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Old Apr 29th, 2013, 03:24 PM
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Karla hesitates, just for a fraction of a second, as the creature hurtles through the gap to attack Dan. Not for long, though, and she steps forward to fight the creature. Her sword, blazing with reflected torchlight,
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1d6+7 (5)+7 Total = 12
slashes forward. The blade seems to resonate with Karla's own fury; she shrieks "Back off! Mine!" as the tiger-lizard turns to face her.

There's not time to worry about what happens next. It's simply a case of fighting, trying to survive, trying to finish the enemy before it drags her down. This confrontation may be ill-advised; it may be her last, but there's no way Karla's going to let this animal tear apart one of her people.
I'm going to be away next week (from today until Thursday). I'll check in and post on Thursday, then I'm away Friday -> Monday for Easter. Family vacation takes precedence over gaming! :)
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Old May 6th, 2013, 05:11 PM
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Brown-blooming mushrooms and white button mushrooms, long-stemmed mushrooms and twisted-root mushrooms, all through the long-dark-deep halls of this place. Fahd plucks them off the walls as he walks, judging by sight and by smell as well as he can, stuffing as many as fit into his bag. The smells are all mushroom and moss and stone, all cool-damp, refreshing. The calm of it all is begging for a breath of smoke...

The moment they stop, he rolls up a patch of moss and breathes deep...breathes the deep...the deep of the cavern, the deep scent of the stone, the depth of thoughts... Spotting patch of little brown creminis, his favorites, Fahd haunches down to gather them up. There in the middle, a plain button mushroom but bright living green...those aren't common. Distracted as Lynx bumps her head at him, Fahd scratches behind her ear with his free hand. (His other hand takes another drag.) Absently, he scratches behind his own ear as Lynx wanders off, still staring at the curious little-green mushroom. Is it...

"Glowing! Was I too quiet for you?"

Fahd chuckles...too quiet? Surely not that. Standing, turning then to peer at the odd stone, he nods. "So it is." Taking a few steps toward it, he pauses - senses dilating, Ichvaali cloak shivering-warm. Something is...wrong? Off. He shakes his head, trying to clear it. Bad timing. Another drag, breathing the setting into sharp relief. Fahd sees the scent for what it is, breath of stone, breath of moss, breath of mushrooms and fire.


Fire. Oh hell.

OOCMade the post a little spacey to account for my inaction - also, I have to clean up his new sheet! Ack! Meanwhile, I think Lynx was trying to tell him something, and it probably now already backing up Karla, possibly trying to flank? Let me know what's doable, and/or what to roll, and then Fahd will be running over next post. Probably to try for some healing, what with Dan being ood-tackled by that tiger-lizard!

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