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Old Apr 16th, 2015, 08:20 PM
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13th Age Set 1

Welcome to the guide on building a 13th Age character. This guide requires no more than access to the 13th Age SRD, and a mind ripe with imagination! (If you have your own core book for the sytem, that can be used instead of the SRD).

A good first step for any character is to brainstorm a background. The bounds of your imagination and the guidelines set down by your DM are the only constraint. Your background can provide your DM with ideas to draw you and your character into the story. Also, as most DMs choose their players on the strength of the history written for the character it is crucial you spend the time to make it memorable. Click the button below to see an example.





When you are done:

Once we've fleshed out our character and are happy with him, check out the RPGX Character Profiler to fill out a character sheet (also can be found via the Tools Menu > My Characters). Please click 'Edit' beside the name of the character in your list of characters, and turn on public permission so others (especially your NPSG GM) will to be able to see it.
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Addendum- the above character might not have associated artwork/imagery with them. Should you decide you want to provide artwork to accompany any character based posts you have on site, do make sure you have the permission of the artist. Thanks.
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