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Old Feb 2nd, 2011, 08:54 PM
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The Jarldom

Akins Jarldom is one of three domains on the large island named Boraland.Boraland contains decent pasture land, excellent fishing, and thick woods. Major industries are timbering, fishing, farming, and ranching. Sheep, cattle and even a modest reindeer population are domesticated as well as the occasional goat, pig and of course chickens.The sheep and cattle of Boraland are noted for their unruly dispositions and wild curly coats of hair. The bulls of most herds are more akin to the wild Aurochs than tamer and more managable cows. There is also a large demand for Ambergris and oil from whales. Amber can be found in small quantities along the shoreline. And good quality steel can be manufactured from small mines of iron and other minerals spotted around the land.

Boraland itself is one of the largest and easternmost islands in the northern Kingdom of Commark. Commark is a large kingdom that sprawls across several large islands, dozens of smaller ones, and a jutting landmass separated from a southern empire by sprawling mountain ranges inhabited by savage barbarians who hate the South much more than their own cousins to the north. Still it is ill advised to try traveling through the mountains so most travellers go around the western coast to get to the more civilised south.

To the east is a frozen waste and an ocean that turns very ugly very quickly. Constant mists, unpredictable winds, and freezing turbulent waters prove a barrier to all but the most adventurous explorers. Those who return talk of a port populated by several exotic looking types of humans and merchants who carry strange and intriguing treasures and tradegoods. Marvelous animals and textiles come from those few hardy enough and lucky enough to return from the fabled port of Sfinoples. The Sfins themselves talk of even more exotic and mysterious people to their east and south but they too are fairly isolated by the harsh seas to the north and a circling ring of impassable seeming mountains.
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