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Old Nov 13th, 2022, 06:16 AM
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PotM October

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to barge in with the door (very odd silly Dutch expression ;-)

CONGRATS to Ballinray for winning this Month's 'Post of the Month'- contest! Their post received high praise, not only from writeline who nominated this post but also from the Judges. Please start reading over here and send some RPXP-love by clicking those scales at the right top of the post.

To quote writeline: What's special about it is that the GM came down from his seat and joined the team as an NPC, telling the story much like a player would perceive things. Every RP gamer must have it in themselves to appreciate this experience of playing alongside their GM - from time to time, instead of across a dividing line of story responsibilities. It's something I wish everyone at RPGX had a share of.
It is safe to say that the judges shared that wish and maybe this motivation to reward Ballingray for doing so will inspire other DM's, thank you for that @writeline

This Month there were only four posts nominated, but that did not mean the Judges had an easy task. Banabadger wanted to share their admiration for Lost Cheerio, taking upon the excellent quest to get every player involved by pushing the narrative in multiple directions with this post. To quote bananabadger: [I]Lost Cheerio is the type of GM who doesn't have "snooze" buttons built into her adventures. Heroes might have saved the day in the previous posts, but the world moves on and is prone to erupt without a daring party's constant intervention. With each post, Lost Cheerio gives players a reason to log on--and this post is a prime example of that.

Another post that was close to winning --> Corwin's post over here. According to plaidperegrine it was very hard to only pick one post, their players are all skilled in dealing with strange situations they are finding themselves in. So I guess we will see more nominations coming for next Mont ;-). This Month they picked Corwin's post because (quote 'To see a PC embrace the environment to make it their own, and to roll with the odd punches that have been thrown at them is a pleasure to see as a GM.'

Last, but definitely NOT least, dalalangreen made us aware of a great post, written by SpatulaOdoom. You can read it over here to understand why dalalangreen states that this post was such a delight to read and get a window into Minya's character and gives me, as a dm, so much to work with as our game progresses.

Please read these nominated posts, it is worth your time and energy and it might inspire you, spark some creativity or it will bring a smile on your face. All reasons to spread some valuable RPXP.
--> Do not forget to nominate for next Month, the thread is already online and waiting for your nominations...

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