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Old Jan 13th, 2023, 01:14 PM
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PotM December

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Despite the busy Month of December, there were still posts nominated (thank you Lentil Sponge, bananabadger, and Ildrahil!) and Noquarter19 managed to amaze the judges the most; CONGRATSZZZZZ!!!!. The nomination itself was full of praise because of Noquarter19's skill to tell the story of a very unlikeable character. In this post there was a breakthrough, the character, Vyeggar, managed to open up, and show their vulnerability. This post emphasized how broken and tragic the character was and it was just great writing.

Curious? (I certainly would be ;-) --> over here you can meet Vyeggra. And if you have clicked the link, do not forget to show some RPXP appreciation, and some community love by clicking that top right scales icon ;-).

But, the other two nominated posts are worth the read as well!!! If you like to read some quality posts, follow my links and keep sharing the well-deserved RPXP. BestTeaMaker is slightly new at the Crossing, and already making an impressive start to building up RPXP. Check over here to see how even simple magic can be a rewarding read. The routine action of casting some Goodberries was written in a way that it was... magic. BestTeaMaker managed to describe and use a kobold's tragic family background and a wonderful ceremony to magic-up their post, so please take your time to check it out.

Over here you will read Horseman's post, a post that got praise because of skills to paint a scene that is the background for the players and their characters. 'The time and care dedicated to a scene-setting background post is simply above and beyond and this post deserves due consideration because of it' quote Ildrahil

~~~Enjoy reading these three posts, grant some RPXP magic and consider nominating posts as well. You can do that over here.
Do you want to be involved in the judging process? Shoot me a PM ;-) ~~~
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