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Old May 21st, 2013, 07:16 PM
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And so it began. - Original Advert

Game NameVaylen: The Precipice of War
Game SystemPathfinder
ThemeOpen World in a unique and diverse homebrew setting.
FlavourHigh fantasy player-driven adventure, action and intrigue.
Plot SummaryThe prime material plane of Vaylen and its associated multiverse are the culmination of homebrew settings some friends and I have been building for years. It is a dynamic world filled with plenty of political intrigue, magic, competing factions, extraplanar threats, cultural growth, epic landscapes, exploration and adventure. At present, city-states established in the aftermath of the Dragon Wars post perched on the precipice of war, accusing one another of international machinations and arms hoarding. All the while, organizations – legal and criminal – influence events and decisions locally and internationally, and the few remnants of the dragons and their supporters seek to rise to their former glory. The ever present philosophical struggle between the arcane and divine paradigms of answers to the age old questions “what is truth?” and “what is power” underlie the entire setting as native beings and outsiders from the whole spectrum attempt to circumvent the planar seal. Welcome to Vaylen. A more detailed history is available under the “Campaign Info” spoiler.


I am looking to run a campaign in this setting. I plan to have the story driven entirely by the whims and decisions of the players rather than any intricate premeditated railroad. “Roll play” and combat will happen as often as the players make it happen; I have not listed a percentage breakdown because I expect that the player’s roleplay skills and decisions will be the deciding factor. The world will continue to go on, and the decisions of the players can and will affect the direction and order of events they are involved in greatly. Even where we begin will be based on the backgrounds of characters that will be playing. I’m aiming to get 5-6 players to play, posting 5 times per week at minimum. Take a look at the world under campaign info. Looking forward to receiving apps!

CharactersCharacter Background:
I would like players to use the “Ten Minute Background” system. It includes examples. As I’m expecting this game to be driven mostly by the RP of the players, I will be using this background as a judge of your RP ability, both for content and style. Be thorough and creative.
As far as the content of the background, the information in the world is presented, as mentioned previously, within the campaign info. I want to strongly encourage players to feel free to make up their own story elements within the world including but not limited to deities, locations, races, organizations and histories. If you have any questions that cannot be found within the campaign info, just ask!

Character Creation:
  • Power: Level 8 Gestalt
  • Abilities: 20 pt buy
  • Bling/Cash Money: Standard Wealth
  • Race: All pathfinder races are permitted. You may create your own race not exceeding 15 RP with the advanced race guide, just make sure there’s very good roleplay associated with it. If you choose to play something half-construct, feel free, but expect adjustments to your back ground – that race is extraordinarily rare, experimental, and secret. You may exceed the 15 RP limit to create cooler races, but you will be subject to LA. The same applies for characters hell bent on using templates (because werewolves are cool). Pathfinder has some rules on the matter. Check out the SRD under monsters as pcs. It also contains the info from the ARG
  • Class: All pathfinder classes and prestige classes.
  • Alignment: I don't give a damn, just make it work RP wise. It's more of a guideline anyway in terms of your character's personality and behavior. Know this: if you can't feasibly get along in a party, it obviously won't work out unless you can convince me to let you in as a campaign villain or opponent because your RP is that good. Heath Ledger RP'd hard in The Dark Knight.
  • I ain't even mad about third party or homebrew, but run it by me first. For the record, I'm allowing Gramarists.. You can find the Gramarie disciplines and prestige classes here.

We have a few house rules. My apologies, there are more than a few of them, and therefore I've used a spoiler.

House Rules

Applications will be closed on May 6th at 12:00 AM.

Application Format:
Name - Duh. What do they call you. Even if it's "Nothing." Hell, they could call you tater salad for all I care.
Race - If you're going to do something crazy, but still within the guidelines I mentioned above, please RP well. I'm talking a concise history.
Class - Well it wouldn't be fun without the ability to, y'know, do stuff.
Alignment - As I said, this is more of a guideline, and I expect slightly more than "LN." I mean, definitely mention that too. It's a requirement. But I'd like to see a short sentence or two on your character's philosophy on morality. You can even answer it as if your character was asked directly what his alignment is.
Appearance - Ah, yes, the first impression. What do you look like, what do you wear, and are you rockin' a phat grill. Pictures are nice.
Personality - Well, I wouldn't want you to completely eliminate content from your background, but I'd like to see a short description of what your character is like. What drives your character's decisions, what are his/her fears.
Ten Minute Background - This is it. The Real McCoy. The Big Dawg. This is what it all hinges on. This is your background, an often under-appreciated portion of character development. Given that I just asked for your character's personality, I'd like to see the first section filled with some creative concepts that aren't redundant with the previous requirement. At the end of this, I should know your character pretty well; I should know where he came from, why he's level 8, how he got to level 8, what his accomplishments are, who his friends, enemies and frenemies are, what his short/long term goals are, and a secret or two. You don't have to be verbose; just be thorough and creative (I know, I've said this a million times).
RP Sample - Short narrative to get a feel for your writing style. The world is an open sandbox. To play in a campaign is to be a character in a larger movie, but I am letting you drive your own plot. Tell me what you're doing when the "camera starts rolling," why, and how you got there. Alternatively, you could write an rp sample of a portion of your background. Up to you.
Have Fun - Enjoy this. I know I will!

I will post Players here:

I'll answer questions here:

Either post questions or PM them to me.

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