arrows rests on his outer thigh. Under his cloak he has leather armor that has seen a handful of years of use.
Personality: Will is polite and well spoken. It is obvious that he was schooled throughout his youth and has a general knowledge of the world and its' workings that he is eager to share. He enjoys talking about the new empire and his plans for the future. While he has a depth of knowledge and seems to have a great deal of reason, he almost never leads the discussion.
Character Sheet

More detailed Stuff
Background Writeup: Will was born to be a mapmaker. His father had spent many decades creating maps of Antigo for the King and is considered to be one of the greatest cartographers of the empire. Will started his career under his father and learned a great deal. In order to truly become a great cartographer Will has made a decision to chart the unknown territory of Visarala. Secretly he has another reason to travel to the new empire. the love of his life is an orc woman who had once visited Antigo but was exiled when she was found consorting with Will. The son will never forgive his father for sending his love away. Will now hopes to find her once again.



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The Actual Application


Name: Szass

Race: Gutter Gnoll

Class: Druid (going Circle of the Moon)

Background: Folk Hero (see beloooow)

Alignment: CN (Tear down the Empire and let the natural order prevail)

Bonds: TBD (I may come back and edit in these for each other application, depends on how obsessed I end up >.<)

Appearance: As with most female Gnolls, Szass is taller and stronger than most males of her species. Actually, most species. She cuts an imposing figure, with lean muscle perpetually tensed beneath mottled spotted fur, a spiked crest, and judiciously sharpened teeth. Her smile could give a shark the shivers. The trademark Gnoll chuckle cycles slightly higher pitched for Szass, and she carries herself beneath her ill-fitting armor with the same nervous energy that laces her speech.

Personality: Szass is in a constant state of paranoia, coming from a life spent where paranoia kept you alive from one day to the next. Her eyes dart about, swivling her thick neck at the slightest of sounds, trying to spot anything that might threaten her or her chosen pack.

That is what it has come down to for her. She has set out to save her people (and the world, whatever that might mean), but to do so, she had to abandon her home and her real pack. She may be savage, she may be brutal, but that feral might will always be pointed at the enemies of those she has chosen to call sisters and brothers.

She is also obsessed with making sure everyone is fed, and fed well. As such, she spends much of her thought process on figuring out what she can cook with whatever meager ingredients are available.

Sheet Sheet!

More Detailed Stuff
Why are you an Adventurer? Explained below in more detail, but Szass is adventuring to get away from prior oppression, and to explore where she came from.

Background Writeup: Please see below; I may come back and edit this to something more succinct later, but for now I'll explore her most fully in the questions.

What you'd like to get from this game: I'd like to explore the "new world/old world" aesthetic and dichotomy you have set up, dig into what these races had prior to the Empire's incursion. Long-term, I'd love to find some way for our lowly characters to change the world in some significant way, but that's a BIT down the road.

Take these questions as being asked by either a Bar-keep/shop-keep/or whatever general NPC you wish (for your immersion purposes).


And finally, some tools to help you along in creating your character in this world:


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Old 08-20-2018, 11:40 PM
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left-aligned image
Name: PF-021 "Grey Lady"

Race: Warforged (Envoy)

Class: Monk

Background: Bodyguard (Re-skinned Urban Bounty Hunter)

Alignment: Lawful Good

Alignment Goals: (Lawful) We each must live by a code; mine just happens to be hardwired into me. If somebody violates that code, they'll answer for it. (Good) I was created to protect... at any cost. I will protect the innocent and the defenseless, even if that means going up against serious opposition.

Bonds: Will add those if accepted into the game.

Appearance: Built for rapid movement and lightning-fast combat, Grey has the wiry, compact build of an acrobat or martial artist. Standing at 5'10", she doesn't tower over those around her, but blends in well among the common populace. Though the core of her body is made up of tough, flexible darkwood, the bulk of her limbs, skull, and torso is thinly-plated with a silvery metal that is shaped to soften the lines of her body to provide a more feminine profile. This is so that most people (including Serenity) find Grey less intimidating than the bulky, masculine builds of most Warforged.

Grey augments her nondescript appearance by dressing in a practical, neutrally-dark cloak that neither draws attention nor bears remembering, complete with a hood that is usually up, obscuring her face except for the faint blue glow of the crystals that serve as her eyes. She has a strange arcane symbol, the sigil that grants her life, carved into her forehead Or it will at level 2, anyway.that bursts into radiant sky blue light when she harnesses her Ki.

Personality: Grey shows little emotion most of the time-- or so it seems to most when they view her impassive metal face-plate. To those who know her well, though, she is a wealth of emotion that can be read in the playful twinkling of her crystalline eyes, the calculated grace or passionate impulsiveness of her movements, and the presence or lack of a slight twitch in her fingers that appears when she gives something heavy thought. All of these minuscule traits tell the tale of an emotionally-intelligent person that believes powerfully in justice and order, but isn't above a little mischief now and again. Still, she rarely shows these things to the casual observer-- they might see only a calm, unperturbed Warforged that is firmly in control of her own faculties.

Character Sheet: Here!

More Detailed Stuff





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right-aligned image
Name: Anrek Grekel
Race: Hobgoblin
Class: Paladin
Background: Soldier








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right-aligned image
Name: Dixon Stedrun

Race: Human

Class: Sorcerer

Background: Sailor

Alignment: Refuse to back down from a confrontation; Prove you are willing to go anywhere and/or do anything; CN


Personality: A simple man thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Dixon is a plain talking pragmatist who used to just live life to survive. He now has a destiny and is driven by his purpose.
Character Sheet

Why are you an Adventurer? Discovery. A common sailor until the power of the storm was unleashed during an attack on his ship. Was he given his power for a reason? How will he use his power? Will he stay true to his ideals or be consumed by them?

Background Writeup: See barkeep questions.




Dixon Stedrun

HP: 9/9AC:11HD:1d6+3




I have taken the Oath.

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