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Old Dec 17th, 2022, 06:41 AM
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PotM November

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This Month there was a lot to read, even though there were only three posts nominated, but the winner ForeverDM definitely made an admirable effort to draw the reader into their story with this post. CONGRATS

High praise from the judges but also from Retry who took the time and energy to nominate this post --> quote Retry: 'ForeverDM is quite masterful at painting the environment and throwing you head-first into the immersion-pool. Their posts might be long for some, but they are absolutely riddled with story hooks and details for players to sink their teeth into.'

There were two other nominations that made it a challenge to make a decision, LostCheerio impressed once more, just like Ysolde, both great writers that keep making impression on readers like bananabadger and Plaidperegrine, and maybe even all of you as well. This post was, according to bananabadger, 'such a great collaboration of player and character developing a tragic background specific to the character and adventure, while also being a creative riff on a standard element of D&D warlock lore.'
While you are clicking and reading, please read Ysolde's post, in which Almira shows the reader her past, and (a part of) the Code that she follows as a faithful cleric who serves the dead and comforts the dying. It's quite a powerful moment, especially for those in RH who get to learn more and more about the development and depth of the character through the scenarios powerfully presented to each of us. quote Plaidperegrine

Please read these nominated posts, it is worth your time and energy and it might inspire you, spark some creativity or it will bring a smile on your face. All reasons to spread some valuable RPXP.

--> Do not forget to nominate for next Month, the thread is already online and waiting for your nominations. And do not forget to check out the December Charity drive!!!!
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