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Old Nov 4th, 2013, 04:27 AM
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Jermaine NibblefootCharacter Name: Jermaine Nibblefoot
Race: Halfling

left-aligned image
Appearance/Personality: An impish little halfling, Jermaine is often mistaken by those meeting him for the first time as a very playful child. Truth be told, he still is a permission to play as precocious, but near age of maturity?child, but his inborn talents have out-stripped his years and he has proven a quick study when it comes to control. His wide-eye stare is full of innocence and wonder, that is until you notice that it's coming from above a mouth covered in crumbs from your berry tart. He has naturally curly hair of a brilliant blonde, and has, on several occasions asked to play as a celestial being in his classmates plays. Quick-footed, nimble, and charmingly intelligent he prefers to learn what comes to him rather than to pore over tomes. His favorite location is on the roofs of Nalbin, imagining shapes in the clouds or tracing constellations in the stars.

Class: Void-Touched Sorcerer
Mythic Path: Archmage
Character type: Tagalong Kid with dashes of Bratty Halfpint and Attention Whore (okay, maybe outright handfuls).
Concept: Jermaine is the little brother that everyone loves to hate and hates that they love. He is a mischievous child, fond of pranks, and as quick to set you up for one as he is to help you plot against someone else. Although still quite young his powers developed very rapidly and he blossomed under Master Mirrian's tutelage. He still has a lot of maturity to grow into though, and usually he tends to try and get himself lumped in with the older students since he's about on their level of ability and training.

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