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Old Jun 1st, 2017, 11:32 PM
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Character Application: Rough Draft
right-aligned image
Name: Brood , First-born Tal'gos

Race: Tiefling (Child in the Dark)
Sex: Female
Age: 32
Class: Rogue/Sword Sage/Hand in the Dark
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: The Sword in the Dark
Speciality: Sneak, skill monkey, assassin maneuvers, all of your ninja needs.
Traits & Flaws: Pensive, Unsociable (just made some up for RP purposes)
Bonus Skills: Knowledge: Slavery, Perform: Flute









Resume of Achievements:

Current Goals and Aspirations
  1. To settle the score with Velhan, preferably by somehow saving him
  2. To learn more about what Nehrak is doing to change fiends (with the potential of learning how to change Velhan back into a reasonable Child in the Dark again)
  3. To assist in the freeing of the Mother
  4. To end slavery and Have to be ambitious, after allinvoluntary servitude in all planes of existence

Roleplaying Sample:

Key Concepts:

Personal Notes

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Old Oct 30th, 2017, 09:40 AM
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~~There is no bad in life -- only good we have yet to understand~~

Name: Silverforge "The Nightbringer" of the Wild-Soul Darkborn, born Luen Shaol
Race: Fey'ri (Fiend-Drow mix)
Sex: Male
Age: 200 (Young by race)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Sword in the Dark
Zodiac: Val'erin
Specialty: Devious Divine Caster. Uses many forms, planar abilities, disguises, and more to stalk, trick, surprise, spy, and otherwise demolish opposition.
Traits/Flaws: Aggressive (Trait): Forge is ever the combatant, albeit his style is stealthy and subtle (usually); Metal Intolerant (Flaw): Forge is uncertain of why, but he suspects that his mother's labors in the foundry while pregnant affect him adversely enough to give him this slight weakness.
Bonus Skills: Perform (Oratory), Knowledge (Literature)
Classes at Lvl 15 (LA fully bought off): Druid 2/Rogue 3/Planar Shepherd 9 -- he just calls his course of study Nightbringer due to his astoundingly close ties with Shadows and the Shadow Plane"Nightbringer" 14/Face in the Dark 1
Classes at Lvl 20: Druid 2/Rogue 3/Planar Shepherd 9/Face in the Dark 3/Daggerspell Shaper 3 {Most likely }


Forge's "base" appearance is his own normal form. Despite being more fiend than anything else as a third generation Fey'ri, his mother's Drow bloodline remains the dominant aspect of his appearance. A closer look, however, will reveal uncannily glowing eyes and rather pointed fangs. More noteworthy would be the dark black scales that dominate his torso, but he generally keeps them well covered if in his natural form. Another telling factor for those familiar with Drow is that he is far larger than any true Drow could possibly be, suggesting the presence of another more powerfully built bloodline. His features are those of a commander -- rugged and strong, though not without enough refinement to suggest a keen mine behind those gleaming eyes.

What needs to be noted, however, is that between his natural ability to use "Alter Self" at will, as well as his propensity for shape-changing into a variety of creatures, Forge more often than not will appear to be someone or something else entirely. Though compounded by his fondness for general mischief among his own Wild-Soul clan of the Children in the Dark, Forge is painfully aware of his own less-than-endearing appearance (perhaps more due to his own placement of stigma upon carrying fiendish blood than upon true bigotry) and therefore tends to be found in more benign forms, quite often merely choosing humans. Though proud of what he has made himself into, he is not directly proud of his heritage, and responds accordingly when the mood suits him. In fact, he is perfectly willing to even take on the form of a woman if such an appearance would serve his ends, meaning that one can never quite be certain when they might be interacting with Forge or not if he does not wish for them to know.

As to his clothing, though he will generally try to acquire whatever clothes would be fitting for his circumstances, Forge himself prefers subtle but fanciful styles. More often than not, however, one will find him in his own universal outfit. Over his leather Druidic armor (stained a dark silvery hue like the moon on an overcast night, and always polished meticulously) he wears black leather clothing, tailored into a suit-like style and worked with intricate designs. His legs are typically covered in similar pants and knee-high boots with soft soles for moving silently and gripping while climbing. All of his garments are specifically designed to further his Druidic abilities, and to a surprisingly quality level. One motif many pass off as an allusion to his name is the presence of a flaming forge motif on his armor and over-cloak. While he is more than happy to indulge that idea, the fact is that his gear were obtained during his time as a Fiendish Captain and graduate of their "Forge" elite training. On rare occasions he has dropped this tidbit of information as a kind of unspoken threat when encountering someone too petulant for their own good, but it is, again, a secret he prefers to keep between himself and his fellow clan-mates.

He takes care to bear himself with dignity. Though he is well-versed in martial formality, he prefers a more lithe and graceful bearing he has adopted over the years. This is both natural for him as well as purposeful, since he uses it to subtly express the fact that he is perfectly comfortable in the presence of farmers and royalty alike. Also of note is the fact that unless he is putting on an act (see Personality) or playing a role/disguise, he will never truly bow to anyone (excepting The Sword in the Dark or The Mother). The most they will receive is a slow, respectful bow of the head only while placing a hand over his heart -- his waist never bows, his knees never bend. Despite this, he does take care to remain on the best side of etiquette (at least as best he knows the customs of the company he's among).


Forge is best described as bewildering. His mentality and personality are complex, and while you can generally say he is Neutral Good, the way in which he expresses this is often confusing to someone unfamiliar with his ways. Forge believes in the balance of Law and Chaos -- it is a byproduct of his intense studies of nature. Unlike many of his alignment, however, he therefore regulates his behavior by only two measures: first, his actions must result in the good of the many; secondly, all things are pure in moderation.

This "a little bit of everything keeps the balance" mentality means that Forge's behavior can swing drastically towards either vehement lawfulness or giddy chaos. On one mission he might behave with a cold efficiency, facing his foes boldly. The very next day he can be a sinisterly cheerful deceiver gaining underhanded advantages while enjoying the pain he inflicts upon his frightened quarry. Some might suppose these variances to be a sign of near insanity, yet those who have known him longer understand the truth.

Forge believes in the art of "image manufacturing." A talent of politicians and spies alike, this term is used to describe a diplomatic tactic -- carefully calculating one's behavior, appearance, speech, and overall persona to convey precisely the personal image one wants to convey to those around him. Thus, the cold lawful efficiency he displays one day might be calculated to inspire similar boldness and resolve in new young recruits on the same mission; his laughing bloodlust could be a ploy to spin the fiends' own tactics against them.

Despite this seemingly erractic behavior, he is at his root an honest and good fellow with a genuine love of life and beauty. When around friends he generally dispenses with his "image manufacturing" and shows his true personality. At times like this, Forge is a truly jovial person. He is well educated and versed in etiquette, but often chooses to be more down-to-earth, valuing happiness and laughter above most other elements of life. Joy and beauty, in his eyes, are treasures vastly undervalued by those that possess them, and things that he has determined not to overlook. Among the Wild-Souls it is a well known fact that at any time you could unwittingly be entering into a prank crafted by this master of duplicity, and while these pranks have resulted in many humorous mishaps they are always intended to be remembered with smiles.

His love of Beauty has led him into two affections: fine literature, and women. Regarding the first, there is a long history to his affection for a good tale, poem, song, or story, as well as his talent for oratory. In official capacities this talent serves him well when interacting on a political or legal level, and in casual circles has passed many a long night cheerfully. His love of women is equally deep, although when mentioning it he will always accompany it with a smile and a wink, for many of his stories are more oratory fiction than truth. In honesty, he has indeed had his share of spouses over the years, though he has (ostensibly) remained monogamous during this relationships. Most were short lived, as he had a talent for attracting new interest as well as a generally short attention span when it came to his romances. He often waxes poetic in regards to sometime finding a "true match befitting the depths of his soul" but has yet to show signs of actually seeking this with any true interest. He does, however, have a sustained "on and off" relationship with a certain slightly younger Fey'ri by the name of Rosethorn who was the first Child in the Dark he ever met, and is now a member of his family. Theirs is a non-committal and spotty affair, however, when it comes to romance. In general they are flirtatious friends only, often paired off to other spouses.

He's earned the nickname of "Nightbringer" from his ties with shadows. The common joke among those that work closely with him is thus: "He is a shadow casting shadows, summoning shadows, commanding a shadow, surrounded by shadows, spreading shadows, and fighting with a shadow." Darkness is his element to say the least, but in a way that is rather more intense than most. His rather rare abilities -- highly reminiscent of his God, The Sword in the Dark -- have earned him notice even beyond his shapeshifting...which inherently can often go unnoticed.

His Story:



RP Sample:
See IC Backstory for now...

**App to be continued**


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