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Pathfinders' Lore

The Flavor:
MaturityGiven the roles of certain types of people in the Pathfinder Chronicles world (the most obvious of which are the sacred prostitutes of Calistria), a high level of maturity is helpful and appreciated when it comes to matters that would make most highschoolers titter and nudge each other. Anatomy, bodily functions, death, sex, prostitutes, blood/gore, language and evil actions can and might well happen in this campaign, and your characters are worldly adventurers. The odd joke here and there is obviously encouraged especially if your character is a carefree type or a lecherous ladykiller, but reasoning is expected.

Character InteractionA massive peeve of mine is acting unreasonably due to anger at another player under the guise of "that's what my character would do." Such things can and will happen, yes, but there is no excuse for actively seeking to outright slay a party member due to a tiff between the two of you if it doesn't make sense in the context of things. If it gets bad enough I will break it up in the most expeditious way I feel possible. That said, feel more than free to develop PC relationships. Friendship, blood bonds, comraderie, rivalry, animosity, master/student and the like.

The WorldThe world of Golarion is the primary planet depicted in the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign. It's much like Earth; it has four seasons, twelve months, seven days to a week and one moon. There are other planets in the system but they aren't important to the setting. Elves are an alien species who arrived many millenia ago via a portal to their world. Gnomes are from another plane as well, one they call the 'First World' that they left for unspecified reasons. They are very much akin to fey creatures in their mindset and interests for the majority of the population. Humans are the most expansive race in the Inner Sea Region, followed by Dwarves. Dwarves are originally from the Darklands (the Underdark, for those familiar with the Forgotten Realms subterranean world beneath the surface) and they are partially responsible for driving Orcs up into the world as they tunneled up from their ancient homeland under the ground. Many years ago a comet struck Golarion, named the Starstone by scholars at the time. It set the world into darkness for years upon years, the Elves abandoning the planet and the Humans and Dwarves warring among themselves and with the invading Orcs. The gods did what they could but it was not enough to save many, but one day the sun came through the blanket of darkness and the Orcs were finally driven away. This was not without lasting effects, nations such as Isger falling victim to the god Zon-Kuthon's depredations and falling from grace.

The current year is 4708 of the Age of Lost Omens (so named for the sudden and unexpected fall of the god Aroden, deity of prophesy and valor during a failed prophesy made by him some ages ago), and the world has fallen into a comfortable state unknown for many years. The Everwar waged by Cheliax is over, the Whispering Tyrant lays locked in his haunted citadel of Gallowspire, and the people of the nations of Andoran and Ustalav know freedom they have not had in many years. Civil war rages through Galt, Taldor's aging empire is failing, but many nations are doing well for themselves under new rulership such as Osirion (a very Egyptian-themed area of the world) and Thuvia (it's neighbor, famed for the prized Sun Orchid Elixir it exports once a year that staves off aging to the lucky bidder who buys it). The world is not without its problems, but nothing threatens the common good like it has in the relatively recent past. Some Elves still remember the haunting times of Tar-Baphon, and a Dwarf will tell you of what his father's father did to combat Cheliax's infernal influence. The time of heroes to venture onto the road in search of their fortune hasn't been this good in a Human's age.

The World:
The PathfindersHoused in the Grand Lodge in the city of Absalom, the grand hall of the Pathfinder Society is the sole training place for recruits from across the Inner Sea Region. An applicant must first actually make it to the lodge from wherever they start from, that is the first test. Then they are subjected to rigorous screening processes and examinations, and if they fail or are found wanting they are politely given their items back and are shown to the street. If they should pass the tests they become Initiates in the Society and are trained by the retired adventurers that call the lodge their home in their twilight years. Chief among them is Ambrus Valsin, a Keleshite Human who acts as steward of the Grand Lodge. He is seen as strict and uncompromising especially by the new recruits, but older Initiates understand that he tests his charges for life on the road. Other Venture-Captains in the lodge include Adril Hestram (a massive Ulfen fighter), Aram Zey (a Keleshite wizard, the current Master of Spells), Eliza Petulengro (a female Varisian wizard who acts as head of the librarians at the lodge), Kreighton Shane (an Elven wizard and also the Master of Scrolls) and Marcos Farabellus (a Taldan fighter, current Master of Swords). You as newly-confirmed full members of the Society have two objectives: to find and then report back to the Venture-Captains about items or information you are sent into the world to acquire. The object of your attention may be an artifact, a lost son or daughter of a nobleman or even what a certain religion are doing that is displeasing a local count to prevent a possibly violent situation.

RacesThere are many races inhabiting the world of Golarion. This is a brief synopsis of each, including their typical stance on other races and general mindset.

Humans: The most widespread and diverse of the peoples of the world, Humans have many branches of the same common race living in the Inner Sea Region. The stodgy Taldans and their failed empire, the exotic Chelaxians and their diabolical ties, the proud Ulfen from the frozen north, the mysterious Mwangi from the stormwracked jungles of the south, the displaced and angry Kellid with their strange magics, the foreign Tian from their empire to the east, the vagrant Varisians and their mixed heritage, the wise Vudrani, the traditional Keleshites from their desert homes and the nomadic Garundi. The Chelish and Taldans both proclaim Azlanti heritage, but that true race died long ago and only their bloodlines being made known from time to time can be seen in this age. Humans are shortlived compared to many species so are seen as busybodies, always anxious to build and conquer during their lifetime to build a legacy that their lifespan will not outlive.

Elves: Enigmatic and cloistered in the Age of Lost Omens, the Elves are a reclusive race for the most part as they readjust to their world once more. Their chief kingdom is the forested region of Kyonin though they can also be found in many wooded areas in smaller numbers (especially in Varisia). They are the longest-lived of all races and can live for nearly 5 centuries before their life force is spent. Highly interested in the traditional and the aesthetic, their cities are wonders of illusion and woodcraft blended together. They are unfond of Dwarves (who they consider gruff and taciturn and backward about their crafts' beauty) and Half-Orcs (the spawn of an ancient enemy). They are fascinated by Humans (whose vitality and charm they are attracted to) and find Gnomes to be curious though novel creatures.

Dwarves: Stout and bearded folk of the underground world, the Dwarves of Golarion are a proud and traditional people who came to the world through a much different means than the Elves. Tunneling up from the Darklands during the Quest For Sky set down by their father-god Torag, the Dwarves arrived on the surface driving up their ancient and hated foe the Orc. Dwarves love stone, metal and mead (and not always in that order) and pride themselves on their armor and the state of their beards as status in their society. They like Humans (for their zeal to create and invent) and aren't fond of Elves (whose love for wood irks them) or Half-Orcs (the children of their enemy). Other races are seen as too "frail" to really stand up to a Dwarf's standards.

Gnomes: More akin to the fey creatures of the world than the other races, Gnomes are alien beings come to the planet through unknown means for unknown purpose from their "First World." They are for many intents and purposes immortal, only capable of death by succumbing to a horrid aging disease called the Bleaching. This disease sets in when a Gnome becomes complacent or bored for too long, the very life essence in their body dependent on excitement and new things to see and do. Gnomes like and dislike all races based primarily on the individual they are speaking to at present, and how well they may take a kind-hearted though rough practical joke.

Halflings: Wholly unobtrusive in many senses of the word, Halflings are the smallest but hardiest races in the world. They stand three feet in height (half the size of a Human, hence their name) and are the most bound to wanderlust and adventure among their sentient, civilized peers. A halfling can most often be found underfoot in civilized lands, their towns and villages easily mistaken for a series of hills if you do not know where to look. Halflings get along famously with many races though they are somewhat anxious around Half-Orcs, whose great size and greater ability for destruction make them leery.

Half-Orcs: Spawned almost entirely by debased methods including capture and rape by bands of Orcs, Half-Orcs count parents among the Humans and Orcs both. For reasons unknown only these two races can co-mingle when it comes to Orcish depredations, and the spawn is universally distrusted by Humans and only select bands of Orcs (such as the tribes of the Hold of Belkzen) accept them. They are chronic outsiders in cities and civilized regions, hired on most typically as thugs and enforcers for unsavory parties.

Half-Elves: Perhaps in some ironic way the third proof of Humans' ability to adapt and change, Half-Elves are the product of a tryst between a Human and an Elf. Elves do not universally accept them, older traditionalists disliking the dilution of Elven blood, but Humans do not object to them in any real manner and freely accept them into their society.

AbsalomThe City at the Center of the World, as it's called, is nearly impossible to summarize in even a full paragraph. All walks of life from all corners of the world come to this city, and you are no exception. You have spent the last two years (at the very least) in this city, exploring the streets and shops in between lessons and tests as initiates in the Pathfinder Society. You have been bunked up in the Foreign Quarter of the grand city of Absalom, seat of power to the Pathfinder Society as well as the quarter that houses the faithful to Irori. It features a fighting arena as well as a tavern with a pit in the middle to test one's fighting prowess and a reknowned swordsman's school of fighting. Across the courtyard from the Grand Lodge are a dozen or more shops catering to an outfitting adventurer aiming to go out into the world. The other districts sport their own flavor and their own landmarks, the entirety of the city itself structured around the Starstone and the cathedral built around it to test would-be living gods to a contest that few could ever hope to win.
End of line.

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