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Old Sep 30th, 2013, 06:24 PM
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House Rules

A Thread for any needed House Rules...
If you have questions, please feel free to discuss in the OOC thread.

Non Magic Fire Arrows:

If you somehow light an arrow on fire without Magic, here is the House Rule:

1. There is a -1 Penalty on To Hit because the balance of the arrow has changed.
2. If you hit, you may add 1d4 Fire Damage
3. If you hit, you have a 40% Chance to light the target object/person on fire.

If it/they does catch on fire:

People: Can put themselves out (no roll needed) using a full round action. If they choose not to, there is an additional 1d4 damage per round until out. Another person can also put them out, still a full round action.

Objects: Combustibles such as paper, linen, wood, etc take an additional 1d4+1 fire damage per round after the initial hit. It takes ONE person ONE round to extinguish the fire PER round it is burning:

Round 1 - one person, one round
Round 2 - one Person, two rounds -or- two people, one round
Round 3 - one person, three rounds -or- three people, one round
Round 4 - One person, four rounds -or- two people, two rounds -or- four people, one round.
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