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Old Nov 22nd, 2020, 01:18 PM
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Battle of the BARDS Oneshot

Game NameBATTLE of the BARDS
Game TypeDnD 5e: A oneshot for 3 - 5 level 7 characters

Set Up: You're a band, with a shot at winning the kingdom-wide Battle of the Bards! At the beginning of the adventure, your band has been sabotaged, kidnapped, stripped of your possessions, and locked in a basement. It might be a rival, it might be an old enemy, it might be your own manager. Your job will be to find out, escape, and make it to the competition with a whole, functioning band.

Sourcebooks: PHB, Volo's, Xanathar's, Tasha's.

Posting Frequency: 6-7 times/week, Daily preferred

Mood:Dark-Humored Whimsy with close-to-RAW Combat on a Relentless Timer with a Mystery to Solve

Timing: I hope to close applications and set a team by DECEMBER 10. The game begins December 15th. You have until March 15th to make it to the contest, at which point we have two weeks to do the actual band battle which may take 1 day or all the days depending on whether it includes actual combat.

Chapter 1
right-aligned image
You, my friend, are in a BAND. You and your bandmates have been trying to break out for years now (all except the Maybe not the drummer, in case a PC wants that role, but ONE bandmate is NEW and an NPCDrummer, who is new). It hasn’t happened for you yet.

You have other skills. Your band has un-infested city sewers of their giant rats, removed ogres and harpy packs that settled too near villages, and cleaned undead horrors out of crypts and haunted houses. That’s how you make your living, in fact: Monstrous pest control. It’s also how you lost your original drummer. And your second drummer. You are actually on drummer nine now.

In spite of your adventuring, you are almost always broke, as you spend your gold on band promo and touring costs. But you just can’t seem to catch a break. It has not and will not occur to you that you maybe just aren’t a very good band.

While in a swampy village clearing out a coven of hags, you hear about a kingdom wide BATTLE OF THE BARDS. The winning band from each region gets to play at a huge festival in the capital city of Vallos, and whoever wins there gets five thousand gold and a national tour. You decide to enter with more optimism than good sense.

Well. You are in a small swampy backwater region. Word of the far-off fest has not gotten around. (Maybe because your new drummer has pulled down and destroyed every poster for it that you passed.) The day of the regionals, there is a rat flu outbreak. The only other band that shows is made up wholly of adorable thirteen year old girls, who beat you handily, but their moms won’t let them go to Vallos.

As first runner up? YOU ARE IN THE COMPETITION. FINALLY! YOUR BIG BREAK! IT IS ALL GOING TO HAPPEN FOR YOU NOW! You arrive in Vallos four days before the festival begins, and immediately head out to carouse rock-star style in the big city and...that’s all you remember.

You wake in pitch black darkness. You are cold, because you are wearing only your underpants. Your pack is gone. It is possible you have one small, mundane item on you, like lockpicks or a small spell focus, if you can RP where and why you hid it. The air is thick and chilly and wet. The floor under you feels like moist stones, and your cheek might be cradled in moss, or slime, or maybe a puddle of your own sick. You are very thirsty, very hungry, and your head hurts, but you do not feel otherwise harmed. You remember checking into your seedy, bug-infested hotel, then someone had the idea to go get a drink... After that? It’s all fuzzy.

You have three days before your band must perform. Three. Long. Rests. In real time, you have until March 15th to achieve these objectives:

1) Figure out where you are
2) Cobble together usable gear
3) Discover who put you here and why
4) Fight-and-clever your way out
5) Face and destroy those who plotted against you
6) Make it to the life-changing competition on time with If members are lost on the way, you will have opportunities to replace them with NPCs or bring in a fresh characteran entire functioning band.

If you do ALL these things, you win. The GAME. Not Battle of the Bards. No promises there! The dice will help us decide that, should you make it to the festival in time to play.

The Team
right-aligned image
You as a Player

You have taken or agree to live into the idea behind the the https://www.rpgcrossing.com/showthread.php?p=5946262Oath of Sangus. You are collaborative and want to work boldly, but as part of a team. You understand this game is on a timer, and you want to push forward and win, but not at the expense of character or story. You're serious about the story, in fact, and if you lose, but we get a good story out of it, then you will feel you won anyway. You enjoy dark humor and whimsy and plot twists and discovery and strategy and combat.

Me as a DM
I view this game as collaborative storytelling, guided by the dice. I am not on your team, but I am your team's huge, devoted fan. YOUR BAND IS MY FAVORITE BAND! I want you to win, but won't fudge the dice to make sure it happens. It will be an actual challenge.

I played DND all through high school and some in college, but that was...a while ago. In the intervening years, I have played MMORPGS and simple tabletops like Dungeon Crawler. The pandemic brought me back to DND, and I am currently DMing Saltmarsh over Zoom and playing three games here. This will be my first foray into DMing in this format, so I will want you to be patient with me if I make mistakes, especially in combat; I might not be familiar with everything your character can do, depending on your races and classes.

I am good at plot on the fly and incorporation, and while my MAPS and TRAPS and NPCs are somewhat set, the mystery will be formed out of your own backstories and your choices.

The Party

You are LG, NG, CG, LN, NN, CN.
You level according to milestones, and this is a one-shot, so you may only level once.
You start with nothing, or you have a good RP reason that explains how and why you have one small mundane object still in your possession.
You will use standard array or 27 point buy to generate your stats. (Don't roll dice in this thread!)
You will make and keep an updated character sheet on DND Beyond and link to it in your stat block.

right-aligned image
Please submit an application by commenting on this thread. Include the following:

Concept art, to give me an idea of your character's personality and the tone of your application.
(must have at least one level of Bard, three preferred):
Suggested Band Name(s):
Role in Band (vocalist, drummer etc):
including how you came to join the band:
Hook: This is KEY, as I want us to make this mystery together. Please tell me your prime suspect for who put you guys in this dark hole and took your stuff. This Suspect should come out of your backstory and is a person or group who could plausibly be in Vallos now. This character is a gift to me, and will be incorporated as an NPC, so be specific about what parts are important to you as you set your personal lore.
Ideal: (this does not have to be one of the standard choices in the PHB)
Bond: (this does not have to be one of the standard choices in the PHB)
Flaw: (this does not have to be one of the standard choices in the PHB)

D&D Bio in Brief: Describe yourself as a player -- what you enjoy in a game and what you hope to bring to one.

You don't need a character sheet, yet, but if you have one on DND Beyond please link it it. Please don't roll dice in this thread.

Good luck!

Q and A (updated as queries come in)Can I be the band agent?

You can certainly apply for that role or any other that you can convince me will fit the module. You still need 1 level of Bard.

Also would consider groupie, but I don't know if this is "that kind" of campaign.

You are musicians. Safe to say none of you spend your weekends sitting quietly at home soberly praying to Melora. That said, this is a PG-13 site, so we will firmly close the curtains over any fleshly nonsense should you choose to get up to it---and if you can find a moment to bust out your flirt-moves in the murderously dangerous hellpit in which you find yourselves. Innuendo, repartee, and PG-13 ribald japes are welcome. I mean...YOU ARE MUSICIANS.

That said? I want to stay in a fantasy setting. So, for example, if you have an addiction, then maybe it is to, say, haste potions, or you take a background that gives you herbalism proficiency so you always know which plants/mushrooms let you talk to dragons and see gods. No real-world problematic stuff.

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Old Nov 22nd, 2020, 01:20 PM
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Can I be the band agent?

Also would consider groupie, but I don't know if this is "that kind" of campaign.

Anyway, if so (for the band agent), I would start working on some goofy yuppie backwater dwarf with a penchant for coin and coke.

Edit: Oooh you just added a bunch of supplemental info in the OP, ok let me see what we got here.....

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I'm quite tempted, as I have never played as a Bard.
I'm also scared, as I have never played a Bard ahahaaaaaa

Just a few hours ago I was looking into the subclasses, so I'll keep an eye out.

Not a fan of D&D Beyond, but I'll do what I can with it.
The City of Endless Arenas (Always recruiting)
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Old Nov 22nd, 2020, 05:48 PM
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This is in no way a promise to roll up a character because as I might be interested, I have very little experience with bards and while I enjoyed it, I find them hard to play for my preferred playstyle but...How would we work in a spell focus for a Goliath lead singer or would that be lead singer and guitar?
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I love it! I'm in.
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Spyder the Lute-god
right-aligned image
Name: Spyder
Race: Drow
Age: 112
Class: Lore Bard
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Suggested Band Name(s): ElderOblex's suggestion of 'Epic Lute' is simply betterThe Ill-gotten Lute, Bard for Life or Minstrel/Maxstrel
Role in Band: Lead Lute
Background: Sage (I'll put the IC background below)
Hook: It's definitely the work of Dragar, the duplicitous tiefling viol maestro who would do anything to claim the Battle of the Bards over Spyder. He is the only one who is likely to know that Spyder is the main competition, so it's obvious really.
Personality Traits: I tend to be pretty quiet, but get me on one of my subjects and it's hard to get me to shut up. - I'm always practicing, even when I should be concentrating on somehting else.
Ideal: Music isn't just about communicating emotion, it's also a technical field in which it is possible to objectively grade everything.
Bond: It's not enough for me to know I'm the best, I need everyone else to acknowledge it too.
Flaws: I seek technical perfection over mundane things such as pretty sounds
Appearance: Standing 5'4", but with a skinny frame so that on stage he looks much taller, Spyder has honed his image over long years. He wears his raven-black hair long and straight-as-a-lyre-string, and it often covers his face like curtains. His eyes being as sensitive as they are, he has taken to wearing smoked-glass spectacles at all times, even in the bath or, y'know, in bed.

Personality: Spyder is driven and practices his craft relentlessly; if for whatever reason he can't currently actually play one of his lyres he's doing finger exercises or reading a book about great players of the past. He prides himself on knowing every bit of trivia about all of the great maestros, and a fair bit about the not-so-great too. Of course, his idea of which ones are great and which aren't is far more important than that of the mob; he holds little regard for what is popular, although he does yearn for the day when everyone realises that he is a great himself.

Backstory: The Underdark is boring. All of his life Spyder (or Tazennin Filaerth as he was known at the time) dreamed of something more. The music down there is predominantly percussion because drums really carry through the tunnels. In many ways acoustics is a bigger art form than the actual music, as forming a chamber just right can mean that one instrument can sound like many, can even harmonise with its own echos if you get it just right. Which is all well and good, but Spyder quickly mastered the drum and the bagpipes and still craved something else.

He was supposed to a bureaucrat, slaving for a mistress the way his father had, and his father too. He chose a different life, he ran away, all the way out into the open sky, where the harsh sun dazzles and hurts. And that's where he found the lute, an instrument which seems so simple yet can do so much. He fell in love with it immediately and dedicated himself to mastering it. He studied hard and practiced every day and eventually he deemed himself good enough to play in front of an audience. They were... not as musically aware as he had hoped, but it didn't matter. He knew he was home.

His first band, Anathema was a three-piece led by a tiefling, Dragar, who thought he was a viol genius, and Kag, an orc drummer who thought very little. They were certain that they would make it, how could they not? It was destiny! They toured the inns of the land and soon built up a small but keen following. Word was getting around, but it wasn't to be... Kag suddenly disappeared after a gig and the other two found out later that he had been poached by The Fiery Furies who had lost their own warforged drummer in an illegal three-dragon-ante match.

The now two-piece vowed to carry on, destiny was still on their side after all, but they soon found that without the drummer for them to mutually look down upon, their egos were incompatible. On the first gig after Kag split, Dragar launched into an impromptu solo, bowing his viol so quickly that it burst into flames, which quickly spread and burned the entire inn to the ground. Twelve were injured and a couple died, and Spyder never got to perform his own solo! Even worse, two of his lutes were consumed in the blaze!

That was it for Anathema and they both went their separate ways, each determined to prove themself superior to the other.

D&D Bio: I've been playing D&D5e for about eight years. It was the first RPG I picked up and has been a gateway system, leading me to all sorts of other books. I started late in life, although I remember once when I was a teenager in the early nineties I got a book out from the library with the intention of getting my friends to play, they all looked at me like a leper. Fortunately I have cooler friends now.

I have been on RPGX for a bit over two years, I've played a bunch of games including one in particular which is probably my best roleplaying experience that I've had. Although I haven't technically taken the Oath, I've never ghosted a game (that's just common decency, isn't it?).
Tuesday didn’t work, catching up today!
Wednesday is already a wash, catching up tomorrow!

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No application yet, but registering intention. This looks hilarious!

right-aligned image
Artist credit: Dotswap

Name: Durza Dera
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Bard
Alignment: CG
Suggested Band Name(s): The Ecstatic Seldays
Role in Band (vocalist, drummer etc): Yes, this entire application is 100% a Bez from the Happy Mondays referencePercussionist / Maracas / Dancer

Background, including how you came to join the band:
So I was mates with the I say "the singer" but this could be anyone, in the endsinger, yeah? We was sittin’ in the tavern one afternoon chattin’ about life and the universe and all that, and the singer was like “you should join the band, Durza!” Obviously this was comin’ from a place too many ales deep to be for real, and I says, “mate,” I says, “mate that’s stupid. I can’t even play an instrument, can I? All I got is me freaky dancin’” and the singer goes “exactly”.

So I turn up to rehearsals that day and I get introduced to the band and they’re all “what do you play, Durza?” and I have to confess that I don’t play anythin’ at all, coz all I got is me freaky dancin’.” The drummer says (one of the drummers anyway, a nice lass that one, didn’t take no guff from no-one, once saw her pitch a fella head-first into a lake for makin’ saucy comments, real shame what happened to her with that pack of crabs, anyway-) the drummer says “what about these maracas?” And I go “yeah, I can do that, I can shake those while I do me freaky dancin’” and I get to it and give ‘em a shake, and it turns out the band plays really well with me supportin’ ‘em from the sidelines, yeah? And the crowd just loves it, ya know? Should hear ‘em cheer when Durz walks on!

Heard some folks say havin’ a dancer and maraca player is unnecessary but what do they know? I don’t see any of them steppin’ up to encourage the band. Anyway yeah it’s brilliant.

Those 13 year olds might be wholesome, but I'm telling ya, their coach isn’t. That Nuvian Gilra, the half-elf. Acts all smarmy and superior, makin’ like she’s helpin’ the kids outta the goodness of her heart? Hah! I went to school with her and she’s twisted up inside with jealousy and rage cos I’m a popular and successful band member with fame an’ fortune on the way and she’s still tryin’ to persuade the kids mums to sign their permission slips. She’d do this outta spite. She did do it outta spite!

Happy-go-lucky, just wants everyone to have fun. Not the smartest, becomes easily confused by complicated situations, but full of energy. Really, really loves dancing.

Ideal: I won’t do something just because I’m told to do it. I want to live for myself.
Bond: I want to infect everyone with the love of dancing!
Flaw: I don’t do “health and safety”.

D&D Bio in Brief:
I’m new to D&D! I’ve only really played twice, and my first character was also a Bard. That said, I’m not particularly needy as a player - I can look stuff up myself (I already own a few of the books on dndbeyond), and I try to make the DM’s life easier wherever possible. I’m also fairly new to RPGX and I haven’t taken the Oath of Sangus, but one of the first things I did here was take part in the 2020 Outplay contest (in the Shadowrun bracket, not D&D) which was also a daily posting deal - until I got knocked out I followed that up by starting up Shadowrun 2050 on site here. I’m still getting the hang of being a good roleplayer, but I find games are more fun when people actually work as a team, and I’d be looking to make in-character connections and carve out a niche for myself as the band’s wholly necessary mascot.

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Application for BATTLE of the BARDS
right-aligned image
  • Name: Baron de Boom
  • Race: Goblin
  • Class: Artificer/Bard
  • Alignment: CG
  • Suggested Band Name: Total Party Thrill (or as some call it, "Dagger Jane and the Total Party Thrills")
  • Role in Band: Pyrotechnician and hurdy gurdy instrumentalist

Background: As a teenager, Baron de Boom got his start with the goblin punk ska band No Dogs! No Lashers! After the band members fell out (well, some say the flautist and all three of the citole players were pushed out of the airship), Baron de Boom was recruited into the Dead Unicorns who rocketed to fame with their signature blend of yowling tabaxi lead vocals and cat-gut string sections. The creative space of Dead Unicorns allowed Baron de Boom to develop his celebrated hurdy gurdy death drone (as in monophonic effect, not a fancy flying machine of vengeance—Boom's a good artificer but not that good (yet)) and pyrotechnical stage shows. It also caused the band to lose a fortune in liability insurance and payouts to venue owners whose tavern or theater was burned to a crisp. All the stories about the after-concert parties are true. Yes, even the ones with the fern lizards and the sacks of fermented gilvertine grass. Baron de Boom doesn't deny them, he just affirms he has a hazy memory of them and has moved well past them.

Hook: It's got to be that tortle right? Those guys never forget and never drop grudges. Do you think he cares that his shell looks 10x hella better now? Dullard. Anyway. The tortle (Crisp is his name, if it matters) isn't a shabby musician—you got to give him that—but he is so stuck in the past with his reliance on traditional percussions that he just can't admit his band isn't the big deal it once was (well, okay, so they still, like, sell out huge venues ... but, nostalgia, right?). Yeah, and Crisp has denied that he has taken out contracts on the members of the Dead Unicorns ... but why is it that 3 of them have died or mysteriously disappeared in just the past year? Live and forgive, right? That's the way of peace that Baron de Boom has discovered. But, you probably can't expect that of a bitter tortle with sketches of dead unicorns doing some rather not-dead-and-wild things carved into his shell.

Personality: Baron de Boom wants you to know that he isn't the same goblin that you once knew. No more the legendary debaucheries with the other boys in the band. No more the rude assaults on fans and tavern owners. No more pyro-pranks on dull farmers. After a near death experience on stage three years ago, Baron de Boom adopted a purposeful life. He's now all about the music and his personal crusade which he calls, "my penance, my purpose, my ideal.

Ideal: It might not actually be enough of a penance for all the problems and injuries he created during his previous years of solipsism and sin, but Baron de Boom's new sanctuary/rescue for wounded and neglected almirajes has become his new purpose in life and, to everyone's surprise, has so far been run as an ideal animal rescue operation.

Bond: Will protect weaker creatures, particularly if they are fluffy

Flaw: Part of Baron de Boom's newly adopted lifestyle includes a strict diet of vegetable roughage; the dude won't stop talking about exciting new fibrous combos.

D&D Bio in Brief: I'm new to D&D and role-playing in general. Still learning by emulating best posts and interactions I encounter on this site. I try to, above all, be a careful reader first, and only then a contributing poster.

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Hmmmm. Torn between Lightfoot Halfling Rapper (probs college of eloquence) or Half-Elf former boy band star who joined the group after a failed solo career (not sure on college, maybe valor? Idk). Bookmarking.

Ed: would it also be ok to take 1-2 levels in another class to fit the aesthetic? EG Rogue for a rapper, barb for a Viking axe god type, maybe Druid for a hippy chick etc?
Fully back online and up-to-date.

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Let's rock!
right-aligned image
Name: Lofwyr the Skald (Jandar Dyernina)
Race: Fallen Aasimar
Class: BardBarian (College of Valor/Path of the Berserker)
Alignment: CN
Suggested Names: A Murder of Crows; Barrow Wights; The Bastard Swords; Danse Macabre; Diablerie; Hagfinger; Wolves at the Gate; (Epic lute is terrific and so is Faerun Five);
Role: Dulcimer/ Backup Vocals (screaming/growling)/ Beefy Boi

Hook: When something goes wrong on this plane, you can bet the Gods are somehow involved. So, it's probably that Archon. Lofwyr still hears his voice at times. "The good fight this, Armaggedon that. Judgement of the wicked, blah blah." It's tiresome really. Of course, it could be the other side. Those cultists from that little mining town were awfully excited when he let slip his necrotic shroud a couple of weeks ago. Good, Evil they're just two sides of the same coin used to buy blood by the bucket.

Then again, something isn't right about those teenage girls and their oppressive mothers. What kind of parent pushes a child into this lifestyle. Give them a sword or axe if you want them to change the world.

Jane will say it's her twin and you know what, it could be. She seems to genuinely want to be involved in Jane's life and we all know how, intense, the fey-touched can get some times. She once tried making friends with Lofwyr but he found her a bit too normal and well adjusted for his taste. Plus Dagger Jane scares him.

Personality: Sure, he may be a sculpted jock with a chiseled face but deep down he knows he is a misfit. An outcast even amongst his own family. Angst-fueled and brooding. Except when it comes to stories. Lofwyr loves myths and legends. He will stop what he's doing to hear a new one or an old favorite like a child. In fact, he is quite childlike in most regards except physically. He is constantly searching for the best tale to tell even if he has to create it himself. He holds a grudge against whatever celestial invaded his ancestry and has issues with the Gods and the games they play. Lofwyr loves all kinds of music but particularly enjoys songs that tell stories.

Ideal: "I am not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine."

Bond: An outcast in the true sense of the word. He strongly identifies with other misfits and rejects. Robbed of his community by cruel Destiny he desperately craves inclusion and shared experience.

Flaw: Has major trust issues and is quick to anger; once he gets worked up it's hard to calm him down. We're not talking Bjork flipping out on a paparazzi angry. It's a full-on Henry Rollins leading a field trip full of sugar-fueled tweens through a religious-themed amusement park in the height of summer while the rest of the band is out getting hammered and some chubby balding dude who peaked as the JV quarterback is trying to save his soul in the gift shop kind of rage.

D & D Bio: I've been flirting with D&D for a long time, since the Saturday morning cartoon first captivated me all those years ago, but only recently took the leap and ended the chase. I could never convince my friends to play. They were much too cool. So I got by on fantasy novels and video games, all the while collecting RPG rulebooks and reading them front to back. Then, I found this wonderful slice of the interwebs about 10 months ago and haven't looked back. You may recognize Dragoonie as one of the lunatics from the ToW thread; or my run in Outplay. I enjoy theorycrafting. I like outside the box thinking and am a disciple of The Rule of Cool. Rolling dice is fun but I enjoy sinking my teeth into character interaction. I enjoy roleplaying off of others very much and view the game as a shared storytelling experience.
│I have taken the oath.│ “There's something about this that's so black, it's like how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.”
-Nigel Tufnel

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You have my interest! And my app!

Application: COMPLETE, for the most part :D
right-aligned image
Name: Justilion, "Justin" Silmefuin
Race: Eladrin
Class: Bard (College of Glamour)/Archfey Warlock
Alignment: CG
Suggested Band Name(s): Epic Lute/Epic Flute, Bard Guardian, for a group of Elves/Half-elvesFae Fighters, Faerun or Four; Three is least optimal Five, Pixie Dix, Midsummer Night Stand, Dagger Jane's Addiction, also just realized that or Rhyme? Rime of the Frostmaiden is a pretty metal band name
Role in Band (vocalist, drummer etc): flutist, back-up lute, vocalist
Background: Far Traveler


Hook: Of course it was Veren, my unbelievably-sexy, fire-headed, bat-crap-crazy ex! Thought I saw her bronze-tanned, painfully full-bodied figure getting all frisky at that tavern with her literally, horns on his head; horny boy-toy Buck while making doe-eyes at me! It was just one night in the Beastlands, and now she thinks I'm her boyfriend? Now that her mom's got the hots for me and For professional reasons, of course! wants my ball in Her Court, she'd do anything to sabotage my shot at fame, even in this Plane!

Personality: What? Yeah, I've been called moody, unpredictable, effervescent; but really I'm just spontaneous. Y'know, like combustion; what artist isn't? I've been called gaudy and flamboyant. They're really just saying fabulous; I mean, just look at my hair. Feel it; it's okay! See what I mean? They say I've been called outlandish and aloof, that my food choices turn their stomachs. But that's simply what living in the Feywild does to you, y'know? Can't they be more open-minded here? I'm a displaced refugee, for crying out loud. It's not like this Prime Material's any five-star accomodation anyway; I mean, how many giant rats in cellars and basements and sewers can there be?! I have moments of calm, too, though; especially in the winter, where everything's so white and cold and sad. Those are some of my best writing seasons. Love? Oh, yeah, there've been some flames in the past, y'know; met some beautiful people. I'm a lover, not a fighter after all... Some of them made my performances really, like really shine; I tend to wear my emotions out in the open, you see. But more often than not, there's always something... missing. I don't want to talk about that anymore.
Ideal: Carpe Diem. Life is as fleeting as the seasons, so take as much pleasure as you can from every moment!
Bond: The Summer Court thought me unworthy of Queen Tiandra's notice, and barred me from the Feywild. Once She and all of the Inner Circle hear of our victory in this Battle, they'll realize how stupid they were!
Flaw: I'm a sucker for a pretty face, even though it's bound to be less pretty than mine.


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Baron de Boom's application is, I believe, complete.
Thanks for your consideration!
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Oh Filly, I wish you had told me you were planning this! But I have reached my limit of games at this point and am resisting the temptation of taking on too much (a curse I have all too often fallen into on this site). I have always sneered at Bards and had a rule to never play one, but this would be the one time I just might break that rule...but darn it I am going to resist the temptation you evil tempestuous

Those of you that make it into this game will have a great time and will be among the lucky few to enjoy the creativity and fun of Fillyjonk

Good luck to everyone and darn you Filly


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Work in Progress

Dagger Jane, Bard/Sorcerer
right-aligned image
Name: Dagger Jane (link to sheet)

Race: Winter Eladrin (but really Spring Eladrin)

Class: Bard (Lore) / Sorcerer (Aberrant Mind)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Jane's Suggested Band Name(s): Dagger Jane, Dagger Jane and Others, Dagger Jane and More, Dagger Jane Etc., Dagger Jane Et Al, Dagger Jane Is Coming At You, Right Between Dagger Jane, Dagger Jane and the Additional Janes, Jane D'Agger

Lostcheerio's Suggested Band Name(s): Torment the Hags or I like Lazer's idea: Minstrel/Maxtrel

Role in Band (vocalist, drummer etc): vocals, tambourine, saxophone

Spell focus:Ponytail Holders (need a provenance!)

Background Jane was born as Jathyrilana. She grew up in the Feywild, a spring eladrin child with two loving parents and a twin sister, Lythienne. She and her sister were both started very early in music, and became competent harpists by the time they could walk. They spent their days charming sparrows and channeling the joy of springtime, but when she was only a few decades old, an aboleth attacked the ship her family was traveling in across the Sea of Starlight. Of all the creatures on the ship, the monster chose Jathyrilana to dominate and possess. The wee elf child stood rigidly on the deck, lisping out the dark commands of the monstrosity in a deep echoing voice witnesses described as "the creepiest thing I have ever heard in my entire life." Eventually, the aboleth relented, and released the little girl from its control. But a shard of magic from the Far Realms was left embedded in her head, and Jathyrilana was never the same again. "You can call me Jane now," the child said.

left-aligned image
And Jane was cray.

In fact, she was way cray. And she only got more cray as time went on. She chopped her long gossamer locks, dyed them blue, and ratted them into ponytails, now aggressively identifying as a winter Eladrin, and favoring a lipstick color she calls "Shut-Your-Mouth-Lythienne-You-Boring-Slag Blue." She abandoned the harp, the sparrows, her sweet sister, and even the elven springtime, and ran away to the material plane to pursue a career in adventuring and rock-and-roll, where she uses her insane brain to cast wintery spells and invade the minds of her audiences.

Her eladrin parents are her biggest supporters. In fact, they have dedicated their lives to supporting Jane and making sure she's okay, never having forgiven themselves for allowing the aboleth possession to happen. Even though it wasn't their fault, even though they have another child who is perfectly good and trying her best to be worthy of their attention, even though Jane runs from their love as if from a necrotic fog, they relentlessly love her. There's no dive tavern too grimy, no neighborhood too shady, no lyrics too vile to dissuade them from showing up to her performances, fully decked out in band merch, and asking if the bar has fresh milk. Once, when she was playing bass for a band called "Fat Dave and the Pervs" her mother got the band name and logo printed on matching sweatshirts for herself and Jane's elfin father. When Jane screamed at her, "Why don't you just get tote bags and be done with it!" she responded, "That is a great idea, honey. Would you like one too, to carry your instrument cables?"

DetailsPrime Suspect: Jane would suspect her twin sister who is so good and perfect, and so jealous of Jane on such a deep, mitochondrial level that she's actually dating the lead singer of a rival band, The Holy Toes. Lythienne has tried many strategies over the years to get back into Jane's good graces, and kidnapping her and shoving her into a basement might be the only thing left to try.

Personality: Jane is an agent of chaos: impulsive and fearless. Jane is relentlessly loyal to her favorites, and a world-class grudge-holder when it comes to her enemies. She has been coddled to the point of being almost unendurably selfish, but she sees the band as an extension of herself, so her selfishness extends to include all her teammates.

Ideal: Jane has fronted thrash metal bands, using her aboleth-inspired terror contralto; pop punk ensembles, translating her harp skills onto the bass; and has recently started playing the saxophone, manifesting strange tentacles on stage. But it wasn't until she found her current group that she really started to care about the music. Always before, it was about the sin, the chaos, the radical behavior, and shocking her parents, but now she really wants to become a songwriter. So far, she's got few choruses but no verses. Here's one chorus:


Her parents, on hearing this, clapped and said, "Woo!" and then to each other they said, "Well, that is so age appropriate!" and "I think she's got a rhyme in there -- what a writer." Jane, however, feels she can do better, and she is seeking inspiration, rigor, and someone who will provide honest critique. What she wants most is to write a really good song.

Bond: Jane is bonded by blood or shared experience to someone in the band. They are the only person who can control her, who she will listen to. This person she will slavishly obey and also defend with tooth and claw. The reason for this doesn't have to be rational.

Flaw: Jane has been raised to believe she is the specialest of the special, by doting parents who have never called her on anything. She's a pouter, overreacts to setbacks, throws fits, and never accepts responsibility.

Strength: She's cute. My visual inspiration is Kathleen Hanna in the Sonic Youth video for "Bull in the Heather."

D&D Bio in Brief: I'm a forever DM who has almost never been able to play a character instead of running a game, until finding this site last year. I'm playing in two games here, both with Light Domain clerics, which is ironic because my only other player experience was in middle school where I was "allowed" to join the boys' games if I would play a healer and draw the maps. I'm also DMing Fillyjonk in a solo game that we've been frantically running since the beginning of quarantine, smashing Lost Mine of Phandelver and Dragon of Icespire Peak into my long-developed homebrew world. And I'm DMing a group through the new adventure book, Rime of the Frostmaiden. But for this madness, I will make time!

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Durza is complete
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