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Old Nov 3rd, 2013, 11:21 PM
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Character Name: Ophidia (friends call her Vanilla)

Character Sheet: Half-Elf Wild Caller Synthesist

Theme: This Will Be the Day (Rooster Teeth's RWBY) - By Jeff Williams feat Casey Lee Williams (With Lyrics)

Appearance: Artwork by my sister, Nine-Tailed-Fox. Vanilla is an albino half-elf, giving her a very unique look all her own. Her vivid pink eyes and white skin are striking and she wears her pale blonde hair extremely long. Usually, she has a soft voice and speaks every word with perfect pronunciation. However, when angered, Vanilla's words become sharp and she tends to hiss her S's. Vanilla's porcelain skin is very smooth and flawless in complexion. The young woman dislikes getting dirty and will never be found unbathed or unkempt.

As a synthesist, Vanilla has developed the interesting ability to become a serpentine creature of impressive power. While in this form, Vanilla gives up her legs for a long tail. Her skin develops white and pale yellow scales, she grows large fangs, and her tongue becomes forked. Her otherwise lithe half-elf body becomes very strong and dexterous, allowing her to scale obstacles effortlessly. Humorously, Vanilla's time slithering in serpentine form has given her a noticeable sashay while she walks in humanoid form.

Class: Summoner (Synthesist & Wild Caller variants)

Mythic Path: Champion/Archmage

Character type: Vanilla would be the Lancer in the Five-Man-Band. While charismatic and quite capable, she doesn't tend to take the lead unless required of her. (Besides, the snake motif is definitely not Hero material.) Vanilla's fierce sense of self often leaves her at odds with other strong personas, particularly those who do take the banner of leadership. However, Vanilla's sometimes overwhelming self-confidence is matched by an incredible sense of loyalty. She is dependable in matters both personal and professional and will never fail those who are depending on her.

A one or two line character concept, something to hook me: Sassy, serious, serpentine summoner simply surprises similar students sans sensational sorcerous spectacles.

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