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Old Apr 16th, 2015, 05:43 PM
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5e Set 1

This will be using the RPG Crossing's Character Profiler for Sheet Storage, for which you can use just about any name to open up and make a new sheet, just make sure it's a 5e template. This sheet creation will use the Basic Rules, which can be found free and legal in PDF format via this link and does not use the whole of the 5e Player's Handbook.

And since I'm just using the Basic Rules, I'm allowed Clerics, Fighters, Rogues, Wizards and in terms of Classes, and Dwarf, Elf, Halfling and Human in terms of Races. The full 5e PHB will have more options for character creation, but for here, I'll keep it simple and use the freebies from the good folks at Wizards. The Basic Rules, in and of themselves, provide Quick Build advice in regards to making characters, and should be all you need for creating one, but nonetheless here's a sample. Please be advised that the Steps I'm going through may not be in the same order as the character building as per Chapter 1 of the Basics.





September 2016 addendum: The site I have linked to earlier in this post may go through changes in regards to what they provide in terms of Basic Rules. If any page or section I have linked to does not seem to correlate properly with the particular subject at hand, please PM me. Thanks.

2021 notice - Currency and Equipment list on sheet isn't complete, but should be easy enough to sort out for your own character based on Class and Background.

Note that some DMs will insist on every item being noted before start of game. Also in 5e, some DMs allow for the rolling of trinkets, or may give extra coins and equipment.

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