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Old Nov 25th, 2018, 06:59 AM
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House Rules for Children of Fate

Epic AdvancementThis game will be using the Multiclass/Prestige class method of Advancing Beyond 20th Level in the Character Advancement section of the the SRD. Level 20 is a hard cap to class levels, but not character level. To help with the math, I've included the advancement of experience points, feats, and ASIs in 20 level blocks for your convenience.





MythicThe PCs in the game will become mythic characters. Experience, both divine and mundane, are a natural part of completing the adventures and overcoming the trials of the game. I will be incorporating the ascension to mythic characters as part of the story. The PCs will be required to complete mythic trials to increase their mythic rank and receive more mythic abilities and powers. After the first, I will not be developing any new mythic trials. If the group wants to climb the mythic tiers, they will need to submit mythic trials to me in the [create thread] thread. The more detailed, specific, and ready for insertion into the game the better likelihood I'll be able to work it in and advance your character. The mythic trials need to be world-appropriate and, as much as possible, incorporate current events to the party, or reflecting past successes/defeats. If you've already written every possible trial, you've already failed to address my desire for your story to be contemporaneous to the game and organic with play. Recurring enemies, old rivalries, grand personal vendettas from a PC's backstory, righting great wrongs or correcting the negative effects of failed adventures, etc. are all the kinds of things I'd like to see as trials. The more trials you seed and develop for me, the more frequently and seamlessly I can fold them into the narrative, and the more mythic content you get to play. I will make sure to run your content and incorporate it into the game, but you have to take ownership of the PC's mythic story. If you don't write mythic trials, your characters don't progress through mythic tiers.

Divine RankOne of the more difficult issues with incorporating divinity into a game is the way some of the divine powers quite intentionally break the game. While Dungeons and Dragons made attempts at codifying divinity, it suffered from the logical impossibility of applying metrics to omnipotence. Pathfinder avoided the issue by not attempting to assign stats to gods at all and leaving their scaling abilities and powers more of a literary issue. However, if one adheres to a concept of divinity where "god" was simply immensely and indomitably powerful and not the inconveniently undefinable "OOO god" (omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, omnibenevolent, whatever you attribute to your concept of god) it gives some guidance on how to find a middle way between trying to stat omnipotence, like DnD did, or ignore the concept entirely like Pathfinder 1e did. So, like the mythic rule set, divinity is just another metric of accelerated power creep with a different cadre of game breaking abilities, instead of a fundamentally incomprehensible system of assigning numbers to things which would otherwise not have numbers. To achieve this, I have developed the following "middle way" of divine rules which are a modification of the divine ranks and powers from 3.x DnD.





Current Games:
By Your Own Grace, The Knick Knacks of Doom: Fated Children & Trinket Hunters, The Tomb of Xhancar Ckancil
Open to invitations.

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