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Old Jul 30th, 2010, 01:16 AM
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Languages Throughout Avistad

Languages in Avistad:

Standard Pathfinder Languages:

Abyssal- language of demons and other chaotic outsiders
Aklo- evil fey and various monsters
Aquan- aquatic creatures and beings (Sea Elves)
Auran- flying creatures
Celestial- angels and good outsiders
Common- human and halfling. (common is mostly words and syllables from Dhenmar, Querri, and Xiou with an alphabet derived from Tharsan) Most Ka'shan and Changelings speak it as well. Dwarves, Elves, and Gnomes tend to switch it up a little.
Draconic- dragons, lizardmen, and kobolds
Druidic- Druids only ( the vile Korvhian Druids speak a forbiddon version )
Dwarven- dwarves and some giants
Elven- Elves, giant eagles, some fey
Giant- giants, ogres, trolls
Gnome- gnomes, Grimms, some fey (Redcaps, Spriggans)
Goblin- goblins, bugbears, hobgoblins
Gnoll- gnolls
Halfling- halfings have an old dialect of their own but most speak common
Ignan- fire-based creatures like Salamanders
Infernal- Devils and other lawful evil outsiders
Orc- Orcs and Tannaruk
Sylvan- fey, unseelie fey, Centaurs, unicorns, some elves, nixies
Terran- earth-based creatures
Undercommon- drow (Shadow) elves, duergar, morlocks, snivleblin, driders,

Custom Languages:

Spiderweave- chitine, ettercap, intelligant spiders, most shadow elf clerics
Feline- Ka'shan, Tigran
Vartahl (Gypsy)- Dendanians, many oracles (is partly mixed with common)
The Old Tongue (Celtic/Norse) - some scholars, seers, and pathfinders. some dragons and other oldworld creatures
Ghuulk-some intelligent undead, necromancers
Quick Sign- militant specialists, assassins, ninjas, shadow elves
Trade Tongue (Pirate)(Scarvy Dawg)- Javesta, Pirates, Swashbucklers, Sea Bats, some nixies

Pathfinder allows one rank of linguistics, or any skill, per level. In this game, you will not know languages when you level unless you learn them. This requires spending time with characters that speak them or learning them from text.
Certain languages you will not know at character creation. I'll check the languages on each of your sheets !

Dudley has a 14 int. He's playing an elf. He auto knows common and elven. He gets two additional languages and takes sylvan and dwarf. He decides that he wants to know The Old Tongue. So, he puts one of his skill ranks in linguistics and applies it to 'The Old Tongue'. At level two he wants to put another rank in linguistics, but hasn't spent time trying to learn a new language. He cannot take a new one until he does. So, while he's level two he meets Tokobo a gnome. He spends 'days' with him on a boat learning gnome. At level 3, he is allowed to take gnome.

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