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Old Jan 23rd, 2013, 06:39 PM
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Silas took the bottle gratefully and tipped his head back and took a healthy pull. The cold liquid breathed a warm glow through his body almost immediately. Silas closed his eyes for a second as the welcome warmth spread in slow tendrils from his stomach out into his limbs. "Ahhhhh." He opened his eyes and held up the bottle for inspection, pleased. "Gods that's good," he said. Silas raised the bottle again in an old Lehman's Hollow salute, "May we all live to sing the song," and drew a goodly shwaggle. This time was not as smooth as the last, and Silas involuntarily did a small hopping dance to shake it off. He corked the bottle firmly and passed it back to Rip.

"I say we take the path below. I'm keen to learn what we can about this place. And in any case," Silas looked out in the direction where they'd last seen Olaf, "I'm all for going any direction that Olaf's not. Son of a carrion makes my skin crawl."

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Old Jan 24th, 2013, 09:43 PM
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Rip nods at Silas's words, "Aye," is all he says though.

Dan seems particularly uncomfortable at the prospect. He grabs the bottle and drinks heartily. "I fecking knew you were going to say that. But it's ok, I got this staff here. I'll be alright." He looks upon the Ichvaali artifact in his hands with drunken awe. His eyes, now quite black and blue from being struck by the recoil of the staff when it erupted in lightning, linger over the alien runes upon its surface.

Finally his bleary eyes drift from his staff to the form of the girl curled up in the pile of leaves blown into the cave. Convinced that she is asleep, Dan gives a heavy-lidded wink to Silas and then creeps over to Karla, quietly rustling in beside her. Not too close mind you, but close enough that if she accidentally should move just a bit, she'd find herself spooning with a wizard.

After sitting for some time in silence, Fahd finally looks to Silas. "I agree, it's safer to be where Olaf doesn't want to go. If possible, I would have spent more time in the tunnels of the Ichvaal last time -- but with the blowing of the Horn, our time below was cut short. Still, I wonder if there are more curious sights to see below the mountain." Wrapped in the sable cloak that just an hour previous was literally wreathed in flame, the spiritchaser considers the group's last experience in the subterranean chambers. Had I really spoken with an Ichvaal? Was she real?

Shaking his head, Fahd looks to his friends. "I have some power left in me -- let me see to your wounds."
DM's NoteHealing. Everyone can also heal 4hp for tonight's rest since you're now 4th level.

I hope Karla doesn't mind the feel of Dan's staff in her back. :P

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