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Old 06-05-2020, 08:40 AM
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Meet your judges

All of this year's illustrious judges, DMs and GMs will introduce themselves here.
Characters: Saber - Svaly Contact: - Check out: My Map Tutorials
Old 06-05-2020, 08:52 AM
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Bhelogan here! I lead coop to take over command volunteered to head up organizing and running Outplay 2020 this year, so all major complaints can come my direction. I've been playing tabletop RPGs since D&D 2nd edition in the 90s. PbP has been my primary gaming format now for many years, as IRL keeps me on the road quite a bit for work. Trying to meet regularly in person, or even online just doesn't fit the schedule. I have been involved in the backend of Outplay every year now, to one extent or another since 2016.

2015 still brings fond memories, as the first year I participated as a player in Outplay, and the first time D&D 5E was run. It is funny to see how things have changed, and this year D&D 5E is the primary system being played, with some Shadowrun coming in from a grass-roots community movement. Pathfinder didn't make the cut in this year's votes, for the first time in a long time. Maybe 2.0 will have enough movement next year to make its presence felt again.

As a DM, I ask that you make my life easy. Keep your mechanics organized and well labeled. If I have to spend an extra 20 minutes digging through rules books to try and figure out how an odd ability or perk works, I will not be a happy camper. I also don't mind rolling with the punches and working with creative solutions to problems. I am sure there are better ways to solve things than the one way I might have come up with and get a kick out of seeing what people invent.

As a judge, I am looking for clean entries. Good writing that holds my attention (I get easily distracted), moves things along, develops your character, and creates a fun environment for everyone to play in are my main criteria.

Good luck everyone!

Posts I likePer a request in the OOC chat, I am going to show a few posts here that showcase what I am looking for as a judge. Only one of these comes from Outplay though, so specifics to some of these won't exactly match what you need

Example 1: For an example of an amazing application, we go back to Outplay 2017 and check out Wynamoinen's Princess Syarafina Grinelda Delight-and-Chastity Halethorpe-Šztöffbînder of Rheum. Yes, it is fun. It is clearly formatted. And Holy crap, check out the notes section on the linked character sheet! There are no questions as to how things add up, or where they came from.

Example2: Not as far back, we will look at our January 2019 PoTM winner, Skep's post here for Maxine Orianne Beauvilliers, who eventually became known as just Red. This is a post where a character's story arch that had been growing over a long period of time really blossomed. We won't have that much time in Outplay, but having your characters learn and grow is important.

Example3: Ok, this is one of mine, admittedly. My Druid, Saber, is ridding an Awakened T-Rex into battle. After this fight, they have a falling out, and Ichabod Rex moves on to become an Arena Master himself, rather than a Gladiator. Anyway, besides the fun shenanigans of the events in that round, the important bit is showcasing a breakout of mechanics from the RP section of the post. It is clearly labeled. It keeps track of everything the DM needs, despite a LOT going on there.

Characters: Saber - Svaly Contact: - Check out: My Map Tutorials

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Old 06-05-2020, 09:38 AM
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Help, I've been couped! Greetings, friend, I'm happy to be back to serve Outplay in any humble capacity.

I've played the competition twice, and this is my third time helping to run it. I'll be one of the D&D GMs, and I'll also serve as judge.

The thing that I always ask myself as a judge is: "is this post making the game better?" Are you setting a good example in terms of writing style, structure, and clarity? Are you playing by the rules, and using the rules in support of the character you've created?

RPGs are collaborative. They are best when you build a story together. Every character has their own background and personal story, but the game is the story of the GROUP. I want to see interaction - are you building off of information given to you, and are you giving others material to work with?. Combat is an interaction, skills checks are interactions, and role-play is an interaction. OOC discussions and meta-game strategies are interactions of a different sort. A more itemized list of my values was given in my first judge post last year.

Portray a memorable character. Play the mechanics of the game well. Make the game richer and more fun.

As far as concrete examples, the best advice is just to look at top contenders from past years. My expressed opinions are pretty much an open book.
2019 judge awards, with feedback
2018 awards, with direct links to excellent posts, sweet!
2017, boy that winner really is a piece of work huh?
OUTPLAY X is live! I'll be one of your friendly neighborhood D&D GMs. May my other games forgive the distraction...

GM of Uncaged: Our Fair Maidens, a folklore-inspired D&D 5e one-shot adventure.

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Old 06-05-2020, 05:26 PM
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Hello my name is Marshmallow and I'm your future tyrant and queen of bad dice rolls and I have been playing Tabletop RPGs for about five years now, give-or-take. I'll be serving as one of the Shadowrun judges. I first started playing Tabletop RPGs as a player in "Storm Kings Thunder" after which I started playing Shadowrun while running The Witcher TRPG, World of Darkness. I joined the RPGX community a year ago, coming up to two years this November and I've been running [Other] systems ever since

As a judge, I am looking for interesting characters and players who can meet those characters' narrative and mechanical potential as part of a team of runners. I will be keeping an eye open for interesting characters who can manage the difficult task of interweaving their character and operating as part of a team. I like to think we all put a little bit of ourselves into what we create, so it'll be fascinating to see what Outplay 2020 brings out from everyone involved.

What I'm looking out forExample 1: Acting on the initiative of their character rather than out of the "never split the party" paranoia most players cling to, DaysUntolds' character seizes the opportunity to show the party that despite being a recent addition and a stranger, that they have the skills and know-how to be valuable to the party.
Example 2: Playing as a bard there comes the inevitable fact that one day you may just have to write a song or a Lambert, Lambertlimerick and this is something DoubleL kind of just jumped straight into, there's just a level of comfort I find you have to have with your character to put together something that doesn't read like Tommy Wiseau became a music producer.
Example 3: After solving the mystery behind a missing child's case, Phettberg's character Saranya begins to research the thing she has become and delving into not only the history of her own being but deeper into her cultural background; While this isn't a fantastical, emotional or climactic post, it's a character questioning themselves and pushing themselves to perform something outside of their usual routine.

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Old 06-05-2020, 09:16 PM
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Who am I you ask? I am but a humble fixer who has helped built a shadow community at RPG Crossing.

I've been gaming for over fifteen years now. My obsession with Shadowrun came along during my college years when my roommate insisted I read the old novels. Thus an addict was born! We used to play fourth edition from 5p to 5a twice a week. Ah, the good old days.

We moved to fifth as soon as it dropped and never looked back! Since college, I've done what it takes to keep up with my addiction. I ran weekly PUGs at my FLGS for more than a year. I was also incredibly active on Catalyst's official forums, under the same SN with the same avatar if you frequented those parts back then.

Once the FLGS closed down, I moved my efforts to Roll20. I'm no master of the widgets and functions, but its a great way to track encounters and store sheets. Across those years I've run the entirety of season 4 twice, the first mission five times, and Food Fight more times than I can count.

As a GM, I want to see creativity and I'd like you all to showcase just what makes Shadowrun so special. You'll win my heart by solving a problem in a way that never crossed my mind while behaving as organically as possible. Slang doesn't hurt either.

I look forward to running the shadows with you chummers.
OutPlay 2020 is live!

I hope to see all my Shadowrunners there showing RPGX what they're made of!
Old 06-06-2020, 09:08 AM
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Uncle Eddas here.
I've been gaming for 12 years or so. Mostly D&D 5e and Pathfinder, with a fair amount of Shadowrun 5e, FFG Star Wars, and brief stints playing more lesser known systems than I can remember.
Shadowrun has always held a special place in my heart. I've played and ran multiple shadowrun games, both in person and online.

I will be serving as one of the Shadowrun judges.
As a judge, I'm looking for well written concise posts, characters with interesting personalities, and outside the box thinking.

Stay chill chummers, and remember, never make a deal with a dragon.
Old 06-08-2020, 11:15 AM
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Good day everyone, Savoy is here as one of the judges this year. Thank you for having me. I've been in the hobby since the early eighties cutting my DMing teeth on DnD and Traveller. I've DM'd every version of DnD and am running several long-term 5e camps. My favorite system is TSR's Alternity and my favorite setting is Dark*Matter and Star*Drive. I've spent most of my DM time in The Realms. I love trying out new games that focus on the narrative and player synergy such as FATE.

I'll be serving on the DnD 5e side this year. As a judge I'm looking for a solid understanding of the spirit of the ruleset, interesting stories, unique approaches to challenges and a focus on the 'rule of awesome.' When interacting with others, I notice posts from players that make others look better rather than 'one-up-manship.'

I'm looking forward to this year's competition!

- Savoy
GM of: Dark*Matter: The Hoffmann Institute (2007 HOF) &
Traveller: The Third Imperium
New here? Try a New Player Solo Game for 3.5e, PF, 4e, 5e, 13th age and FATE.

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Old 06-09-2020, 08:55 AM
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Yep, definitely last. Nasrith here, back for my second year as an Outplay Judge. I've been playing DnD for just over 10 years, the entirety of which has been through RPGX and it's previous iterations. 5e has been my bread and butter for the last 5 years, though our new bedfellows in Outplay have me thinking of branching out.

As a judge, I'm looking for a few things. First, easy to digest writing and formatting. Judges have to go through boatloads of posts, especially in the early rounds, so the easier you can make my life, the more I'll like you. Clear and concise is the name of the game. If you're going to add lengthy exposition or delve into your character's past, it better be engaging.

To parrot many of the other judges, I'm also looking for cooperation and interaction. The best player is the one that elevates the rest of their party. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Happy adventuring.

- Nas
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