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Old Nov 4th, 2013, 06:56 AM
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Character Name: Hamish "Singe" Tinkersmith
Appearance: Hamish's black hair and beard fades to a light red at the tips. That is, in the places where it isn't having to grow back from being burnt off. That and a mild chemical smell being side effects of his alchemical experimentation, earning him the nickname 'Singe' from his classmates. Beneath the burnt, bushy eyebrows, a pair of grey eyes peer, full of intelligence, passion, and a hint of mischief, peer our from a generally clean face bearing the occasional but of soot, weapon oil, or scorch mark.

Just shy of four foot, not flabby but lightly built, his hands carry the callouses and his arms the muscle tone of someone who is not content to simply absorb the knowledge within the tomes he studies, he must apply it, enthusiastically. His voice will also occasionally suffer from his pursuits, it's normal alto timbre becoming raspy or squeaky from smoke inhaled accidentally during experiments. When reading, he can often be heard mumbling to himself, sometimes arguing with the material under his voice.

His attire, as a by product of his studies, tends to fit closely and suited to prevent snagging or catching fire. Sleeves that can be rolled up and tied off above the elbow, treated cloth or leather breeches that tend to be fire resistant, and close fitted vest festooned with pockets. A pair of protective goggles are often left perched on his head.

Class: Alchemist(Visionary Researcher)
Mythic Path: Trickster
Character type: Smart Guy - Combat Engineer/The Professor
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