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Old Dec 3rd, 2012, 06:53 PM
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The Journal of Oni Greyson

Name: Oni Greyson
Race: Half-Orc
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Neutral

Brief History: Oni was surprisingly born from a human male and an orc woman who were very much in love. His father was a humble officer in the Bottome guard that desperately tried to educate the young Oni in an attempt to break away from the stereotype that all orclike beings are stupid. Whether he succeeded or not is up to some debate, but he never did manage to get him out of the habit of speaking in the third person. However, Oni was always good at fighting things, as he showed to any of the children that made fun of him for being green-skinned or of below average intelligence. His father took note of that, and when Oni came of age, recruited him to the city guard.

Oni took well to this at the start. He managed to kill many a bandit as a guard and for the first time, Oni felt like he actually felt accepted in his own community as he was protecting people and stopping criminals. After a few years as a guard, that feeling faded away, leaving Oni with a want of something more. Upon hearing the proclamation that a wizard up to no good had formed an army of sorts in search of something unknown, he promptly quit the city guard to try to be recruited for this quest, as it sounded dangerous and fun to him.

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