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Old Nov 4th, 2013, 12:23 PM
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Euphemi Lariska
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Name: Euphemi Lariska
Race and Sex: Female Human
Class: Wizard (Conjurer)
Mystic Path: Archmage
Character Type: Smart Girl

Description: You are looking at a short and slightly chubby girl, with dark brown hair and fair skin. The expression of her pretty face is conspicuously volatile; generally friendly, but then often absend-minded, only to return to attentiveness the next moment. When you meet her gaze, a smile flares up on her face for a brief moment and you catch a glimpse of white teeth. Euphemi's voice is rather high-pitched, but with a slightly husky quality to it; you have a hard time imagining this girl singing well, and such a situation would indeed be very counterfactual.

Her manner of dressing is respectable and at times almost austere. She generally wears white or cream-colored button-up blouses and dark skirts with boots, and a sweater, cloak, or both, over it; but at the same time, she has an air of unorderliness about her, which shows itself in her hair, and occasional button she forgets to close, and an unusually large assortment of things attached to her belt, which includes several pouches, phials and scrolls, and a knife.

Upon further inspection, her eye-colour still resists categorisation, sitting firmly in an undefined borderline region between green and grey. Her fingers are unexpectedly long and thin for someone of her stature, not quite fitting with the whole picture, and when you shake her hand, you find the skin to be curiously dry and cool.

Coming closer still, you catch a whiff of her smell, which is aromatic and leafy, with some sharper components reminiscent of pepper and sometimes vinegar. It is unusually intense, and of unusual nature, for natural body odor, but at the same time it's unlikely that someone would have composed a perfume like this.

Character Concept: Euphemi is generally confident, friendly, and highly neophilic to the point of recklessness. She is quick to smile and laugh and tries to get along well with other people. She is not the kindest and most caring person herself, but greatly admires such a disposition in others. As such, she is certainly not cruel; she merely lacks the patience to deal with other people's problems (and frequently other people themselves) unless they happen to concern herself as well, or are somehow very interesting.

Euphemi is somewhat lacking in attentiveness, discipline, and willpower, since she is used to solving problems with relative ease in virtue of her formidable intellect, rather than having to put a great and sustained effort into anything. This had led to a somewhat strained relationship with Archwizard Axellus, who believes that she is not developping her full potential and disapproves.

There is, however, a different aspect to Euphemi's personality, a intelligence and ambition capable of intense focus that are intolerant of obstacles and prepared to be quite ruthless, should the pursuit of a goal require it. In light of this, it is surprising that Master Ar'narra may be the teacher with the fewest misgivings about Euphemi. Somehow, the Agathion has faith that while Euphemi may be prepared to employ radical means, her goals are unlikely to be corrupted. It is not clear whether Euphemi's inordinate fondness of cats is a factor in this matter.

Euphemi is paranoidly afraid of losing her mental faculties and becoming insane or stupid. Her curiosity and desire for excitement will occasionally drive her to do things after which she falls into a practically catatonic state of worry until she is certain that no harm has come to her brain. Pray that she never hits (or is hit over) her head. If she ever came to harm in this respect, she would be liable to take arbitrarily desperate measures to undo it.
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