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Golarion: The World

Asperum: The central land of the world, as well as the largest. It is ruled by the human King Xavier III. Xavier is recovering from an attempted poisoning, but the assassin is unknown.
It is culturally diverse, but primarily dominated by humans, with secondary races being half-elves and halflings. The people here are fiercely religious. Common religions include the churches of Iomedae (known by most of the populace as "The Great Queen"), Erastil (known as "Old Deadeye"), Shelyn (known as "The Artist of Life"), and Abadar (known as "The Everjust"). The capital city is Corinth. (If you wish to know the most common name for other deities, feel free to ask.)
The region is protected by the legendary Astral Knights. They are elite warriors in the employ of the King, and are fiercely dedicated to their sovereign, but even moreso to their nation. Some are blessed by greater powers (most often Iomedae), becoming celestial beings.

Balic: Also known as the Dwarven Mountains, the Balican Range in the northern lands is ruled by King Stormhammer XVIII. He is a stern and gruff man, but very kind and compassionate towards his subjects.
The dominant race is, of course, dwarves. The near-unanimous religion is Torag, who unites the dwarves under a firm foundation. The capital city is Undrum.
They frequently are at war with the drow and other denizens of the deep, seating them firmly against most fey creatures - most especially elves.

Nubica: Shortly to the west of Asperum is Nubica, ruled by the Council of Five. The Council is comprised of elected members, and none are of the same race. Currently, it is comprised of Ellana, a female halfling; Corum, a male half-orc; Teress, a male elf; Sarai, a female human; and Torek, a male half-elf and the leader of the Council. The capital city is Kinasa.
It is a smaller nation than Asperum, but is dominated by no races - there is a slightly higher proportion of half-orcs than in other nations, but not enough to qualify. It is a very free country, with religions emphasizing on the teachings of Chaotic Good deities such as Cayden Cailean, Desna, and Milani.

Panysul: The nicest way to phrase Panysul's leadership is complete freedom. A more accurate term would be complete chaos. There is not a single leader in the country, with many individual factions attempting to kill the others off.
Among the dominant races are elves and gnomes, but this is frequently disputed as more and more factions enter the fray. The dominant religion is Gozreh, with many others spread throughout.

Mercurin: This country is ruled by Emperor Codess, a very formal human who has a tendency to be crack down far too hard on his subjects, and siezed his position through less-than-reputable means. He has a military background, having served for many years before taking the throne. Despite all of this, he genuinely cares for his subjects, and the nation's defining trait is bread and circuses. The capital city is Codesston (formerly named Tiren).
Elves and humans are often segregated from each other, and are vying for dominance. The country is on the verge of a civil war, and only Codess' strict laws prevent it. If he were to die, the entire country would dissolve into anarchy. Common religions are Abadar, Asmodeus, and Norgorber, although there are cults of Rovagug and Dahak within.
Among tiny pockets of rebellion, the Daughters of Milani can be found. They are a CG group attempting to bring down Codess gently, without destroying the nation in a violent war. Their leader is Sedric, a CG halfling. They have connections with the Astral Knights of Iomedae, due to thieir gods' relation.

The Deadlands: The Deadlands are very appropriately named. Governed by an ancient line of Vampire Necromancers, the Orrum family, it is all but devoid of life. there remain a few pockets of civilization in the country, but the Orrums pick off one city after another with startling ease. Other countries worry about how long it will take them to bring thir undead hordes to begin a full conquest.
The dominant race is undead of all kinds, but among the living can be found all races, and even some monster races unite with the "good" races to hold off the undead. The dominant religion among the living is Pharasma, who they implore every day to save them from the undead. The Orrums generally worship Urgathoa, praising her ability to raise the living in new and mightier forms.

The Underdark: Ruled by the drow empress Victini, this is a thoroughly unpleasant place to be for anyone short of a female drow. Victini got to her position through lies, slander, and plenty of murder. The capital is Criusel.
The drow are the dominant race, but their throving slave trade keeps many other races locked in the Underdark which crawls beneath the rest of the world. The dominant religion is Norgorber, but other religions include all manner of unpleasant deities.
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