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Old Apr 13th, 2010, 07:43 PM
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0: The Escape

You are all housed in dormitories attached to the library/tower of Ramoura. They are mostly underground, small windows at the top of your walls are the only source of outside influence to your rooms, you all have roommates. You each have a dresser a bed, a storage locker a small bookcase and a small desk, usually separated on opposite sides of your room from each other. You share a bathroom with another set of roommates from another class. You have running water, magically channeled through enchanted pipes. An extravagance few others experience.

This is your second year for each of you and you have been with the same roommates and students in class for the entire year. Also Aelkin has been your instructor through the past year as well, outside of the obscure class or physical training. You started this year’s classes about 2 weeks ago and have noticed a higher level of treatment from the staff and the other students. The “Rainbows” as they have been called are the new class and are seen as misguided and worthless by most of the upperclassmen. Your treatment is still not much better than last year though, but some of you have learned that sticking together gets you picked on less.

You are forbidden above the second floor of the library. You hear rumors of very powerful magics on floors above. Those few students who have tried to sneak there have been expelled, never to be heard from again. On the few opportunities you get out of the academy you have seen the poverty and mistreatment all too well. This is probably why you aren’t allowed out yet. They are probably looking to groom you to the ways of the mage, and get used to their lavish lifestyle, for who deny such a lifestyle once they lived it.

One of the biggest changes to your privileges is that you are no longer required to wear the colored robes required of first year students. You must still conform to other less stringent dress codes. Specifically, the primary colors of your clothing must match your soon to be assigned Academy of High Sorcery, which you will graduate into next year.

Aelkin has been with you the entire time you have been here, just over a year now. He is a strong personality, a good leader and puts you guys first. He rarely does anything without an explanation of what is going on. Even if you don’t agree with the logic, or decision, you are usually well informed.

When each of you awakens, you find a letter next to your bed, in the familiar writing of your mentor. Aelkin tells you to meet him at the south gate of Ramoura, you will meet some of your classmates there. He will arrive shortly with breakfast.

Character ActionsChronos and Kaazak are White Mages and roommates.
Luna and Ryeashah are Blue Mages and roommates.
Aelan and Eldrik are Red Mages and roommates.
Irridessa and Donovan are Black Mages and roommates.
It’s a good idea to work out your relationships before hand. A thread has been put up for that. This is especially important for your roommates. You don’t all have to get along, but it’s a good idea to have someone to watch your back. Because of this you can take your time on your first post to work out these details with the other people in the group. Please discuss or secret as you feel appropriate in teh Character Relations Thread.

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Old May 6th, 2010, 04:47 AM
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Kazaak wakes, picking up the letter without yet being awake enough to think about the implications of his master leaving a letter in his room. Such a things had never happened before. Aelkin would see Kazaak after classes and send messages via magical means when necessary: paper was simply unnecessary.

Waking Chronos, Kazaak shows him the letter. There is nothing much written on the scrap, but the situation was strange. Kazaak had a strange premonition about it. Dressing and grabbing his equipment (all of it), Kazaak was prepared for whatever eventuality. He left with Chronos to the south gate.
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