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Old Nov 4th, 2013, 07:56 PM
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Kharin Tul

Character Name: Kharin Tul

What can be said that is not obvious to peasant and prince alike? Kharin was blessed with the looks of nobility, but not much of the attitude. Elfishly white skin, skin that is smooth to the touch, though conditioned to the harsh and abrasive environment that is the stone floors and walls of Illsevar. While her face shows no signs of wear, her back and abdomen bear the scars of a brawler and a lover - rolling along the floors for survival...or for something more intimate. Her hands are delicate in appearance, until they're turned over to reveal her palms. Her left palm is marred with the small scars of throwing knives and failed attempts at street juggling. Her left fingers are calloused from repeated nocking and drawing of Illsevars strongest bows. Her right hand appears less abused, but the limb itself is indeed more stronger and resistant, being both her shield arm and the hand used to raise and aim her bow.

Her voice is not so much heavenly, but more earthly. A voice you would hear from the city's most sought after whores, one that gives off hints of a lower-class upbringing, but refined through education. A commoner's accent, but without the offensive grating or slurred speech. Fluent, eloquent, but not pompous or high-strung.

Kharin takes care of her appearance only as needed to not look like a beggar. Her hair is brushed, she enjoys a warm bath as much as the next girl, she has one or two favourite fragrances (wild flowers and honey, specifically), though given her combat specialities, she is used to covering herself in whatever is required.

Class: Skirmisher Ranger
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Mythic Path: Trickster/Champion
Character Type:

The Chick: It's tough being a girl. Kharin doesn't like being seen as a mother figure - but if she has to play the authority figure and voice of reason, she'll do so in a sisterly way. She hates the responsibility of motherhood - she prefers to promote teamwork through example; that way, she doesn't get any emotional stragglers latching on.

Action Girl: Heroism is a compulsion. It's a vocation. It's bringing in a fair bit of gold, too. It's the one thing that drives her, and she happens to be darn good at it too. Not everyone is fortunate to make money doing what they love.

Cool Big Sis: While, no, she won't be the Team Mom, or ever wishes to have children, Kharin feels a compulsion to watch out for the younger boys, even if they're more physically capable than her. She needs her team to do their job - if she has to play the older sister figure, she has no qualms.

Leukine: Kharin is openly apathetic about most situations. Freedom of thought and variety of experience is what stimulates her. She's a normal girl - and girls go through changes of emotions and moods every half-second. She won't bitch you out over simple mistakes, she'll extend the generally accepted amounts of courtesy, and sometimes she'll just ignore you - sometimes by accident, sometimes not.

Ethical Slut: Love is good. Who you engage with is up to you. Kharin denies she has any maternal urges, and makes up for this by being a VERY friendly lass. Sometimes to the point of repulsion.
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