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Old Aug 1st, 2010, 04:32 AM
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Character Information

Please post here the description and background for your character along with a link to your character sheet
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Old Aug 1st, 2010, 05:14 AM
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Name: Nopin Rauti

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Appearance: Nopin's clothes are unbelievably colourful and well tailored for someone who wishes to risk their life much less their wardrobe every day in the arena. He wears a finely crafted rapier at his side, an exquisite red cape on his back and a black mask over his face (Zorro style). Despite his face being hidden it is easy to tell that he is a handsome man with charcoal black hair and a clean shaven chin.

Background: The Lindstrom family were minor nobles in Tymon, that was until they borrowed gold to start their own gladiatorial team in an attempt to increase their wealth and station in the city. At first their selections seemed to be doing well but that was before their rivals, the Zarui, took the same idea into their heads and took that rivalry to the arena.

Due to mysterious accidents outside of the ring and inexplicable losses inside Mark's parents had to sell next to everything, whilst they still have their noble name all they have to live in is a shack and enough debt to cripple a small nation

Motivation / Reason for joining the team: He wants to become a famous enough to be able to challenge the Zarui champions and wipe them out. He also wants gold to return to his family to prominence.

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Old Aug 1st, 2010, 11:12 AM
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Name: Manngurr
Race: Human
Class: Monk

Appearance: To call Mangurr ugly would be an understatement. His face is pock-marked from a childhood disease. His skin has red blotches from psoriasis, yet he refuses to wear a shirt. His nose is bent from being broken several times. Part of his left ear is missing. Numerous bumps cover his bald head, some oozing pus. Several of his teeth are gone, the rest are crooked. His arms look like they are too long compared to the rest of his body. His pinky toes jut out at an odd angles, so he usually wears sandals. He also wears Arabian style pants and a wide belt with pockets that hold shuriken. The holy symbol of Irori is tattooed on his back.

Background: An unruly child of inattentive parents, Manngurr was often left to run the streets. He was taunted and beat up by the local bullies because of his deformities. Wandering the streets, bleeding and bruised, he came across a monk, who took pity on him. The monk trained him to fight and also taught him discipline. Unfortunately, the monk has another student named Aurorus, a follower of Irori, who felt that only those who were both physically and mentally perfect deserved to be trained. Aurorus often used Manngurr as a sparring partner, though he was a much further advanced student. Manngurr was beaten time and again, but took it in stride. He was relentless in his training and one day he was victorious against his fellow student, breaking his jaw and forever ruining his good looks. The master commended him of his win and declared his training complete. Manngurr got a tattoo to commemorate the event.

Motivation: Manngurr was trained to fight and what better place to show off his talent but in the arena. He gets little respect from his appearance, but he hopes to earn some due to his martial skills.

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Old Aug 1st, 2010, 11:45 AM
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Anastasia (Ana) Tumera
GM: The Last Journey.
Status: Catching up.
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Old Aug 1st, 2010, 01:30 PM
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Mary Jane Penelope Graven, (MJ for short)

Human Female


MJ is a contradiction in both Looks and Life. She is almost 5’ 8” tall, thin in build, but with exceptional strength. Her hair is short and red, eyes emerald-green. If she took the time to clean herself up and comb her hair, she would be quite beautiful. But she does not, in fact, she cares little of her appearance, or how others see her. She just likes to live her life as she sees fit.

Her armor is homemade, her weapons were created from farming tools, she wares a leather skirt, not for looks, but because it allows the best freedom of movement, being split on both sides clear to he waist. Her pride and Joy is her “Eye Protectors” that a traveling salesman sold to her, they are just goggles, but she thinks they will protect her eyes from damage. He was a very good salesman.


MJ is a local girl; she grew up on the family farm about 5 miles outside of the city Tymon. Close enough to know about the Arena and all it wonders, but to far to see it with any regularity. She always helped her father bring in crops to the city to be sold. And he always let her see a battle before they left. This was the highlight of her childhood.

Even from a young age, she knew that she wanted to fight in the Arena, though her parents though this just a young child’s fancy, she knew better. She was always thinking of ways to improve her strength, and as she grew older, she became the primary muscle on the farm. Often out working her father and the other men on the farm.

Around the age of 12 she started practicing with what ever she could use for a weapon. Almost all the farm equipment became lethal in her hands. After several years of practice this way, she started changing and modifying some of the weapons. They had a small forge and anvil on the farm, and she began to use it to make “Improved” farm equipment, well that was what she told her father at least. But in reality they where her first crude weapons. As she continued to work her weapons, they became more and more lethal. She was learning what weapons worked for her and what did not.

On her 16th year, helping her father with taking the harvest into Tymon, she got to see a Master Gladiator in battle, her favorite “Hero” Master Nathan Ollscot, it was his 75 battle. And it was a great treat for her. She always enjoyed the battles, but watching the masters at work she learned so much. In this particular battle, he, Nathan, was facing three other gladiators. Dispatching the first in only 30 seconds, the other two where more careful in their actions. But it did not matter; In no time at all he had killed them both.

But she had learned a lot from this battle, chiefly, she needed armor. All three of the dead gladiators had the traditional gladiator side armor, covering one arm and a shoulder, and all three were killed with a sword through the chest. Yes she thought; she needed some good armor. Before leaving town with her father, she stopped at one of the local armor shops to look at the armor and she what she could afford, she had saved a little coin. She was shocked, the armor was VERY expensive, in fact it was so expensive, she would never be able to afford any, even if she saved for her entire life. But it was not a complete loss; she talked to the friendly store owner and got some good ideas on how to make some armor for herself. Now she just needed the steel to make it.

Asking her father where she could get some metal, they stopped at the large smith on their way out of town. Even though they had a small forge on the farm, she was amazed at the Smiths Forge and production. She had never seen something like it before. Her father talked to the head master, but with the money she had, she just could not afford what she needed. Then she was struck with a brilliant idea, at least she thought it was brilliant. So she asked the head master if she could work for him for the winter. He was shocked speechless, until he started laughing that is. Now MJ was not one to be laughed at, in fact, that was a very bad idea. Everyone on the farm knew not to laugh at MJ, ideas or what she did, it would get you a good ass beaten if you did.

Unfortunately no one had ever told the Master Blacksmith this, and to be truthful, he would have laughed at you had you told him it, for you see he was a BIG man, at about 6’ and close to 300lb, many men did not mess with the Blacksmith. But none of this mattered to MJ. When MJ saw red, well all hell broke loose. She proceeded to kick the Blacksmiths Ass, fairly well, well enough that her father had to restrain her from injuring the man and he knowing that he had been beaten by a girl. Mostly to her surprise attack, but none the less a good ass kicking. Apologizing for laughing at MJ, the Blacksmith decided to offer her a job, on a trial basis only, but she could work for him until the farm needed her in the spring.

So that winter and the next, MJ worked for the Forge, doing what ever needed done during the day, and working on her armor and weapons in the evening before going back home. They could not afford her to take one of the draft animals to and from the city; she ran this distance twice a day. Doing wonders for her stamina.

This is her 18th year, a time most young women are planning on getting married and starting their own family, but for MJ, that would not be the case. In her 18 years she had not even had a boyfriend, let a lone a lover or anything like that. She was just not interested in boys. She “Loved” some of the Gladiators, but that was more of a blood lust then the “love” poets write of.

She was at the Forge when a man came in and talked to the Blacksmith. Shortly there after this man posted a sign at the front of the Forge. Being unable to forestall her curiosity, she went out to read the sign.
Pubilc Notice

Attention To All
The Master Gladiator
Nathan Ollscot

Per Royal Decree
Is Being allowed to form a new
Gladiator House
In honor of his 100th Win
And retirement from the game.

To all you brave men that wish to apply
Be at the Arena at Sunrise on the 30th of this month

She almost fell over right then and there, but managed to keep her balance and remembered to keep breathing. Running in to the office, the told her boss that she was quitting, then turned and ran out. Grabbing her gear and armor, she ran home as fast as she could.

She sat her Father and Mother down at the kitchen table and told them of her plans. At first they did not believe her, but soon it became clear that she was not lying and that she was determined to do this. Her Mother was worried at first, but then thought that there was no chance she would make the team, so she gave her blessing. This startled her father, who was much less sure that his only daughter would not make the team. So far, everything she had put her mind to she had accomplished, one way or another. But he knew this was her life’s dream, so he gave her his blessing and prayed that she would be safe.

So she was there, long before sunup, on the 30th, waiting in line with the rest of the men. And to her surprise a few other women. There was a series of matches to test their battle skills, and narrow down the group of applicants. She handled these with ease, drawing first blood in both matches, to the surprise of her opponents. Now she stands before Sir Nathan Ollscot, in all her blood covered glory, with the rest of the remaining applicants, hopping and praying that she will be picked.

Motivation / Reason for joining the team
Her Life’s Dream, what she has work for all her life.
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Old Aug 6th, 2010, 01:41 AM
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Kaia Nyfe
Character Sheet
Race: Human
Class: Free Hand Fighter (Advanced Player's Guide)

Kaia's scalp is smooth and clean-shaven, as is customary for a monk in her order. She wears dark-colored robes, very dark, but at spitting distance they appear not as black but as a very deep rust brown. Her ears are mostly round, but for a slight upward turn at the top; and her eyes are narrower than most human eyes. She is not pretty - which is to say, she does not have the bearing of a woman who is pretty. Kaia walks with purpose and efficiency; rarely does she take a step that is not carefully calculated, and never without an idea of where that step will lead her.

She carries no weapons. This alone, apart from her shaved head and monastic robes, marks her as a monk. The tear-shaped tattoo directly below her left eye denotes her order: that of the Silent Hand.

Personality: Kaia enjoys practical jokes, but lacks the wit or charm to pull them off effectively, so she is usually content to sit by and watch them take place before her. She is strictly obedient to her order's tenets, and zealously protective of their goals; though it has never been advertised, she has occasionally put men (and women) to death for speaking against the Silent Hand.

You have no talents that I did not give you with my blood.

Kaia was the youngest in her group. Not by much - only a few months from the next youngest - but their tutor showed no special treatment, and the others were cruel.
"You were born too late to learn."
"The Silent Hand is not for children."
"Go cry to your mother, if you know who she is."
All new initiates were orphans; it was part of what made them so efficient. Most spies and assassins would have to train themselves to forget their families and former allegiances; the initiates of the Silent Hand came ready-made, willing to serve without a second thought. So Kaia endured her torment; she viewed it as an essential part of her training.
It was perhaps true: her features hinted at an elven heritage, though she had no other traits that might have marked her as a half-elf. Instead, she contented herself to know that she was enough of an elf to pass as an elf when necessary, but not so much as to call unwanted attention. It made her an effective spy, she thought.
"Miss Knife.
Her tutor called Kaia into his private chambers one day. "Your training has taught you reasonably well," he said. It was as high an accolade as any initiate could hope to receive.

"Thank you, Master," she replied, and bowed.

"Keep your thanks," said the tutor. "I've called you in because I received a letter this morning." He held out a piece of folded parchment, sealed with black wax. Kaia read it.
I am not sure if you are aware of the company you keep, but you should know: your youngest student, Kaia, bears a marked resemblance to a woman I knew some years ago. We do not worry ourselves with names, I know, so I won't bother you with the woman's identity; but I thought you should know who the father was. Your order has strange ways of dealing with family relations; I hope you will make an exception in my case, in light of all I've done for you.

Eternally your friend,
Nathan Ollscot

Kaia's temper flared. She knew the name of the gladiator. "I will do what must be done," she said.

The tutor smiled. "You need not bother," he said. "In this case, my child, the author of this letter is correct; we are making an exception. Mister Ollscot is a friend of the order. I am sending you to his house tonight to offer yourself as an apprentice in his new team. Learn what you can from him; then judge for yourself what must be done. That is the final lesson I must teach you: self-sufficiency. If you cannot decide for yourself, you will never be a master of others; and it is my hope that you will be just that, someday."

Kaia bowed again, hiding her flushed cheeks. The tutor's praise was unwarranted, surely! But before she could accept his high words, she had to prove herself worthy. She, a master? Only if she did as he asked. "I will go to this man," she said. "I will judge him, worthy or no. If he is not, I will return with his bloodied feather."


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