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Life...Don't Talk to Me About Life...[Communal Info Log Thread]

This is the sticky for you guys to log information you want to share with others. Ideally, I want things explained IC first, but feel free to put cliff notes versions here so people remember who found out what and the like.

Following is a list of 'Key Players' in the story line who's details (or keys aspects of their details relating to the TotYK campaign) are not located in the People of Aheka thread.

DMing...: Trials of the Young King [3.5, Full] | Working on...: The Godling Sagas [PF, Gestalt, TotYK Sequel]

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All information is in addition to what is known in the individual People Of Ahkea entries (no point in repeating)
Colored stars indicate who knows what.
* - Blue for Nevh Ruda
* - Black for Morgan Wainraith
* - Green for Morgan Crescent/Redgrove
* - Red for Syltar Dragonblaze
* - Purple for Eloise Watson

The Rules of quasi-deities posted here

Zera and companyZera -** Halvan bastard. Has kidnapped Airis and Malvain and is using the Godforge on them to supply him with immortality and artifacts. Is unable to be killed by normal means, being resurrected without failure after death. Has access to Sanctuary. Is suspected of gathering an army of trolls from across the continent. Has appeared in a number of vision paintings by Kala. Has godling children, by Airis. Confirmed to be allied with the Blue Lady with the eyes of a Void. Right bastard.

Yostrah/The Blue Lady with the eyes of a Void (Possibly Mystrahl)- She is not actually Yostrah but Yostrah bound to a Kelta Alyyryk. The result is less powerful than a full Elder Demon (greater god level power), but still very powerful. The Oracle said this of her "If you see her flee, for she is death." Blue skinned, mastered the path of the Void (Elder Monk PRC) working with Zera. Joined in the attack on Edgewater and defeated Revenant in open combat. Appeared in the First Vision. Requires daily effort on the part of Zera to maintain control over her.

The Enchantress -** Zera's daughter. Godling who's divine energy has been consumed by the Godforge. Capable of Telepathy and mind control. Under the alias Melissa expressed interest in joining Inarra's clergy and stayed with them for a month and a half as an initiate. Disappeared without word shortly before engaging in the attack on Edgewater. Appeared in the Fifth Vision as one of Kala's enemies. Was with the Shaperate, Versiejir and the Blue Woman in Scion's home. Possibly called Mystrahl.

The Shaperate -** Zera's daughter. Godling who's divine energy has been consumed by the Godforge. Psion shaper of crystaline constructs. Creates bodies of psionic energy rather than going places in person. Appeared in the Fifth vision as one of Kala's enemies. Was with the Enchantress, Versiejir and the Blue Woman in Scion's home. Possibly called Mystrahl.

Hywel -** Ward/member of the Elernen military. Psion Seer/Oracle and pain in the ass. Probably Zera's son. Appeared in the Fifth vision as one of Kala's enemies. Was in the underdark as the compainion of a Drow noble, and captured when they came to the surface. Currently incarcerated in Halvanna.

Wade Varius - See people of Ahekea for publicly known information. Actually an agent/child of Zera. Morgan tricked him into exposing himself at the Greater Council where Alyyryk was turned into a hybrid.

Archgate Nykal -** As noted in the People Of thread. Zera's childhood friend.

Versiejir the Bloody (formerly Versiejir Dragonblaze) -**] A highly gifted and charming mage who happens to also be a sociopathic serial killer who likes to 'experiment' with magic. Killed at least 4 noblewomen and many other commoners (mostly prostitutes) in a very bloody fashion (hence the nickname) before fleeing Halvanna. Currently working with Zera for unknown reasons (though most likely because he can continue his 'work' and lash out at the family that betrayed him. Somehow behind the madness that afflicted the Dragonblaze. Was with the Enchantress, Shaperate and Blue Woman in Scion's home.

The Oracle and companyThe Oracle - * Naleti Winyacoia. May be the daughter of Jester of the Demon Moon and Airis (the god).
**A powerful seer that has enhanced her abilities using a magical item called Tirieleer's Heart, which she later gifted to Morgan Wainraith.
Her visions possibly work by linking her mind to other (string theory style) versions of herself in other realities and predicting the future using a "most likely outcome" composite of these realities. However they work the visions have had a serious effect on her psyche and leave her little lucidity from moment to moment. She studied and memorized the Morgan Wainraiths of each reality and uses him as a sort of guidepost to let her know which reality she is currently experiencing.

Jester of the Demon Moon - * Last name may be Tirieleer Winyacoia. That alone is more than most people know about Jester. What is also known is that he may be the father of Naleti Winyacoia and/or husband of Airis. Also created Tirieleer's Heart for Naleti. *note* will likely react very poorly to anyone disseminating information about his relationship with Naleti/Airis or background. Don't do it.
** He created Ikra and Rincala to protect his naleti while he traveled to find out what happened to Airis.

Airis - ** Missing, captured by Zera. Has been forced to have a number of children with Zera. Also has one by Malvain (Kala). No other information beyond what is commonly available.

The three survivors. Alistair "Shade" Teel - ** The son of Jarask and a mortal woman. He had his potential unlocked but never actually became a demi-god before sacrificing his potential to create the Godforge. Devastated by the death of the demi-goddess Sinneh, his half-sister and surrogate mother, at the hands of Asharte. He chose to abandon the Zodiac who did nothing to help her and holds a considerable grudge against Asharte. He is one of "the three survivors" of the demongate wars along with Samael and Eve/revenant, three mortals who “survived” Fisali's war ending spell.
He is currently a body-snatching spirit that is an amalgam of all the souls/bodies he's taken with Alistair being the dominant personality.
Mentioned in Reflections of Ruin (Vision) and Treatise on the Demongate wars (Samael).
- Xu'Deln. Common Drow. Seer of sorts, has difficulty telling the difference between vision and reality. Shade's apprentice in the art of binding. Currently staying at the palace.

Samael - ** AKA A. Historian AKA Ghost. Tiefling oracle, Psion. One of the "Three Survivors" of the Demongate wars. Started off working for fiends, then had a crisis of conscience and began working against them (sort of). Wrote A Treatise on the Demongate Wars. Currently exists as a disembodied spirit who runs the Hands of Samael secret society. Semi-omniscent as he is able to spread himself out and be almost everywhere at once. No longer a seer.

Sage/Revenant – ** Confirmed by Fisali to be Eve, Kala's supposedly dead protector and friend. She is literally unkillable as her body regenerates from any wound and heals from any effect. Last follower of the Elder Gods, the demon gods that ruled Ahkea before Asharte took over. Also is said to have mastered all 5 paths of the Elder Monks which also has to do with the Elder Gods. Archgate Orn indicated that Reflections of Ruin referred to a female known as Refera/Reven who survived the war.
-Formerly a beheaded "corpse" with the head in the possession of Zera and the body with Zilira. Was restored By Kala

objects/creationsGodforge - ** Ridiculously powerful artifact created by Alistair Teel. Uses raw divine energy as a fuel source, burning out gods or the children of gods with "potential" in the creation of artefacts. Mentioned in Treatise on the Demongate Wars (Samael). Used by the rebel/Zodiac/mortals during the demongate wars to create everything from mundane items to major artifacts. Linked to Sanctuary, the base of the rebel/Zodiac/mortals. Broken into four pieces by Shade after the end of the Demongate War. One piece is an intrinsic part of Sanctuary while the other three are mobile. Zera is using it on the Airis and Malvain to make himself immortal as well as other stuff. The drow are using one shard on Ciilla and Sarlorne to hide their city. There are potentially one or two shards remaining unaccounted for.

Sanctuary - ** A demi-plane hiding place of the good guys during the Demongate wars. Can open a door anywhere. Without the Jalm'aen it can not penetrate strong wards, such as Epic and True Magic, however the Shrouds do not stop it. Currently occupied by Zera and his forces.

The Eight Blades of Sharlan. Created during the Demongate War by Alistair "Shade" Teel after then end of the Demongate War. They are artifact weapons with dedicated purposes relating to fighting evil and fiends in particular.
Enhances destructive magic (bonus to CL when casting Evocation spells), capable of casting magic from the caster through itself (effectively allows the wielder to Quicken certain Evocation spells through it, though it is not unlimited in use).Blade of Stars: Wielded by Misae Wiat of the Walking Dead mercenary group.
Feeds off of death. The more people that die around it (including being killed by it) the more powerful it becomes (it gains additional/more powerful enhancements) to the extent that it can become a god-killer if enough people die (said enhancements are not limited as normal [i.e. it breaks the +10 limit to enhancements]). This wears off after a time (the stronger it is the quicker, though it will gradually slow down as it becomes weaker again) however it also feeds off of the wielder's mourning, which is why it traditionally targets those who's families have been killed (as it means it starts off stronger).Sword of Mourning:No current wielder. In the possession of the Shali royal family.
Can create a telepathic/empathic link between everyone within a certain distance. This not only makes it easier/safer to direct orders but means what one person sees another is aware of and to screw with the mind of one you have to successfully defeat everyone (and since the wielder gains immunity to mind-effective effects from anything but Deities [and even helps resist that] that is very unlikely). Invidia's Bane:No current wielder. In the possession of the Shali royal family.
Any wounds inflicted by it are cursed and will not only be impossible to heal without breaking the curse (which feeds off of the power [level] of the wielder) but cause the wounds to grow until they kill the person injured. Also if something is killed by it while still cursed they can not be revived by any means unless the curse is broken. Supposedly not even Deities are immune to the effects of Witherbane and must try to dispel it as anyone else. Previous wielders were well known for only ever attacking most enemies once, as the vast majority of targets would die before they were able to break the curse.Witherbane: Currently wielded by Min of the Children in the Dark
Sinbreaker was specifically designed to combat the Seven and not only protects the wearer from various mind-effecting effects but even reverses or reflects them. Enchantments are reflected back at the caster; the wielder is immune to poisons/diseases/etc.; morale penalties become morale bonuses; rages give the benefits but allow the wielder to keep a clear mind; etc. The blade also feeds off of the wielder's will and gives those nearby a boost to resist mind-effecting effects.Sinbreaker:Currently in the keep of the Shalian royal family.
Revived those it slew as undead (what kind varied, but usually skeletons/zombies) under the control of the wielder.Deathdealer: Said to have been destroyed 500+ years ago.
Created a constant area around the wielder where it was impossible to lie (and could usually forced people to speak the truth if prompted) and forced nearby shapeshifters (whether natural or through spells) into their true form.Traitor's Folly: Said to have been destroyed during the Betrayer Wars.
What you've already seen. It becomes a powerful weapon when faced with fiends (though not powerful compared to the effects of the other Eight Blades) but when it fully awakens it basically makes the wielder into a semi-divine avatar of L'arabiel before, using their own life (and the life of previous people who unlocked it) to power it. In raw power it far outstrips the others (taking into account the logistical problems of keeping the Sword of Mourning at its peak power) but with obvious consequences.The Unnamed Blade: Currently destroyed by Morgan... Oops. Was crafted from the broken sword of the Zodiac god L'arabiel.

Jalm'aen – ** Group of scrying mirrors that also allowed for instant teleportation between locations, created by Shade. Broken into at least 2 pieces by Shade at the end of the Demongate War. Part of it is located in the Ikran mountains and in the control of a High Inquisitor Herne. Currently greatly reduced in power.

Orion's mirror (name?) – ** Created by Shade. Referred to in the Reflections of Ruin opera to turn Refera to the side of good. Believed to be used by the Darkhearts for their initiation ritual. May be the other part of Jalm'aen.

Reflections of Ruin - ** Opera written by Archgate Orion. Regarding a soldier (Refera/Reven/Revenant) that switched sides during the demongate wars after being cleansed of evil by a mirror made by Alistair Teel. After the war she couldn't settle down in a peaceful Sharlan and wandered off somewhere.

Tirieleer's Heart - ** A small pendant thought to be created by Jester for Naleti. Smooth red gem in platinum setting on a platinum chain.
*There is an inscription on the rim written in True Text, the language of True Magic. Translated the inscription reads "I leave you a nation as company and protection, knowing I must leave you. Forgive me. I will bring her back." Has a number of unusual abilities but is not an artifact. Morgan recently activated Tirieleer's Heart which will slowly enhance his Seer abilities. As a result he will not be able to use Tirieleer's Heart to eliminate his Seer talent and lead a normal life.

Treatise on the Demongate Wars - ** Most information garnered from the Treatise is listed under it's own specific entry.
The Treatise itself was penned by A. Historian, also known as Samael, Ghost, The Fiendish Oracle, etc. Has an inscription on the cover in what is presumed to be the written version of True Magic. "Within these tomes you will find an incomplete record of the Demongate Wars. With these truths I hope to free myself of the burden Fisali failed to, yet there are some things that can not be told, for fear that the wrong eyes will see. If you seek truth then look for my any who bear my Eye and speak the words of every page.
By Samael, the Ghost of the Demongate Wars."

The border of each page of the book holds the following phrase, also using the same language. "To be knowledgeable is to be powerful, to be unseen is to be immortal, and to be unknown is to be unbeatable."

Vulcar's echo - ** Intended as a guide to future rulers of Halva Vulcar's Echo is a magical archive of information with the illusory appearance and programmed personality of the dead king. Vulcar's Echo is located in the "famed" Tomb of Vulcar (man the guy sure liked to name things after himself Halvan empire, Halvana, Vulcar's ring, Vulcars tomb, Vulcar's echo. Maybe he's a fan of Batman.).

Tomb of Vulcar - ** Where Vulcar's echo is located, guarded by vampiric members of the First Legion who demand a tribute of blood to be allowed to enter and speak to Vuclar's echo. There are a number of books written by the Echo as well as magical items of unknown origin. As well the second Ring of Halva.

Rings of Halva - ** These rings allow members of the royal line of Halva to better control Zilira. Originally one was supposed to be with the ruler, one with the heir and one in reserve at the Tomb of Vulcar. Coiya Halva disappeared with his ring ages ago and was recently recovered by Morgan. The Tomb ring was destroyed in the breaking of the covenant. Currently one ring is with the king and the second is at the Tomb.

Bracers of the Juggernaut - ** Artefact bracers that can only be worn by someone of Malvain's bloodline. Conjures weapons as well as defensive properties and can provide knowledge. Actually pre-dates Malvain, being originally used by the Zodiac to help train their semi-divine children during the Demongate War. Malvain took them and added some other abilities.

Artifact retrieved under Vlan - ** Currently investigated by the Sei under the supervision of Sei'Aaran Jahn. Syoban had unearthed it for use against Zera, but it seems he has transcended to a point the artifact is no longer powerful enough to destroy him.
*Artifact capable of utterly destroying all psionic items and beings.

Deceiver's Bane - ** Minor artifacts managed mostly by the Dragonblazes. They prevent all transmutation and teleportation effects to affect those under their effects. Celes had been wearing one during her travels to reach Halvanna.

The AlyyryksLyytas Alyyryk of the Lykast ** - Psy Would-be assassin of Vulcar II, stopped by Zilra. Mind warped by Zera using epic/true/deity level magic in unknown ways. Has Eye of Samael tattoo on inner lip. Currently in custody of Zilira.

Lekan Alyyryk of the Kashyyn – ** Psion warrior and Kashyyn bodyguard. Brother of Lyytas. Claims his brother fell in with a bad crowd. Spent six years in the Elernan military 15-21. Currently utterly destroyed by the creation of a new Hybrid.

Kelta Alyyryk of the Tykast - ** Warlock. Sister of Lyytas and Lekan. Hotheaded and impulsive. Also fell in with the same crowd as Lyytas. The Oracle told Lekan she had been warped as well. May have "fancied" Syoban. Kelta was combined with Yostrah creating a new being we know as the Blue Lady with the Eyes of a Void.

Jar Alyyryk of the Sercyl - ** Eldest brother. Currently Shaman of Vehryn, a Tyyrykan port. Married to the city's mayor.

The Hands of SammaelA group of vigilantes and spies who work for Samael, one member of whom attempted to assassinate King Vulcar. (formerly referred to by Morgan as "the bad crowd")

Syoban Ruuda - ** Apparent leader. Ruudan. Killed years ago by Nevh, but saved from death by Ghost. Leads an unknown group that used to include Kelta and Lyytas Alyyryk and currently includes Blink as well as others.

Caelan "Blink" - ** Trueforged Mercenary psion. Part of Syoban's group. Very agile. Capable of creating a subjective directional gravity effect. Grey eyed, never blinks in order to hide Eye of Sameal tattoo on eyelids.

Kelta Alyyryk of the Tykast – ** Noted in the Alyyryks

Lyytas Alyyryk of the Lykast - ** Noted in the Alyyryks

Nobles of HalvaKing Vulcar II Halva - * Due to the queen mother's illness, a holdover from the poison Hadet used to murder the vast majority of the Halva bloodline, attempting to carry Vulcar to term would have likely resulted in the death of both. Alnei Nelia transferred Vulcar's fetus from the queen mother to Zilira who carried him to term and successfully gave birth (obviously). As a result of being carried by a goddess Vulcar has superior physical and mental capacity and an enhanced learning ability, but none of the other usual benefits of a divine parent.

Caius Elvenkind - * Member of High Council. Self-made man, merchant who married into nobility. Considered fair. Doesn't owe money or rent from the Sols (unusual due to the Sol's monolithic financial empire).

Anhil Sol - Actually Seneca Sol, the first vampire ever created by the Elder Demon Cehrencha. Member of the High Council and head of the Covenant vampires. Interested in Morgan marrying his daughter Helena Sol. Advice given by Jarlan: "Don't @#^& with the Sols." After finding out the truth of Aleron's conduct regarding Didina the Sols are financially attacking Aleron Lyrasson's house.

Helena Sol - Anhil's sister. Warlock trickster interested in ancient history.

Lucius Ahilyeh - * Member of High Council and cleric of Airis. Check for involvement not only in assassination plot but disappearance of seers.

Tiberius De'Vahnus - ** Member of High Council and strong supporter of the Halvan monarchy. Vulcar trusts him. Estelle's father. Unlikely to be involved in assassination attempt.

Aiden Dragonblaze - ** Member of High Council. Was at one time a friend of the church of Deimos, may still be. Became aware of Zera's presence at his estate after the Demon's Moon End celebration but did not inform authorities. Claims Kerberos forced him to withold Zera's presence from the authorities. Infected by the madness and forced to step down. Currently incapacitated by illness.

Phyre Dragonblaze - ** Current acting head of the Dragonblaze family. Was part of Kerberos's information hunting group.

Schakri Bastni-Dragonblaze – ** Infamous playboy. Acts as the Dragonblaze's unofficial ambassador. Actually a spy. Seduced Sophia Lyrason, wife to Aleron Lyrason, in order to search Aleron's stuff.

Jarlan Inaha – ** Member of High Council. Possible suspect in masterminding the Assassination. Has been gathering items of magical significance, normal or for specific reason?
* Also treats trueforged oddly considering his daughter became one.

Lily Inaha – ** Jarlan's 18yo daughter.
* Cursed ring caused her to suffer limb rotting disease for over 10 years. Alnei and Nualae attempted to cure by replacing rotting with Trueforged prostheses. Attempt was unsuccessful and Sionn wound up transferring her mind to a Trueforged body. Infatuated with Morgan.

Princess Zephyra Halva – ** Crown Princess of Halva. Is in a sexual relationship with Cpt Leal Venturo and considers Lucretia Ardin a trusted ally.
* Is aware of Zilira and Vulcar's Echo and their familial relationship.

Aleron Lyrason – ** Member of Halva's council, formerly High Council. Didina's father, whom he wants dead. Unstable and vicious. Currently in financial troubles with House Sol, who appear to have some sort of grudge against him. Possible suspect in masterminding the Assassination due to apparent mental breakdown.

Sophia Lyrason – ** Aleron's wife. Decades younger than him. Carrying on an affair with Schakri Bastni-Dragonblaze

Sharak/ShaliCurrent situation – ** With the Children in the Dark having assassinated king Kaeyin Sakean and numerous members of the Sharakan military command Sharak has suffered a reversal of fortunes and have been pushed back almost to their previous borders

Previously- Sharak invaded in response to the poisoning of much of their cropland by Shali at the end of the betrayer wars. Shade indicated that this event was masterminded by Ciin and company (Luxuria and Ira primarily) and carried out by Shalians that had been duped or coerced. Hadet of Phaer confirms that it was carried out by Shalians. With the help of Deimos, a number of fiendish churches, and having assassinated most of the Shalian royal line Sharak enjoyed great initial success. First the Archgates got involved, attempting to counter Deimos, then some groups of fey began harassing the Sharakans. Recently the Children in the Dark launched a mass assassination.

King Kaeyin Sakean - ** Dead. Assassinated by the Children in the Dark. “The Crow” former king of Sharak. Right Bastard.

Chathema of Ikra – ** Affiliated to the Church of Deimos. Lead in Caldawn by Turk. Funds part of a bounty on Nevh, Misa, and Didina. Although they are information gatherer, they act without regard to the knowledge of princess Aldemil going into hiding. They found no information on the search for Lyytas (while Anorde found him) but could locate the shrine of Malvain.

Emlen Sakean - ** Kaeyin's younger brother. Plotted assassination of Kaeyin but was found out. Fled to Halva.
* Has had numerous discussions with Anhil Sol.

Princess Aldamil Sakean of Sharak – ** “the Sparrow”. Identified by Oracle as “the Misguided Righteous”. Disagrees with father re war with Shali (seeing it as pointless waste of life). Is attempting to work separate from her father and his agents. Attempted to capture Xander and Celes. After the events of the engagement announcement cannot return home without risking the wrath of various people. Currently sheltering with Tiaan and considering her next move.

Valen “the Bastard” nameless - ** Killed during Dragonblaze Madness
Bastard. Mother is the same as Schakri Dragonblaze's making them half-brothers. Father is Valin, the queen's husband, making him half-brother to Vulcar II. Powerful mage who can speak True Magic language. Kind of a bitter ******* but for good reason.
* Secretly close friends with Aldamil Sakean, double secretly in love with her.

Prince Xander Alexein – ** Killed in Last Stand in Ikra. Body recovered by the left and right hands of King of Sharak, a pit fiend and pleasure devil. Apparently his body can't be taken from the plane and physically harms fiends that touch him. Body later recovered by the Children in the Dark during their mass attack.

Kato Vice – ** Shalian Lakarn of Greed ultimate magus. Current regent of Shali. Close friend of Xander and Celes. Strong dislike of Sharak. Follower of Tiaan who gifted Morgan with the Spellbook of Tiaan. Not big on politeness or self control.

Lucius the Eternal - ** Powerful Warmonger of Malvain. He's psychotic and violent. Claims to have been involved in the assassination of the majority of the Alexin line. Recently reincarnated into the body of a female. Was discovered to be hiding out with the Children in the Dark. Charged by Malvain with tasks including trying to get the Children “involved” and carrying the Bracers of the Juggernaut to the daughter of Malvain (Kala).

Alnei's familyAlnei Nelia - * Good friends with Mirik Orn. During the pregnancy that produced Vulcar Alnei transferred Vulcar's fetus from the queen mother to Zilira. Attempted to cure Lily Inaha's curse/illness with Trueforged Prosthesis'. Recently had his consciousness transferred into a trueforged body to avoid death by old age. He has agreed to shelter Princess Aldamil and help her with her quest, waiting to see if she agrees.

Nualae Nelia - * First of the Trueforged as noted in People Of.
Sionn Shard - * Trueforged. Psion shaper and creator of constructs. Is currently working on a method to allow Warforged to Using a sort of Psychic static charge crystal. Charge builds up over time that allows two crystals to create a new Warforged intelligence/soul/whatever.reproduce. After Alnei's attempt to cure Lily Inaha's illness with prosthesis' failed Sionn and Jarlan Inaha secretly transferred Lily's mind into a Trueforged body. Alnei and Nualae were allowed to believe it worked.
Ksenia "Nomad" - * Trueforged. No other info beyond People Of entry.
Caelan "Blink" - ** Information listed in "The Hands of Sammael" entry.
Aife - * Trueforged Wilder. Helping Sionn with his work. Claims to not have had anything to do with Sionn's transfer of Lily but knew about it.
Culhan - * Trueforged Wilder very physically similar to Nualae except male. Presumably one of the older Trueforged like Nualae.

Crew of the sapphire breezeCpt Cirrocco Windwalker - ** Air Genasi. Former Shalian admiral. Went into exile after rescuing/kindapping Dea from the Shalian nobles that were supposedly abusing her. He came to Halvana to tell Celes about the apparent survival of the drow. Demios is likely to be unhappy about this.

1st mate Jurin Stormheart - * 1/2 Djinn. Blunt.

Grunk - * Troll. Unlike other trolls Grunk is not excessively violent and evil. Devoted to Aislin. Feels the pull "The blood calls to Grunk" that is drawing trolls into Western Halva.

Aislin Seagazer - * Kastish aquatic Driud. "Older sister" to Grunk

Mouth - * Talky and foul mouthed ship's mage.

Misc People of interestLucretia Ardin - ** Tiefling bodyguard for Zephyra. Plagued by her demonic heritage. “Unusual choice” for the princess, Anorde is having her looked into. Possible connection regarding Alistair Teel's mirror mentioned in Reflections of Ruin?

Xu'deln – ** Half-drow Binder from the underdark. Seer able to communicate with "ghosts". Current apprentice of Shade and son of the Archmage of the drow capital. Currently a guest of the Halvan King.

Kala – ** Halvan nameless Seer demigod. Part of Morgan's patchwork family. Had visions that included Zera. Came under attack by The Enchantress and Shaperate and a group of trolls.The Blue Lady showed up when they couldn't handle Revenant. Divine bloodline is the cause of the unnatural speed and ease with which she has gained her strong spellcasting power. Mother is Airis and father Malvain. Malhas stunted her divine abilities in order to protect her until she was old enough to take care of herself. Her abilities were unlocked by Fisali. Currently staying at the palace.

Malvain - ** Kidnapped by Zera. I'm the juggernaut b!tch!

Malhas - Godling troublemaker. Son of Malvain and unknown mortal woman. Currently masquerading as Kahlas, a lorkeeper and adherant of the church of Airis who oversees certain records. Was actually responsible for Malvain's last death when he masqueraded as Malvain and stirred up enough enemies to take the juggernaut down.

Zilira - ** Drow Demigoddess (Divine rank somewhere in the 4-6 range). Daughter of Lolth and Asharte(as father). Imprisoned by Vulcar the 1st and bound to serve him and their descendants. Mother of Coiya and many times over grandmother of Vulcar II and Zephyra Halva. Her and Morgan are currently... Dating? Well in a relationship of some sort anyway.
*She actually bore Vulcar II in her womb after the Queen Mum's condition made it likely that carrying Vulcar to term would cause the death of both.

VisionsThe first - ** Blue lady with the eyes of a void, Reflections of ruin
The second - ** Freedom for Malvain
The third – ** Marcia's shame
The fourth - * Vulcar and Celes, a clarification of the first.
The fifth - ** Bracers of the Juggernaut, Kala's foes.
The sixth - * Occupy dagger street. Cehrencha.

Darkheart SocietyNo hidden information yet

Walking deadJin - ** ex-Serokai. Leader of the Walking Dead. Currently imprisoned in the drow city.
Sabin – ** Offering to sell information on Sammael in return for Zodiac ring in possession of Didina's father. Kind of a jerk.
Sonya – ** Source of some interesting discoveries RE the Demongate Wars
Drake - ** Bodyguard of Nevh. Flux's partner. Expert in combat improved by magic. Warforged.
Flux - ** Bodyguard of Nevh. Drake's partner. Expert in magical self-modification.
Lyandé Ult Ohta - ** Jin Iresokai's partner. Mad. Working with Jin for Kerberos, presumably for the cause of the Troubles. Currently in the Drow Underdark, searching for a way to free Jin.

The Children in the Dark** They are a group of ex-slaves and the children of ex-slaves of the Fiends. They follow the Sword in the Dark Coiya Halva. They fight the fiends at every possible opportunity and their culture is entirely centred around that goal. They are described as "a society of Jesters", meaning Jester of the Demon Moon rather than jesters funny men. Despite their taboo about setting foot on the prime material plane they decided to get involved in the Sharak/Shali situation and launched a mass attack that killed the Sharakan king and numerous military and religious leaders.
Naleti (The Oracle) commented "Everything changed when the Children got involved".

Coiya Halva - ** AKA The Sword in the Dark. Minor god. Second King of Halva. Abdicated his throne and eventually left Ahkea due to depression brought about due to seeing multiple generations of his children age and die. Secretly killed Lynka and usurped her power. Created and leads the Children in the Dark.

Cipher - ** Coiya Halva's eldest. Daughter. Is what is known as a Face in the Dark. Someone who can deceive other people into believing she's a follower of their god.

Bane - ** Coiya Halva's middle child. Male. Is what is known as an Eye in the Dark. A mage who has spy based abilities including an ability similar to an improved versions of Arcane Eye. Wields Sinbreaker, one of the Eight Blades.

Min - ** Coiya Halva's youngest. Female. A Hand in the Dark. An elite warrior with movement based powers. Young and seemingly inexperienced despite being very skilled in swordplay. Wields Witherbane, one of the Eight Blades.

Toy - ** Unnaturally attractive Child in the Dark. Bat wings and pointed tail indicates Incubus/Succubus type influence. Is said to be "one of the most talkative Children"

Geld - ** Eight and a half foot tall warrior. He's got multi-pupil eyes indicating a fiendish influence. Spent a long time as a slave gladiator for the Fiends before becoming a Child in the Dark. Capable of defeating Min in single combat and apparently won "The Games" three times.

Bird - ** A Child in the Dark of unknown abilities. Described as seeming Mak's Notes - mistake on my part, was thinking one but wrote the otherTsuuneese in appearance. Appears to have a mentor role in the Children, or possibly just with Min.

The covenantThe covenant is a secret society within Halva who's purpose is to protect the royal line from internal strife.
Known members
Shosana - Vampire who was a princess of Halva and Coiya's sister. Guardian of Vulcar's Tomb.
Anhil Sol - Noted in Nobles of Halva section.
Mother Alicia - Traveling priestess of Airis.
Aldan - Has posed as a coach driver in the employ of Anhil.
Lieutenant Riel - Royal Guardsman.

The Old Ones** The creators of this world and the entire cosmos. Ashtarte fashioned a prison for them in the form of five daggers when she overthrew them. Since some of them are still imprisoned and some of them have been released an imbalance in reality has been caused, one that might result in the breaking of Fisali's hold over the planar boundaries which will release the fiends into Ahkea.

Ihnolker - the Heart of the Void. Was combined with Lekkan Alyyryk to creake the hybrid known as Lekkar. Probably the man on fire that will burn the world (but in a good way).

Xarax - the Skin of the Void. Current whereabouts unknown.

Cehrencha - ** the Breath of the Void. Creator of the Vampires.
**Dagger containing Cehrencha is currently in the possession of Syltar Dragonblaze.

Yostrah - ** the Blood of the Void. Also known as The Blue Lady with the eyes of a void. Responsible for creating the trolls. Merged with Kelta Alyyryk. Hybrid is possibly called Mystrahl.

Nehrahk/Khehkanon - ** Like Yostrah he's an amalgam of Elder Demon and mortal host. In this case the mortal host is dominant. Operates out of a demiplane off of the Plane of Shadow. Is slowly and secretly gathering an army of fiends and somehow fundamentally changing them to non-evil. He intends to make

Fisali's ownFisali - ** Unlocked Kala's divine abilities. The imbalance in the Old Ones might affect her ability to keep the fiends and gods off Ahkea.
Kerberos - ** Fisali's Archgate. Began an investigation on the events surrounding the Troubles and recruited a team.
Anorde - ** Super spynetwork manager. Undercover Watcher of Fisali. Friend of the pixie Celi. Also works for Vulcar II.

The SeisJester of the Demon Moon - See Oracle and companie. Acting lead of the Seis.
Sei'Tsatal - ** Connections to the Drows and Kerberos' mission.
Sei'Aaran Jahn - * Investigating the Artifact retrieved under Vlan.
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Thanks to all the great great GM's. Especially: Makenshi, Birched, Savoylen, Davion, and Homestarbaby.

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Ok so here's what I'd like you folks to do. Let me know which things your characters already know about and I'll star them for you.

For example Morgan W and Nevh know everything in Zera's entry while Morgan Crescent and Eloise know everything except the fact that Zera is a Halva.

If you've got any entries you feel I've missed or would like me to add feel free to write them up and I'll toss them in for you. If any edits are necessary let me know. There are still some recent events I need to add as well.
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Thanks to all the great great GM's. Especially: Makenshi, Birched, Savoylen, Davion, and Homestarbaby.

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Xu'deln's mother is an archmage, not a priestess.

Also, Turk is in the charge of the Chathema in Caldawn, not Ikra.

Also, if you're wanting to be thorough Celi (Anorde's Pixie friend) is a sorceress of decent strength

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Just a thought, but do you happen to have the chapters each area/subject was learned in? Perhaps it could be beneficial to break them down by chapter for reference.

In regard to the above and knowing recent events, Syltar only has knowledge of what was revealed in the Falling Dragons mini-chapter. Other than that, his information (I'd say) is out of date from when they were first approached by the King for the start to the questing.

I've prepared a simple list (though haven't added to it just yet - will do so when I have more time). The following Syltar knows (unless Mak says otherwise):

Contrary to popular opinion, the plural of anecdote is not facts.

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@Watcher: I'd have to label each and every tidbit of information since entries are often found out about in pieces here and there. Breaking each entry down by chapter is a possibility in the future but for now I'd rather not let it get THAT bloated by annotations and the like. I'll hold off on editing in what Syltar knows because he's probably going to get a huge info dump from Morgan or someone in the very near future.
No need to do it twice.

@Blue: Updated a lot of stuff. Blink's eye tattoo and the location of Eve's head are small enough things that I'm comfortable saying Morgan mentioned them when giving one of his numerous info dumps during meetings.

Morgan has definitely not told Nevh anything about Lily's condition, or even about the prosthetic limbs Lily believes she has.

I'll update the Aiden situation tomorrow some time (day off) and probably just go ahead and add a Dragonblaze fieldset. Might hold off until we know whether or not Aiden survives the night (Damn you Makenshi for killing off Valen, I really liked him. This better be a "faked his death" thing.).

Most of the info on the various Senior Council members that haven't had much face time yet is common knowledge, I just added them because they don't have a People Of entry. For a similar reason I didn't add Sei'Theofan Rudaa, because all the info you listed seems to be available in his People Of entry.
My Rogue Trader game is looking for crew!

Thanks to all the great great GM's. Especially: Makenshi, Birched, Savoylen, Davion, and Homestarbaby.
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Again, Turk operates out of and lives in Caldawn, not Ikra .

It's worth noting that people will either have recently heard or will start hearing about the 'tragic death' of Alnei Nelia.

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