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Old Dec 7th, 2013, 04:21 PM
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The League of Legends

Lady StonegazePerhaps one of the strangest combinations this land has ever seen, Lady Stonegaze is a Medusa that has taken upon the teachings of the light, and has become a paladin. A hunter of evil, Lady Stonegaze obviously attracts a lot of attention wherever she goes, her mithral chain glistening so brightly that most are forced to avert their eyes. Some believe this was an intentional choice on her part, to avoid accidentally turning innocents to stone with a wayward gaze. She is harsh, but fair, and has amassed quite a collection of statues of criminals, which many have taken to calling her "stone jail".

Bolrai AntrimA mysterious figure, Volrai claims to be the illegitimate child of Antrim, a claim backed by his clearly demonic visage. With ebony wings and eyes reminiscent of flaming pits, he is a terrifying sight to behold. And yet he claims to have no love for his father's ways, and has even lauded house Scaloach for doing what he could not. He is a dark figure, and even if he has chosen to leave the darkness behind, it seems to follow him still. He has turned to a life of vigilante justice, seeking out the criminals the law won't touch, and administering judgments that the courts wouldn't dare. Some might argue he goes too far, but few can deny his efficiency.

Aira RuA mysterious woman who has been spotted all across the realm, helping lost travelers, protecting caravans against bandit raids, and otherwise doing good wherever she can. Her hair is a silvery white, despite having the body of a comely 20 something, and it's clear to all who meet her that she is something more than human. Still, few have the courage to ask, for it is unwise to question one's savior. Regardless, she possesses many magic powers, and it is claimed that she draws upon the lineage of the silver dragons for her power, a claim supported by occasional rumors of silver streaks through the sky coinciding with her presence nearby.

Artemis ValentineA seer of prodigal skill, Artemis was once a failing member of the temple guild until his gift of prophecy was discovered, at which point he became a guild treasure, kept hidden to be used for the advantage of the temple guild. That was, at least, until word got out of his existence, and a killer was sent to remove this dangerous being. At first it was believed to have succeeded, and Artemis vanished for some time, but rumors have surfaced of sightings of the well dressed man, showing up at doorsteps to deliver warnings or advice which, whether heeded or ignored, always pans out true.

Captain Antoine GreyThe elves like to think they are the undisputed master of the seas, but there are those that would dispute that claim. Captain Antoine is a pirate in the truest sense, a bear of a man who wields a massive weapon shaped like an anchor, and whom some believe he is the child of Besmara, the pirate queen herself. Followed by a crew that is as tenacious as it is loyal, they plunder both human and elven ships alike, and in their most famous tale, led a successful raid against the dark elves hidden cove itself.

Kara WilliamsKara's story is a tragic one. As a babe, she caught a terrible sickness, and the village doctor could only shake his heads in sorrow, claiming that she'd die within the week. But just as she seemed to reach the end of her short life, she made a miraculous and total recovery. The parents claimed it was a miracle from the gods, but if it was, it wasn't any gods they wanted to worship. When Kara reached puberty, she once more got sick, but this time it was different. Though she coughed up blood and bile, and her skins became covered in sores and blisters, it never became more than a passing distraction. She looked like she was afflicted by a dozen diseases, and yet he adamantly claimed that she didn't feel sick. Unfortunately, those around her couldn't say the same when it became clear that her "disease" was contagious. The entire village quickly caught ill as the virulent disease spread. Had Slith agents not come and burned the entire village down, the disease might have continued to spread to the surrounding countryside. Though Slith claims all were killed in their raid, a few corpses have turned up in the marshes, showing symptoms disturbingly similar to Kara's affliction, leading to rumors that she might still be alive, carrying her cursed plague.

Kage ZikwinKage is a living cautionary tale of leaping before looking. Well, perhaps living is the wrong word for him. Kage was once a small time thief, but he foolishly accepted a job as a test subject when times got a bit tight. What was originally designed as a process to allow him to remotely and directly control an inactive golem went awry when the transfer process caused a small explosion, bringing down the entire building and killing everyone within, Kage included. However, the transfer process partially succeeded, in that Kage was now separated from his body, nothing more than a floating spirit. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, however, as there turned out to be quite a market for thieves that could literally pass through walls.
Holidays and my new overnights schedule are still taking a toll on me and my post rate, and will probably continue to do so until some time after the new year. Please bear with me until then!

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